The wedding

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tess Wenman and Ed Devere continue their torrid affair, this time, Tess is at a family wedding and Ed pops up in a number of places to maintain her interest.

It was a still warm Saturday, a bright yet cloudy afternoon for the wedding they had come from afar to witness this young couple tying the bands of matrimony, family, friends and workmates all gathered to see them make their vows and to wish them both every happiness for the future.

The church yard was full of people, great anticipation of a lovely day as they mingled, chatted and laughed, renewed their acquaintances with those family members they only ever seen at birthdays weddings funerals. Time was nearing 15 minutes before the service was due to begin, time for everyone to take their place.

The priest was at the church door with sidesmen behind him to welcome the congregation, many of them commenting on how ornate the entrance was with a very pretty coloured mosaic floor. One family, Peter and Tessa Wenman, walked with their children and respective partners.

Tessa smelt a cologne in the air, one of two she was so familiar with, Gucci or Aqua Di Palma, and it brought memories of erotic encounters with a man she knew who seemed to press all her buttons somehow. He had taken her all sorts of places, and for a moment, she had a hot flush of excitement. He was like the conductor of her erotic desires, speed, tempo, rhythm, all under the control of his powerful baton, from the lightness of the piccolo through to the raunchiness of a big strong brass section. But today she was there for her family.

Looking down at the floor she was struck by the immaculately polished expensive penny loafers and crisply pressed trousers of sidesman, radiant in a blue and white tunic. She her eyes slowly raised higher to see the face she had least expected to see, as her heart immediately pounded away hard at her chest wall ‘Oh my God’ she thought as she shock, audacity, nerve and the risk. Her head was saying ‘This is sheer stupidity’ as he smiled and he said ‘Hello are you with the bride or the groom’s family’. His soft velvety tone was so disarming and assuring. Her mouth was arid dry, she could not answer as a sibling said ‘Mum!’

‘Oh the bride’ she said embarrassed. ‘That will be over to the left’ he replied and off they went to take their seats in the pews.

‘Oh shit. What in God's name is he doing here?’, ‘Please God no’, ‘Oh God yes please!’, ’I know it’s wrong but …….’. Tessa’s mind utterly confused, bewildered and in the time that followed she felt intensely sick, deep in the in the pit of her stomach, as she sat in her own little world wondering what would happen next. Frightened, scared and yet aroused too, the fact of his presence was enough. It wasn’t until the sound of the priest saying ‘All rise’, bringing the congregation to their feet to greet the bride, her father and the procession, that brought her back to planet earth.

She enjoyed singing hymns and although not a regular churchgoer enjoyed the feeling of being in the House of God and yet today Tessa’s normal strong voice could barely utter a note such was the effect of the brief encounter earlier. She thought ‘This is so risky but I want him. God please I need him now his touch, his presence so arouses me. Everyone is here now, this is wrong, yes I know it’s wrong but I’m like drug addict, determined to stop after the next fix.’

The hymn ended and the priest asked them all to be seated as he began the formalities of the wedding whilst she wondered where her friend had disappeared to. The ceremony continued and whilst she tried to focus the day’s great event, she felt herself pulse and contract in excitement, and her moistness was making her feel uncomfortable already. A second hymn followed soon thereafter, and as it finished she glanced at her watch, 1.30pm, her heart skipped a beat and whilst everyone sat down she scanned the sides of the church. It was something he had said in the week before. There, over there and, as predicted, he was there, standing outside the confessional box, their eyes caught for a fraction of a second, he winked and stepped inside whilst she resumed her seat for the rest of the service.

She wanted to hold him, to feel the heat of his body, the tenderness of his touch.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, surely, is there?’ she thought. But how, how could she get that brief moment, that encounter. As she went down on her knees for the final prayers, she noticed how much space there was under the pew and tucked her handbag in a corner hidden from view.

The service finished and the newly-weds followed by the congregation headed out into the churchyard to Widor’s Toccata, uplifting and arousing music,if ever there was. Everyone was leaving the church and mingling in the church year, the photographer was already busy earning his fee ‘Oh hell Pete, I left my bag under the seat, won’t be a min’ Tessa said, and she darted back into the church. She knew she was risking everything for this moment but could not stop herself.

The organ was finishing Toccata, the deep notes of the finale vibrating out the massive bass pipes of the organ rippling through her body as she picked up her bag, had second thought for a moment and then asked herself ‘Would it be wrong to have a quick confession?’ and rushed over. Her heart missed a beat as she opened the confessional door and walked in.

