Chelsie Aryn: Covershoot Summer 2015 (featuring Alexandra Tyler)

Chelsie Aryn: Covershoot Summer 2015 (featuring Alexandra Tyler)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


There’s only one Miss March 2015, and it’s Chelsie Aryn; charming and curvaceous, effervescent and eager, her exotic eyes are always bright with a playful seductive power. See what happens on the set when she brings her frisky spirit to that famous Playboy cover shoot with 7 other Playmates, then plays seductress with Alexandra Tyler.


There’s only one Miss March 2015, and it’s Chelsie Aryn; charming and curvaceous, effervescent and eager, her exotic eyes are always bright with a playful seductive power. See what happens on the set when she brings her frisky spirit to that famous Playboy cover shoot with 7 other Playmates, then plays seductress with Alexandra Tyler.


Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



It was Miss March’s idea in the first place; as soon as she saw  Miss April she knew she had to go bumper to bumper with that luscious beauty. Chelsie Aryn loved dick, couldn’t get enough of it really, but there was something special about gobbling up a sweet thing with pretty eyes or rocking her strap-on, pumping into a tender girl. Chelsie wasn’t bi-curious; she just loved to fuck. Call her LGBTQQI; no wait, cancel the T part because no way was she going to do Caitlyn Jenner. And the I part; she couldn’t even imagine, but different strokes, right? But she’d have to add H for hetero, or maybe D for dick; she wasn’t sure how it worked. And she wasn’t really queer or a lesbian; she just liked to go down on some girls and she liked girls to go down on her. Big dicks were best though, absolutely. You know what, just use F for Fucking or maybe FBG for fucks boys AND girls. She wasn’t a lesbian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But Miss April 2015, that was happening and it was going to be sweet because, after all, Miss April always comes after Miss March.

Chelsie cooked up a scheme that wasn’t too hard to sell to Playboy.  Management was already aware of her procivities and, well let’s call them organizational skills. A few weeks ago Chelsie was selected to pose with seven other Playmates. Heather Rae Young, Gia Marie, Stephanie Branton, Ciara Price, Roxanna June, Val Keil, and Audrey Allen showed up expecting a calm shoot, if a collection of Playmate’s lazing in the sun in their bikinis could be considered calm; the dressing room had been chaos and there was a lot of giggling and teasing on the way to the platform set up on the Mansion lawn. A large cherry picker was driven up to lift of the photographer so he’d have a birds eye view but most of the crew worked in a nearby tent, studying the shots on a laptop. The stylist kept scurrying out of the tent to make adjustments to accessories and bikini straps but the Playmates got to lay about on their own, trying to outdo each other in sexy poses as they lay on their backs gazing up at the camera. Chelsie was the one who insisted on doing some nude shots; Chelsie was the one who suggested they oil each other up, Chelsie was the first to kiss another Playmate, Chelsie was the first to start fondling and kissing breasts, and Chelsie pulled the strap-on out of her bag and that strap-on earned a place in the Smithsonian Institute because it made history with all the luscious orifices it at entered that day. Good times.
Chelsie orgasmed almost a dozen times at the shoot; she came while eating other Playmates and while being eaten by other Playmates; she came wearing the strap-on and drilling other Playmates and she came with the strap-on inside her. Boy did she have fun. In fact, a little worried about her hetero bona fides, she let one of the crew striking the set ball her that every afternoon. Chelsie loved parties, especially when the centerpiece of the party was sex.

All right, maybe the part with guy from the crew didn’t really prove her hetero-ness but that was the fault of Ciara Price. 

Long story. At the cover shoot, the first Playmate Chelsie went down on was Ciara. Right from the start, when the art director was positioning the girls he put Ciara on a yellow towel that would appear in the upper right hand corner of the cover and he put Chelsie in the bottom right position. Chelsie was in a cute yellow bikini with a silly micro-skirt in the back; Ciara was in tiny pink number that seemed two sizes to small for her shapely body. Foolishly Ciara made a glib remark about the awning on Chelsie’s butt. Chelsie giggled and winked. “Well your butts kind of cute, too.” She fingered the string tying the the beautiful blonde’s bikini bottom closed but Ciara rolled away playfully. Not to be denied, Chelsie grabbed the string for the pink top and it unfurled as Ciara shifted her body around. Her luscious breasts came tumbling out and all the girls giggled. The art director decided he liked it and decided to have her topless but face down for the cover. Chelsie and Ciara were now head to head on the towels as the photographer worked. They teased each other with playful banter through the entire shoot.

When it had come time to peel off the bikinis Chelsie herself stripped Ciara; she just couldn’t help it. And when the orgy started, well Ciara was right next to her and her bare pussy smelled so sweet; Chelsie just had to have it.

Well, one thing led to another and when the strap-on started circulating among the Playmates, Chelsie called dibs on Ciara’s butt. All the other Playmates hooted and giggled while the blonde girl blushed but she positioned herself onto her knees and looked over her shoulder, giving Chelsie a “come hither” gaze. 

