Working late is not always what it is cracked up to be!

Working late is not always what it is cracked up to be! Working late is not always what it is cracked up to be!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A sustained period on very long working, G was coming to the conclusion of his project. Victoria, a workmate, was working late the same evening and she decides to repay G for all the kindness he has showed her over the preceding 18 months.


A sustained period on very long working, G was coming to the conclusion of his project. Victoria, a workmate, was working late the same evening and she decides to repay G for all the kindness he has showed her over the preceding 18 months.


Submitted: November 27, 2014

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Submitted: November 27, 2014



It had been a busy few weeks, driving to the office for 7 in the morning and leaving at 8 at night, away from home for at least 16 hours, but with the report to the regulators nearing completion, his intense period of 9 consecutive days work was nearing an end. He was drained and in need of a break. It was 7.30pm, only one other person left in the office, Victoria, who had arrived in late after seeing her solicitor regarding her husband’s infidelity, working late to help out.

Her day had finished, she had packed up and came into ask if there was anything else she could do, but asked “Is everything ok?” as she could tell he was in pain. He replied that his shoulders were all locked up having being typing a report for 8 hours, so she offered to make a tea and get some tablets.

Mr G had been good to Vicky during her difficult time, she was popular, bubbly, attractive and yet had experienced a difficult breakup, G had spent long periods listening, comforting and she felt close to him in a friendly yet professional way. 5 minutes later she returned with a big mug of tea and some tablets.

She said that her sister was a physiotherapist, and she’d picked up simple massage techniques if he’d like her to try to relieve the stiffness. G hadn’t had lunch and so thought a 5 minute interlude would be good and well overdue. “I’m your guinea pig then” and the chuckled.

Vicky stood behind him on and placed her hands on his shoulders and slowly started to stoke him, around in circles at first, her mere touch eased things almost immediately then her thumbs slowly pressed into his taut tissue. He asked how her day had been and she chatted freely about her break up and repeated things he had heard several times before, but things had gone well with the solicitor and she was feeling happier. He smiled and listened as she spoke about her difficulties and the fact that her office environment had been the most stable in her life for 18 months.

She was good at massage, just seeming to hit the tension spots, one after another, G rested back in his head as she started to prod the facet joints in his neck. Strangely, it was almost an erotic-like experience, tingling down his spine, arousing almost and it was going a long way to ease his aching. “Are you happy to let me massage your head” she asked “I’ve been reading about Indian head massaging, it may help too”.

G was chilling, relaxing in the moment, in the zone and said “OK” as he shut his eyes. Her fingers lightly massaged his scalp, circling above his ears. His mind was drifting, she was attractive, very in fact, slim, blonde and his sort of shaped woman, and if single in a nightclub, she would be the brightest blip on his radar yet in this environment, it was somehow completely different. He was her confidant, respected and trust, all of which meant so much to him, but with her, well she could certainly get the blood moving if she wanted too.

She said “You’ve been kind to me G over that past 18 month, generous with your own time and that of the company, you have no idea how much that has meant to me. In my eyes, you are a special man, and I thank you for that”. He smiled saying “Kind of you to say” in a jokey non-serious way.

“No, I really mean it, so many men have tried their luck with me since Ed moved out, all want one thing. I know I am attractive to many men and, yet I haven’t been close to a man in 18 months you know, God I miss the closeness. You ok me talking like this?” she said.

“Yes of course, if it helps, you gas away” he replied as they chuckled to each other.

Inside his mind, the spinnning thoughts had quickened, he opened one eye a fraction to see her adorable figure in front of him, her eyes shut, head back a little, like she was in her own world. He let out a small mutter of “mmmm, your are soooo good” just under his breathe.

“What’s that?” she said.

“Oh, just how relaxing it is” thinking more like “God I could take you now in different circumstances”. They both looked at one another simultaneously, softly smiling however there was a fraction of a second when their eyes locked, both seeming to look deep inside each other’s mind.

“I could do this for hours” she said, “how is it for you?”

“Wonderful” he replied, “ab-sol-lutely wonderful, I’m not going to stop you, carry on ‘til your heart’s content” he said with a chuckle. As she continued his mind pondered how she might take what he had said, a sign for her to continue massaging him or to take his body.

“I’m so pleased I can do this for you, you are so lovely, kind and respectful. Can I rub your face too, massage all your head”. “Why not, in for a penny eh?” he replied.