He was standing there, tunic gone, dark grey suit, white open necked shirt, sleek, stylish as always. He put his finger to his mouth and said “Shhhhh, sorry, I just had to see you”. Her heart missed another beat as he put his arms around her, his voice so soothing, she was utterly comfortable with that feeling , gazing in her eyes, she mouth slowly to kiss him. “We shouldn’t kiss Tess, remember your lipstick, just hold me close just for a moment, please, that’s what I want”.

She immediately wrapped her arms around him, under his jacket, she so loved the closeness of his chest, memories of his passionate and caring love making consumed her again as she held him tight, tenderly squeezing her nails in his back. His hand went stroked down into the small of her back and he pulled her tight at their hips. She immediately felt how ready he was her, he was consuming her mind, her right hand began to stroke her chest, slowly down ‘mmmm that feels good’ he said as her sense of urgency increased, her hand dropping below his belt to hold him, thumb on one side, fingers on the other of his bulging readiness. Her hand went up and down a few times, deliberate and arousing movement, she felt him tighten with every stroke, before a finger and thumb grabbed the hook of his fly, unfastened his trousers and moved inside.

‘I’m as ready for you as you are for me’ Tess said.

‘We shouldn’t, not here and now” he replied trying to convince himself.

‘Please just put your head at my entrance, let me just feel you in me just slide up and down outside, quickly please, let me just feel you there, just for a moment’ she said, almost begging in desperation to feel his presence.

‘Okay’ he replied hurrying to undo his belt, dropping his trousers and underwear before sitting on the edge of the chair.

She was facing him, stroking his hair, she knew how much he liked that, looking down at his thick enormity as he guided his soft hands at first up and down the outside of her dress before moving inside. His hands moved up the outside of her thighs, he felt the elasticated top of her hold ups, and the soft warmness of her inner thighs. He stroked the top of her legs whilst his thumbs buried themselves in the softness of her flesh. She knew the feeling so well, the thought aroused her more and now with her legs wide stride him, he parted her thong to one side and she began to crouch over his erect head.

He held himself upright at the base of his throbbing manhood as she guided her swollen moist folds over him. He immediately started moving back and forth, from her button all the way back, then forward. He was slow, deliberate, ‘Fuck this is good’ she muttered, now lost in her own world, breathing shallowly. She dropped her head backwards, looking up to the ceiling as he heard her mutter ‘Forgive me Father as I sin’ then she st down quickly, impaling herself on him, gasping at how big he felt. ‘Oh fuck yes’ they said in unison, both wanting and needing. She was slow and deliberate yet her climax was close, such had been the wanting the past hour. ‘Wait’, he said, ‘let me take you from behind’.

He quickly maneuvered behind her, lifting her dress, parting her legs as she lend forward with her forearms resting on the back of the confession box, both hands pointing upwards. She pushed out her rear, her legs stiff and straight as he guided himself to her entrance. Grabbing both her hips with his big strong hands, his fingers spread wide apart holding the edge of her hip bone whilst his thumbs dug into the flesh of her buttocks. He knew just how much she liked this position as he pushed his hips forward again, his presence forcing up her front wall with then inevitable desired effect. Tess knew she needed to be quiet and through gritted teeth she grasped for breath, to each of his movements she whimpered and moaned softly. However the control expended keeping quiet built her climax rapidly, sensing she was close. Her conductor changed the tempo, bringing in the brass, rapid, deep, strong movement; her knuckles of her tightly clenched fists. Her torso shook as his hands gripped her harder. ‘Release baby, release’ he whispered as she let her climax go, unable to hold for him. She wanted to scream, to turn and hold him and take him as he pushed her climax further, his movement rapid, deep and sustained. ‘Jezus, Mother of God yes’ she muttered through her breathe wanting more.

But before she could do anything, he withdrew saying ‘You really must go quickly but remember, count to sixty, it will make sense later. Now hurry, please’. She was so disappointed, he had her where he wanted again but deep down he was right, so she rearranged herself, pecked him on his forehead and asked ‘What are doing to me?’

‘Shhhhhh, tell you later, now go!’ he said and winked.

Tess walked up the side isle in a hurry, her climax barely down to acceptable levels, a deep feeling of satisfaction yet unfinished business and into the entrance of the church, trying to compose herself looking down at the mosaic as Peter came back and asked ‘What have you been doing?’ in an annoyed way.

‘Sorry hunny, I’m mesmerised at this floor, I got lost in my own world’ Tess replied as they both walked out into the churchyard to rejoin the rest of the crowd. Her breathe was still very controlled, she couldn’t stop herself pulsating, it was as though he was still inside, in her own world….she certainly had been.