The other Playmates helped Chelsie get the strap-on buckled; they worked eagerly as if they were girding a gladiator for battle.  Chelsie strutted over to Ciara and the other girls continued to hoot and clap. She positioned herself behind Ciara and the blonde beauty watched as Chelsie poured baby oil over the shaft. 

“Have you ever done this before, Ciara?” Chelsie asked playfully as she slathered the oil on the shaft with her hands, taking measure of the length and girth of the strap-on in relation to the size of Ciara’s juicy derriere. 

“Not with a girl,” was the hesitant reply. She started to eye the strap-on with some regret.

“Well, you are going to love it,” Chelsie said enthusiastically. She knelt over Ciara’s ankles and positioned the strap-on with one oily hand and with the other she held Ciara’s hips so she could aim the cockhead. Her finger’s tapped over the writing above the right cheek of Ciara’s bottom. “And I love this tattoo!” she gushed as she read the words aloud, "I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine." 
All the other Playmates gushed too, as if they were just presented with a basketful of kittens.

Ciara was pleased. “It’s my favorite too; I got it when…” An abrupt grunt burst from her lips and she grimaced in pain. Chelsie had rammed the cockhead deep into her bottom. 

“Here we go girls,” Chelsie sang out as she wrapped her arms around Ciara’s waist and rode her bottom as if she were a cowgirl on an angry bull. After that, everything was a blur; all the girls went at each other like wild monkeys. Everybody was all over everybody else and switching partners every few minutes. Chelsie herself had that strap-on hammered into her own bottom but she thought it was Roxanna driving into her. Ciara was lost in the pile of writhing, oily, sun kissed limbs and bodies. By time the sun was setting the girls were exhausted and stumbled back to the Mansion with exaggerated groans. That’s when Chelsie grabbed one of the electricians; she just had to get a cock in her mouth to feel heterosexual again.

Later, after a shower and a nap Chelsie was alone in the living room of the Mansion, sitting on a couch and just killing time until dinner. She was flipping through the pages of some Italian fashion magazine when Ciara strolled into the room as if she too was just killing time. 
“Whatcha doin’” Ciara asked casually.
“Just, you know, waiting for dinner.” Chelsie held up the magazine. “What do you think?”
“That’s a Aquilano Rimondi; they cost like thousands of dollars.”
“They look like shit though.” Chelsie continued to flip the pages but she eyed Ciara and the buxom blonde knelt on the floor next to her. She wondered why she didn’t sit on the couch.
They both silently watched the pages flip by.
“I’m not a lesbian,” Ciara said out of the blue.

“You’re not?” Chelsie crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue playfully. “Wow, that’s a relief. But we sure looked it out there on the lawn right. I mean, wow! That was something.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean we’re gay.” Ciara agreed earnestly. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“No, not all all. I have lots of gay friends.”

“That’s right.”

“I did the electrician.” “I did the production assistant.” They both spoke in unision. Then laughed and pointed accusing fingers at each other.

“You’re such a slut!”

“Look who’s talking.”

They laughed; it was the kind of nervous laugh people do when they’re uncertain but relieved at the same time. They went back to the silent study of the magazine.

“It was fun though,” Ciara said softly.

“Doing the PA? He have a big dick?”

“No,” she replied, “I mean yeah; he’s epic. You gotta get some of that. But I meant the other thing.”

“Oh.” Chelsie nodded, then she realized what the other girl meant. OH!” Ciara had remained kneeling on the floor in front of her, and the look in her eyes now was pure desire. “Really? Me?”
“Yes, you. Unless you object.”

“Uh, no!” She shook her head vehemently. A blonde goddess had the hots for her - who was she to refuse? Plus, a little before dinner sex never did anybody any harm, did it?

“Good.” Ciara said nothing else, standing up and lifting Chelsie carefully up as she went. Chelsie was shorter than the blonde because Ciara was wearing high heels, so Ciara bent her blonde head, slanted her lips over Chelsie’s and gave her a kiss so sensual, so sexy, she thought her legs were going to give out.

The other woman’s mouth was hot, her tongue agile. She tasted very faintly of mint, and she melted into her embrace, returning the kiss with enthusiasm. Chelsie wasn’t quite what was happening, why or how, but she didn’t care. Even if it was a dream, she was going to enjoy the moment.

Ciara reached down and curled her fingers around the bottom of Chelsie’s t-shirt and pulled it up. They parted briefly as she tugged it over her head, then immediately melded their lips back together. 

Ciara undid her bra with such deftness that Chelsie hardly knew she was doing it until suddenly, her breasts were free. As Ciara cupped them, it was apparent that she knew what she was doing. She gently kneaded the flesh, stimulating Chelsie until the globes of flesh felt heavy and needy, and her erect nipples pressed insistently against Ciara’s palms. Ciara then tweaked and twisted the nubs, turning Chelsie into a quivering bundle of lust. She arched helplessly into her touch, moaned into her mouth.

Abruptly, Ciara pulled away. “Chelsie, please may I fuck you?”