With no further ado, she pulled his chair out a little and stood in front of him, between the chair and his desk. Her hands held his face, her thumbs circling his cheeks, just so though she was about to give him a passionate kiss. G’s mind could not help but think of stray thoughts, she was attractive, slim, well proportioned, a catcher if ever there was one, yet here she was, almost taunting and provoking him to infidelity.

He opened his eyes, to see her astride him, mid-thigh length black skirt, flimsy cream silk buttoned blouse and heels, not too high. He simply knew he would take her but it would be wrong. God she was so good, she either had no idea how attractive she was or she was the best flirt on the planet. Either way, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Now shut your eyes and let me work” she said, continuing “Massage is a great prelude to foreplay G, well I think so anyway”. “You know G, I feel like a really ripe peach, just waiting to be picked”. There was a stunned silence for minutes as she continued to ease his tension.

She pulled his head forward and whispered in his ear “Don’t say a word, just go with it” as she held his head like a goalie holding a football and pulled him closer to her “shhhh just relax” opening one eye a fraction he saw her blouse undone to the waist, pulled out of skirt, a white smooth silk bra, highly aroused nipples protruding. He knew he was going to step over the infidelity threshold and there was nothing he could now do to stop it.

“Keep your eyes shut and remember, don’t say a word” she said as she guided his head to nestle his face in her cleavage, his face touched her silky body, an electric moment, she gently rubbed his head on her well-formed breasts “God yes” he muttered. Her skin was so soft and smooth, his wanting was turning to passion and lust.

“God yes indeed, I’m yours here and now, take me G” and with that she guided his hands to her legs and up her skirt a fraction before holding his head to manipulate and stimulate her breasts.

He crossed the infidelity threshold and slowly and lightly guided his hands up the outside of her thighs, her legs were very tone and slim, a distance runner type figure but no visible muscles. “Your touch is so light” she said as he stroked and continued higher. Her legs were taut, as if she was holding back and soon he reached the top of her legs, caressing all the way, to find loose-fitting French knickers and he guided his hands to her buttocks and started to knead them, slightly parting them. This gesture immediately prompted Vicky to pull him closer and whisper “Take me, I need you”. “In good time” he said and continued to apply attention to her body.

It was as if their bodies and minds were in sync as the backs of his hands stretched the inside of her underwear sufficient to pull them down over her buttock from where they dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. He moved his hands up and down the outside of her legs several more times before parting one leg and slowly letting the outside of his hands stroke up the inside of her legs, to the apex and yet careful not to touch her intimacy. First one hand and then the other, up down, up down, both of the ready lovers moaning and groaning quietly – it was as though they had both rehearsed for this occasion for months in advance for first night perfection, which indeed it seemed. “God, your hands are so soft, your touch so light” she said repeatedly.

He leaned back a little, and looking in her eyes told her beautiful she was, by now, his expert hands caressing her near prefect torso. Their eyes caught each other and they just knew, yes just knew it would be good. He gave that look for approval to continue, something unrecognisable anyone not locked into the gaze, the faintest of nods granting his request and his hands drifted slowly up, the backs of his nails tantalisingly gliding over the mid-point of her cleavage, whilst he still sat on his chair. He stared in her eyes as his hands engulfed her head and neck, he was biting his bottom lip in wonton desire, yet determined not to hurry. He pulled her head towards him and inches apart asked…”May I kiss you?”, “Of course” she replied and she moved her head closer.

His tongue outlined the shape of her lips, it was an electrifying moment for both of them, their breathing quickening as the first touch cemented the eventuality of the moment, his mouth opening soft to accept her enquiring tongue.

Not a word was said as they continued exploring each-others’ mouths for what seemed like an eternity, stroking each-others’ face and hair. He pulled back a little as his hands drop to her neck and shoulders, lightly squeezing them and moving on over her, sufficient to ensure her blouse could move and drop to the floor.

