Cathy Rowland

Cathy Rowland

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Three separate stories about Cathy Rowland, Miss August 1971,


Three separate stories about Cathy Rowland, Miss August 1971,

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cathy Rowland

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Three separate stories about Cathy Rowland, Miss August 1971,

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2013



His fame as a basketball player was closely matched by his fame as a cocks man; over the years he had become a connoisseur of playmates, busily seducing them month by month, giving most of them their first taste of a black man’s body.  In May of 1971 he was sitting in the publisher’s office going through a portfolio of test shots.  His eyes fixed on the soft warm features of Cathy Rowland. Cathy was a cute little blonde, with long hair and a nice little body, petite with a nice little rack.  Her skin was pale and smooth, her eyes soulful and inviting.

The publisher chuckled and tapped his pipe in the ashtray. “I thought she would interest you; she’s going to be Miss August; as a matter of fact, they’re shooting her layout out in LA in just a couple of days.”

The sports star nodded, calculating the quickest way he could wrap up his business in Chicago and get back to Los Angeles.

Cathy posed in front of the large 8x10 camera, the young beauty standing as still as she could as the photographer made an adjustment to the lights. The set was made up to look like an open field with a painted flat in the back and artificial plants standing in front of her.  It was all so theatrical but the soft focus of the camera would give the impression that she was standing in a field of wildflowers. The other exteriors would be shot in fields out of town but the fine detail of the centerfold required the controlled lighting of a studio.

She was just staring into space and thinking of nothing at all when the latch of the door opened.  Her sparkling eyes darted towards the sharp metallic noise and they widened with surprise. Striding into the room was the tallest man she’d ever seen.  His white teeth flashed bright in contrast to his ebony skin. Cathy held her breath and her arms instinctively moved from her hips to wrap around her breasts protectively.

The man nodded at the photographer with familiarity; the photographer in turn glanced at Cathy and shrugged, knowing what the girl was in for. The tall black man was checking out the shot in the viewfinder, then looked up at the girl.

“Not bad,” he said and the two syllables never sounded so lewd.  He stepped around the camera and strode towards the girl.  “So you’re gonna be Miss August; guess you know I am?”

A slight dip of her chin showed that she knew of his fame as an athlete and the look of wonder and fear in her eyes showed that she knew of his reputation with playmates.

Now he was so close he could smell her scent, fresh and alive; he resisted urge to lick the skin of her soft bare shoulder.  Towering above her he put a hand under her chin and lifted her face up. Fixing his eyes on hers he stared into her beauty.  “Yeah, you look fine, babe. You’re gonna be an excellect playmate aren’t you?”  Without looking away from her he called out to the photographer, “So what time you finishing up here?”

“A couple of hours maybe.”

In a slow and silky voice he spoke to Cathy again.  “So I come get you in a couple hours, blondie? You show me how good a playmate you are?”

Cathy held her breath as she felt her head nod in assent, just one slow dip of her chin, still held by his hand.

The tall athlete grinned, still gazing at Cathy, he spoke again to the photographer. “You hustle now, get the job done; me and this little cutie got some things to do,” his moistened his lips wolfishly as he spoke, “Gonna lay us some serious pipe.” He studied her soft skin and curves as she still tried to cover her chest with her arms. “Yeah, we’re gonna be really busy, got some real deep drilling to do.”

His hand glided down her shoulder and over her waist. It stopped at the edge of the black jeans and with the fingers pressed between the denim and her white skin it slid to the button holding the pants closed.

The other hand tugged on the knot of the silk scarf she wore as a belt.  “Tell you what, let’s sex this picture up a little.” With a firm pull the knot came open and the ends of the scarf fluttered down. Cathy gasped as she felt his strong fingers work the button open too; another tug jerked the zipper down slightly. “Don’t wanna show too much bush,” he chuckled, “That’s for later.” He patted her flat belly and stepped back.

The photographer was behind the camera again; Cathy, staring at the tall black man let her arms drop enough to give a teasing, provocative glimpse of her perfectly formed breasts.  The athlete grinned, knowing that this frame would be the centerfold, and he was right.