Blinking in an attempt to get rid of some of the dizziness of her lust, she managed to pull herself together enough to say, “Hell yeah. And I’m going to fuck you.”

“Excellent. Come.” Ciara held out her hand, and Chelsie took it, allowing the blonde to lead her to one of upstairs bedrooms. 

They walked in silence but on the long wide grand staircase they met Gia Marie and Stephanie Branton, who were holding hands as they came down. Both girls had satisfied and misty looks on their faces. All four girls laughed. Chelsie could feel Gia’s eyes on her naked breasts; she liked being looked at.

“We’re not lesbians,” Gia said suddenly.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” Stephanie agreed and everybody giggled nervously. “What are you guys up to?” she asked Chelsie and Ciara; her tone made it clear that she knew exactly what they were up to.

“Oh, we’re going upstairs,” Ciara said as she guided her willing prize past the other girls. “We’re gonna, you know, make sure we’re not lesbians. How ‘bout you guys.” Ciara’s eyes spoke too though and they spun an erotic tale of everything she intended to do to Chelsie and everything she hoped Chelsie would do to her. 

Chelsie, her bare breasts glowing warmly, was the youngest of this luscious quartet; and, ever the cunning vixen, she played Lolita, sucking her thumb coyly and looking at Ciara with dreamy eyes. “Yeah,” she agreed sexily, “We’re just gonna, you know, mess around.”
The other two girls looked almost jealous, as if they could taste Chelise’s delicious pussy on their lips. “We’re going to fuck the gardener,” Gia said but she squeezed Stephanie’s hand.

The other girl added, “We hear he’s got a really big dick.” Both girls nodded as if to reassure themselves.

“Well have fun you guys.”

“You too.”

“Well, that was awkward,” Chelsie giggled.

“Yeah,” Ciara agreed. “And the gardener dick isn’t that big.” They were in front of a bedroom door now and she put her hand on the knob. “Let’s not be lesbian, OK? Let’s just fuck each other.” She swung the door open as Chelsie grinned.

Once inside, Ciara sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Chelsie into her lap. They resumed their kiss, lips and tongues melding together, slipping and sliding in a sensual dance that had both girls giggling with delight.

Soon, Ciara pulled away, only to flop backwards onto the mattress, pulling Chelsie with her. Their limbs tangled as they reached for one another once more, rolling and fighting for dominance, touching and stroking until they needed more. So much more.

Ciara tugged off her clothes with almost alarming speed, revealing a sleek, well-toned body with dips and curves in all the right places.

Chelsie tore her eyes away just long enough to undo her jeans and shuffle out of them as fast as she could. She kicked them down her legs, then she made short work of the rest of her clothes, eager to touch, to fuck, the beautiful blonde.

Quickly, Ciara reached for her again, and they wound their arms around each other’s necks, pressing their lips together. This time their naked breasts, bellies, mounds and thighs followed suit. The blonde insinuated a leg between Chelsie’s, and she responded by rocking against it gently, slicking her already copious juices across the other woman’s flawless skin.

Their combined groans filled the air, and Chelsie half-wondered if there was anybody around that would hear them. Then she decided that if there weren’t fucking noises in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion then that would be strange. Giggling, she let herself fall, mind, body and soul, into the pleasure she was receiving. The blonde shifted one hand down to cup Chelsie’s butt cheek, and used the other to tease and torment her nipples once more.

Grinding harder against Ciara’s thigh, Chelsie felt her climax approaching. The eroticism and the unexpected nature of what was happening, combined with the utter insanity of fucking another Playmate, sent Chelsie over the edge in no time at all. Her orgasm crashed into her hard and fast, and she clung tight onto Ciara as she rode it out, her cunt clutching and releasing rapidly, obscenities spilling from her lips and filling the air. It was bliss, perfect bliss, and she hoped she’d get to return the favour, to shove her face between the blonde’s thighs and lick her to oblivion.

When she finally opened her eyes, she peered directly into Ciara’s, and what she saw there was raw hunger, pure lust. A thrill zinged through her at the thought that her climax wasn’t the end, but the beginning of their sexy tryst. If she could just have a few moments to rest, she’d be ready to continue, with great enthusiasm. 

But rest was not in store for her. Before either of the girls could speak there was a knock on the door and before either girl could respond the door swung open and there were Gia and Stephanie again. 

Gia was gloriously nude now. “Couldn’t find the gardener,” she said, already flopping onto the bed next to the naked couple. “Hey, these sheets are kind of sweaty,” she laughed accusingly.

“We better make sure you’re not lesbians,” Stephanie said; as she spoke she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it naked. “Are you sure you’re not lesbians?”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” Gia said and then began to kiss Chelsie. Stephanie was already on top of Ciara.

“Shit, we need the strap-on,” Chelsie giggled just before she took Gia’s nipple into her mouth. 

“Did somebody say strap-on?” Heather Rae Young was in the doorway holding up the device like a major award. Behind her Roxanna June was waving a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a pair of Champagne flutes in the other, Val Keil had a bottle of Chanpagne in each hand and one more under each arm, and Audrey Allen followed, awkwardly carrying six more glasses. “Look’s kind of lesbian in here,” Heather said in mock suspicion.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” several of the girls hastily replied. The bottles and glasses were being passed around and Heather was fitting the strap-on around Audrey.

