Brandi Brandt: Fearless

Brandi Brandt: Fearless

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Brandi Brandt, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for October 1987. Vivacious, a luscious 36-24-35 figure, she’s an adventurous girl and she’s learning the ropes. The 45th makes a cameo.


Brandi Brandt, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for October 1987. Vivacious, a luscious 36-24-35 figure, she’s an adventurous girl and she’s learning the ropes. The 45th makes a cameo.


Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



The ropes didn’t frighten her; just eighteen, Brandi had been tied up a few times already since becoming a playmate. Some men liked it, and Brandi liked it when men liked it. She wasn’t afraid of the silk gag in her pouty mouth; the gag went with the ropes and the delicious girl knew that soon the gag at least would be off because she knew men found her lush lips irresistible. It wasn’t being tied spread-eagle over the pool table or even the six men close by. None of that scared the voluptuous girl. What scared her was the waiting.

It all started last night. Brandi was the youngest and most inexperienced playmate at the Mansion that night and she didn’t understand why all the other girls were saying they had headaches or were getting their periods.  Then an ostentatious white stretch limo drove up to the door and a man with orange hair and a spray-on tan stepped out. He was met at the door by the publisher and then guided into the living room. Hefner was gracious enough to the guest, but his body language revealed a certain disgust for the lumbering guest. The guest was dressed in an expensive but ill-fitting suit as though he thought a size too large would hide his pasty, soft, and awkward body. His red tie was absurdly long, like a bib for a sloppy baby.

Brandi had been sitting in a corner flipping through fashion magazines when the two men walked in.

“And this is one of our lovely new playmates. We’re very proud of her. Let me introduce you two. This is our new Miss October, Brandi Brandt. She’s only eighteen but she has proved herself to be an outstanding model and we’re proud to have her in our family.”

Brandi rose to be polite but there was something awkward and strange about this man. The orange hair was clearly some kind of weird comb-over, and he stood stiffly in his expensive but too-large suit. He put his hand out to shake hers and she took it reluctantly; it was remarkably small and the man’s grip was weak and slimy as though he had just been masturbating with K-Y jelly. The spray on tan looked even more repulsive up close and the skin around his eyes was pale and pasty.

“I’m Donald Trump of course,” he said boastfully, watching for her reaction. She just looked at him blankly; she had no idea who he was. He frowned, annoyed, then pressed on. “I’m talk with your boss then you and I are going to make a deal.” Even his voice was annoyingly whiny.

Brandi shrugged her indifference and went back to her magazines. She could hear Trump’s whiny voice droning on the other side of the room. It was like a bothersome fly buzzing around.

Finally there was silence. Brandi didn’t bother to look up. Half an hour later he was standing in front of her. “I’m Donald Trump,” he announced. Brandi looked up at him. He looked ridiculous. He stood, arms akimbo, his tie pulled down slightly and his fly open and his dick peering out from his suit trousers.

Brandi burst out laughing. She couldn’t help thinking, “That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen and I used to baby sit and had to change diapers.” She stood to go but Trump grabbed her and began to grind against her, mumbling over and over “I’m Donald Trump, I’m Donald Trump.” After about two minutes of this he suddenly grunted and a small trickle of sticky white ooze slimed her skirt. He staggered backwards and collapsed into a chair. “I’m Donald Trump,” he said once more and then he was snoring.

The publisher apologized profusely and gave her the next day to herself. Brandi was delighted and slept in the next morning, ordered breakfast to her room, and spent the morning working out and playing with the menagerie of exotic animals on the Mansion grounds.

In the afternoon she indulged in a special treat for herself: riding the motorbike Playboy had lent her, taking it out to the lonely roads in the hills above Los Angeles. The rush of mountain air and the roar of the combustion engine felt liberating and empowering after the creepy incident with Trump. She really did need a brake anyway after a busy week of shooting in the nude during the day and partying in the nude all night for weeks at the Mansion. She roared along Sunset Boulevard just for a pinch of city, then through Sunset Strip, and past iconic landmarks like the Beverly Hills Hotel, and then onto the purely magical destination of the Pacific Coast Highway to experience some of that dreamy ocean breeze.

A perfect day for biking, so she didn’t give much thought to the pack of cycles following behind her and she didn’t even notice that when she headed up the hills towards Mulholland Drive that the pack trailed along, far back enough to give the girl plenty of space but never far back enough to lose sight of her delicious body hunched fetchingly over her roaring machine.

