Anna Sophia Berglund has to stay home

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

With her 34D-35-36 figure on display as Miss January for 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund is seductive and alluring; not even the Mansion’s handyman can resist.

So everybody thinks my job is great and a lot of it is great, at least it was for a long while. Now it’s kind of like being in a Vincent Price movie. It was always a little risky; I’m just the handyman and they’ve kind of let the Mansion get a little old and rundown so I’m fixing a lot of plumbing, unclogging toilets, and dealing with out of code wiring. But I also get to hang around with the girls and get to lay some pipe in some playmates too. But even that got a little weird with those Girls Next Door broads hanging around and trying to turn me into some kind of slave. And the boss wasn’t that happy to be sharing with me but now I’m not even sure if he knows I’m here, which is good ‘cause he used to fire me every once in awhile when he caught me with a Playmate.
Oh yeah, the Vincent Price part, the boss kind of shuffles around the place with that Crystal Harris bending in to hear what the boss has to say. She orders everybody around. She orders me around too and I’m always getting interrupted from my chores to give her a quick one while the old guy is napping; she’s OK, even if she gets a little kinky, OK- a lot kinky ‘cause she likes that bondage shit in the basement and she’s got this dildo thing that I ain’t gonna talk about. But she’s still not as kinky as that Holly chick who really did weird shit; I’m not gonna say what crazy stuff she did with that Bridgett and the other one who was even crazier. Holly and that Kendra chick were really into torturing poor ol’ Bridgett; they used to fuck her with strap ons, Kendra pounding her pussy while Holly fucked her ass and at the same time Bridgett  was giving me head. But I would always be all nervous and shit ‘cause Bridgett had all these clamps on her nipples and the two other girls where slapping her or whipping her with their little riding crops and they’d be threatening to do that to me too. Believe me, it’s hard to come in a girl’s mouth under those conditions. Compared to those broads Crystal’s OK but there’s always  a little dog yapping at our feet when we’re going at it and I’m always worried that the old guy’s gonna wake up, but he never does.
But the chick I really want to bone is that Anna Sophia Berglund. But she barely looks at me. She hangs around the place a lot, mostly to be photographed with the boss so it looks like he’s still got the mojo going, but I don’t think it’s any more than that. But when she’s around he keeps an eye on her so I haven’t had much of a shot yet. Plus I pissed her off when I asked why she had three names like all those assasins and serial killers. 
When I made my joke she gave me one of those cold stares that only a truly beautiful broad can pull off then she went back to her texting; this chick texts a lot! When she eats she keeps one thumb on her phone and just keeps going while she shovels food in that gorgeous mouth. That’s one of the things I like about her; she’s not the usual skinny, starved junkie type the company has been attracting lately. This chick is stacked and curvey; she must be quite a handful in the sack with plenty of juicy body to grab. I’m betting a 34 or 35 chest but a nice cushy D cup and a 36 ass for sure. So that’s why when I made my joke I kept going. “I guess it’s ‘cause you have a killer bod, right?” I gave her my best grin but she turned the other way and started to scroll through FaceBook like she was looking for something better to do.
So that brings us up to date. Ever since she became Miss January she’s been around the Mansion a lot more; the boss is paying more attention to her, putting his arm around her waist and leaning his face into her awesome rack; but she keeps texting. I don’t think he’s boning her ‘cause that would take a hell of a lot of those blue pills and probably a doctor on call; he is giving her a lot of those I want to fuck you looks though. She just looks up from her phone for a minute and smiles a bit then goes back to texting.
That brings us to today. I’m in the living room where I’ve been working on replacing all the old electric outlets, like bringing them up to 21st century standards so nobody burns down the house when they try to charge their iphone. I’m on my knees behind the couch working on a really crappy one. It’s not like I’m hiding or anything; my legs are sticking out and my tools are right there next to the couch. It’s just that everybody usually ignores me anyway unless a toilet’s clogged or one of the girl’s feeling horny.