“We’re not lesbians,” Roxanna said, already stripping and hungrily eyeing Chelsie. “I just fucked the gardener,” she said as proof. “His dick is kind of small.” She licked her lips and she climbed onto the bed. Ciara and Stephanie were already locked in the sixty-nine position so there was more room to shove Gia next to them and squeeze Chelsie between her and Roxanna. 

Roxanna began to fondle Chelsie’s lush and luscious breasts. “After a small dick like that I could use a good fucking.” Chelsie had one finger in Gia and, to help out her friend Roxanna she began to finger her too. 

The room was filled with the music of moaning Playmates. Chelsie lifted her head and studied the scene. Val was standing on Ciara’s side of the bed and fondling both her and Stephanie as they lost themselves in the magic of sixty-nine. Heather was bent over on Chelsie’s side of the bed, pressing her palms onto Roxanna’s side to hold herself up as Audrey rammed the strap-on into her plump ass. Good times.

At dinner that night, the publisher was confused because he was expecting a table full of Playmates. Instead the butler reported that room service had been delivered to one of the bedrooms upstairs.

OK, I told you it was a long story. Kind of a tangent really but that’s the set-up that got Miss March hooked on the idea of fucking Miss April. 

Trouble was Alexandra Tyler wasn’t the party girl type; when she wasn’t busy modeling for Playboy or L’Oréal or Volcom or doing some other glamour shoot she had her cute little nose in a book or was heading to the Mansion library for another one. While Chelsie wasn’t the bookish type, she was certainly clever and she felt quite confident when she approached Playboy management with her new idea. Who wouldn’t want a shoot with two Playmates going at it? 

She spent a long time planning what she wanted and then the big day came.
The days when Playboy would build a set were long gone but Chelsie, on her own, scouted out a brand new Starbucks opening at 5th and Hill at the historic Title Guarantee Building in Downtown LA. She loved the old art deco buildings and her enthusiasm was infectous; the owners allowed her to talk them into leasing the place to Playby for free, The shoot would take place late in the evening a couple of nights before the place opened. The owners were all too happy to do it; of course, it didn’t hurt that they had both just finished fucking Chelsie, indulging themselves with a wild ménage à trois at the Double Tree Hilton. Chelsie could be very convincing.

When Alexandra read the call sheet she didn’t give it much thought. She’d been a model for a long time and nothing ever surprised her anymore.  She knew of Chelsie’s wild reputation but she also knew the girl always did a good job on a shoot.
Finally the big night came.

Alexandra wasn’t sure what the costumes were supposed to be; she imagined French maids behind the Starbucks counter, maybe that’s what they were going for. Chelsie was enjoying the skimpy outfit. She’d lift the short black frilly skirt to flash the crew and she kept shoving down the front of the blouse for maximum cleveage and didn’t hesitate to show some nipple every once in a while. Alexandra vamped a bit but she could hardly keep up with the effervescent Chelsie.

The photographer had been snapping candids but now with the lights set and the props ready the art director started posing the girls. The first sets were standard sexy poses, fully clothed of course, or as fully clothed as the skimpy costumes allowed.

Each girl posed seperately and then together, but still it was relatively mild with some hugs and air kisses and some really lewd looks from Chelsie. The most naughty shot was both girls nibbling on either end of a crossant. Alexandra felt ridiculous but Chelsie’s enthusiam was infectious so as they gobbled down the pastry their mouths got closer and Alexandra experienced the weirdest kiss of her life: a buttery crusty mouthful with Chelsie’s tongue twirling it all around.

The crossant melted in their sweet mouths but Chelsie’s kiss lingered. Alexandra searched for air but also felt a strange tingling as the other girl’s luscious breasts pressed against hers. She drew in a deep breath as the kiss broke but Chelsie charged on, hugging Miss April tightly while leaning in and standing on her toes to tickle her ear with her tongue. The soft pink organ glistened in the camera lights, wriggling and writhing over Alexandra’s cheek and throat, teasing her earlobe and finally swirling in a warm moist dance inside. When she finished Chelsie held her lips close to Alexandra’s ear and whispered softly, “I really need to do you.”

Miss April’s eyes widened and she shuddered a bit, but she also allowed a perplexing prickling of curiosity, even arousal, course through her shapely body. She didn’t nod assent but only because she willed her head to be still.

The crew could sense that a moment had arrived; the girls were motionless, each studying the other’s face. Chelsie finally broke the mood with a scatterbrained giggle and rolling her large eyes. “God, it’s like we’re a couple of dykes or something!” She paused, probing for a reaction, then she added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with dykes.” She stuck out her tongue for the camera and crew. “I’m so hot I’m going to need one of you guys to fuck me later. But right now let’s make some more pictures with my sexy girlfriend.”