Exactly two hours later Cathy and the tall black man were in another room off the studio, a half empty bottle of expensive brandy on the table in front of them. He was taking his time, enjoying her shy, soft conversation; every time he touched her she would jump nervously and edge away, but her lips were moist and her eyes were enticing.

The basketball player was sitting there wearing some baggy shorts and the playmate was in a small sun dress. Cathy was not a big drinker so the alcohol was really started to kick in. She leaned back into the couch as the basketball player saw his opportunity. He pulled Cathy against him and started to rub her shoulders and back. Cathy was somewhat startled but the massage felt good and although they were alone, people were working in adjoining rooms. As Cathy leaned her head back, she took a deep breath.

The basketball player's eyes locked onto her precious breasts, which filled out the sun dress nicely. As he rubbed her shoulders he could feel how warm and soft her pearly white skin was. He also noticed no sign of a bra. Cathy never wore a bra with this particular dress.

She felt the strength of his hands and was somewhat turned on by the contrast in their skin colors as his dark black hands caressed her white shoulders. She rested her head back against his shoulder and he could smell the fragrance in her hair. As one hand gently squeezed her shoulder the other dimmed the light of the one lamp in the room.

“That’s right, doll; you just relax.  All that hard work today, let me take good care of you.”

The room was quiet and darkened but with the big light on outside the window and the full moon, you could still see the figures in the room’s soft glow. Cathy was fully aware of what was happening but with her inhibitions lowered, she thought it would be kind of fun to tease this black man. She was confident she could shut him down when she wanted so she was curious as to how far he would try to take it.

As she lay back against him he continued to rub her shoulders. She shut her eyes and almost giggled when he obviously tried to slide the straps of her dress down her shoulders. When the strap would fall she just raised her arm and it would jump back into place. The basketball player leaned his head down against hers and started to breathe into her ear.

“So fine,” he growled deeply, “So pretty, I’m gonna make you feel real good.”

His warm breath kind of turned her on as she braced her self with her hands and squeezed his inner thigh. The basketball player grabbed her by her small waist and lifted her so she was sitting up higher.

“That’s right, babe, let’s have some fun.”

Cathy mewed softly in response.

The pretty young playmate let her head tilt back down his shoulder as he started to slowly breathe down her neck. He left his hands down around her waist as she rested her arms on top of his. He was amazed by her tight little body so feminine and pliant and sweet.

Cathy wanted to make sure she knew where his powerful hands were at all times. As he breathed down her neck, Cathy turned her face away from him, giving him a clear shot from her ear down her neck. She had to admit it felt good being in his powerful embrace and his warm breath on her fair skin was making her feel hot. The basketball player slowly started to nibble at her ear.

“You’re making me hot, doll; you feel real fine.”

The warm sensation she felt sent a tingle down her spine. As he continued to nibble on her ear she raised her arm up and caressed his head with her hand. He instinctively slid his hand up her waist and against her quivering breast. Cathy quickly retrieved his hand and pulled it back down to her waist as she whispered in her soft seductive voice, “No, let’s just cuddle, OK?”

The basketball player now knew he had to work overtime to seduce Cathy. She was thinking that she was in control and she would dictate the actions. She still had no intentions of doing him but she just wanted to see what it was like in a black man's arms.

The athlete was impressed with how firm Cathy’s pale breast was. As he continued to work on her ear he started to gently lick her luscious neck. He slowly licked and sucked his way up and down her neck, savoring his taste of this sweet girl. Cathy squeezed his arms and let out a small sigh; his warm wet tongue felt so good. He licked her ear lobe and continued onto her neck. He would lick and suck and kiss gently on her neck and up to her chin. He then would travel around to her ear and even across her shoulder.

“Yeah, baby, you are so sweet, so nice.” His voice surrounded her like a fog.

He noticed that when he licked across her shoulder her shoulder strap slid down and she didn't raise it back up. He felt he was making progress and started to become a little more aggressive in his attack. With her one strap down, he could see the top of her incredibly firm right breast. He had his fantasy right where he wanted her. The basketball player had no doubt that if he took his time, he would be able to seduce Cathy.