The photographs took forever, as they always do, every combination of family and friend, not aided by a slow pedantic photographer. By now the sun was breaking through the clouds as Tess and her family mingled and chatted. ‘Did that really happen, what did he mean by count to sixty?’ She wasn’t really sure but knew he was a man who prepared and had a reason for saying things.

As always happens with a wedding, there were a number of onlookers, unassociated to the wedding party, watching the happy couple slowly moved towards the car. Everyone was gathering around the vintage Rolls, then like a bolt out the blue, Tess recognised the man on the far side of the crowd in charcoal grey and white shirt, by now in reflective sun glasses blending into background. He beamed a huge smile in the general direction of the couple, but he could see Tess looking at him, nodding faintly.

‘Oh my f’ing God, what is he doing now’ she thought as a complex mixture of fright and excitement numbed her senses, she could not help herself as she tightened, imagining him in her again. The car with the bride and groom pulled away and when Tess looked around, he had gone. She was disappointed in one way but relieved in another, it was a real tantilisation.

Twenty minutes later, the family arrived at the large hotel, a modern red brick affair, with a large marquee on the side. Soon they were inside enjoying pre-reception drinks before being called through to their table in the marquee. An hour or two had past that allowed Tess to settle and compose herself and whilst she still ached for him she was more relaxed, albeit she imagined she could still smell his distinctive cologne.

Tables of ten, sat chatted and laugh, typical British politeness at its best. “Wasn’t she gorgeous” and “What a lovely befitting service” yet Tess could remember little, as her mind was consumed by her lover. The Wenman’s were happy with their table, Pete particularly was happy, George, Tess’s cousin, a larger than life character both in wit and size, and a man who enjoyed a good drink. Their children were equally enjoying their time on another larger table full of junior family members. With a good sight line through to the head table, they were content and ready for the wedding breakfast.

The soft tone of the wine waiter saying ‘I presume that will be white wine Madame’ span her head into turmoil again. Her Mr Grey, or was it Mr Bond, was there, she shock, breathlessness, his brazen audacity, talk about life on the edge she thought yet inside, she yearned for this man. Ed DeVere, the man who made her feel different. ‘Wwwwwwhite please’ she spluttered out. He filled her glass, moving on to Peter next to her, ‘and you sir, red?’

‘That’s right, how did you know?’ he asked.

‘Lucky guess, and now I’m going to quit whilst I’m ahead’ said the waiter as the table roared with laughter and whilst the waiter continued to serve other guests, Tess’s turmoil was sickening. He must have plans, what, how, when? She was throwing her normal caution to the wind today, the extreme risk of the day, people and surroundings were in there own way and significant turn-on.

She noticed the waiter glace at her for a second before looking at his watch. Sixty seconds, what where how, she couldn’t work it out. As people on her table continued to chat, it was as if she was deaf, oblivious to her surroundings, her mind awash with all too consuming thoughts of her activity earlier and feeling of being left in the air by the abruptness of the finish.

A minute or so later, she was watching him serving the next table when he glanced over again and looked at her wrist, as the penny dropped with her. A minute later to the second, his eyes glanced at her and each minute thereafter, their eyes gazed for that second then went about their business. It was a discreet and yet powerful connection. Every time, just every time her body tingled.

Twenty minutes later she smelt that cologne again, her heart pounded again. ‘Would you like filling Madame’. That voice, those very precise words, so carefully chosen brought the hairs up all down her back. She clenched herself tight, crossing her legs feeling her pulsing immediately. She felt like a duck on a pond, upper body calm and collected on top of the water yet underneath, she was paddling away intensely.

‘I couldn’t think of anything better’ she replied with a hesitant laugh.

The waiter continued around the table and moved on, by now she simply knew his gaze with be there every minute.

Time moved on with pleasant conversation and then to the speeches and toasts. But now, Tess’s Mr Bond had disappeared, no note, nothing, surely he wouldn’t leave things hanging like that. A couple of hours went by, the music had started and evening festivities were in full swing yet deep down, despite all the risks, Tess was really disappointed.

Tess left the marquee and went to the ladies by main reception, it was busy thoroughfare. Her mother and aunt sharing a quiet moment, reflecting on how time and their lives had just disappeared, their regrets and hopes for the next generations. Tess joined the discussion and felt lucky to have such a strong family around her. As they walked out together Tess smelt the all familiar cologne at the doorway, that tell-tail sign that he was close. ‘God no, not with my mother around’ she thought as they walked back towards the double doors into the marquee.

‘Excuse me Madame, I think you dropped this’ said a man in a smart grey suit and gold badge on his jacket pocket simply saying ‘Manager’. All three ladies turned around, Tess consumed with fright, has his hand gave her a piece of paper.