After some more posing in the silly sexed-up barista outfits the two were encourged to play with the various jars and trays on the counter; neither girl knew much about making cappachinos or lattes so things got messy fairly quickly. And that’s when the bottle fell over. Both girls giggled over the mess they’d made but Alexandra, always the good girl, had been cleaning stray flecks of spilt milk from the counter. Having taken a step back at precisely the wrong moment, she had knocked elbows with Chelsie. The resulting jolt had sent the open bottle of syrup that Chelsie had been holding flying up into the air, and then down again, spraying the contents all over themselves and the floor.

Unbelievably sticky, the luscious Playmates had stood staring at each other in a frozen minute of shock. Smeared and smudged, with gluey brown streaks across their faces, hair, and clothes, there was nothing they could do but laugh or cry; so they burst out laughing.

Still giggling at the state of them both, Chelsie had stripped off her own shirt in seconds, but Alexandra hadn’t moved. She was unable to tear her gaze from the pretty blue and silver bra that had unexpectedly been revealed to her. A bra which highlighted two large, creamy breasts, the sight of which sent a strange frisson of arousal prickling at Alexandra’s scalp and tripping down her spine.

Acting as though she hadn’t noticed the mesmerising affect her chest was having on her friend, Chelsie had taken charge and rescued the remaining syrup from the bottle, decanting it into a paper cup. “We might need this later. Come on, get those clothes off babe. We’ll break the lenses of the camera before we’re done.”

Dragging her gaze from Chelsie’s chest, with a semi-grinning grimace, Alexandra held up her hands. They glistened heavily with syrup. There was no way she could tackle the small white buttons that did up her shirt. Her eyes silently urged, “Help!”

Still laughing, Chelsie began to undo the Miss April’s blouse fastenings, uncovering a black satin bra which made Alexandra’s pale skin look virtually alabaster. Dropping the shirt to the floor, Chelsie’s gaze flicked from the ample chest before her, to Alexandra’s exotic eyes. Suddenly the consistency of the air around them altered, becoming as heavy and concentrated as the coffee flavoring in which they were covered.

Locking her eyes onto Alexandra’s, Chelsie lifted a hand to her own mouth and sucked some of the mixture from her fingers with deliberate provocation. “Ohh, that’s good. Why don’t you try some?” She pressed her right hand to her sister Playmate’s lips.

Hesitating for only a split second, Alexandra, her eyes not leaving those of the woman before her, licked the proffered fingertip with lingering delicacy.
Warm sugar; that’s what it tasted like. And it felt like a rough body scrub like in a spa, but a scrub made of granules, smothered in caramel that had been melted and burnt, leaving an aroma of scorching that hit the back of the throat in its wake. Pleasant, but not really pleasurable at the same time; and yet certainly as addictive a sensation as the taste of candy marzipan is to someone with an unerringly sweet tooth.

Chelsie focussed all her attention onto Alexandra’s thigh; the only sounds that could be heard in the cafe were the rapid fire clicks of the camera mingling with the gentle crunching as more of the crystallised substance was gathered up. The photo crew collectively held their breathes as the two girls got into the scenario. Exhaling slowly, Alexandra closed her eyes as Chelsie massaged the mix into her flesh at the top of her left leg, almost, but not quite, touching where she most yearned for it.

Although unsure if she’d been enjoying the odd caresses while they had been happening, now that Chelsie had paused in her unusual administration of the cafe’s most popular coffee flavoring, Alexandra missed it with a passion. Her whole being felt honed for more and bereft of the touch. Each thought in her head, and every fibre of her, tried to second-guess where, when, and if, the next batch of glutinous substance would land next.

Alexandra closed her mind to the fact that if the concoction did land where she wanted, once it had set hard it would need to be peeled off again; and that could hurt... a lot.

It occurred to Miss April, as one of Miss March’s elegantlypainted fingernails brushed frustratingly close to her pussy, that she was in for something really intense.

Alexandra wasn’t exactly sure how they’d gone from being busy Playmates to sticky Playmates who couldn’t stop kissing syrup from each other’s arms and faces, to her being naked on the sofa, her hands tied above her head with the strings of her own apron as Chelsie, beautifully nude, knelt on the floor next to her. And right now she didn’t care. All she cared about was that it didn’t stop any time soon.  She was vaguely aware of the camera close by and the crew gathered around to watch but this awareness only aroused her more.

“Do you like it? How does your massage feel?” Chelsie’s breath tickled at the side of her ear as she worked a hand over the curve of Alexandra’s belly. “Tell me what it’s like. Talk to me. I want to hear every feeling as you feel it.”

Alexandra swallowed. What should she say? She wasn’t sure there were words to describe the brain-spinning feelings engendered by the soft palm as it slid over the taut skin of her stomach, one finger travelling between her legs, lingering over her delicious bottom; not pushing, not threatening, just being held there suggestively, placing a multitude of images into Alexandra’s head. “I, umm, I...We’re not lesbians, are we?” With plaintive eyes she looked at Chelsie. “Not that there’s…”

“…anything wrong with that?” added Chelsie impatiently. “But tell me how this makes you feel. Go on, tell me babe. Try...”