But on a deserted stretch of road, where the Santa Anna winds had blown drifts of sand over the black tar, the bikes moved closer. Brandi, loving the throb of the engine between her thighs still didn’t give them a thought.

The gang surprised her, surrounded her in minutes; and, even more surprisingly, she wasn’t afraid. She felt in control of her bike, she felt strong and free, and she felt adventurous and daring. As their bikes circled around her, even as she kept moving, she watched for a break in the line. When no gap appeared she channeled her inner daredevil, gunned her engine and did a 180 while sending sand and grit out in an arcing cloud over her assailants.  In a burst of speed she broke through the pack and barreled back down the mountain. The gang followed but kept their distance, matching her speed but never catching up. Brandi weighed her options and chose a direct route back to the Mansion. Only when they hit the streets of Hombly Hills did she realize that she was being escorted back.

Once they hit the long driveway leading up to the Playboy Mansion the gang began whooping and crowing, catching up to her bike and leering at her. She raced to the long portico leading up to the front door and leapt off the bike like a rodeo star and raced up the steps with the gang in close pursuit.

Kimberley Conrad herself opened the door and if Brandi had thought she had found sanctuary she was disappointed because Ms. Conrad smiled at the gang as if they were long awaited guests. The momentum of the gang in pursuit drove Brandi to the Grand Staircase with the gang right behind; her speed hadn’t varied since she had first gunned the engine in the chase and now the gang was rushing her up the steps and down a long corridor to a large studio.

Brandi wasn’t sure she was happy there’s wasn’t a camera crew but she didn’t have much time to contemplate the matter; her legs were swept from under her and she was hoisted onto a pool table left over from a Playmate shoot. Feisty and fiery, she rolled off the other side and landed like a cat and took off with the gang in pursuit once more.

Greedy hands grabbed at her limbs and, even though she struggled fiercely, they had her surrounded in the center of the room. The men had been talking, gloating really, since the moment they entered the Mansion, but it was just a storm of noise to the girl as she struggled. She heard just one word: rape. One of the greasier of the gang, later she learned his name was Schultz, he kissed her brutally just before gagging her. They began the fun of peeling off her leather jacket and her tight jeans.

She had wriggled a bit in protest but the jacket came off quickly and the jeans were torn off without much effort; they left the skimpy tank-top and sheer panties on but they were crude in their fondling through the thin fabric. She kicked a bit when they lay her on the green felt but they looped a rope around her ankles and another rope on her wrists, stretching her arms above her head so her chest was nicely displayed and tugging her feet over the edge of the table so her top was pulled up and her flat belly bared.

Now she lay on the pool table in flimsy panties and a sheer top covering her heaving breasts. Still that didn’t scare her. The men had surrounded her like wolves, growling  and snorting as they tied her to the pool table; they were a wolf pack and the wolf pack was collectively licking its chops and Brandi fully expected to be ravished. She wasn’t afraid of that either. But then, once they had her tied, they retreated to a corner of the room and occupied themselves with drinks and cards. The waiting, that scared the helpless playmate.

For the bound and gagged playmate the wait seemed like hours, and for the gang waiting to bang the poor girl time was torture. As much as Brandi dreaded the wait, the gang suffered more because the delicious girl was spread before them but they couldn’t touch her.

Finally Brandi sensed that the waiting was over; what the wolves awaited had arrived. The last pretense of indifference went out of faces that had been gradually taking on tenseness. Chairs and feet scraped as men pushed back a little from their table. Muscles flexed bodies into readiness for action. Tongues licked lips and eyes looked eagerly at the front door.

When Reggie entered the rough and brutal gang members seemed suddenly genuinely intimidated. But even more intimidating was the tall blonde who came in with him. Kimberley Conrad was new to the Mansion but she already moved like she was running the place. She fully expected to see the rowdy crowd waiting for her when she had followed the gang leader into the room but the sight of the lovely and nubile Brandi on the pool table made her arch a brow in incredulity. And the power of her arched brow had an even more chilling effect on the gang.

Schultz had trouble focusing as he talked to his leader; his eyes kept returning to Kimberley’s chest. “We brought her back like you said, boss. I didn’t know we were gonna get two chicks though. I figured you were going first on the little girl there, then me. Then, you know, we’d let the guys go nuts. But maybe you want the blonde first and I do the little chick. But I’m thinking maybe we have the chicks do each other first. That way…”

Without needing to say a word Reggie cut off Schultz’s babbling; the leader’s icy stare made it clear that Schultz had been doing too much thinking.