On the other hand Cathy was feeling totally hot from his aggressive oral assault on her neck. His large lips and warm tongue sent shivers right through her as they continued to feed off her neck, ear and shoulder. Her skin glistened with his saliva as he continued tasting the squirming young playmate. As he made another trip to her chin, the basketball player slowly started to kiss her. He kissed her lightly on the chin, cheek, and nose.

Cathy turned her head toward him as he slowly leaned in and lightly kissed her soft lips. Electricity shot through their bodies as their lips touched for the first time. Her lips were small he thought but he was aroused by his progress. Cathy was turned on by his strong, wet mouth as she decided that she would allow him to make out with her. She had never even kissed black man and making out with a one was so forbidden that it, for some reason, turned her on. As their lips melted into each others, the basketball player ran his hands over her waist, across her expanded rib cage and around her back. He was in awe over the tightness of her body. Cathy lifted her arms around his neck and slowly opened her mouth.

With the open invitation, he let his tongue slide into Cathy’s mouth and search out hers. When their tongues met it was almost magical. They aggressively licked each other's tongues as blood rushed to their loins.

The basketball player was quickly becoming hard and Cathy started getting wet. They held each other tight as they kissed deeply. They would only retreat for a second to catch their breath, then they would open their mouths and continue to lick each others tongues. The basketball player liked the fact that this white woman's mouth seemed so small yet so hot; Cathy liked his big long tongue continuously overmatching hers as it licked deep inside her mouth.

As Cathy's arms were stretched up around his neck, the basketball player reached down and squeezed her left breast. The feeling of his powerful grasp around her tight mound had a sobering affect on Cathy. She pulled back and brought his hand away from her and whispered, "Let's just kiss." Her words showed her reluctance but her tone was alluring. Her eyes were smoldering with desire.

As Cathy sat up to look around to see if anybody from the studio was around, the man felt confident that his patience would pay off. Satisfied that no one knew what was going on, Cathy sat down, facing the basketball player. She smiled with sweet shyness, “I don’t want anybody to hear us.”  She then moistened her lips and batted her eyes seductively.

They slowly leaned in and went at it again. He held her head as she gripped his wrists. The kiss was so intense that you could almost see steam rising out. They licked deeply into one another as they seemed to be sucking the life out of each other.

As they continued making out, Cathy ran her hands down his powerful arms and to his muscular shoulders. His tough black skin felt strong as it contrasted her white glow. The basketball player dropped his hands off her head and wrapped them around her waist.

“Come here, doll.”

Like most women Cathy liked to be held as she pushed her body against his. She kissed with more aggression as his black body felt so powerful against hers. Her firm breasts pressed in against his chest as he wanted to rip into this little white package. He ran his hands down her back as he kissed deep into her. The basketball player’s hands lowered as he started to feel Cathy’s hot little ass. This tight little ass was firm and he really wanted to rip into it.

As they passionately made out, the basketball player was surprised that Cathy allowed him to feel her ass. Meanwhile, she was really getting into it as she could tell by his powerful grasp that he loved what he had.

With a powerful tug, the basketball player lifted Cathy up against him as she tilted her head back and he started feverishly licking her neck. As he lifted Cathy he pressed in against her. It was here that she first felt his enormous bulge against her. As he licked down her neck she was shocked by the massive size of his weapon. She went numb as she realized he was packing serious heat.

Meanwhile, the man had worked his way down her neck and was now lapping her up at the top of her firm mounds. She leaned into him, lowering her breasts down away from him in the process. She whispered, "slow down" as she buried her head against his. For the first time she felt a little out of control. Sensing this, the basketball player aggressively turned and pushed her against the couch.

With his hands firmly grasping her sweet ass and holding her up, Cathy slid her legs out and around his, allowing for his tremendous bulge to press against her sweetness. She moaned at the power she felt between her legs. With her shoulder straps down, her firm cleavage was at eye level with him. Her mind was racing as he was looking at her loosely covered breasts as a predator would a prey. Trying to decide how far she would let this get, she lowered her head and started to kiss him.