“Good, it feels good, and, umm... it’s...”

“Surprising?” Chelsie’s words were laced with humor as Alexandra struggled to think of better adjectives.

“Hell yes.” Alexandra desperately tried to stop obsessing about the hungry throb in her pussy, how badly she wanted it kissed better, and concentrate on words that described that ache, to explain how badly she wanted Chelsie to just fall on top of her. “I can’t think, I’m just aching, I just want - ”

“Just want?” Chelsie leaned closer and kissed Alexandra on the lips, coating them with the lingering grains of the coffee and caramel potion that had clung to her mouth. “Where does it hurt babe? What is it that aches?”

“My chest, my chest aches. It’s all tight.” Alexandra was a bookish, studious girl; her brain was a pagent of literature that she gobbled up voraciously and, in times, of stress and confusion, she often anchored herself in a poem. As a reflex words came tumbling out of her luscious mouth.

“So ask the body. It alone
Knows all you know, and it imparts
Little enough of what is known
To what we call our minds and hearts.
So fumbling bodies try to make
Friendship and love as best they can.”

Chelsie grinned affectionately, “Damn girl, that was cool. You write that yourself?”

“No, I…it’s just something I read..I don’t know. It just came to me.” Her body was throbbing with desire and Chelsie caressed her skin warmly.

“Say that last part again,” Chelsie urged lovingly, taunting the bare skin of Alexandra’s thigh with her nails.

Miss April closed her eyes, savoring the erotic pulse shaking her body. She whispered reverently, “So fumbling bodies try to make friendship and love as best they can.” 

Chelsie giggled sweetly. “So this means it’s OK for us to fuck, right?”
The helpless girl opened her eyes. “I ache. My breasts…” She gulped down the words of her desire.

“And what would help that?” Chelsie’s words were both cajoling and soothing. She stroked Alexandra’s hair tenderly. “What would you like me to do to stop that ache?” The crew leaned in more closely; the camera clattered with arousal.

Alexandra wanted to say that she needed a tongue on her skin, to lap at her breasts and nibble all the sugar off. To free her globes from the invisible harness of puckering sweetness that had been steadily setting into a stiff, clear coat of armour over her nipples while Chelsie had been busy at her thighs. But all she said was, “I don’t know.”

Stroking Alexandra’s hair from her eyes, Chelsie shook her head in mock-disappointment. “You do know; I know you do. I bet you’d have no trouble telling a boyfriend what to do, would you?”

Miss April blushed a deep scarlet; shame and excitement coursed through her nerves, taunting every muscle. Instantly her mind visualized the man who had taken her virginity not so long ago. He’d been brutal and fierce but the exhileration of his fire filling her for the first time still made her shudder in ecstasy. He had fucked her several times since then, balling her ravenously whenever he felt like it and each time was more cosmically orgasmic than the last; his cruel brutality metamorphized into sweet bliss everytime he came inside her delicious depths. And he made it clear that she was his and Miss April obeyed.

Embarrassed by her inexperience, shamed by her submission to that man’s voracious cock, Alexandra looked away, her blush glowing warmly.  She wanted to talk about the man, about her passionate orgasms but Chelsie was offering an enticing mystery, a luscious loving, gentle touch. Alexandra could climax right at this moment if only Chelsie’s soft hands would touch her a bit more.  She wanted to say so much but she was too tongue tied with confusion.

“That’s okay babe,” Chelsie lightly massaged Alexandra’s shoulders, “but I should tell you that if you don’t say the words, if you don’t tell me what you want, then it isn’t going to happen.”

Chelsie raked her fingernails through the top surface of the paper cup she’d poured the leftover caramel blend into; Alexandra could have sworn she felt the gesture across her skin.

Struggling to breathe, let alone think of suitable adjectives to describe her physical situation, Alexandra’s mind raced. How could she have taken breathing in and out for granted before? Just inflating her lungs was challenge enough now another woman was playing with the skin around her areoles, both of which felt as if they had become the epicentres of every nerve ending she had, as they collected together in one pulsating mass.

Scooping up a new lump of the fast-solidifying golden liquid crystals, Chelsie popped it onto the very tip of her fellow Playmate’s left nipple. The gasp Alexandra let out was followed by a frustrated moan of pleasure as the caramel swiftly tightened against the crest of her breast, topping off the cone of syrup already in place.

“I bet you’re imagining me sucking that stuff off you now, aren’t you?” Chelsie dropped her hand back to Alexandra’s thigh and scratched her nails through the sugar mixture that had formed a clear circle resembling dried, melted, candle wax.


“And yet you haven’t asked for it to happen. So maybe you don’t want it as badly as you think you do. Maybe all you want is a big dick. Although the way your pulse is racing, and the look of total lust in your eyes tells me different.”

Rocking back on her haunches, Chelsie took a tiny portion of the granulated liquid between her thumb and forefingers and massaged it into the tips of her own breasts.