So the two girls are standing by the door and sort of arguing, something about shopping; they’re always going fucking shopping. The little dog is circling around their feet and barking and the boss is just kind of standing there with his arms folded like he’s waiting for the bus. I can’t make out what they’re saying except that Crystal wants ol’ Anna Sophia to stay with the boss. Ol’ Anna Sophia’s not having it. They kind of go back and forth the way chicks can, talking through closed teeth and sounding all sweet and sunshine while actually telling each other to go fuck themselves. This could go on for hours but then the boss says something louder than I’ve heard him talk in years. Even the dog stops yapping. “Because I said so, Anna,” he says, real stern, like a dad saying to eat your fucking vegetables.  That Crystal make some kind of snorting noise and leaves and ol’ Anna Sophia says “Fine,” in a cold tone that means nothing’s fine and she snaps her iPhone closed. The two of them head to the elevator with the little yapping dog following. Ol’ Anna Sophia doesn’t look so happy so I’m guessing that Miss January 2011 is about to become Miss Viagra. What a fucking waste, but I go back to that bitch of a wall plate; the fucking screws must be older than the boss they’re so fucking rusted.
About half an hour goes by when I hear bare feet stomping down the big staircase in the front hall. I figure something’s up so I stand and start brushing off my overalls. Then there’s ol’ Anna Sophia as naked as she is in her centerold picture. Actually more naked ‘cause in her centerfold picture she’s wearing some kind of pink lacy thing around her shoulders and some high heel shoes. I can never figure out why the photographers have the girls wear their shoes in bed but they always do. Anyway, all Anna Sophia’s wearing now is her iphone which she’s gripping in her hand like she’s gonna crush it. And she wearing a really serious snarl on her face like she’s gonna tear somebody’s heart out of his chest and eat it, like in that Indiana Jones movie only maybe the guy didn’t eat the heart in that one. In some movie though. Anyway she’s looking like a killer and she’s looking straight a me.
“You,” she says, spitting it out. She gestures with her chin, like there’s somebody else in the room other than me. “I’ll give you thirty seconds to get your clothes off and get upstairs to my room and fuck me.”
I’m thinking of like a million things I could say and I’m thinking that I can get the overalls off real fast but the fucking workboots always take me a fucking lifetime to unlace and I can’t fucking get them off unless I unlace them. I want to sound suave and cool though so I say, “Huh?”
“Not the brightest bulb I see,” she says, but she smiles just a bit. “Look numbnuts, remember the movie from movie night a couple of weeks ago? I saw you there.”
I’m trying to remember but I’m coming up with nothing so I cover my ass and say, “Huh?”
“American Gigolo?” Richard Gere? He gets paid to fuck hot girls? Remember?”
OK, something’s crazy here. “You wanna pay me to fuck you?”
“Shit,” she says and the smile’s gone. “Listen, moron, I’m going upstairs. You’re going to get your fucking filthy clothes off and follow me. Then you’re going to fuck me. Got it?”
“And then you’re gonna pay me?” I’m trying to get that part straight. That would be a sweet deal alright but I’d for sure do her for nothing. I decide to be gallant ‘cause chicks dig that. “I’d do you for nothing.”
“What’s your name again?” she askes, like she’s kind of frustrated but I can see she checking out my hardon which has been going since she came down the stairs.
“Stanley,” I say and give her a grin ‘cause I aced that one.
She smiles back like I’m getting an A+ and her eyes are definitely on my hardon. “OK Stanley, I’m going to go upstairs and wait for you. Then you’re going to come up and make believe you’re my gigolo, my escort. You know, like in that movie. Then you’re going to fuck me real good. Got it? Nobody’s getting paid but you’re getting to fuck me, OK?”
“Like Richard Gere?”
“Yeah, like Richad Gere.”
“But didn’t he, like go to jail?”
She almost throws the phone at me, “Two minutes,” she says, “And you better make me come.” She turns and jiggles that juicy ass and she heads up the stairs.
It takes me a couple of minutes to get those fucking boots off but then I shuck off my clothes in seconds and bound up the stairs in record time. I stop at the top; that fucking dog is sitting growling at me so I drop kick him into one of the bedrooms and slam the door closed. 
