Get Laid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Pete was using his favourite phone app to find a one night stand, but it found him. It wasn't what he had expected.

Pete looked at his phone and tapped the Get Laid app icon. The app flashed and showed a map with a pin in the centre to indicate his current location. He tapped the Find box and after a few more seconds three other pins appeared with pink heads, indicating 3 woman close by who were registered with the app. Woman only registered with this app if they were looking for a one night stand. He looked around the club, it was still early not many people in yet and not many single girls mostly guys. He noticed a group of three girls up on the balcony making quite a bit of noise, but otherwise everyone else seemed to be paired up. He clicked on one of the pink heads and the name Danielle appeared. The profile that it came up was pretty standard stuff, Fun loving, GSOH, always up for good time, with a winking emoticon at the end. This app didn’t allow pictures so it avoided being a beauty contest app but Pete had a pretty good idea who Danielle might be or at least he’d narrowed it down to one of three.

Positioning himself where he couldn’t be seen directly but had a good view of the three girls he pressed the contact icon and sent one of the default messages ‘Looking for a good time’. A few seconds later he saw one of the girls dive into her handbag and pull out her phone. Even he heard the squeal as she clicked on the phone and passed it between her friends. They all squealed and began looking over the balcony obviously hoping to catch a glimpse of the potential sender. He saw her click a reply before putting the phone down on the table. A few seconds later he received the reply ‘Always with you sexy pants’ one of the default replies. He’d already decided he didn’t want to spread the evening with 3 giggly girls who looked as if they were already quite drunk, on the off chance of a shag if they didn’t fall asleep before then.

He was just putting the phone back in his pocket when a new request popped in. He clicked on the request from Jenny although he couldn’t see her on the map. Instead of one of the default requests it just said four words outside ladies 5 minutes’. Pete was intrigued by this curt request from the anonymous contact. A couple of minutes later he wandered casually across towards the ladies toilets. He couldn’t see anyone waiting outside except a female security guard, you could hardly call her a bouncer. She had the regulation ear-piece, padded leather bomber jacket, dark combat trousers and boots. ‘Don’t see many of those even in here’ Mark thought as he stood trying to pretend he was perhaps waiting for his girlfriend to emerge. As the 5 minute deadline arrived Pete looked at his watch again, he was going to wait another minute when he noticed the female bouncer walking towards him. He turned to leave when she called his name “Pete”.

He stopped “Yes, why what I have done wrong”

“Just step into here please” she kicked open a door marked Private

Mark reluctantly entered the room which was sparsely furnished with a single table and three chairs. He turned to face the door as she locked it behind her. “How you know my name, you have tell me what all this is about” Pete was starting to get slightly irritated.

“You were using the Get Laid app early on” she continued “you were hoping to meet a girl called Jenny just now”

“Hey there’s no law against that” Pete responded rather indignantly

“Calm down Pete, I’m Jenny”

“You, Jenny” Pete was taken aback “Why, I mean what’s going on. Is this some kind of joke”

“No joke Pete, just an honest girl looking for a good time. No law against that. Girls like to get laid too” she laughed.

“What here, now?” Mark spluttered, looking around the sparsely furnished room.

“I’m only on a 5 minute break” Jenny laughed again “I was hoping for something longer than that. I finish early at 12 tonight if you can wait until then I’m all yours. And my apartment is just around the corner.”

For the first time Pete took a closer look at the female bouncer in front of him. She was actually quite good looking when you looked beyond the leather uniform. OK she obviously worked out a bit but the uniform obscured any shape she might have.  

“Do I have a choice?” Pete asked

“Of course. Say no and you walk out of here to try your luck with the app again. Oh and by the way “. Jenny continued “The one you tagged earlier, she’s almost certainly only barely 17 must have slipped in early with her mates.”

“And if I say yes” Pete enquired. Congratulating himself mentally on his previous decision to give Danielle a miss.

“A better choice, as far as I’m concerned” Jenny smiled “I can arrange for you to have free drinks, just not too many, and we leave for my place at 12. It’s only just around the corner”

“What if I take the free drinks and leave early”

“Your choice but I will then make sure you’re barred from every club in a 10 mile radius. Call it a perk of the job” Jenny smirked “I’m a liberated sort of girl too, so if you get luck through the app between now and 12 then good luck on you. Just as long as you’re here at 12. Sort of a mixed up Cinderella scenario really”

This time it was Pete’s turn to laugh. He was warming to this girl, she had a sense of humour and clearly didn’t take herself too seriously. What had he got to loose. “OK fine” he replied “I’ll see you at 12, or I’m a pumpkin” He started to walk towards the door.

“Sorry I have to search you first” she put up a hand against his chest. “Arms out legs apart please” and she pulled out a hand held scanner. The sort they use in airports and these days club entrances.

“What’s this for” Pete sounded puzzled but complied with the request anyway

“Just routine” Jenny continued expertly running the scanner over his body.  When it reached his groin it started to make loud beeping noises. After she had passed over it several times with the same result she put the scanner down “Let’s have a closer” and with that she quickly unzipped his trousers, slipped her hand inside and pulled out his cock, which was already starting to grow under the attention of her fingers. “Just as I thought” she continued as she pulled on his shaft “A loaded weapon. I’m going to have to discharge that before you leave this room” and with that she fell to her knees and started to take his cock into her mouth.

Pete gasped and had to put his hands back against the table to maintain his balance. His cock was also responding to the caresses of her mouth and was becoming increasingly hard and twitching. She was clearly an expert, her tongue seemed to brush his cock like a feather, her lips squeezing it like a pussy. It wasn’t long before she had Pete on the edge and he knew he just wanted to cum. “Fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” repeating it for emphasis. Girls usually pulled away at this point to either catch his spunk on their face or let it spill out onto the floor, but Jenny just went in deeper. As his legs turned to jelly and he had to support his weight against the table, his body convulsed in a wave of pleasure and he exploded into her mouth. He heard her swallow each spasm of spunk as it came and when he had finished, she placed two fingers on his dick and slowly ran them up the sides squeezing the last drops into her mouth. As she stood up she wiped around her lips “OK you’re good to go”.

Pete was dumbfounded. Her skill had blown him away quite literally and she had swallowed it all. “You swallowed it all” he said in amazement. Jenny laughed “Best not to leave any evidence and besides a bouncer with spunk on their cheek is not a good look. Detracts from the authority they are meant to be showing. You can leave the room when you’re ready and see you at 12” With that she opened the door and left.

Pete took a couple of minutes to get his breath and as he was putting his now limp dick back into his trousers the phone beeped. It was another message from Danielle ‘Pussy hot for you’ He smiled as he switched off the app, taking him out the game, and put the phone into his pocket. He was off to get a couple of free drinks and wait until his bouncer in shiny leathers arrived to take him home at midnight. Just like Cinderella he thought with a smile.

Submitted: January 06, 2015

© Copyright 2023 GlenCummings. All rights reserved.

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Your last name is quite appropriate for your story which I enjoyed it very much. Very clever idea.

Wed, January 7th, 2015 1:45am


Thanks. Some ideas just pop up and need to be written down.

Wed, January 7th, 2015 12:08am


Love how she discharged his loaded weapon! ;)

Wed, January 7th, 2015 3:40am


Thanks. Just a little idea that came to me for a short story.

Wed, January 7th, 2015 12:04am

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