He moved his hands to the side of her torso and held her, moving down caressing with his lightness of touch then around to the small of her back with both hands. He moved up her spine with the back of his hand and then to unhook her bra, her shoulders dropping forward so that it fell to the floor. She was perfectly tanned, firm, well-sized breast with large nipples, erect with her excitement. He pulled her close, his head on her tummy in a moment of closeness, her fingers twiddling the locks of his hair. One hand under her skirt, the other over he continued to caress as he slowly unhooked her skirt, which dropped to the floor. She was naked as he turned his head to butterfly kiss her torso, working around her yet slowly going higher. He lightly blew on her nipple, and it felt like he was touching her. Her eyes were shut so she didn’t notice him take a small mouthful of, by now, luke warm tea. She looked as he moaned and their eyes were locked as his hot tongue dabbed the tip of her right nipple, it sent a ripple of pleasure and surprise through her body as she drew breath in shock and exhilaration. He smiled and started to outline the edge of one nipple, then the other before a frenzy of passionate kissing of one breast and cupping of the other ensued.

He looked up, her head was back, her blonde hair draping over her shoulder blades, completely lost in the moment. He pulled her close to him, her only point of contact being her hands in his silky hair, her nails lightly digging into his scalp. He guided her back and perched her bottom on the edge of his desk and both her hands held the other side of the desk as he dropped to his knees. He started to stoke up her inner thigh, applying slight pressure so her legs parted. She was completely tanned other than a small part of her body that had covered her modesty however, her shaved anatomy showed her very obvious readiness.

He hands continued to stroke however it soon turned more to the action of a baker, kneading up and down, particularly her inner thigh as she murmured “That’s so good” she said as his thumb went furrowed deep into her flesh. He was careful not to touch her intimacy, to build her pleasure to a higher level. Still wearing her shoes, he placed her heels on the desk, which has the effect of her slightly raising her rear. By now, he was only focused on her inner thighs, his fingers and thumbs going in deep to her tissue, moving it outwards. Her pinkness was highly swollen, slightly glistening down her centre parting as his hand movement at the top of her thigh parted her joy. His mouth was inches away and she felt the warmth of his breath adding to her arousal. He carefully placed his hands around the border of her intimacy, pressing firmly and parting at the same time, her excitement flowed free and down towards her rear.

Her button was hard and clearly aching to be taken however he traced his mouth around her folds delicately, with the same attention that her mouth had received shortly before. Then his tongue dabbed the back of her parting and slow moved forward up the centre line. She grabbed his hair with one hand whilst leaning back and her other hand took all her weight, muttering “come on” with an increasing sense of urgency. He loved the control, the power over her and consumed her with his whole mouth, locked on like a limpet, and frantically moved this tongue side to side, up and down. Her breath quickened considerably as his mouth upped the tempo where upon he focused on her button circling, nibbling, sucking as the middle fingers of his left hand penetrated and explored up her front wall. It seemed only moments before she buckled as he found her spot and the first exclamation of “Fuck yes” was utter. He pushed harder and more focused on and around her spot. Her breathing was becoming shallower and quicker with every inhalation, building her. He moved his head away, replacing his tongue with his thumb, now maximising her pleasure with one hand, controlling her in every way, quicker to build her, slowing down to plateau her, then quicker to build her more, and so on.

He looked at her watching her face contort, one hand clenching fist-shaped trying to hold back. “Come inside me G, make me….fuck yes”.

His sense of urgency quickened and with his free hand he undid the buckle of his belt, loosened his trousers. He stood up, trousers fell and she saw his readiness, lean, veins bulging under the pressure of his excitement. She was lost in her own moment, elsewhere, savouring his attention to detail, in building her climax, her breathe so short, it was almost indecipherable her eyes wide wide open, rabbit in headlight-like, noticing he was standing she looked down at the thickness of his enormity “Fuck yes, I want it, please G make me all woman, please baby, please….”  And she continued to wallow in the whirlpool of emotions and increasing eroticism stirring deep inside her.

He put one finger on top of the other insider her and sharpened attention on her g-spot, he had the precise measure of where it was and circled quicker and harder. She responded immediately, pinching and rolling a nipple with her free hand, “Come on hunny, please”, he quickened again both his fingers and now his thumb pushed her to the next level. He smiled at her, a kind smile, he liked Vicky as a person, he got on well with her and now in-front of him, she was sprawled over his desk naked so close to climax. He ease the speed of his motion for a brief second, she regained a sense or two.