Kimberley, too, listened and her look was even more disdainful. “I thought I was going to supply the night’s entertainment for you boys,” she said with a wry tone that belied her annoyance. “I’m not so sure that you boys rate a girl on girl show.” Kimberley’s eyes did wander over the luscious curves of the girl laying bound on the pool table. She filed the image away for future reference.

Reggie was pissed and his face showed it, but he too was becoming distracted by the obvious charms of the bodacious Brandi. His mind flashed back to his gang at another party at the Mansion; Kim Morris went at it with the whole gang and Reggie found it boring. He looked at the icy Miss January and then he looked at the nubile Miss October. He didn’t have a tough time making a decision.

He gestured a dismissive thumb towards Kimberley while keeping his eyes on the delicious Brandi. “Take her outside and give her a rodeo,” he explained to Schultz who wasted no time reacting. Schultz had Kimberley by her shoulders and was hustling her out the door, followed by the rest of the gang. She gave Reggie an icy glare, as if promising revenge, but she did little to resist the pawing hands of the gang as they whooped with glee.

The victory shouts of the gang faded quickly as they disappeared down the hall with their playmate prize. Reggie stayed, silently gazing on the trembling beauty of the girl tied up on the pool table. Brandi’s lush young breasts heaved and quivered under the soft fabric of her almost sheer top. She couldn’t help it; she batted her eyes alluringly as she looked at him, trying to match his insolent gaze with her own stab at a tough look but she merely managed to look like a little girl playing lets-pretend.

He laid a flat palm on her bare belly. He said nothing but his gaze was promising some serious fucking. She held her breath as his hand made lazy circles over her belly, caressing under her breasts. He finally took one of the lush mounds in his hand and her spine arched up.

“You like that, don’t you babe?” She nodded eagerly. He pushed the flimsy top up under her chin and used his rough hands to tease her luscious flesh. She squirmed at his touch and moaned into the gag.

“I heard about how you raced my boys down the mountain. You’re a wild cat, little girl. You gonna give me a good time? You gonna be good for me?” She nodded again, her eyes wide with terror and desire.

His hand worked slowly, surprising gentle as the fingers and palm caressed over the smooth and creamy flesh. She winced with fear when the thumb and forefinger captured her nipple but he softly twirled it, a slight motion urging the sweet nub into arousal. She wriggled with pleasure.

He lifted his palm and shifted his arm so that only the tip of his forefinger was touching her, pressed between the two perfect breasts. He slowly etched a line in her skin, circling the quivering mounds then floating down her belly. She shivered as the fingertip glided over her skin and she almost jolted in her bonds as the finger touched lightly over the fabric of her panties.
“Good girl, good sweet girl,” he lifted his finger to her face and softly caressed some loose strands of hair away from her cheek. “So pretty; you a playmate baby?”

She nodded, her eyes glowing.

He chuckled as he turned her over. Face down, she turned and twisted her head so she could watch him tease her panties down just far enough to reveal the magnificent globes of her derriere. He fondled her ass greedily, kneading his finger deep into her flesh. “Jesus, I’m going to enjoy drilling this ass.” Brandi let out a little sob of dread but then his hand came down hard and heavy over the to luscious orbs and her whimpers turned into yelps of protest. The man just chuckled arrogantly as his captive writhed and thrashed against her ropes.

She wriggled some more and he undid the gag.

“What’s your name?” he asked cheerfully while loosing the ropes on her ankles.

“Brandi,” she said softly.

“Well, Brandi, I am going to have a good time with you. You want to have a good time with me?”  His hands caressed over her bare legs. Brandi shivered and he suddenly slapped hard across her face and her entire body jolted.

“I asked you a question.” His voice was used to commanding and used to obedience.


“You want to show me a good time? Show me what a good little playmate you are?”

She nodded her head rapidly. That first slap had hurt.

“How old are you, Brandi?” His hands roved over her quivering body.


“Eighteen! Still a virgin? Nah, hot little number like you probably started real young.”

Brandi’s spin stiffened. “November,” she insisted. “Just this November.”

Reggie laughed. “Well I guess I’ll still be able to show you a thing or too.” With her wrists still tied he sat her up and dangled her legs over the edge of the table.

To Brandi, his kiss tasted like cigars and danger; his tongue took what it wanted from her and she mewed softly as he moved from her mouth to her nipples.

Each nipple was rock hard and eager for his lips and tongue and teeth. She bent her head back, thrusting her chest up to him. Her flesh, soft and vibrant, was sucked deep into his mouth and she sighed. One arm he kept wrapped around her shoulders, holding her close, and with his free hand he stroked between her thighs, driving her crazy with desire.

