Pandora's Box

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Mandy was an ordinary wife and mother, but a chance meeting with an older man showed her that she was anything but ordinary. Once the lid was off the box there was no stopping her as she tried to discover what made her special.

Table of Contents

Me Time

After a day of shopping all Mandy wanted was a coffee, she got a whole lot more.
(Originally published as a two-part short story) Read Chapter

Opening the lid

Sunday was always a quiet family day for Mandy, Sam and the boys. A lazy breakfast and meeting friends for lunch, this time of year often... Read Chapter

Distance Learning

Mandy was in the kitchen the next day just thinking about preparing dinner when she was surprised to see a call come in from Martin. He h... Read Chapter

Naughty times

It was Friday before Mandy got another call from Martin. “Hi lover” he began “Sorry we’ve had a client in for the last couple... Read Chapter

Youth Relived

It was over a week before Martin and Mandy could meet again at the apartment. As Mandy got out of the car she smoothed down her dress, a ... Read Chapter

A New Experience

It was exactly a week later that Mandy was again standing in front of the apartment door waiting for Martin to open it. As soon as he did... Read Chapter

A Night Out

The boys were at home from school the next week so Martin and Mandy had agreed it would be impossible to meet up. By Tuesday night Mandy ... Read Chapter

Another Night Out

When Martin had come off the call with Mandy on Thursday afternoon he was frustrated about missing the opportunity of being able to spend... Read Chapter

The Reunion

It was Tuesday before Mandy and Martin could meet up at the apartment. By chance they both parked at the same time and met at the elevato... Read Chapter