The basketball player raised up to meet her sweet lips as his actions allowed for him to press his best asset harder against her. She no doubt was fully aware of it as he felt another moan escape her lips when he took them against his. With the fire burning between her legs and the confidence she could stop this at anytime, Cathy decided to let him take the next base. She released her lips from his and leaned back as the strong man licked down her neck. As he reached up to her straps, she now was held up only by his tremendous bulge.

She closed her eyes as the basketball player eagerly pulled Cathy's sundress down. He watched intently as her delicious breasts released themselves from the confines of her dress. She knew they were at their best as the cool night air combined with the intensity of the evening’s events had her nipples swollen and erect.

The basketball player was mesmerized by the beauty of this white woman’s bust. Cathy's breasts looked bigger than they were because they were so round and firm and she had such a petite little body. He was astonished at the eagerness of her swollen nipples. The basketball player reached up and gave them a slight squeeze as the contrast of color made him hot. Cathy's body contracted to his touch and he noticed her upper abdominal muscles flex. He knew he had to have Cathy. He lowered in and took her right breast into his mouth. The warmth of his tongue and the sensation of his lips against her firm breast sent Cathy into a shudder. She really wanted him to take her nipples against his big tongue and suck. The basketball player didn't disappoint her as he licked her swollen flesh to maximum attention and went in for the kill. Cathy moaned and bucked against his bulge as he started to aggressively suck her mounds. He alternated from one to the other, sucking and licking greedily.

She threw her arms back over her head and arched her back, allowing for her breasts to grow and jet skyward. She looked down to watch as this black man was licking her swollen nipples, his saliva dripping everywhere. He grabbed her rib cage and slowly dropped her dress lower. He loved the way her rib cage expanded and her little body displayed such quivering breasts. He returned to her lips and deeply kissed her as he squeezed Cathy’s ample mounds.

The basketball player lowered Cathy and laid her on her back as if to put her in the position. As she lay on her back looking up at this powerful black man she knew what he was thinking. His loose fitting shorts were pitching a ferocious tent. Although she no doubt wanted to, she didn't think she could. She had never done anything like this. Plus, this was not the time or place as people were scattered everywhere and someone might notice what was going on if they hadn't already. As the basketball player reached down and pulled her dress down more she stopped him. She whispered to him that this was as far as they could go. Frustration clouded his mind as he wanted to plow into this little cock tease anyway he could. But his cooler head prevailed and as he admired her succulent body he decided to stay on course.

She said, "Let’s just lay together." As he lowered on top of Cathy, she decided that this was a dangerous position. She moved over so that her body was against the back of the couch and he could lie next to her. Her breasts were still exposed as they took on a spent look from his intense sucking. The basketball player wasted no time as he squeezed her breasts and went in to continue their intense make out session. Cathy relaxed as she felt she dodged a major bullet. She now felt back in control and really got into it with the basketball player.

They were feeling each other up and kissing passionately. She would re-route him if he got to close to her sweet love canal but she allowed him to have his liberties anywhere else. She was at it to, grabbing his ass and feeling all over his deep black muscular body. She wasn't a bad enough cock tease to grab his massive tool, but she wanted to. She was very turned on to see her white glow against his deep darkness.

He reached down and pulled her dress up enough to expose her panties. He grabbed her ass and lifted her one leg onto him. He noticed that she liked to press into his massive bulge. Just as he thought, Cathy lifted herself onto him a little bit, just enough to bump against with him. He was surprised to see her move her dress out of the way. He knew that this was his meal ticket.

Cathy started to burrow down on his bulging tool as she licked his neck. The basketball player grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against him causing her to moan. She started to suck his neck with more aggression as he continued to rock her against his massive crank. She seemed to really like the dry sex bit.

Meanwhile, Cathy’s pussy was on fire. She was extremely wet and loved the way it felt to press against his huge manhood. She felt like she was doing him a favor by dry humping him but she was the one who was really benefiting from it. The basketball player knew this and soon she was aggressively spreading her leg around him so she could better feel his bulge against her wet snatch. She continued dragging herself against his length as she continued to suck his neck.