Anna Sophia’s door is open and she’s primed for action. “Let’s get to it stud,” she demands and steps up close to me, pressing those big soft tits right up against my chest and and away we go. She gives me some great tongue and starts to play with my balls. Then she pulls my hair down and looks up into my face with eyes that say she’s the boss.
She’s giving my johnson a real workout and she’s an expert alright; she gets me just to the point of popping then eases me down and gets it going again. The whole time she’s rubbing those great knockers against my chest.
And she’s serious about that play acting thing. She’s got this whole big story for us to act out.
Her hand is going over my cock and her mouth is going too but not the way I want. She’s telling this fucking story we’re supposed to be acting. 
“I’m one of your regulars,” she saying “I’ve been seeing you for over a year now, and every time we’re together, it’s explosive.”
“We fuck a lot, right?”
“Right, we fuck a lot but I’m  not like any of your other clients, or any other woman for that fact. Over time our connection has morphed into something so strong, so unreal. We ball all the time, and you’re getting obsessed with me. Oh and I wear that.” She points to a leather collar and leash dangling off the end of the bed. “Put it on me.”
I can just barely reach the collar while she keeps the action going with her hand. The collar looks like something that yappy dog wears and I’m a little nervous when I try to buckle it on. She’s got only one free hand and she uses that to lift up her hair so I can get the thing around her neck. 
“Tighter,” she says which is kind of kinky but I make it tighter. 
She keeps up her talking. “Yeah, the sex is intense. But it’s not something that I depend on, I’m a bitch to you. I’ve never had a real relationship. I’m not having one now, for Christ’s sake, I make sure you still charge me.”
“So you’re gonna pay me to fuck you?”
“No, numbnuts, I’m not going to pay you.”
“But we’re gonna fuck right?”
“What do you think?” She gives my balls a squeeze and her tongue’s in my mouth again.
Soon she’s face down on the bedroom floor moaning my name. My cock fills her soft, pink pussy, and I thrust myself in and out of her again and again. I love how tight she is around me. “Harder, Stanley,” she begs for more.
I grip her hips giving her what she wants.
I’m trying to remember that movie but nothing’s really clear so I kind of make stuff up. “You like being fucked, don’t you?” I ask her in a deep calm voice; I’m not so good at imitating that Richard Gere but I’m noticing her thighs starting to shake. There’s really nothing like the way a babe’s body moves when you fuck her just how she needs it.
I grin pulling her arms together behind her back, filling her full. She screams loudly not holding anything back, “Fuck, Stanley!”
“That’s it, Anna Sophia, let me hear you,” I grunt. 
Dropping her arms, she arches her back, pointing her face to the ceiling feeling every inch of my swollen dick. I grab the leash that’s connected to that collar bound tightly around her neck. “Hold on, beautiful.” Driving my movements hard, I fuck her with all I have, and she tightens herself around me like a vice. I can tell a good orgasm is beginning inside her. Her light skin is sweaty, with a tint of red to it. Closing my eyes, I get lost in the moment, enjoying her tightness. Enjoying how fucking amazing she makes me feel.
Suddenly her noises change in pitch and I can tell her orgasm is right there. I stop right before she comes, not wanting her to let go yet, not until I’m ready.
 With the leash tightly in my grasp, I back out of her slowly so she can feel every inch of my dick leave her aching cunt. This is why I’m good at my job. Yeah, I might not have planned to be in this line of work, but God gave me a gift and I’m using it. Gripping her around the waist, I flip her around like a feather and I’m feeling the adrenaline pumping through her body. She looks up at me panting with that little smirk, the one that I’d do anything for. As I lift her in my arms, she clings to me and I move her body to the massive bed.
Gently, I lay her down. Our eyes never break contact, even as I wipe my sweaty hands dry on the pillow next to me and that fucking little dog starts yelping again in the other room and he’s scratching at the door and that reminds me that the boss is right down the hall and could wake up any time, right when I’m about to unload into his squealing playmate. 
“The dog,” I croak out; I’m kinda nervous but she gives me a look that tells me to stick to business. Then she grabs her fucking phone and takes a selfie. What the fuck! It’s obvious that I’m not in the picture but it’s obvious that’s she’s in bed with somebody. I don’t want that thing on FaceBook.
