Barbara Edwards in SantaLand

Barbara Edwards in SantaLand

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Barbara L. Edwards (born June 26, 1960 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American model and actress. She was Playmate of the Month for September 1983 and Playmate of the Year for 1984. And she always had a thing for Santa.


Barbara L. Edwards (born June 26, 1960 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American model and actress. She was Playmate of the Month for September 1983 and Playmate of the Year for 1984. And she always had a thing for Santa.


Submitted: December 05, 2015

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Submitted: December 05, 2015



Barbara Edwards waited patiently at the end of the line; of course the line to see Santa at the local mall on Christmas Eve would be long but she didn’t mind. She had finally finished her shopping and now she was certain she had earned her visit to Santa Clause as the last item on her TO DO LIST. The fetching and vixenish playmate loved slinking through the holiday crowds, distracting hapless husbands and infuriating harpy wives.  While she easily turned heads at the Playboy Mansion, there was something special about teasing the bustling crowds at the Beverly Center, a monolithic eight-story structure located at the edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.
The stores would be closing soon and all the little girls and boys sensed the urgency so the line was moving along fairly quickly. Santa seemed believable with his big red velvet Santa suit, black boots, white beard and even glasses. He looked...adorable. She sure hoped that he could give her what she wanted for Christmas.

Santa was talking to the last child who was on his lap. This little girl wanted everything under the sun.

"...AND a mermaid Barbie doll AND a pink princess dress AND a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle AND a Scooby Doo movie AND all the Cabbage Patch Kids"

"HO HO HO," he interrupted. "Hold on a minute little girl. Now, if you ask for all the toys, there won't be any left for all the other good boys and girls in the world," said Santa. He glanced past the girl and Barbara vamped for him, raising her eyebrows in seductive inquiry and wriggling her delicious body slightly. She opened her fur coat to reveal the tight silk blouse hugging her firm and lush breasts and the tight leather skirt wrapped around her sexy and shapely hips

"But you’re Santa, you can have your elves make more toys, can't you?" the little girl asked.

"Well, the elves can only do so much and we only have one night my dear," he explained; but he was flustered now, distracted by the gorgeous woman.  He had to get rid of this kid. "Now, run along now, your mother is waiting for you and I need to finish here so I can get to your house and bring you your presents. It will be your bedtime soon," he said as he gave her a candy cane and set her back down on the floor, the whole time gazing at the luscious Barbara.

"Thanks Santa," the little girl said as she ran to her mother and they went on their way.

Some of the lights went off, signaling the store’s closing time. Santa slumped back in his seat with an exhausted sigh. Barbara stood still, posing for him and giving him the pleasure of gazing at her body.

"Do you have time for one more, Santa?" asked the stunning playmate in her most sultry voice.

Santa looked at her up and down; even among the rich patrons of Beverly Hills Barbara looked stunning in a white fur coat and high white leather boots; her white fur hat was all the more dazzling against her dark silken hair. He liked what he saw and said, "I suppose so. But you do realize that the store is about to close young lady," he said still in character.

"I know, but can you make this one exception?" she asked him. Her red lips pursed into an enticing pout. “It could be a quickie,” she purred as she licked her lips as if tasting what a quickie would bring. “But I hope it’s not.”

"Well, come on hurry along, times a wastin'," Santa said.

Barbara came up on the platform where Santa's chair was located. The elves and the photographer were already packing up and getting ready to go. The gorgeous playmate took a seat on Santa's lap and made herself comfortable. With only the slightest hesitation he wrapped one arm around her waist and laid his other hand on her hip to keep her balanced. Looking with approval at the hand on her hip, she wriggled her firm round ass into his crotch and smiled at his goggle-eyed reaction but it was her turn to express surprise and pleasure as she felt the throb of something hard and hot under the fabric of his suit. Barbara had mastered the art of making that wide-eyed look of amazement look remarkably sexy and sinful.

"What is your name little girl?" asked Santa.

"Barbara. Barbara Edwards." She spoke softly, almost conspiratorially; her fingers twirled the end of his beard into a curl. “You may know me as Miss September.”

He paused for a second, wondering if he heard her right, wondering if she meant that she was Miss September as in Miss September, Playboy Playmate of the Month. Meanwhile the seductive heat of her body was making his cock twitch and throb against her ass. “How old are you anyway? Aren't you a little old to be sitting on Santa's lap and asking for presents?" asked Santa.

"Does it really matter, just as long as I believe in you? I do believe in you Santa." She jiggled her rear as if to measure the shaft under her. Her lovely mouth formed another wide O of awe and admiration as she calculated the length and girth of his shaft. “Oh, I sure do believe in you,” she purred.

"Then I suppose that's okay."

"Good," she said.

"Now, have you been a good little girl this year. Have you been naughty or nice?" he asked.

"I have been naughty, but in a nice way," said Barbara. She was enjoying Santa's deep, rough voice.

"That's a tough one there Barbara. I'm afraid I don't know what that means."

"I could show you Santa. Really, I'm a good girl. I just do naughty things once in a while," she said in an innocent little girl's voice.