As Cathy was exploding with passion, the basketball player abruptly stopped her. He whispered that they should slow down. He turned the tables on her as she looked down to notice his enormous bulge had wet spots on it. She grudgingly agreed and they went back to making out. Every once in a while, she would attempt to rub up against him but he wouldn't let her. She was going out of her mind.

She really wanted him but knew she couldn't. The basketball player knew she was on the ropes. He methodically licked down her chest and to her belly. As he licked across her belly, he lifted her leg onto his shoulder. The scent of passion was strong as he felt the back of her leg and ass. His thumb was within an inch of her wet snatch but she didn't move it. Cathy had already decided that he could take her to third base.

Feeling confident, the basketball player lowered a bit, licking his way down her body. He allowed for his thumb to brush against her panties and rub her wet pussy.

Feeling his thumb against her bush, Cathy moaned and climbed up his face a bit. The invitation was obvious and with a powerful pull, the strong man ripped Cathy's panties off her sweet pussy. He pulled the dress up her body and looked at her delicious sex.

Cathy shut her eyes and moaned as she quietly begged for him to eat her out. Her thick blonde bush was drenched and her sweet snatch looked irresistible to him. He almost blew his wad thinking about how tight Cathy was. The basketball player leaned in and split Cathy’s lips with his big tongue and licked deeply. He savored the taste of this sweet white woman as Cathy squealed in delight.

His big tongue almost made her come the moment it touched her tight little slit. She pushed down on his head as he started to lick her out. Her body started to spasm as he sucked on her pussy. Her body tingled as she instantly went into an orgasm. He didn't slow down as he aggressively lapped her joy juice up and ate her out.

He lifted her leg into the air to spread her out and allow for more room to lick. She was moaning as she pushed his head deep into her and began to slide around as he licked her deep. He found her quivering clit and really went to work. She was panting like a dog as he ate her out.

She smelled good to him and tasted even better. He licked her wet sex until he had her to the edge. He then made his way up her body and deeply kissed her again. He almost lost his cool when she whispered frantically, "Please don't fuck me." He couldn't believe it. Cathy pleaded, "I want to but I just can't." He reached down and pulled the string to his shorts and kicked them off, displaying a gigantic black cock.

Cathy stared at it as if she seen a monster. It was extremely long and thick. It had to be over 10 inches long and jet black. It was the most powerful looking love muscle she had ever seen. The basketball player played his last card and it was an ace.

Trying to hold out, Cathy eagerly said "I'll suck your dick." This was music to his ears, as the basketball player rolled onto his back. Cathy hurried down his body and pulled his cock straight up into the air. She was double fisting his huge black log when she lowered in and took its massive black head into her mouth. They both moaned as Cathy’s soft wet mouth wrapped around his massive black cock and took it in. The basketball player gleefully watched his fantasy come true as Cathy started to slowly bob her head and take in his incredible black staff.

As he watched Cathy's overmatched mouth slide up and down on his mammoth black cock. Although she had only sucked one dick before, Cathy was really doing a number on his big black cock. She worked hard not to gag as she took his black meat deep into her throat. She instinctively withdrew and spitted on his massive black member, coating it with her tongue so she could slide more of him down her throat. She really started top bob up and down, faster and faster. His huge black dick spread her mouth and throat to the max as she barely was able to get it past her tonsils.

The basketball player grabbed her hair as Cathy pushed her head down. He was amazed by the way her neck expanded as she took his big black cock deep down her throat. Cathy retreated and gasped for air as his huge black manhood was slimy with her saliva. She did her best sword swallowing act as she took his big black dagger deep down her throat repeatedly. He started to feel his cock swell as Cathy started to lick up and down his long black staff. He knew he was close as she continued her oral attack. Cathy never swallowed so she had no idea what was in store for her. She just kept sucking that big black snake like she couldn't get enough of it. She really started bobbing again when he started to tense up. She noticed his black cock thicken in her mouth but she had no idea what was coming. He held her head down as she took his black cock deep down her throat and he exploded. She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and a warm burn deep within. As she pulled back she tasted his warm thick seed that was continually shooting into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow. As she tasted his load he continued to unload his gun into her sweet mouth.

