A Private Workout

A Private Workout A Private Workout

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A gym owner is stuck in the same boring routine until an after work shower turns into the workout of his life.


A gym owner is stuck in the same boring routine until an after work shower turns into the workout of his life.


Submitted: October 02, 2015

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Submitted: October 02, 2015



It is a typical day at the gym. I have the same boring work day with the same boring clients. Time is passing slowly but now the gym is finally closed. I lock up the doors and dim the lights. I save my workout for after work to relieve the stress.


I make my way towards the treadmills to find a woman still here. Not seeing a problem with it, I hop on my own treadmill. I start off at a fast paced walk to warm-up and as I do so, the girl catches my eye.


Her hair is swiftly swaying back and forth and her tits are bouncing in rhythm. It is hard to not notice that her sports bra is barely holding them in.  My heart rate is increasing so I escalate to a run. I find her too distracting that after awhile I have to put my run to a rest and move on to my other exercises.


I get off and head over to the bench press. After my second set, she catches my eye again. She is at the squat rack, which happens to be diagonal from me. While I finish my sets, I watch her squat, noticing her ass for the first time. Her ass is full and plump. The leggings she is wearing clings to every inch of it.


My mind engraves her curves. What a perfect body. My penis hardens every time she bends those thick thighs and sticks out her ass.


I barely finish my sets before I head to the locker room to cool down. The urge to go back out to her is strong but I do my best to calm it down.


Dressing out of my workout clothes, I start the shower. I get in and lather my hair with shampoo. After running my hands through it a few times to rinse away the suds, I grab the soap.


Before I can do anything with the soap, the curtain is grabbed back and the woman from before shows herself, naked. She comes inside and grabs the soap from my hands.


She grins up at me devilishly, "do you mind?"




She lathers up her hands and I half assume she is going to clean herself up before her hands begin gliding over my pecs. Her hands rub vivaciously over my nipples before they trail down my back, rubbing rhythmically all the way down to my ass. She cups my ass and I harden at her boldness.


"Nice ass," she says as her hands trail forward to grab my penis. She gives me a couple of long, soapy strokes before handing over the soap to me.


Her hands cover mine as she leads me to rub the soap. Then she takes my hands and leaves them on her breasts. I take a sharp breath as I take on the handfuls that are her breasts. They are spilling over my hands, they are that big.


I run my soapy hands over her breasts and trail down to her waist. She has nice hip bones for grabbing, I note as I rub my hands to her back and down to her ass. Her perfect round ass. I give it a good grab before I cup her ass and bring her towards me.


"Not so fast," she says as she turns around. She begins to grind on me almost immediately. Her luscious ass consumes my penis as she moves up and down. The pattern makes me grow entirely hard.


I can't take it anymore as my dick tightens one last time. I grab her waist to stop her from moving and I rub my cock on her pussy a few times. It feels amazing and I glide right into her.

Pushing hard into her, she braces herself on the the wall. I go at a slow, hard pace. With every hard thrust, I watch her breasts bounce. Her hips are my anchor as I ram into her over and over again.


She lets this go on for a couple of minutes before turning back around. She kneels before me, getting on her knees, with a completely vulnerable look. The innocence of the position has made its way all the way up her to her face. This devilish grin that was once there plays as only a memory as her whole facade changes.


This charming woman has now taken on an innocent girl persona and I couldn’t love it any less. She gently cups my penis and rubs her hands along it before giving it a light kiss with her full and luscious lips. Her other hand comes up and cups my balls. The touch sends shivers through me. As she does all this, her eyes never leave mine. My hunger only intensifies.


Her mouth gently opens and accepts my head into it. She swirls her tongue around it over and over again. My hand clenches into her hair as my penis throbs inside of her mouth. She lightly sucks over and over again, slowly. I become impatient and I push myself entirely into her mouth. She continues to suck but this time harder.


My free hand travels down to her breast. I move her breast up and down in love with the fullness of it. I grab her nipple, stretching and pulling at it with the same rhythm of her sucks. It becomes entirely too much and I begin thrusting into her mouth. It is a quick pace but she proves to handle it. Her hands go to my ass, pushing me to keep going.


I take my penis out and insert it repeatedly. I shove it in and leave it there as I watch her. She handles it, enjoys it. This woman is perfection. My penis slides out and she offers up her breasts. She puts them on either side of my penis and I begin thrusting. My penis meets her mouth with every thrust and she is ready for it. Her mouth hangs open to meet it every time.


I can no longer handle the playing around. I offer my hand and she takes it, bringing her to my level. My body collides with her and she is up against the wall. I wrap one of her legs around my waist and I enter her. She moans and it is all I need to begin taking her.


My thrusts are frantic at first for I don’t believe I can wait any longer but her hand pushes on my chest, making me take the thrusts more casually for now. My thrusts grow harder and harder that her teeth sink into my shoulder, trying to handle it. The pain electrocutes through my body and I thrust faster.


Her moans become more and it becomes hard to handle. I pick her up while my penis is still inside of her and she wraps her other leg around my waist. My thrusts become more and more.


“Yes, there, keep going,” she keeps repeating these words and it is driving me crazy.


Her breasts keep brushing against my chest and I grab a hold of her ass, my only way of holding on to sanity. I give her ass a few smacks, trying to relieve what energy is built up inside of me. She loves it and her nails gently glide up my back and her hands wrap inside of my hair.


“Yes, yes, yes,” she keeps saying louder and louder as she gently pulls at my hair.


“I am about to cum,” I say to her and she hops off of me.


To my surprise she gets into her vulnerable, innocent position yet again. She takes me into her wet mouth once more. I throb inside of her like I haven’t before. The feeling is magnificent. She takes me fast and deep into her mouth. I can’t hold it in any longer and she lets me out of her mouth before I ejaculate all over her.


She smiles at me wildly before leaving me by myself, breathless.


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