Her tiny hands, still tied together scratched over his belly. “Untie me so I can open your pants,” she breathed out.

“Well aren’t you just a regular little girl scout,” he snarled pulling her hair back and kissing her brutally.

“Let me,” she said huskily when the kiss finally broke.

He just laughed cruelly and with one hand pushed her down onto the tabletop. Pressing a palm down on her belly as if pinning her to the felt he stepped around and tugged the rope until her arms were stretched over her head again. “Be nice, OK?” she said softly as she felt him tie the end of the rope to a leg of the table, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Reggie just snorted while he opened his own fly, standing close to her head so she could see the massive snake emerge from the leather pants.

“Oh no,” she gasped with her face agape like a heroine in a silent movie.

“Oh yes,” he laughed.

He stepped to the end of table and yanked her legs forward until he was standing between her thighs. He caressed her belly again, his rough hands raising goose bumps on her skin. He gently engulfed her breasts and squeezed them together; Brandi, almost disbelieving, watched his hands maul her. He grinned, his eyes watching Brandi’s eyes watching herself be ravished. “Yeah, you’re a wild one,” he chuckled and ripped the flimsy top open and tore the panties to shreds.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you babe?”

Brandi giggled; given that his cock was already pressed against the gates of her sex did it matter what she wanted, but yes, yes, oh god, yes she wanted him to fuck her. She nodded furiously as she giggled some more. But then the cock throbbed against the lips of her pussy and the reality of its size and menace hit her.  She yelped in panic.

The head of the cock was like a hot poker and she gasped at its first touch. Reggie pulled her legs up against his chest and slowly leaned forward. Brandi stiffened her legs in defense. The playmate and the biker were now in an epic tournament, Reggie pressing in with his cock and the young girl struggling against the massive attack.

The huge beast pushed past the soft petals of her flower and Brandi gasped at its mass. Her head twisted back and forth in fury. She arched onto her shoulders and pressed with the back of her legs but Reggie was gripping the sides of the table and pushing deeper into her in a slow cruel crawl. “Oh no,” she cried out with the cock forcing itself into her softness. “It’s too big,” she wailed.

“Oh yeah,” Reggie agreed and he pressed in more.

Brandi’s shapely legs were struggling to keep him back but the massive beast continued its evil progress; her muscles tensed but she could feel an erotic glow gripping her as the impossible merging of his cock and her pussy advanced. Her bare skin was covered with sweat and, as hard as her legs were working to push him away, they were beginning to lose their purchase against his chest.

He gave a sharp thrust as if stabbing into her and the pain and pleasure screamed like a comet up her spine and into her skull. “Oh no, no, no,” she pleaded, her hair flying and her breasts dancing as she writhed in her struggle. He pulled back slightly and the release of pressure produced a flood of ecstasy throughout her trembling body. She let her legs relax somewhat, silly girl; he felt the tension release and he acted quickly, lunging forward.

Her legs slid off his chest and landed on his hips. She screamed furiously as the full weight of him and the mass and heat of his cock engulfed her. Her body, stretched over the  table, undulated like a wave in a typhoon. Over and over her naked body snapped and arched as his cock rammed in hard.

Now the real contest began. Reggie fucked hard and cruel and deep into her and Brandi, her arms tied above her head, rode his savage cock like a rodeo star. Her body bucked and writhed, but her soft sex took every thrust and returned it with the sensual undulations of her delicate muscles and the warm sweet gushing of her nectar.

As her ecstasy rose her body stilled itself, all her energy devoted to receiving the huge cock inside her. Her head rose slightly and her eyes, burning with defiance, gazed up at Reggie as if daring him to continue.

He continued for a long, long time, thrusting in and out, in and out, his massive cock gliding through the sweet moist tightness of her throbbing sex and probing deep into the secrets of her youthful purity. Brandi’s bare skin glowed with sexual heat and her soft breasts danced with each thrust. The tiny playmate was an eager gladiator, matching each of his deep thrusts with hungry gyrations of her hips as her juicy ass slapped against the felt of the pool table. Their eyes were locked, each watching the reaction of the other as their bodies rocked together and sexy warfare.

The ruckus bursting into the room did nothing to distract the two combatants until Schultz’ face was close to Reggie’s. “Boss, we gotta go,” Schultz yelled out. “That bitch bit piece off Rollo’s face.”