She swallowed all she could and licked it clean. She started to bob on it again as the basketball player now knew he was going to fuck her. She sucked his massive black tool until it regained its size. She then raised up and laid next to him with a "didn't I do good" look on her face. He grabbed her tight little body and positioned her on top of him.

Cathy’s slippery pussy was sliding up and down on top of his long shaft as it lay on his stomach. She really believed that she still didn't plan on fucking him until he slid her down to the base of his balls and lifted his enormous black cock straight in the air.

“That’s right, baby, it’s time to take a ride.”

As if she was in a trance, Cathy knew what was expected of her. Using the couch for balance, she lifted herself up, almost to a standing position over his mighty black cock. She lowered a little, enough for him to drag his enormous cock head through her drenched gash. She purred at the sweet sensation she felt by having her wet inner sanctum massaged by a thick black cock. If she wasn't so wet there would be no way his huge black cock could fit into her tight white love canal. As his fat cock head found her tight hole she instinctively lowered herself. Cathy moaned loudly as her tight cunt accepted his huge mounting stick. Her slit stretched to the max as she lowered herself further. A strong rush ripped through her veins as she was taking in this huge man's cock.

The basketball player was amazed at her change of heart as she really worked to get him inside of her. She continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up and down on his massive black weapon. She hit the four inch mark and really started to struggle.

The intense feeling of her sex stretching over his thick black cock was making her weak. The basketball player sensed her struggles and grabbed her small waist and steadied her for the ride. He lifted her up and down on his big black cock. Cathy started trembling as his black manhood devoured her inner most carnal desires. Cathy’s sex worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size. Feeling comfortable it could handle him, she lowered down as his big black cock filled her depths. She raised herself slightly then slid down his enormous black pole.

She took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. As she has never felt such a long, thick cock inside of her before, something inside of her clicked. His massive black rod pushed her to the limits and she was now ready to get down to some serious fucking. She bounced up and down as his big black rod slid in and out of her stretched white sheath.

She rode his cock like she was in a rodeo. She couldn't get enough of his thick black shaft. The basketball player watched in excitement as he was stretching a tight white playmate’s sex with his massive black cock. Her sheath felt so sweet to him as it gripped his cock tightly and started to really adjust to his enormous size. As she rode on his pole, he watched intensely as his thick cock glistened with her juices. Every time Cathy landed, the basketball player could here a splash. He couldn't take it anymore as he wanted to really let her have it. The basketball player rolled Cathy over so he was on top of her and started to fuck her brains out. As he thrust brutally, he repeated landed all he had into her narrow passage. Cathy screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his black cock. The intense feeling of being fucked by a large black cock made Cathy have one orgasm after another. The basketball player had to hold on to her as she could lay still. He held her waist as he hammered into her faster and faster. Cathy was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. The basketball player was amazed by how hot and wet he was making Cathy. He pulled out of her and rolled her trembling body over.

Cathy was in spastic ecstasy as her body was careening out of control. He couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his gigantic black cock as big and hard as he has ever seen. It was so sticky with Cathy’s juices dripping from it. She begged him for it as he raised her to all fours and mounted her from behind. She arched her back and moaned as he easily landed his huge black shaft into her swollen drenched pussy. He loved how her tight little white body looked as he hammered away with his black heat. Cathy buried her face into the cushions to muffle her constant moans as the basketball player sawed her in half. He couldn't take it anymore as Cathy's sweet puusy was the best he has ever had. With a mighty thrust, he landed all he had inside of her. His muscular black body tensed as his testicle exploded. As Cathy, barely able to speak, cried out "pull out!", the basketball player shot load after load of his thick warm lava into her quivering body. He pulled her against him as hard as he could as his tremendous black cock emptied inside of her yearning pussy. His sperm devoured her as they both collapsed physically, emotionally and sexually drained.

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