"I suppose that would be okay. But first tell me what you want me to bring you for Christmas."

"Oh, only you can give me my Christmas gift Santa. Only you can give it to me," said Barbara.

"Well, I'm sure a lot of people can give you what you want for Christmas," said Santa.

"No Santa," she insisted, "only you."

"Okay, how are you going to show me so I can decide if you've been naughty or nice?"

"Follow me Santa," she said as she got off of his lap and grabbed a candy cane.

"Do you mind if I have one of your candy canes?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer she sexily and suggestively sucked the hard round shaft.

"Help your self," he said as he got up and followed her to the elevators.

"Where are we going?" Santa asked.

"You'll see."

They entered the elevator and she pressed the number four to the top floor. They stood side by side looking at the elevator doors. She glanced at the glistening candy cane and started licking the stick, rolling her red lips over the rock hard sweet surface. Santa started watching her erotic actions with a deep interest as she darted her pink tongue over the end of the cane. Barbara put the cane's end into her mouth and started moving it in and out of her mouth keeping her eyes on the elevator doors. The package in Santa's pants stirred with desire.

They finally reached the fourth floor and got out when the doors opened. Santa followed Barbara as she maneuvered between racks of clothes, twists and turns in the halls of the department store. They reached the furniture department in silence. All Santa was thinking about was the way her tongue and mouth worked on that candy cane. He only wished it was his cock that she had a craving for. He was already sporting a record breaking hard on.

Barbara led Santa past the sofas and recliners then she found what she was looking for.


"Why don't you take a seat right there Santa?" she said pointing to a king size bed that was already made with expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, a big thick down comforter and big fluffy pillows.

"Alright," he said not arguing one bit. He could hear the employees closing out the registers and trying to get home.

Snuggling her plump rear into his crotch Barbara took a seat on Santa's lap once again and took off his red hat; exhibiting the nonchalance of a stripper, she tossed it away. She brushed her fingers over his face and slowly, seductively, removed his glasses and white haired wig, running her hands through his newly revealed thick black curly hair.

She started kissing him behind his ear, blowing her warm breath over his sensitive skin. Her moist pink tongue worked over his ear the same way it had worked the candy cane moments before. He placed his arms around her waist to keep her balanced. Her ministrations were giving him shivers up and down his spin.

"Santa," she whispered, "your hair. It's so dark and curly. Is that what you look like all over?"

"Well, why don't you take a look see," he offered. He placed his hand on her chin to pull her in for a kiss. She pulled away and placed his hand back on her waist.

"That was very naughty," said Santa with a frown.

"I told you, I can be naughty, but it is in a nice way. You need to be patient Santa," she said.

She kissed his neck and moved his beard aside. His masculine scent rose to her nose and she inhaled deeply to savor his aroma. Santa moved to take it off, but she stopped him.

"Leave it on for now," she commanded.

She moved down to the buttons of his coat and unfastened them, her nimble fingers working with a slow deliberation and her eyes blazing with an erotic excitement. Her pink tongue glided over her red lips as she pulled the coat open.

She removed the coat and the padding to reveal a muscular torso underneath. His chest and biceps stretched the t-shirt he wore under the coat. His perspiration matted his dark curly chest hair to his chest.

“Oh Santa, I feel so naughty,” she teased, scratching her nails over his chest.

Barbara bent down to the floor in front of Santa and took off his black boots and socks. Santa kept still while his breathing became more erratic.

The luscious playmate peered intently into his face; the glow in her eyes revealed the erotic charge bubbling inside her. Her delicate fingers toyed with the elastic of the suspenders of his pants. She pushed the straps off of his shoulders, moving the black elastic down little by little and caressing the muscles of his arms appreciatively. Her eyes were bright coals and she practically smacked her lips with desire. With a firm nudge she had him lay on his back. She licked her lips one more time, gazing on Santa like a schoolgirl looking at a banana split. He groaned as her slender fingers dug into the edge of the Santa pants and tugged down. His red velvet pants were soon tossed away.

"Okay Santa, move onto the middle of the bed," she said.

Santa shuffled onto the bed and waited for Barbara's next move. She came to his side and started to take off her clothes and boots, slowly. Santa laid his head back against the pillow and enjoyed the show. He could not believe she was stripping in front of him in the store where anybody could see her, could see them!

The fur coat slid to the floor quietly. Staring into his eyes she slowly opened the pearl buttons of her expensive silk blouse; it fluttered to the floor like a gossamer cloud. Her bare flesh was accented by the black sheer bra and her nipples pushed against the fabric in offering to Santa.

The zipper of her skirt whispered sexily, then the skit slid down her legs. The long zippers of the thigh high boots sang siren songs as she undid them; she kicked the boots off with a wicked laugh. Giving him a wink she unclipped one stocking from the garter belt, then the other. She rested a shapely ankle on his belly and slowly unpeeled the silk stocking. She tugged it off her toes and tossed it playfully into his face. She switched legs and continued the strip tease.

She wriggled the garter belt down her hips, then stood up straight; with her hands on her hips she looked at him proudly as she displayed her playmate body clad only in sheer bra and panties and the expensive fur hat.