“G, come on, please, I want, I need you, please” she said, almost begging. He was all controlling at this moment and he could do nothing to stop his hand quickening again. She clinched her hand tight as her nails buried themselves in the palm of her hand. “Oh, oh, oh……oh God yes, you shit” were her final utterings as his hand pushed her over the edge, she could hold no more. Her body buckled, stiffened as the waves of pleasure came quickly, one, a second, third, clenching his hand tightly inside her to heighten the pleasure. Her moans and become deep groans of pleasure in the freefall of her climax.

“Release more babe, all of it, get all that bad stuff out of you” he said. She knew what he meant precisely and had enough cognisance to briefly smile at him before returning to her own universe of satisfaction. Somehow, she instinctively knew to take a deep breathe, as a third finger joined the other two, his hand changing to a rocking motion in, his thumb still controlling her button. This time, it was more animalistic, grunting with every push of his hand. Suddenly and out of nowhere, there was a sudden shaking in her body and loud scream climaxed, catching them both by surprise.

Her eyes welled-up as his hand slowed but continued gently, not wanting her to feel empty. His free hand held her face as his thumb wiped away the tear and he pecked the side of her face. She said “You still have your tie on” which broke the intensity of the moment as they both laughed. His hand, soaked with her pleasure pulled her in close as they stood up together. Nothing was said, nothing was needed, that moment of a special bond between the two, his hands stroked her back as she undid his tie and shirt to reveal his toned torso. She stroked and caressed him with the back of her nails as she kissed his chest, whilst he held her secure in a complete embrace. Time just disappeared, as they held one another with the closeness and intimacy of skin on skin contact.

“OK then Mister” she said quietly, “sit down on the edge of the chair and lean back”. She then sat her knees on the edge of the seat, her forearms on the head restraint looking down at him. “Right you, that wasn’t fair was it, I’m one ahead of you and your gun is still loaded. I’m not having that!”

Her hair draped over her boobs in as she beamed a mischievous smile. “OK you” she continued, “no touching”. He watches as she trickles her nails down over her body, first down our cleavage, then over each breast and over each nipple. He smiles, almost grin at her as she watches him bite his bottom lip in excitement. He inhales sharply as she caresses for soft breasts, kneading and then rolling her nipples between her thumb and first finger whilst her other hand searches for her button. She mouths “Not gonna be long and I’m goona take you babes, gonna take you somewhere else!”

She stands astride him ago as he holds the base of his readiness. Her feet were pointing outwards a little, giving the sense of openness and readiness. She bent her knees, rolling nipple and button in excitement, guiding herself towards him. She grabs both arms of his chair to steady herself and guide herself to him. She had almost a hurt expression on her face, combined with wonton unfinished business. She takes control of him, using her deep muscles to keep it in position at her entrance. She lowers slightly feeling what seemed the enormity of his situation penetrating her. Her mouth opens as she savours the position, “Oh please” he mutters as she starts to consume more, oh so slowly. His hands whiten as he grips the chair for all his worth, she takes it further, slower, the steer eroticism skipping levels as she builds him. She continues until he is totally consumed then, slowly she rocks side to side. It will be immense he thinks as she withdraws to start the process again.

This continues for several times, both of them increasing the sensuality levels, before he says “come close, real close”. She sat on his lap, complete with him inside, he strokes and kisses her slowly moving forward to perch on the edge of the chair. He caressed down her inner thighs, scooping the back of her knees up in his arms placing her legs on the arms of his chair. He parted his legs a little and her body nestled on the top of his legs. It was deep, hot and inside her as she softly moaned again…”oh babe… yes….oh babe….please now”. She placed her elbows on his shoulders and with her hands over his head, curled his hair with her fingers whilst he held her, one arm underneath her and the diagonal across her back. She was safe, secure and he was in heaven.

He started to move his hips from side to side, slight movements from the school of “less is more” the sensuality of skin on skin contact pumping her emotions like gently pumping a balloon. Butterfly kisses, the rolling of her nipples with his tongue, his supporting hand providing more gentle movement. She kissed his forehead oblivious to the world outside, simply caught in the moment of erotic spontaneity. Her breathe shallowed as her head dropped back, her hair hanging loose down her back. “Oh fuck yes, Oh fuck yes, now G now, I need it, complete me”. He rocked sidewards again, the slightest of movement, he knew she would burst any moment. Her breathing was very hurried, now through her gritted teeth, her mouth dry she yarned to feel him inside at moment, the tidal wave of emotion was now too much to contain as slide back into the oblivion of ecstasy. As he felt her letting go, he tightened is hold softly and reassuring for her she let go completely, her head dropped back again as she screamed in deep, deep pleasure. The moment was intense again, and for every scream a rock of his hips built her high again. It was like she was surfing a tidal wave of ecstasy, and all the time she did, she just sensed his large soft hands, fingers spread wide apart, finger tips pressing lightly, reassuring.

