Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box Pandora's Box

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Mandy was an ordinary wife and mother, but a chance meeting with an older man showed her that she was anything but ordinary. Once the lid was off the box there was no stopping her as she tried to discover what made her special.


Mandy was an ordinary wife and mother, but a chance meeting with an older man showed her that she was anything but ordinary. Once the lid was off the box there was no stopping her as she tried to discover what made her special.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Me Time

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After a day of shopping all Mandy wanted was a coffee, she got a whole lot more. <br /> (Originally published as a two-part short story)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 14, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 14, 2014



Mandy’s arms ached from carrying the heavy bags and all she needed now was a coffee to perk her up before heading home. Looking around the crowded café most of the tables seemed to contain noisy kids, the last thing she wanted. Finally she spotted an older man sitting alone at a table reading a book. As she approached she noticed his cup was almost empty, another good sign she thought. Her first attempt to attract his attention, a gentle cough, got no response. Her “excuse me” seemed to generate a slight sense of annoyance, but as he raised his eyes from the book, his face turned to a smile as he saw her lithe body in the short summer dress. She couldn’t help notice his eyes travel the length of her body as he gestured to the free chair opposite.

As she was waiting in the queue Mandy looked back and saw him close his book and swallow the last dregs of his coffee.  He then pulled out a mobile from is pocket and appeared to read a new message, with a shrug he put the phone back and looked at his watch. Mandy expected him to get up and leave when she returned, but instead he asked if she would repeat the favour whilst he got another coffee. Mandy naturally agreed although she would have liked the table to herself. When the man returned he didn’t instantly pick up his book again and Mandy noticed him look across at the pile of bags by her feet or was it her legs, she couldn’t be sure.

 “You’ve had a busy morning” he said.

Mandy looked down at the bags around her feet. “Yes” she replied “I felt I needed some ‘Me time’”

“And why not, we all deserve some ‘Me Time’ doing whatever turns us on” He replied. 

Mandy thought it was a slightly strange way to describe ‘Me Time’ but she dismissed it, as the man continued.

“So what have you been buying?” 

Mandy began to explain how she’d come out to look for a new dress for a family wedding and that of course also included new shoes and everything else. She felt quite relaxed and started to describe in detail the colours she was looking for, at one point even picking up a bag to show him its contents and what she meant.

“And what’s in that one?” he asked pointing to a smaller bag from an exclusive lingerie store. Without thinking Mandy picked up the bag and turned it back to show him the silky red panties and matching bra.

“I’m sure you’ll look good in those” he said with a smile on his face. “Very sexy”.

Suddenly Mandy realised that the man was actually flirting with her and slightly embarrassed dropped the bag back onto the floor. The man sensed her embarrassment and started to apologise, leaning across and placing his hand on top of hers. The sudden physical contact sent a slight shiver down her body but she made no attempt to remove her hand.

“No that’s OK” she replied “thank you for saying so”.

“Well it’s true” he continued. “You’re young and attractive with a very good figure, I’m sure you get lots of admiring looks”.

Mandy was starting to enjoy this conversation.

“Oh do you think so” she replied, at the same time running her hand casually through her hair.

“Absolutely, you have a lovely smile and dare I say it very ‘bedroom eyes’”

“I think you’re being a bit naughty” said Mandy removing her hand from under his and giving him a slight tap on the hand as she did so.

“Well if a man can’t be a bit naughty with a pretty woman what’s the world coming to” he said with a cheeky grin.

Mandy finished her coffee and got up to leave. The man stood up at the same time.

“I’m going to the same car park perhaps I can help you with your bags” he said, bending down to pick up a couple of the heavier ones.

“That’s very kind of you” replied Mandy “I’d like that”.

They continued to flirt as they walked through the mall and at one point the man partially put his arm around her as they shared a joke.

When they reached the car park Mandy explained that she hated lifts so would he mind if they used the stairs. He seemed OK with this and began to follow her up the stairs. Mandy sensed that he was deliberately lagging behind her by a couple of steps and wondered if he was trying to catch a glimpse under her short summer dress so she walked with a slight sway of her hips to tease him. At the third level she stopped and looking back saw that he had stopped three steps behind and was looking up at her.

“Are you OK” she asked.

“Fine” he replied “just admiring the view”.

For a second Mandy didn’t understand his meaning and then realised that the strong sunlight through the window behind her was making her thin dress almost translucent.

“Well make the most of it, this is my floor” said Mandy as she turned to open the door.

Mandy’s car was parked right at the end and as they moved to the back of the car she commented on how dark it was in this part of the car park.

“Yes it is” replied the man “Almost anything could happen back here, no one would know”.

For a second Mandy wondered if she had been a bit foolish allowing the man to follow her but countered this by replying.

“Oh I’m sure I’m safe with you”

Bumping against him provocatively as she opened the boot of her car.