Alexandra’s mouth dropped open, relishing the visual feast as Chelsie sighed in delight at her self-inflicted pleasure. Without even realising what she was doing, Alexandra licked her lips, the taste of spilt caramel around her mouth enhancing her desire to suck the tits before her, while her brain tried to work out ways to magically untie her hands, so she could reach forward and knead them.

“All you have to do is ask.” Chelsie shuffled tantalisingly closer; her chest only just out of range of Alexandra’s parted lips. “All you have to do to feel my hands on your skin, to feel this naughty little finger on your clit...” Chelsie pulled up a chair and sat on it, her legs wide open, and pushed the aforementioned digit inside her own  sex with a deep sigh. “All you have to do to have my tongue on your tits, or this hand on your flesh, is to tell me what you want. You just have to put all those gorgeous wishes into words.”

Alexandra gasped as Chelsie began to play with her own breasts. A jealous craving for that touch, an envy like Alexandra had never known, came rushing up her throat. In that one moment, Alexandra’s desperation for a climax knocked aside all the inhibitions that had been blocking the words she was dying to say. Squeezing her eyes closed, shunning the need to make cries of protest and complaint that Chelsie’s hands should be on her, Alexandra fired out a blast of tangled words just a decibel short of shouting.

“Touch me! Lick my tits. Please, Chelsie! They want you so much. Everything hurts. My pussy feels lost and neglected and...” Alexandra snatched a gulp of air before continuing to deliver her pent-up list at top speed. “I want you to eat me where the syrup has landed on my thigh, I want you to spank it and make it burn. I want you to lie on top of me and stick to my skin like Velcro. I want you to suck me, rub me, kiss me, fuck me - ”

Alexandra broke off her outburst, opening her eyes in time to find Chelsie towering over her, looking as if she was about to fall upon the sweetly tacky body so obviously on offer before her.

Their eyes met and Alexandra lowered her voice, her tone laden with lust as she added more to her verbal catalogue of desires. “I want you to kiss every bit of me better. I want you to free my hands so I can squeeze your mound and juice your pussy. I want to suck at your clit and pour syrup into you so I can drink it back out again with your own added flavor, and I want - ”

With her own arousal sending darts of want through her chest, Chelsie straddled Alexandra’s legs. Crouching on top of her new lover, she stopped the flow of words with her mouth. Her right hand came to Alexandra’s left breast, and she began to scrape at the edge of the circle of dried concoction that had capped the nipple.

Temporarily lost in the tumult of sensations Chelsie’s mouth was producing, Alexandra didn’t register what was about to happen until a millisecond before Chelsie took a firm purchase on the now freed edge of the cone of sugar.

The scream that flew from her lips headed straight down Chelsie’s throat. Grasping her hands together within their apron string bindings, Alexandra vainly attempted to deflect the sharp pain as the dryed sheet of sugar, now stuck to the soft skin ofher breast was pulled off and her nipple was yanked with eye-watering suction. It was like tearing a bandage off the most sensitive part of her body.

Moving quickly, Chelsie shuffled down the other Playmate’s body. Then, placing her sweetly flavoured lips over the stingingly red tit, lapped eagerly, her cooling tongue morphing Alexandra’s whimpers into sighs of delicious pleasure. “Nice?”

“You have no idea!” Alexandra’s stomach knotted with the increasing pressure of her climax. Her breathing stopped as, wide-eyed, she watched Chelsie begin to peel at the edges of the wrap of gumminess that had coated her other nipple.


Silently nodding her consent, Alexandra’s heart thudded, while her pussy twitched in apprehensive anticipation of the removal of the tacky patch. Her throat felt sandpaper dry, and her nails, which were already clawing her flesh in a fresh attempt to divert the pain to come, dug deeper.

This time Chelsie’s tongue hit the scarlet flesh it had exposed by the ripping off of the caramel syrup faster, savoring the caramel sweet taste of Alexandra’s newly released, and delightfully vulnerable, nipple.

In immediate response, Alexandra’s back arched off the sofa in an attempt to get closer to what was happening, “Oh hell, oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Chelsie grinned. “Is that an expression of enjoyment or an instruction?”

“Both!” Perspiration dotted Alexandra’s chest and neck as she struggled to free her wrists. Never had her hands felt so empty.

Placing one hand over Alexandra’s wrists, and another flat over her crotch, Chelsie whispered, “Patience, girl. I still have a little waxing to attend to.”

Tears of anticipation gathered at the corner of Alexandra’s eyes. “But I don’t want - ”

“Yes, you do. You want to feel it burn. You want to feel the rip of the sugar coating, because you want my mouth on your thigh, you want my tongue to clean you up afterwards, and you want it to stray from its target and find your pussy.” Chelsie stroked a solitary digit across Alexandra’s belly. “Unless of course you don’t want me to tongue you to orgasm. It’s your choice; I’m happy to just get a cloth so you can clean yourself up instead, if you’d prefer?”

Biting her bottom lip, Alexandra’s eyes flashed up at her Playmate sister. “You’re a cruel woman Chelsie.”

“You’d better believe it!”