‘Oh thank you’ she said as the man smiled and walked away. She remembered him saying once ‘Look the part and act the part, people will assume you are the part’ as she smiled contently to herself.

‘He’s a bit of alright’ said Tess’s aunt.

‘Auntie Mary, have you been at the sherry again?’ retorted Tess as they laughed and walked back to the reception.

Tess sat back on her chair and chatted, calm on the outside, shaking and so excited inside,  desperate to see what the note said but careful not to raise suspicion as sat their patiently as the evening passed. The men went to buy drinks and she took the note out of her bag ‘See you at the revolving doors by reception, 10.15 if you can, try to allow 20 minutes at least xxx’. The excitement and fear, shaking, exhilaration engulfed her again as she looked at her watch, 9.35pm, 40 minutes, time for a dance, the ladies and make sure she was ready, having no doubt about what she would do. Silly things like will her watch stop, is she making things so obvious, she tried to steady her nerves but it was difficult.

Time seemed to drag until 10pm then suddenly it was 10.12pm, she had to hurry. Into the ladies, hair straightened, pink lip gloss applied, the feeling of sickness engulfed again, but she trusted him, he would have the angles covered. Head up, shoulders back, she confidently and boldly walked into reception there he was, gold badge gleaming. He beamed a settling smile, ‘Madame, we only have one spare room this evening, it’s not a suite, just a double but it will give you an idea of our rooms if you are ready and would still like to see one’. With no further ado, he marched her passed the bewildered receptionist and up the stairs to the first floor bedroom. All the time, he spoke with the authority of a hotel manager, keeping the pretense until they came to the room, opening the door saying ‘Madame, this is a double room, others are bigger and better but we hope you like’ as he shut the door behind him.

Tess looked at him almost in utter disbelief. The gall, front, nerve to do what he had done, scared her senseless, frightened her, taken huge risks yet it thrilled her, excited her, it gave her the edge….and now, she shared a room with him.

It was a reasonable sized room, queen sized bed, two small arm chairs and a small table, a typical modern hotel bedroom, lots of full length mirrors, more show over substance yet for the couple that didn’t matter, not at this moment, nothing mattered other than the closeness and intimacy of being there.

He pushed the auto dim on the lighting and the moved to the centre of the room. ‘Sorry’ he said, ‘I know I shouldn’t but some days one just has to and today was one of them. Please forgive me’. She looked him in the eyes, the sincerity of his tone, his eyes, the look on face. She thought to herself ‘How can I not forgive a man that stirs me from so deep within me’, she simply smiled caringly and said ‘Of course’.

They stood facing one another by the side of the bed, a few feet apart, he held his hands out looking for hers, she reciprocated by lifting her hands towards his. Their hands touched, he held hers in the palms of his hands, his thumbs stroking the back of hers. The wanting of the past nine hours brought a tension to the moment, simultaneously the hairs on their back of their necks, hearts pounding, nervous shaking inside.

He moved closer and with the tip of his left index figure, traced the outline of her lips, slowly, tenderly, his eyes paying attention to each millimeter. ‘I love eroticism Tess, such a turn on’ as he raised the finger, erect with its shiny tip, she responded by opening her mouth a little, her tongue moving like a hissing snake, ready to consume its prey. She moved forward , her tongue dabbing the end of his finger, thought rushed through her head of the times before when she had faced his true proudness, and the first taste of his pre-cum.

‘Trust me hunnie and do as I ask’ he said and moved to the bed, picking up a blindfold laying on the edge. He stood behind her, carefully guiding into place over her eyes whispering ‘Just do as I say.’

He just took a second or two to look at this woman, slim, higher heels than normal, toned legs and tanned, there was a true erotic connection between them. She looked stunning, expensive round necked sleeveless dress, and matching jacket, he so liked her style and it drove his wanton from deep inside, a need that had burned away all day, but simply to take her quick, hard and fast would do no justice to the way in which he had purposely built to this moment.

‘Hold your hands out to the side Tess’ he said with a soft tone, and raising her arms to a crucifix position, he began to explore her body in a manner similar to an airport security secure, but with a gentleness, caring, softness up and down, all over her. She felt herself being consumed by the moment, the mere lightest of touch after a day such as today, was enough to start to build her moistness.

His fingers combed through her hair and down her neck, grabbing the collar of her jacket, she instinctively knew to drop her arms as the jacket fell, and dutifully raised her arms afterwards. He pulled her hair back over her ears and moved in close. She felt the warmth of his body on her back, ‘mmmm, that’s good’ she thought.