As Mandy lent into the boot of the car to clear some space she was suddenly aware of the man leaning in beside her and his hand wrapping gently around her waist. With his right hand he lifted a bag and passed it to her. As he passed her the second bag she realised that his hand had now slipped down and was caressing her leg through her dress. The light material of her thin dress rode up easily and by the time he was passing in the third bag she could feel his hand moving up her leg and onto the waist band of her panties.

Mandy knew that at this point she should stand up, after all he was probably older than her father, but something excited her about his touch and instead she pushed her hands further into the boot of the car. This forced her ass outwards and lifted the hem of her dress so that her panties could just be seen.  The man responded to this and as he stood up, he moved behind her whilst his hand followed the line of her panties and pushed down inside them. As his hand moved closer to her pussy she opened her legs slightly to allow him to reach down with his fingers and flick her vulva as he probed. To her surprise Mandy suddenly realised she was already quite wet and the man’s fingers slipped easily through the folds of her labia and inside her vagina.  As he pushed them deeper into her, he pulled her closer to him so that she could feel the hard mould in his trousers pushing on her ass.  

His fingers began to work inside her now searching for her already hard clitoris. The first time his finger flicked across her clit Mandy thought she was almost going to cum then as the first wave of pleasure that swept through her body caused her to moan quietly. The man instinctively knew he had found the mark and continued to roll her clit across his finger. His right hand now slid up and around until he reached her breast and began to rub her hard nipple through her bra and dress. Mandy couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she so wanted this, all her inhibitions seemed to have disappeared. Each time the man’s fingers pushed into her she could feel the desire welling up inside her. He began to work with a steady rhythm now with two fingers inside her and his thumb pressing down on her clit. His other hand slipped through a gap in the front of her dress and expertly cupped her breast out of her bra into his hand. Mandy felt powerless to resist, her body ached with need. Every stroke of his fingers brought her closer to that final release. She let out a gentle moan “Yes”. He sensed that she was near climax and quickened his stroke pulling her even closer to him so that she could feel him pressing hard against her ass, his hard dick rubbing against her with each thrust of his fingers.

Suddenly the world seemed to explode, a thousand coloured lights burst before her eyes and her while body began to shake almost uncontrollably. The intensity of her climax caused her to let out a low guttural cry “Fuck Oh my god” She raised one hand to grip the car as her legs began to give way whilst he continued to work his fingers inside her. The muscles of her vagina squeezing his fingers with each wave of pleasure. Finally he slowed his fingers to a stop and left them deep inside her as the final aftershocks caused her to twitch. They stayed locked together for some moments until he withdrew his fingers and stepped back from her. As Mandy started to struggle to stand up straight he placed his hands on her hips to steady her. He twisted her round to face him as Mandy struggled to adjust her breast back into her bra and then ran his hands down her dress to straighten the hem.  He had a broad smile on his face and as Mandy lent forward to kiss his cheek her hand moved to find his crutch. He pulled her closer to him squeezing her ass in his hands as he kissed her on the forehead.

 “I have to go” he said pulling back and letting his hands slip away from her body.

“Are you sure, I feel I owe you a return favour” her hand still hovering on his hard penis.

“No this was your ‘Me Time’, but thanks I enjoyed it too”.

And with that he slipped away around the side of the car. Mandy stood for a moment trying to collect her thoughts and taking a few deep breathes. She still couldn’t really believe what had just happened and how she had cum so quickly and with such intensity. Was it the sense of danger, of doing it in a public place with an older man who was a complete stranger? Had he put something in her coffee that she didn’t notice? Although that seemed very unlikely. Maybe it didn’t happened, but the warm glow and damp feeling in her pussy told Mandy it had definitely happened.

As Mandy drove from the car park she smiled as she saw the man walking swiftly towards a rather irate looking woman with several bags. This show of domestic harmony reminder her that as soon as she got home Sam and the boys would be rushing out to car to see what she had been doing on her shopping trip.

There were definitely some things she wouldn’t be telling them about.

As soon as Mandy pulls up onto the drive, Sam and the boys come out of the house to meet her. As she unpacks the back of the car she makes sure that the lingerie bag stays hidden in the car. That was to show Sam later when the boys were in bed and definitely asleep. Once inside the house the boys start looking to see if she has bought them anything whilst Sam watches on.

“I’m going to take a shower” Mandy announces. In the bedroom she slips out of her clothes throwing the still very damp panties into the laundry. As she stands in the shower letting the warm water flow down her body she remembers her recent encounter and allows her fingers to play gently on her pussy for a few minutes as she relives his touch.

The rest of the evening goes the usual way with squabbles over meals and bed time with the boys and as Sam sorts them out for bed Mandy pops out to the car to retrieve the other bag. As she pulls the bag from the car a small card falls to the floor. At first she thinks it is something the lingerie shop had put in the bag but when she turns it over her heart almost misses a beat

Martin Jefferies

Consulting Architects

Followed by a City business address and phone numbers.

