Love at Last

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Camilla and Michael have been in love with each other for over a year, but have only met in person three days ago. They knew that they could not live one second without each other so were just married at the courthouse... let the wedding night begin.

Michael & Camilla were both a little shy and nervous to come home, to their new home on their first tonight together. You see, while they were both head over heels in love with each other, they had only met in person 3 days ago. They had written to each other for over a year while Michael was away at war.

Sure they had shared photos, and stories, and told each other everything. But there is something new and exciting and different to finally be in the arms of the one that you have loved from afar for so long. Michael knew that if he made it out of the war alive, there was one person that he couldn’t spend another second without, his sweet Cami.  

The war was over and Michael could not wait to start his new life with his love. He knocked on Cami’s door with a bouquet of Roses in his hands and a ring in his pocket. While she was only average looking by the world’s standards, she was the most beautiful girl that he had ever laid eyes on. They were married at the courthouse three days later.

Cami, normally a little fireball that always spoke her mind, didn’t start getting butterflies in her stomach until after the I Do’s were over and Michael had taken her back to his house… to his bed.

She loved this man more than words could say… but she had only met him in person 3 days ago. While they knew each so well in some aspects, they were basically still strangers in others.

He carried her over the threshold into his bedroom, put her down and shut the door. They each looked at the bed, then at each other. She let out a nervous, innocent giggle as she looked into his eye. While she did know the mechanics of what was about to happen, she had never been touched by a man and didn’t fully know what to expect.

Michael knew that he had to be gentle with her. She was his beautiful fawn and he didn’t want to scare her with his eagerness.

He stroked her hair and caressed her cheek. She kissed the palm of his hand in return. “I am one lucky man Cami” he said.  “Some People never find the love of their lives, but a sweet angel was sent to me while I was halfway across the world”

Then he kissed her, slow and tender at first. She tasted so good. Cami did not shy away, she kissed him back. She fit perfectly inside of his arms. He could smell her sweet hair that smelled like vanilla, and her skin was so soft and her lips so full. She was so caught up in the moment that she hadn’t even realized until after he had done it, that he had managed to unbutton and slip her dress off of her.

She kicked the dress off from around her ankles and slipped beneath the covers of his bed. He climbed in next to her. He wanted to explore every inch of his eager new bride. He kissed each of her eyelids, and then kissed her full, pouty mouth again. She wanted him, but he was determined to make their first time special.


He kissed  each of her fingertips on her right hand. Then the palm of her hand, her wrist, her elbow, her shoulder, then lingered on her beautiful neck, stroking her hair and whispering “I Love You’s” in her ear, then down the left arm.

She could feel her heart beating in her chest. Her breasts were heaving.  He could not take his eyes away. He undid her brassiere and he felt like a child on Christmas morning. Her breasts were beautiful round goblets, topped with two perfect, perky cherries that were just begging him to be plucked.

He still had his clothes on, but was on top of his bride now. Each hand was holding his new special treasure. He ran his thumbs in circles around her hard pink nipples. She let out a groan of pleasure. How could he make her feel so good? Her whole body seemed to come alive with pleasure.  She could feel the growing bulge in his pants pressing against her body and she started to get nervous again, but he easily distracted her with a kiss so intense that she forgot about everything else.

It was time for him to taste his new treats. He pulled away from her lips and kissed down her neck to the valley in between her creamy breasts.  He slowly moved over to her hard pink nipple, kissing it slowly at first… He could feel her skin puckering and her tasty nipple growing even longer and harder beneath his hot mouth. He wanted to see how she liked it if he teased her and gave her nipple a little lick. She didn’t know that she could feel so good, until he closed his mouth around her hard nip and began to suckle. Her loins were on fire. She never wanted it to end. She arched her back and began moaning his name. It felt so good, but she was also turned on by watching him enjoy her body. By now he was sucking and nibbling on her breast like a ravenous animal that had just found his favorite food.