Miss March quickly eased free the edge of the syrupy pool that she’d so recently rubbed over Miss April’s thigh. Bringing her face down to where her fingers worked, Chelsie blew softly over Alexandra’s clit, making it into a tight nub of longing that produced a low hungry groan. “Ask me nicely then.”

“Fuck nicely! Do it. Just do it!” Alexandra’s chest still stung, and her channel spasmed in anticipation of the tongue action she’d been promised. Trying and failing to relax, even though she knew being tense would make it hurt more, every muscle in her body tightened, and her eyes squeezed shut in preparation for more sharp to be seized from her flesh.

Then her eyes flew back open again.

Chelsie had climbed off her and disappeared behind the cafe’s counter.

“What? You said I only had to ask. I can’t wait! I need you right now. You promised if I asked you’d - ”

“Shh, babe.” Chelsie was back by her side, a small coffee cup in her hand. “This will make it even better.”

“Oh hell, oh hell, oh hell, oh...” Alexandra re-shut her eyes and chanted as she felt her lover’s touch back on her thigh. “Ohh... wow!”

The pull as Chelsie levered up the pool of caramel flavoring had been accompanied by a slosh of tepid coffee over her thigh. Alexandra yelped and flinched as the newly poured black liquid melted the set syrup, instantly extinguishing the searing burn of the syrup and coffee.

Chelsie gobbled up the sugared coffee off Alexandra’s ultra-sensitive leg.

A climax began to rocket through Alexandra’s system from her toes upwards, scattering nervous energy through her body in every direction. As she bucked and jacked, Chelsie’s hands came to her hips and, at long last, placed her caffeine and caramel flavored lips over Alexandra’s clit.

Rich, bright, enrapturing, enthralling bliss! Engulfed in Chelsie’s eager feasting, Alexander let out a low deep moan that grew and slowly changed ocative until she was trilling out an erotic birdsong of glee.

Jerking and bucking as though she’d had some sort of delicious electric shock, Alexandra fought at the ties around her wrists; whe she finally freed herself she raced her sticky hands onto the other girl’s shoulders just as sparks of orange and red erupted behind her closed eyelids. She was coming gloriously, pure exhilaration, pure enthusiasm — a purity of energy she chased to fulfillment. When her ecstasy grew too intense to handle she shrank into a private smile, surprised when, in every nerve ending, a flame exploded; in the madness a voice in the deepest recesses of her brain uttered words full of desire that to her seemed to bear the incandescent light of a dream. Her eyes pressed closed and tears flowed; her blissed flowed like an angry river that roars down the valley. Her body quivered, helpless and sublime. 

And now with vigor fierce and frantic, with thuds and screeching worthy of a Bacchante, with hyperbolic frenzy the Playmates squirmed in the spasms of uncontrollable orgasms; ecstasy pulsed through them, mad mesmeric, drumming; then, suddenly- silence. 

“More, more, more,” Miss April howled for an encore but the second coming was already upon her for Miss March had already pounced on her sweet snatch.

Chelsie kept sucking and slapping her tongue against Alexandra’s mound as the cries and moans of her wriggling sent her into a climax that left her speechless and panting hard.

The Playmates’ eyes met; gleaming with a fire that confirmed that the cameras didn’t matter at all; these girls were fucking because they needed to fuck each other.

On shaky legs, Alexandra got up off the sofa, and, without uttering a word, pointed to a large soft armchair. Sitting Chelsie down, she then disappeared behind the counter, returning with a bottle of gingerbread coffee flavoring.

Lifting up Chelsie’s legs one at a time, Alexandra placed them on two carefully positioned wooden chairs; leaving Chelsie with her knees bent, her legs wide open, and her pussy magnificently on display.

Crouching before Chelsie, Alexandra then picked up each of her friend’s hands and placed them on her chest. “Let me see you play with those gorgeous tits while I get busy.”


“Umm... I know you’re very fond of the caramel flavoring, but I like the gingerbread taste best. I wonder what it tastes like with pussy honey. Shall we find out?”

With that, Alexandra leant forward, pushed the nozzle of the plastic bottle just inside Chelsie’s lower lips and squeezed out a satisfyingly cold jet of syrup.

An hour later, after Chelsie and Alexandra had put themselves through everything one girl could do to another; the two luscious Playmates lay on the floor, their naked bodies sated, sweating, glistening with post-sexual warmth.

“Jesus,” Alexandra groaned. “Does this mean we’re lesbians?” She quickly added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Chelsie giggled and patted her thigh reassuringly. “I don’t think so but we better make sure.” She raised herself on her elbows and scanned the room. The crew was standing off to one side, exhausted themselves from watching the Playmates at play. 

Two young college boys, earning a little cash by serving as movers for the staff, were standing apart from the others. They were burly and even through their jeans Chelsie could see that they had what was needed. She lifted one arm and made that ‘come here’ gesture with her finger while giving them her most seductive grin.

She whispered to Alexander as the men approached. “I got dibbs on the bigger dick.”

Alexandra sighed.

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