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Chapters 36-40<br /> Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.36 By: girlish 9/30/2007 <br /> Monique asked for water. Rock poured the water into a cup. The sound of the water hitting the bottom of the glass

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Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.36 
By: girlish
Monique asked for water. Rock poured the water into a cup. The sound of the water hitting the bottom of the glass caused Monique to reach out for the water. Rock guided the water into her trembling hands. Her quivering lips covered the cup and she drank hastily starting to choke. Rock said"Slow down baby not to much at first."Monique clinched the cup looking around at Rock and Dodi." Her heart was full of sadness and confusion, guilt and shame. But one emotion that surprised her was the feeling of love that reaped off of Dodi and Rock for her." Suddenly for the first time since the rape something made sense to her."To have such good friends it somehow made the sexual act they had made on the tape not seem like trash or filth. But people who cared for each other unconditionally." At least that is what she was telling herself.
Dodi knew that somehow she had to help Monique regain her strength. The battle was far from over but at least this was somewhere to start. She and Rock helped her walk out on the terrace to sit down and get some fresh air. Dodi went in the house to get her some broth. Rock just sat and talked to her. Her eyes gazed off into the ocean her mind followed. This time the laughter wasn't as loud. It seemed to be faint and from a distance. Her mind flashing back. The horrendous cries of her own voice sent a burning sensation through her veins. Dodi interrupted her thoughts and asked was she alright. Monique slowly shook her head and reached for the broth.
Rock sat there silently. "Confused at what he was feeling for Monique. He felt like he had let her down. If only he had... but he didn't. from this day forward he vowed to protect both she and Dodi. What was he going to do? He cared deeply for Dodi. But after going through this with Monique he had a different type of feelings for her. What was he thinking for gods sakes? She had just been raped. He was the last thing on her mind. And still yet her tragedy had captured his heart. He was in love with her. Why now? Why this? Would he ever have the chance to tell her and to show her? What about Dodi? His mind was racing....

Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.37 
By: girlish
Monique wrestled and turned all through the day and night. Not understanding why things had to be the way they were. She had always tried to be honest and fair to all she knew. Her thoughts riveted her mind and soul. One moment she would be coping and the next she would be grasping.
Dodi had to go back to work hoping to help Monique keep her job if she wanted to. As she walked into the hotel her body shivered thinking of all of the events that had unfolded. She hadn't known Monique for long but there was a special bond between them.
Rock sat silently as he watched the lines of Monique's face, "Such a tender woman he thought to himself."A heart wrenched in the blink of an eye." He asked Monique was there anything he could do for her? She looked at him and the words barely fell from her lips"You can make it go away." Tears streamed down from her face as Rock gently wiped them away.""Monique I can not change things and I would of gave my life not for you to endured what you just went through." "I couldn't protect you then but you never have to be afraid again." "I hate myself and blame myself for not being there fast enough to have stopped it. Her tears were flowing like a river.
Rock reached to put his arm around her. She pulled away. His emotions took over like some kind of powerful source. He gently pulled back the hair from her face. Kissing her on the forehead. She resisted but Rock grabbed her first firmly and then let his grasp loosen up until she fell asleep in his arms...... 

Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.38 
By: girlish
Dodi's mind was racing with everyone and everything she seen at the hotel. To much had happened in the last few months."First it was Peaches and now Monique" she thought to herself and sadly shook her head. The front desk called her and interrupted her thoughts. "Dodi I need you to come to the front desk please a voice echoed out over the radio." Having no ideal who was calling her she hesitantly replied."Do you need me right now? I need to check some rooms?
Yes please come right away! "I will be right there she replied.
Mr.Johnson the owner wants to talk to you in "Nicks" office Dodi. Dodi didn't want to go in Nicks office but had no choice. "Man I wish Monique was here she thought to herself." She knocked on the door and this tall well dressed business man was standing there. "Come in Dodi."
I am Mr. Johnson the owner and I would like you to sit down and tell me what happened exactly to Monique with Felix and Nick. "Sir with all do respect I don't have a lawyer present and I do not know if I should be discussing this with you or not? I am sure by now you have seen the tapes. I can't imagine what you would need me to explain to you or what good it would do other than humiliating me at the moment."
"Calm down Dodi and I am sorry. I know you ladies have been through a lot. I deeply regret everything and you and Monique can rest assured that I intend to pursue my own charges against Nick and Felix. I don't think you need a lawyer that is why i didn't have one here. I was hoping that the three of us could reach some kind of agreement.""The hotel had enough bad publicity when Peaches committed suicide. I was hoping we could...Dodi interrupted him."Oh I see what this is now! You are afraid that Monique is going to sue you so therefore you are using me to try to influence her not to? No Dodi you need to think about the big picture. Yes it is true I am worried that she will sue and I can't say that I blame her. But you ladies have to remember in those tapes there was enough evidence of sex and drugs that if I wanted to I could cause you both some grief. But that is not my intentions.
Would you just sat down please and hear me out Dodi? What I would like to do is help both you and Monique and I am a business man and want to help my hotel to. I am sure "Nick" will be put away for a long time. To much evidence. I am gonna need a good General Manager to replace him.One who has the good of the hotel in their mind. Of course there will be a substantial salary increase and benefit package with all of the quirks. I was thinking that when Monique is ready and able to come back to work just maybe she would take the job. Then You would become the Executive Manager of Housekeeping with a great pay and benefit increase. We would all win.
Mr. Johnson with all due respect if this offer would have been made under different circumstances we would be thrilled. But right now it makes me feel that really all you are worried about is your precious hotel. I can not stand even being here right now.I just dont have any choice. It feels like you are offering blood money. Like you want to pay Monique for being raped. I can't promise you anything right now.Monique has a long way to go. Maybe you should get someone in here temporarily until we see how she is going to do. And please don't call her with this shit right now.
Dodi left his office slamming the door shaking her head. She was furious. She went to call Rock to check on Monique...... 

Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.39 
By: girlish
Dodi was so angry as she was calling Rock.
He picked up the phone and could tell by her voice that she was upset. "What is wrong baby?"Rock ask her. Tears were streaming down her face as her voice was almost at a whisper. "Rock that bastard Mr.Johnson doesn't care what happened to Monique. He only cares about the reputation of his precious hotel. He fell short of threatening us to do things his way or else. Rock already tormented about Monique's condition tried to stay calm for Dodi's sake. "Don't worry baby I have a few connections with the police. My brother Rodney is a cop. I will call him and have him meet you at the coffeehouse and you can tell him what is going on. Maybe he will have some suggestions."
"A cop ?Dodi asked Rock. You never mentioned that your brother was a cop before. "Not something I go around bragging about baby." Rock said as he chuckled. He is cool. You will be comfortable talking with him Dodi. Just think of me. Oh yeah did I mention he was single? R_O_C_K!! How is Monique? Her voice changed from being playful to sadness. Honey it is going to take sometime. I am watching her. She pretty much has shut the world out you know. But we will get her through this somehow baby. Don't worry you just head on over to the coffeehouse and I will call Rodney now. Call me and we will talk baby Rock told Dodi as he hung up the phone.
Rock peaked in on Monique as he watched her tossing and turning in the bed. What was he going to do to get through to her. he knew her self worth was destroyed. Oh how he loved this woman. If she would someday just give him a chance to show her just how much. He dialed his brothers Rodney's number. "Hello" Hey there this is your wayward brother. "Man I know who this is I haven't heard from you since the last time you had trouble Rock. What is wrong now? How come every time I call you something had to be wrong Rodney replied Rock? Cause I know you man as he smiled. What's up brother? "As Rock explained everything to Rodney he listened without interruption. "Rock sounds like you could really use some help man? I will go to the coffeehouse and meet this girl and talk to her for you. But you are gonna owe me big brother. "As long as I owe you Rodney you will never be broke."They both laughed. Oh I almost forgot to tell you what she looked like. Rock described Dodi and right before he hung up the phone he said" Did I mention she was single? On my way man and why am I still on the phone with you? Later man..... 

Beachfront-Hotel Chapt.40 
By: girlish
Dodi sat in the coffeehouse thinking about how her life has changed since she met her new friends. There was a time she had longed for excitement but now she was longing for peace.
She had really became close to Monique after Peaches suicide. Rock was an intresting person "Dodi thought to herself." He never comitted to her and it has been like if I see him I see him kind of mentality they both seemed to share."Rock had always been honest with her about not wanting to settle down. To much fun being a musician. But oh how he could make love." Shivers ran down her spine when suddenly she heard a voice."Excuse me miss" startled and embarrassed by her thoughts she apologized. Rodney was standing over her. "I am sorry I didn't mean to startle...Hey I remember you. Yes awhile back you were at a crime scene where the young lady killed herself and the other man he replied.
Embarrassed again Dodi thought of "Peaches" and the letter Peaches had left her. Yes she replied"You were the nice policeman that helped me that day. You are Rock's brother? No way!!Yes way!!Rodney laughed. May I join you. Blushing now she told him she was sorry and have a seat.
You look a hundred per cent better Dodi than the last time I saw you. Have you been taking care of yourself? For some reason for a moment she was mesmerized. He had a beautiful smile and his face showed true compassion and understanding. Jet black hair like Rocks just shorter. Beautiful eyes to match.
Why don't we order something to eat and you can tell me all about it Dodi? At first she started to refuse but something about him was alluring to her. Sure let's order and talk. "Rodney was thinking about how he felt the day he answered the call and he saw Dodi. Even then something had drawn him to her.........

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