Anna Sophia has her legs closed. “You playing with me?” I ask her and run my tongue up one of them as I hold it in my grip. She tilts her head and gives me a tiny nod.  I go for  smooth gigolo line, trying to get the Richard Gere thing going. “May I enter your pussy?” She opens her legs for me, waving me in with one finger. I grip my shaft low at the base, and, staring into her eyes, I slowly drive myself back into her relaxed body. I lower down on top of her, pushing my cock in deep and crushing her fantastic tits against my chest. I can feel those nipples throbbing. And she takes another selfie; I’m in this one for sure. Then with one hand she pushes my chest up and takes a shot of my dick inside her snatch. Now the dog is really furious and I’m sweating bullets but my cock is in charge so I push in again. She gives me a groan so I keep going although I wish she’d put down the fucking phone.
Leaning down, I lick her nipples and begin to stroke in and out, slow and long, knowing I’m hitting right where she needs it most. She’s close, that I can tell, so I pound in hard and this pushes her to the edge. Like clockwork she tightens her cunt, arching her back as her orgasm invades her system.
“Oooh fuck,” she moans softly and I keep my strokes steady at a pace she loving. Her eyes have that spark to them, almost like it’s hurting her, but really she’s just in her favorite place. Her body is my ecstasy, making me wild inside as my own blow-up creeps up out of nowhere. But, I don’t fight it, letting go and releasing, with my cock buried deep inside of her. 
My load hits hard and I begin to shiver, tightening my ass and thighs; holding it for just a second longer makes it unbelievably intense. Over time, my orgasms have evolved into something so fucking powerful. And now with Anna Sophia, she pushing me just a tick past nirvana. It’s fucking great except the dog is barking and Anna is taking more pictures of me while I’m coming.
When I ball, I can come multiple times but that phone is making nervous and the fucking dog doesn’t help.  Anna’s scrolling through pictures like she looking for the best shot but her fabulous hips are going overtime and pumping into me.  Now, that’s all I’m thinking about, keeping my cock hard. Hell, Anna Sophia is all I can think about anymore.
Since my favorite thing in the world is to fuck, this suits me fine. And coming at the end is the icing on the cake. But coming again and again is the whole fuckin’ bakery.
After I unload, I continue to stroke myself hoping to get the feeling for a third time today. She runs her fingernails up my back and I drop my head, loving her touch.
My balls tighten when I pick up speed and suddenly another orgasm hits me hard. I open my eyes and look at her as I come yet again. She stares at me with that goddamn look again and I can barely breathe. As I slow my movements, she asks, “Stay the night with me?”
I stop moving and I’m staring down at her, trying to figure out what to say. I don’t stay the night with playmates, no matter how much they beg me. I don’t want to piss off the boss too much. But Anna Sophia is pulling me down next to her and snuggles against me. With her face next to mine and her tits pointing straight up in the air she stretches out her arm and take another selfie. Just ol’ Stanley and Miss January in the sack when she’s supposed to be fucking the boss. The dog  sounds like he’s gonna rip the door off its hinges.
Anna Sophia is checking the picture and she doesn’t like the look on my face. “What’s the matter? Don’t you spend the night with your clients”
It takes me a second to remember I’m supposed to be that American gigolo and I’m trying to come up with a line but before I can open mouth she gives me a slap. Not like a movie slap. This slap from Anna Sophia fucking hurts. I yank on the leash and anger and beauty take over the room like a motherfucking hurricane.  She’s all over me, punching, pulling, biting, kicking, scratching. Her tits are in my mouth, she’s yanking on my cock; she uses her juicy hips to get me in a head lock and my tongue’s in her pussy. She snaps her body from the waist and bangs my head against the headboard then she’s sucking my cock; but the whole time she’s still fighting like it’s the championships for the WWF.  The only time she’s not screaming is when my cock’s deep down her throat. We’re wrecking the bed, ripping up the sheets. She’s kicking my ass; I mean really, she’s kicking me in the fucking ass in some kind of crazy judo move, her arms around me, her tits in my face, her legs wrapped around me and her feet turning my ass into jelly. And the fucking dog is throwing himself against the door and I can’t believe the boss is sleeping through this. She’s still kicking my ass, her tits are smothering me and then she gets me in a choke hold too. 