His rocking slowed, as he gently brought her back a little to this earthly world. Not a word was said as they gazed, her innocent wide eyed look had changed to one of a knowing woman. She thought about what had done, led him astray, then where she had gone, she knew it was the right decision and hoped he felt the same. She smiled in a caring, exhausted and wanting manner as he rocked again, her eyes slowly shut as she drifted again murmuring in satisfaction.

Her senses came too as he stood up, his arms under her knees, she instinctively rapped hers around his neck to hold on as he started to kiss her. He was still locked inside her and she felt him stiffen, she tightened instinctively in response. He kissed and bit her neck with a greater sense of urgency, the tenderness of the last while was deserting to be replaced with a real manly need. She felt the change and thought “God, please God, please have him take me”.

He lent her bottom on the edge of the desk and with one swipe of his arm , like a widescreen wiper, spewed the papers over the floor before placing her in the centre of the desk. He knelt on the desk, hooked her legs again, pulling her torso over his legs so that her body was wedged, only her shoulders touching the desk.

His hands slid up and he massaged deep into her inner thighs and then slowly worked his was door her legs. Her look was one of “what next, please, what next”. His hands by then, holding her shins above her ankles gripped tightly, and slowly lifted her legs until she was bent double.

He lent over her, guiding himself to her entrance, his head just inside and lined up ready. “G, fuck me baby, you know I want you, now” she said. Her arousal was still at such a high level she wanted to release with him, “Oh God I do” she thought.

He slowly pushed inside, flexing his organ as he moved forward, she felt his pulsing ripping through her as he penetrated until he could go no further, then rocking before he withdrew slowly to the entrance, he was careful not to let her body take his weight, all controlled movements. He glazed into her eyes as he repeated it time after time,  slowly, predictable, electric. Not a word was said, she held his face her fingers in his hair, pulling his face to her she kissed him, lightly at first, his tongue offered for her caused a frenzied frantic need, wildly she kissed whilst he continued in his controlled way.

She felt him stiffen again, her clenched her tummy for all her worth, “Now G, now baby”. With the slightest hint of a smile, his motion changed, like the wheel of a steam engine leaving the station, a rhythm started. His powerful dominance, its thickness and depth, built her to eruption point again, she was ready, holding on again, determined to wait this time. He let go of her ankles and wrapped his arms under her back, his hands holding her shoulders ready for later.

He looked at her in a serious, determined manner and in a controlled, deliberate way slowly said “ Iamso goingtofuckyou”, she responded by bear hugging his torso, pulling him as tight as she could, trying to make them as-one,  and saying “all yours to take” kissing him fervently.

He quickened again, by now, the motion was thrusting her deeply, his grip on her shoulders was tight, his nails deep in her soft skin, tiger like claws, hold its prey, the moment was intense, continual, panting for their breath as they reached new heights readiness.

He started to grunt with every push, like a tennis player hitting a ball, his teeth clenched tight, the thrust become a pounding, harder more determined with every penetration. He pulled her shoulders down his motion harder’ “Oh fuck, I’m not going to hold this” she thought, moments from her climax. Their panting was in sync, drawing breath with every other gyration of his hips, their bodies hot and sweaty, more and more he moved, more weight behind every push. She felt him stiffen more as he yelled in pleasure, opening her eyes he seemed to be in a gaze, a different place, yet totally in sync with her body. “Come with me baby” she said.

“Oh yes, oh God Yes” he replied, “Hold it, don’t go yet, hold it”. It was intense, by now her head was hanging over the desk, he grabbed it, like a football. He was tittering on the edge of orgasm, by now stroking her face, looking in her eyes, he muttered something, she couldn’t hear what is was but realised it was a “cum with me” as his eruption started. The ruggedness of moments before turns to passionate intense closeness and feeling. She tightened to accept every wave of pleasure filling her, before her final release, by now, tears streaming down her face in complete pleasure and closeness to another person on this planet.