This could only be from one person. When she goes back into the house she is determined to throw it into the rubbish, but can’t bring herself to be so brutal and instead tucks it into the back of her handbag. With the boys safely tucked away Sam and Mandy settle down in front of the TV. Although the film they are watching is the sort of Romantic Comedy that Mandy likes her mind keeps drifting back to the events of that day. As soon as the film finishes she gets up “I’m going to bed Sam, do you want to join me?” she tries to make it sound dark and inviting but it never seems to come out right. Either that or Sam just doesn’t want to know as usual, unless he has initiated it.

“I was going to stay up late and watch that DVD which Tony lent us” he replies “I’ll be up later”

About 2 hours later Mandy thinks as she walks slowly up the stairs. She goes through her normal night-time routine hoping that will help, but as soon as she lays down in bed she knows she won’t be able to sleep. She has to do something. She decides to try Sam again but a bit more obviously. She quickly slips out of bed and changes into the new bra and panties she had bought today. As a final touch she puts on a pair of her highest heels. They make her feet hurt but she wouldn’t be wearing them long. After checking that the boys are absolutely asleep she totters carefully down the stairs.

She stands leaning against the living room door, the light from the hall pushing in behind her. In the darkness of the room she can make out Sam intently watching the large screen. “Are you coming to bed hun” she tries to sound like Marilyn Monroe. Obviously the effect is lost on Sam.

“Er what?”

“I really think you should babe” she coos as she walks slowly into the room. It is only when she is standing directly in front of him that she finally gets his full attention as she leans forward to snap the off button on the remote.

Sam looks startled “Mandy you look… fabulous. Did you buy those today?”

“Yes just for your pleasure my darling. I wanted to thank you for looking after the boys today” With that she pushes open his legs to kneel between them. Sliding her hands slowly up his legs she reaches his crutch and slowly pulls down the flies on his jeans to slip her hand inside and start to massage his cock. As the effect of her touch begins to swell his penis she is able to draw it from the folds of his jeans and leaning across lick the end with her tongue. She has always loved the taste of his dick when she first goes down on him.

Sam appreciates it too, he lets out a soft moan as he pushes his hands through her hair. She cups his balls in her hand as she pushes his cock towards her opening mouth and sucks it in.  She is able to almost take his whole dick inside her mouth at first but as it begins to swell more and starts to harden she can feel it beginning to choke her and withdraws slightly.  Using her own saliva to lubricate, she now moves her lips up and down the length of his shaft.Sam lets out another deep moan and the salty taste of his pre-cum tells her that his is ready for her now. She withdraws her mouth and stands up in front of him again.

“Why don’t you take off these panties, baby” asks Mandy, as her hand now slowly caresses his cock.

Sam leans forward and reaches up to pull the panties down her legs. Once they are falling of their own weight, Sam’s hand reaches between Mandy’s legs and he strokes her pussy with his fingers. As Mandy steps totteringly out of her panties she pushes Sam back into the sofa and lifts her knees over his legs and onto the sofa. She is straddling him now and as her hand guides his penis towards her waiting pussy Sam strokes her thighs with his hands. As she feels the tip of his shaft brush against her opening, she pauses for moment to look at Sam. She always loves the sensation of this first contact between his manhood and her softness and as she starts to push his cock though the folds of her pussy this time is no exception. A tingle runs up the length of her spine as she feels him sliding deeper inside her.  She moves up and down his shaft, cautiously at first allowing her vagina to expand to take his swollen cock.

As her juices begin to lubricate his shaft she quickens her movements to a regular rhythm. Sam’s hands rise and fall on her hips in time with her movements and as she pushes down he meets her with an upward thrust to force his cock deeper inside her. Mandy leans forward, placing her hands on the back of the sofa for balance, so that her breasts are close to Sam’s face. He takes his hands up her back so that he can undo her bra and Mandy works the straps down her arms to let it fall behind them. Sam draws himself up now to be able to lick her erect nipples, sucking one into his mouth and rolling it in his teeth. For a time their bodies move as one, each working towards a shared goal. Suddenly Sam’s body stiffens, he lets out a deep moan and Mandy begins to feel his hot spunk pumping into her. Frantically she continues to work his cock trying to reach her own climax. As his cock pumps its last and begins to soften, Mandy slows and stops, pausing only a moment before unmounting him. She bites her lip in frustration as she passes Sam some tissues. 

“Honey that was fantastic, you should go shopping like that more often” he jokes as he starts to zip up his trousers.

“Yes I think I should” retorts Mandy. The sarcasm in her tone is lost on Sam and as she picks up the discarded lingerie Sam reaches once again for the remote.

“Just want to finish watching this, be up soon” Sam explains as he looks around to see Mandy slowly climbing the stairs.

As Mandy slips back into bed, she feels there is some unfinished business and despite the tiredness creeping over her she curls her body and begins to slowly massage between her legs. Using the images in her mind to reach her release she remembers the taste of Sam’s cock, the tingle of that first insertion and the pulsing flow of his cum. But as her body trembles with that final joy of climax it is the memory of a strangers fingers deep inside her that lingers on her mind.

Shortly afterwards when Sam climbs into bed and for a moment strokes her arm gently, Mandy’s day is done and she is already in a deep sleep. 


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