Reggie turned reluctantly away from luscious Brandi’s gaze. He saw Rollo behind Schulz and the gang member was holding a greasy cloth to his check and blood was dripping down. “Rollo slapped her down after that but she’s screaming for cops. We gotta go.”

Reggie stopped balling into Brandi but his hard cock remained throbbing and hot inside her. Christ, she was good. Brandi wriggled slightly, letting her breasts jiggle and letting her sweet sex twist gently over the muscles of his shaft deep inside her. “Take me with you,” she whispered dreamily.

“Cut the rope,” he barked to Schultz as he scooped the naked playmate up into his arms.


Reggie looked down the hill at the line of motorcycles waiting on the road, on each bike a rider, a warrior, his gang.  Out beyond the line of bikes the ribbon of highway flowed back towards the mountains outside LA and out to the desert in the other direction. His gang looked like giants and ogres in some kid’s nightmare. They were waiting for him. A few shaded their eyes to peer up the hill to watch him. He turned and looked down at Brandi.

She was bent down in front of him, her arms stretched out to grip a tree to give herself support. Her lush breasts, naked and soft, hung down and he could stroke them easily and he did. He squeezed them and pinched them too. Christ this babe had a great rack. Her bottom, plump and round was pressed against him and her pussy was impaled on his dick. Her tiny feet couldn’t reach the ground so she dangled desperately as he fucked her and he fucked her nice and slow.

In and out he thrust over and over again, hard and deep. Grinning he watched the naked young girl writhe in pleasure, her chestnut curls gliding across her shoulders as her head twisted in agonizing ecstasy. He felt her tighten even more around his cock. Christ she could fuck; for such a young chick, she was amazing. Hell, she was amazing period.

He pulled out and she shuddered; it was the tension of gravity: the more he pulled out, the less holding her up, and that tension flooded in erotic fury between them. He rammed in again and she sobbed. The pressure of him throbbing deep inside her overwhelmed her; her nipples tingled with the excitement.

She opened her eyes and saw her shadow on the grass, an erotic silhouette as the big man fucked her. Beyond the shadow she saw the gang waiting, some of them watching, and the dread that Reggie might invite them to do her increased her arousal endlessly.  A sudden deep thrust from his cock snapped her into an ecstatic reverie. Yes, fuck yes, fuck. She felt a climax rising.

He hammered in harder and harder now, urging her on to orgasm and she came finally with a howl that echoed down the valley. He came too, in a cannon ball that shot through her almost causing her to lose her grip on the tree.

She came in a rattling howling orgasm and she came hard as he filled her with his white hot power. He eased her down so she could rest her palms on the grass and with her body half upside down he shot in again, another cannon ball, then another. She was whimpering helplessly now, crying as she gushed her nectar against his loads still on fire inside her.

He knelt and fucked her a little more and she slowly eased into a blissful trance, coming in a final splendid spasm twisting her into a dream-like state of mind.

She whimpered again as he pulled out and she twisted onto her back as he rose over her. She shaded her eyes and watched him tug up his pants. He gave her a lecherous grin and strutted down the hill to the gang.

Brandi gulped and turned away. She wondered if the gang would come one at a time to do her or would they take her all at once. She shivered.

After a long pause she felt the ground shake, a pair of heavy boots thudding up the hill. One at a time she sighed. It would be a long afternoon.

She remained in place and listened to the approaching footfalls. The sound stopped. Brandi remained still, trembling like a fawn cornered by a wildcat.

“Still tired? I thought you’d be good to go for another couple of hours.” The voice was gravelly and cruelly amused.

Brandi felt a thump in her heart and she turned over and there was Reggie standing over her. She heard the sound of the other bikes roaring away as she scrambled up into his arms.  

Even Reggie was impressed with the pleasure of a naked nubile young playmate writhing in his arms and smothering his face and chest with kisses. “Oh Reggie,” she squealed with girlish glee.

She kissed down his chest and lowered her legs and kept kissing until her mouth and tongue teased over his navel. She was on her knees now and she finally got to play with his zipper. She let out a satisfied moan as she licked his cock and she gulped eagerly as she worked to get it down her throat. She looked up at him with adoring eyes. “I wove oo,” she mumbled with her lips around his shaft. And she did love him; she loved his power and she loved his cock. She especially loved his cock. She began to suck with a real devotion now, her tongue and teeth teasing over his cock as she gulped it down. He shot a load into her and held back the rest, letting her swallow down then suck him some more.

It was going to be a long afternoon he thought as he wrapped her hair in his fingers and thrust his cock deep down her throat. A long afternoon indeed.


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