She moved her legs to hold him frog-like whilst he took his body weight with his knees and elbows, but the close skin on skin contact kept them as one, holding, stroking, caressing, staring, fondly kissing, as gently came down from their summit of satisfaction. His readiness showed no sign of reducing, occasionally smiling as he rocked his hips from side to side, the softness and tenderness of her response, the gentle squeeze of his body, the peck on the lip. At that moment, they were one with one another and with the world too.

“Wow, that was amazing but I think we should get tidied up” he said whilst still inside her, although he was not wanting this moment to end. 15 minutes later, they came out of the lift at ground floor. “Night Clive” they said in unison to the 59 year old Caribbean security guard.

“Night sir, Miss, all locked up?” he replied.

“Yes thank you, alarms on, all secure”.

“Thank you. “He said “Boss working you late tonight Miss.” He went on to say.

“Boss, ah…he’d like to think so” she said flicking her hair back in a gesture of fained insolence.

“Would you argue with her” said Mr G and both he and Clive roared with laughter simultaneously.

Meanwhile, she was standing outside the front of the office thinking “Boss, he like to think so” immediately scheming her plan together. She said “Are you sure about dropping me off this evening, I can get the train”.

“That’s fine honestly, it’s only a 5 minute detour for me”.

It was a warm evening, but already dark as the nights drew in. They got to the car, he took his jacket off for the journey home, and they were off, heading east of the city. They chatted about all sorts of things both almost a little embarrassed to raise the subject of what had happened earlier. Soon they were on the dual carriageway and they were speeding home. The radio was on, music in the background, and she started to play with the buttons on the car, “What does this do” she said as the back of seat started moving backwards…”Oh shit and this?” before the chair went back and then she started playing with her electric seat as though she was a 10 year-old. Chuckling and laughing, he felt relaxed, and as he smiled and laughed at her, content with this very special friend, he had no idea how her plan was coming together.

“Next junction isn’t it?” he said.

She hesitantly said “”Yes G, ….errrm, G, can I talk to you about something”.

“Of course you can, anytime you like” hoping she wasn’t going to say now, he was exhausted and just wanted to get home to bed. Another busy day awaited in the morning.

“Great! Look, I think it best that we don’t chat outside my parent’s house, there’s a car park on the heath as we come off of this road, we could stop there for a minute”. She said, her voice changing and more positive, excited, as she knew her trap was complete and ready to spring. “I love these seats” she said, making hers go back and recline as far as it could on the rear seat, like a bumpy bed.

The car park was secluded, surrounded by trees, and as he drove in, he could see they were the only car in there. He parked up, turned the engine off and looked to his side. There she lay, shoes off, legs crossed on her shins, skirt slightly higher than mid-thigh, amazing, his mind raced about what had happened earlier, yet now he was tired, yes he could sleep with her and resume intimacy in the morning. “So what was it that you wanted to chat about” he said.

“Come down to my level” she said and she fumbled for the control to his seat and within seconds he was back too. “Well” she said as she continued, waffling, but trying to keep the subject vaguely important, whilst working out how she would pounce.

“Could this wait until tomorrow, I am really tired” he said.

“OK” she said, “there is one thing”. She sat up on her knees, at the back of the car, looking forward, his body there for her taking. “Look, I know you are tired, you have and continue to be so kind to me, keep your eyes shut and listen please.” He relaxed as she went on to say “Look, this evening probably shouldn’t have happened, I know your situation, there is a strong connection between us and you have never tried your luck with me. I want to say thank you, it means a lot to me. You know, I was half expecting you to say stop, but I do find massage as turn on. I knew you’d have an understanding, even if you had you said no, and you would not have held my advance against me, you’re that kind of man”.

“Shhh, it’s fine” he said.

“Listen! It was great, I’d do it again sometime but there was something missing”. The best laid plan, masterfully executed was ready. She pounced.

She had sized up his trousers in the moon light, his belt, trouser buttons, fly, all undone in a matter of a few seconds both her hands pulling trousers and underwear down, before he realised quite what was happening. “I so love to pleasure a man, it was missing and I need to right now!”