“So, Santa,” she purred, “You like do you like me naughty or nice? Hmm, judging by the way you’re growing I’m thinking…naughty?” She took his stunned silence to be agreement. She turned around and looked back over her shoulder to watch his reaction as she unhooked her bra. The panties came off quickly now and she playfully wriggled her delicious ass as she bent down to display its glory. Spinning around she sent the fur hat flying over a line of beds; she blew it a farewell kiss, then turned attention back to Santa.

Magnificently naked, she joined him on top of the bed and straddled him.

"You're not looking much like the Santa I know, mister," she said as she ran her hands over his chest and down to his abs. She took the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He helped her remove the t-shirt and threw it to the side of the bed.

Barbara wiggled her ass over his hardening cock and he let out a soft moan. The friction of the fabric of his boxers against her pussy was sending shivers up her spine. Santa rested his large warm hands over her thighs and started to stroke them. She allowed Santa to move his hands over to her arms and then on to her breast. She tilted her head back as he kneaded her creamy flesh. He sat up, took her arms and held them behind her back. He then began to kiss and rub his white beard over her breasts. She let out a moan confirming her enjoyment and he figured that was why she wanted him to keep the beard on. Naughty girl.

She was getting wetter with every lick and bite he gave her breasts. She wiggled free from his hold and gentle pushed him back down onto the bed. Barbara put her hand under the pillow he was laying on top of and took a can of whipped cream out of her bag. She moved down and stripped him of his boxer briefs. His large cock sprang out and lay against his belly.

Barbara rubbed her hands together to warm them up since the canister of whipped cream was really cold. She placed her right hand around the base of Santa's cock and moved her hand up and down slowly with a little pressure. He arched his back and sighed in content. He was getting harder and harder by the second which encouraged her to go on.

She licked the tip of his cock and teased the slit. Santa closed his eyes and marveled in the warmth of her tongue. Barbara moved down to his balls and sucked on each one giving them their own personal attention. She could smell that manly musk of his that drove her wild.

When his cock was sticking straight up to the sky, Barbara sat up and got her can of whipped cream. He looked at her as she sprayed a large dollop on his cock head.

"I'm ready for my trip to the North Pole Santa," she said pointing to his cock covered in whipped cream.

"Is that what you wanted for Christmas?" Santa giggled taking off the beard.

"Amongst other things. I've been thinking about that cock all year long Santa."

"Why didn't you just write Santa a letter?"

"I couldn't write to you at the North Pole saying Dear Santa, I want your cock. Sincerely, Barbara. What would Mrs. Claus think?" she said.

Lying back against the pillow he said, "I'd be obligated to fulfill all letters sent to me at the North Pole. I am Santa Claus."

"I will keep that in mind."

Barbara bent down and licked the whipped cream from Santa's cock. Santa was writhing underneath Barbara's talented tongue. The mixture of the crème and Santa's juices was intoxicating to Barbara's taste buds. When she licked all the whipped cream she placed his cock head in her mouth and gentle sucked on it. After a while she moved up and down slowly on his cock.

"Oh Barbara, that feels so good," he said breathlessly.

Barbara then moved faster and faster up and down his cock. She moaned whenever the head hit the back of her throat so that he could feel the vibration in her mouth.

He was close to coming but he wasn't ready. He wanted it to last longer and he didn't want to come in her mouth.

"I want you Barbara. I need you now," he said pleading.

Barbara moved and straddled over Santa's cock. She lowered herself slowly and he entered her hot wet pussy. They moaned in together at their union. Barbara began to move up and down on his rock hard cock. It felt so good to her she never wanted to stop.

"Yeah baby, ride that cock," he encouraged.

Santa grabbed Barbara by her hips and thrust upwards to meet her movements. She felt so tight and warm. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. Staying inside of her, he repositioned their bodies so that she was on her back and he was on top. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and brought him close to her.

He moved his hips in and out slowly. Now it was his turn to torment her with his ministrations. He finally kissed her on the lips. Those luscious lips that gave him oral pleasure just moments ago. He licked and teased her bottom lip, worshiping and thanking her lips for their attentive care.

"Oohh Santa," she moaned. He was taking her breath away. He was pounding into her slapping his balls against her ass. He started moving faster and harder.

Barbara shook underneath him as she climaxed into her blissful orgasm. She was a beautiful sight with her head tilted back and her lips parted. He could feel the walls of her vagina contract around his manhood. Feeling her grip him made Santa lose his control. Santa let out a deep guttural growl from the back of his throat. He thrust into her one last time and released his seed deep inside of her.

He fell on top of her and they both tried to catch their breaths. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her from there all the way up to her lips. He moved to lie next to her and pulled Barbara close to him.

"That was wonderful. Thank you Santa," said Barbara.

"You’re welcome. You've definitely been a good girl this year," said Santa.

"Sorry Santa I wasn't able to wait to open my gift tomorrow, but I couldn't wait."

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to check my naughty list again.”

“So have you had enough Santa?”

"No, not yet. I think I'd like to take a trip to the South Pole," Santa said as he reached for the can of whipped cream.


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