The Babysitter

The Babysitter The Babysitter

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Not the usual predictable story



Not the usual predictable story


Submitted: December 24, 2014

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Submitted: December 24, 2014



As soon as Lorraine came through the door she rushed into the sitting room. “I’m sorry we’re so late back Debbie we got delayed coming out of town. We’ll pay you for the extra hour. Were the children OK?”

“No problem at all Mrs Banks” Debbie replied “and thank you”

“It’s very late now, you shouldn’t walk home. My husband will take you home, won’t you dear?” Lorraine continued

Mr Banks nodded accordingly. Debbie put on her coat and followed him to the car “It’s very kind of you Mr Banks. I could easily have walked”

“Nonsense” he replied “and please, call my Don. We can be less formal”

In the short drive the two blocks they didn’t speak much. Don asked about what Debbie was hoping to do when she went to college next year and then they were pulling up on her drive. All the lights were out. “Looks like your parents have already gone to bed” Don remarked.

“Oh they are away for the weekend. I’m here alone at the moment” Debbie paused “Would you mind coming in with me Don. I feel a bit nervous going in on my own. Just until the lights are on”

“No problem” Don got out the car and quickly came around to open the door for Debbie, before following her up the path. She unlocked the door and stepping inside switching on the light.

“Everything OK?” Don asked standing in the doorway.

“Could we just go around putting some more lights on please Don? I’d feel safer” Debbie asked in her sweetest voice.

Don felt slightly uneasy for a moment but followed her around, first the sitting room then the kitchen, Debbie flicking on the lights as they went. She walked up the stairs, along the passage, putting on a few more lights and finally stopping at a door with her name on in large pink letters. “Just my bedroom now” said Debbie as she opened the door and put on the light.

Don was feeling more than uneasy now, not least because a part of him was slightly aroused by the whole situation. Nervously he blurted out “Would you like me to check under the bed” then instantly wished he hadn’t said it. He wasn’t sure if Debbie was teasing him or being serious when she replied “Oh please that would be super”

Don walked into the room. It was a typical teenage girl’s room, or so he imagined. A mix of childhood toys piled in one corner with the make-up and other signs of young womanhood on the dressing table. The décor was probably still the one she had chosen when she had first reached her teenage years. Playing along Don got down on his knees and looked under the bed. “Nothing there” he assured her getting up and brushing his knees. He turn to leave and Debbie gave a slight cough

“I found your magazines” she said in a very innocent voice.

Don froze, for a moment his blood ran cold. He turned back to face her “Which magazines are those” he asked trying to sound vague.

“The ones you keep in that box under the stairs. I got bored so I had a bit of a look around whilst you and Mrs Banks were out” Debbie explained.

“Oh those magazines” Don said nonchalantly “I’d forgotten about those”

“The top one was dated last month” Debbie continued with a slight smile on her face.

Don became slightly flustered “Look Debbie, it’s not what you think, you’ll understand when you’re older”

“Oh don’t worry Don. I won’t tell Mrs Banks. It can be our little secret” Whether it was deliberate or not, Debbie’s voice sounded very seductive to Don. Something in his brain started sending messages down his body to that spot between his legs and it twitched slightly. Debbie continued “I had to flick through them to see what they were about” Don gulped wondering what was coming next.

“All the girls looked very young” Debbie continued “my age I would say”

Don’s brain was sending totally mixed messages. One part was say ‘You need to get out of here fast’ but another part was sending large amounts of blood down into his trouser area. He had to move slightly to accommodate the growing change in his manhood. “I can assure you Debbie all the girls are at least 18, these are legitimate magazines” he tried to sound authoritative.

“I’m sure they are but you like them to look young don’t you Don” she was teasing him he knew. Using his name, swaying slightly as she spoke. He couldn’t stop the growing feelings in his groin and he knew it was showing in his trousers. Debbie’s eyes kept looking down at his crotch.  He didn’t want to admit it but she was turning him on either by accident or design.

“It’s what sells magazines” he shrugged as if to suggest he had no choice in the matter.

“So do you wank when you look at these magazines?” Debbie asked it with the same innocent way she might ask any question. It was the final straw for Don, his brain sent messages to his manhood now in overload, then to his basic sexual urges and luckily to common sense.

“I’m sorry Debbie I have to get back” He walked towards the door.

“That’s OK and thanks for the ride home” Debbie leaned forward and placed one finger on her lips “Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret” It was a pose he was sure he’d seen in last month’s magazine. He was also sure he’d heard some girlish giggles as he headed down the stairs. In the car he had to unzip his flies to relieve the pressure inside.

Even when he got home and climbed into bed alongside Lorraine he still had quite a hard on. As she snuggled into him her ass felt the hard lump. Although she was almost asleep her hand came around and grabbed it firmly. “Hello big boy, come to mummy” and rolled onto her back, parting her legs at the same time. Don rolled over on top of her and quick found the entrance to her pussy pushing his cock in to begin long rhythmic strokes. Missionary was always Lorraine’s favourite and even for her he could soon feel the twitching body signs of her early climax.  If he had lasted this long the orgasmic moans and mild expletives from Lorraine when she came was usually enough to send Don into climax as well. All he could see in front of him was Debbie and her leaving pose and he just kept going. It was only as Lorraine was about to cum for a second time that the images disappeared and Don found his release and their bodies convulsed together in pleasure.

As they lay on their backs slowly recovered Lorraine spoke “That was amazing Don. You haven’t made cum twice in years. We must have Debbie to babysit again. If you don’t mind taking her home that is”

Don just grunted “No problem”

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