His tiredness, almost a ‘whatever’ moment and a sense of ‘get on with it then’ as her mouth took him whole, still slightly inflated from earlier in the evening. She sucked hard as she pulled it back, almost like stretching an elastic band and releasing him. “Oh, and I like it hard, roll my nipples and down below too, fuck I’m horny and am going to have you on my terms” she said quickly before taking him whole again, this time her tongue energetically and frenziedly going all around him. Her top teeth slightly nibbling at his root, her sucking her almost trying to suck blood in, bringing it back to life again. She parted his legs and one hand held his sacks and the other massaged deeply behind them, rapidly resurrecting him to life and as she did this, she felt the first rock back and forth of his hips. He was hers she thought with a smug satisfaction.

He opened his eyes to see the inside roof of the car, turning his head to one side, he saw her there, at some point, she had hitched up her skirt. Her white thong, wet, and barely able to contain the excitement of her swollen folds. He spanked her with a light stingy smack on her left buttock, as she drew breath forcibly through her nostrils and moaning, she started to move up and down. His right hand moved up her body, under her jacket, he felt the outline of her rib cage as his hand moved higher. He felt that her bra was missing as he guided his hand over her front, he started to move her hanging blouse with the palm of his hand upwards until he sensed the outline of her hanging full right breast. His hand in a slow circling movement, aided by her silk blouse, stimulated her nipple, lightly and on the very tip of it, round and round, electrifying her body and increasing her moaning in strength and loudness. Her moans were increasing in strength and volume.

Both her hands now held the base of his readiness, thumbs up his shaft, whilst her middle fingers stimulated his root, heightening his stimulation and hardness. As his hips began to rock back and forth in an assured rhythm, his right hand cupped her hanging pert breast and he gently squeezed, trying to roll her nipple between her middle fingers. His other hand stroked up her inner thigh, her legs parting unprompted, and moving her thong to one side, his middle fingers penetrated and moved up her front wall. Their bodies and minds were in natural sync as they continued to stimulate either other, like well-practiced lovers.

He started flicking her nipple, as a third finger joined his penetration. In out, in out, in out, with flicks in sync, increased the intensity of her action on him. She She took so much of him in her mouth, in out in out in out, her thumbs keeping him tangential to his torso allowing her head straight up and down movement. She began to ride his hand wanting more and more of him inside her but he wanted to taste her now. He wanted the pleasure of his favourite number, guiding her knee at first, she knew what he wanted and wanted it too, readily moving herself until she was otally above him as his urgency of rocking increased.

His breathing was fast, hungry for her, to taste and pleasure her, he moved his right arm around her legs and pulled her thong to one side, her pinkness juicy and there to be taken. Sensing what was happening, she buried her nails in his cute butt, parting his buttocks as her head moved up and down quicker. He buried his head in her apex, engulfing her whole, sucking hard and working his wide tongue on her button, frantic as he knew he was close. She responded with an immediate quickening, firming the grip of her nails as she felt her own building rapidly increasing. He couldn’t help himself as he grabbed for hair with his free hand and pushed her head hard down on his proudness as his body arched and buckled under the intensity of the moment. She was ready to release, ready to take his second load, their moans could have been heard across the car park but in their oblivion, they pushed. She felt him going, the final stiffness and so she released, her excitement oozing all over his face, as he pushed the final time to his first wave deep down her throat, a second, third whilst his tongue worked her button to that hyper-sensitive state.

They began to climb down from their states of ecstasy and continued to stay in position, kissing and stroking each other but soon wanted the closeness of an embrace. She turned around and nestled herself under his shoulder and head on his soft chest. She was complete and felt secure for the first time in a long long while. Kissing him softly at first on his chest, she slowly went up his neck and then to his face, light affectionate butterfly kisses, then onto his soft mouth. His tongue explored her mouth for the remnants of his seed. “You taste good” she said, “and so do you” he responded.

They laid there for some while before getting tidied up and driving her the short distance home. They arrived at the house, in a busy narrow street, cars double parked and as she was about to give him a final kiss good night, the curtain opened and they saw someone looking out.

“I so want to kiss you good night G, but I’d better not” she said. “I will think about you in an hour, cum with me then hun” she said and, with a flirtive wink, she got out of the car. Just before closing the door, she leaned in and said “Hey Mister, I’d like to see you more, if you’d like to” and not waiting for a reply, shut the door, walked to her front door, stepped over the threshold, looked back and waved, closing the front door. It was as though the previous few hours had not happened and everything was normal.

© Copyright 2020 Giles Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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