His hard bulge was now quite painful pressing against his pants. He hopped off of her just for a minute.  It was time for his bride to feel his hot flesh.  He tore off his clothes in a flash. His blushing bride could not take her eyes off of his swollen package. She suddenly became nervous again. He was bigger than she would have imagined. She knew that she was a virgin and was so tight, how was his 8 inch shaft going to slide into her tight pussy without ripping her apart?

He sensed her nervousness, and then had an idea. He plucked an ice cube out of the glass of water on the night stand, came back into bed with her, slowly began to first trace the cold wet ice around her perky nips. The cold made her flesh come alive. The cold tingly feeling of the ice not only woke up and tickled her nerve endings, but also made her want to pull Michael even closer to her to keep the rest of her body warm.

He then slowly dragged the ice cube down her belly, and pushed apart her thighs. Without her having to tell him, he knew exactly where her magic button was. He circled the ice cube around her sensitive clit 5 times. She was now moaning his name and wiggling beneath him like a worm on a hook. He slips the wet ice cube down farther and into her tight hole. All of her senses are alive. The contrast between her hot, tight, wet pussy, and the cold, wet ice wakes up desires that she never knew that she had.

Thanks to the ice, Michael’s bride is now wet so that he won’t hurt her and her nerves are alive. She is ready for him. He cannot wait to push though her tight sheath, but he is determined to go slow and have her enjoy every second. Now kneeling between her open thighs, he slips 2 wet fingers into her lady bits. The ice has left her extra sensitive and he finds her g-spot with ease.  His magic hand knows exactly how to thrust just right into her g-spot, while his thumb circles her swollen clit. She almost erupts with pleasure right there.

“Not yet baby, not until I’m inside of you” He says.

He pulls his fingers out of her, wanting to give her a chance to calm down so that she will be able to enjoy the rest of their night of love making. Cami is wet and ready. He knows that she is excited enough for him to make love to her without hurting her.  As his bulging cock is hovering right above her inviting pussy, he looks at his beautiful wife and tells her how much he loves her. He tells him that she loves him too, and that she is ready.

His shaft plunges in, in one fell swoop. He is so much bigger than she had expected, and she is so tight. For a second if feels like he split her in half. But his is gentle with her and kisses away her pain, in a second the pain is gone, and she is left with her pussy feeling full and satisfied with her lover inside of her. He sinks into the hilt and she lets out a moan.

He slowly pulls back, and she rocks her body up to meet him. They fall into a perfect rhythm of him thrusting into her, and then pulling back, and her body pulling up to meet him. Her kisses never tasted as sweet as when he knew that she was satisfied with him inside of her. His hands explored her perky breasts, and as his tongue danced with hers.

They began to pick up the pace, and she knew that she couldn’t hold back anymore. She was about to erupt with pleasure in any second. She looked into his eyes. “I’m about to cum, tell me what I want to hear” She says…. He knows what she wants to hear, “I love you, my darling wife” he returns. She looks into his eyes and she knows that he means it.

That is all it takes for her body to erupt with pleasure. Her whole body is convulsing around this man that she loves, and she is screaming his name. She is so loud that the neighbors probably hear her, but she doesn’t care. Her lady bits are contracting so hard and fast against Michael’s hard shaft, and her body is tingling with pleasure.

This sends Michael over the edge. Cami’s tight pussy squeezing his hard cock so tightly with each contraction and watching his bride writhing beneath him with pleasure makes his hard cock erupt its hot, white lava. They are feverishly rocking together with each contraction. She feels his hot wet love juice squirting straight through her cervix and into her womb.

They finally collapse against each other. Both exhausted and panting like a dog. It takes her a few minutes to catch her breath. This was more than what she could have ever hoped for. She loved this man, and he loved her. While they had only officially met three days ago, he was perfect for her. She knew that she would grow old with him, surrounded by children and grandchildren, starting with the new little pumpkin that he had just put in her belly.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Ginny lou. All rights reserved.

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