Fuck this. I yank the fucking leash and she jerks back with her eyes bulging like the Coyote in one of those RoadRunner cartoons. She falls back on the messy sheets and she looks fabulous, her hair is wild and sexy, her naked body is sweaty and shiney and her chest is heaving up and down as she looks at me like she’s gonna eat me alive. 
“You’re spending the night, right?” she says.
I respond, “Okay, but you’re paying me.” 
She gives me a look like she’s trying to figure out some deep shit. She’s looking at my face and she doesn’t see that fucking Richard Gere. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
I give a yank to the ol’ dog collar. I’m starting to see its possibilities.  “It’s my ass if we get caught. The boss will go nuts. You’re paying me, like you said, like in that movie.”
She’s adding shit up in her head and my dick is getting hard watching those tits go up and down as she breathes.
“OK,” she says finally, “I’ll get Hef to pay. He owes after the lousy time today.”
“What the fuck, Anna, you trying to get me fired?’
“I’ll tell him you fixed my engine; now let’s go.”
I kiss her eagerly, loving the way her tongue goes crazy in my mouth and the way she’s always rubbing those knockers against me.  Everything’s going good now; even that fucking dog’s stopped yapping. Maybe he knocked himself out hitting his runty little head on the door. She’s pushed my head over those throbbing tits and I’m feasting on some rock candy nipples and cotton candy flesh. My cock is feeling fine; Anna Sophia is giving it some nice soft strokes to keep it good and hard and she’s slowly guiding it towards her naked pussy.
As my johnson starts pushing into her she rolls me onto my back so she’s straddling my hips. My cock’s deep inside her and just grooving on the way she’s rolling her hips and wriggling her body like one of those belly dance chicks. Nothing like a nice slow fuck with a goreous blonde playmate looking down on you appreciatively. Still no sound from the dog which is getting weird. 
Damn, Anna Sophia pulls out the fucking iPhone and holds it high up in the air over us. “Say cheese,” she says and takes a few shots of us fucking. But what’s really bad is when she’s done she scrolls through the shots, then her thumbs start going with that typing shit. 
“What are you doing?” I grunt. I’m about to pop up into her like that geyser thing out in Wyoming.  Old Faithful, that me.
“I’m sending a picture to Crystal,” she says. 
“Fuck,” I say and then my cock lets loose and it’s a big one. She jerks like she’s on a boat that just got torpedoed and maybe she did ‘cause ol’ Mr. Johnson is unloading like he wants to destroy her and that fucking iPhone.”
“Oh Stanley,” she squeals and she starts bouncing up and down like I’m a fucking trampoline and I can tell she fucking coming and it’s a fucking doozy.
“Anna Maria?” I hear somebody saying.
“Anna Sophia,” Anna Sophia says, like she’s pissed she has to correct me. 
“I didn’t say anything,” I say.
We both look at the door to the hall. “Did you lock the door?” she asks but I don’t need to answer ‘cause the knob’s already turning. 
“Fuck,” we say in unison. She dives to the door, wrapping the sheet around her as she flys. I dive to the other door to the bathroom ‘cause it connects to the bedroom next door so I can slip out and get my clothes downstairs. But there’s that fucking yappy  dog who I guess was unconscious ‘cause when I opened the connecting door I had to push his runty body out of the way. This wakes him up and he starts yapping like a psycho and he starts biting at my legs, biting me the whole way down the stairs. At the bottom I drop kick him back to the top and get dressed and get back to work like nothing ever happened.
When that Crystal gets home she makes me ball her for a couple of hours; the whole time she’s taking selfies and sending them to Anna Sophia. I don’t see ol’ Anna for the rest of the night; I guess the Viagra finally kicked in. The fucking dog avoids me.
When I finally get to my iPhone there’s a text from Anna Sophia, “You didn’t spend the night. No fucking way are you getting paid.”

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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