‘You smell de-lish Tess’ as her lover kissed up and down her neck and held her torso, one arm high slightly lifting the underneath part of her breasts whilst the other hand pulled her lower tummy tight to him. She felt his erect readiness pressing into her back, she couldn’t help herself, dropping her arms and moving them to backwards to hold his bottom and pull him tighter. He kissed with more intensity as she dropped her head back on his shoulder, her mouth wide open, deliberately breathing deliberately, trying to maintain a control.

It was probably just a few seconds but that moment felt like an eternity, an indescribable closeness of a moment, something to stay with them for the rest of their lives. ‘Lift your arms back up babe’ he asked as his dutiful lover complied.

The lost of her visionary sense was a powerful feeling albeit that she would have loved to watch him in the mirrors, many angles, like starring in their own film. His nuzzling of her neck intensified, her ear, up and down, then the sensation of his soft hot hand stroking her tummy pulling her close again her body electrified her with excitement. She hadn’t noticed him unzip her dress and move his hand inside.

‘Drop your arms hunnie’ he said and in a second her dress lay in a pile on the floor. She was in a black two piece, Rigby and Peller, silk and lacy, tanned and simply perfect for picking. He unfastened her bra, stroked the back of his fingers down her back, hooking her thong and all the way down to the floor. She stepped away, only in her heels and hood-ups.

He guided her to the bed side, with its high wrought iron head and foot boards, looking much like the bars of a prison cell. Her knees were touch the bed when he asked her to get on it on all fours, legs and arms to be parted wide, stiff and straight, like an attentive dog.

He stood behind her, massaging her back, around her hips, up her inner thighs, his thumbs parting her aching folds, ready for all he could give her. ‘I have an idea’ he said, moving her, still blindfolded and put her hands on the bedhead bars, a couple of feet above the mattress, with her hands wider apart than her shoulders.

She knew how vulnerable she was, legs wide apart, breasts hanging down freely, her hold on the bedhead stopping her face crashing into the pillow. She heard his breath quicken and sensed his nakedness as he stood astride her, bending down with cum-leaden sacks resting on her naked back. He caressed around her ribs with both hands in unison finding the soft tissue of her full breasts, he began to knead them, slowly. His fingers and thumbs soon found her hard proud nipples, rolling them softly but feeling the urgency increasing as he ask ‘Tess, can I fuck you please?’

‘Thought you’d never ask’ she retorted with a giggle as he rolled and pinged the end of her nipples.

He moved back, holding her hips in the same way he did in the church, guided his head unaided to her entrance, ‘God you feel hot’ he sighed and slid in deep inside. He had positioned her so she couldn’t move, blindfolded and erotisised, she moaned loudly ‘That’s so so good, hold it there, deep, it’s so hard, fuck yes’ with a shaky contented voice, whilst squeezing him with her pelvic floor muscles.

His movement turned from slow and gentle into a quicker and determined, not desperate, movement. ‘I have waited all day for this’, Tess responded by rocking her hips back and forth, quicker, faster, harder the lovers released the energetic tension of the day. ‘Quickly, turn over’ he said and he knelt above her. She adjusted herself as he removed her blind fold, discarding it to one side looking in her eyes. Words weren’t necessary, barely a kiss all day, yet such arousal. The biting his bottom lip was his visible sign of need, they both knew the moment had arrived, he held her face with both hands as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her ankles locking together.

He guided himself to her entrance and penetrated, long, slow, deep inside, her eyes were wide open, rabbit like as he leaned down to give her the most tender and exquisite kiss, after the day of building each other’s arousal, he delivered such a romantic instant. Her heart pounded for more.

She put her arms around his back, and up to hold his shoulders, her forearms passing the weight of her body through his whole chest. She arched her back, pulled tight with her legs and she was there, tight on, skin on skin, close, real close, ready wanting and needy.

‘Take me, don’t stop, make me all woman, I need you now’ she whispered as he slightly tightened his hold of her head. Kissing her stronger, his rhythm started, slow deliberate, the pumping up of the balloon she was so familiar with. She wanted a powerful climax, intense and he was single minded in his want for pleasure her.

She moved her right hand down to where their bodies were interlocked, her aching button, nipple like ready, and her middle fingers began their work. She was ready, right on top of her climax, wanting to release, their hot panting sweaty bodies in sync. His movement was assured, confident, deliberate, she gripped his shoulders hard, and kissed him, feverishly, his neck, face, ears, so wanting him there with her.

Every push inside brought her closer to bursting point, then she started to contract inside as he withdrew each time, releasing as he pushed in. It had her desired effect, the gaze she remembered from the last time, was over his eyes, he was starring and not recognizing, his canon was about to fire. ‘Come with me’ she said in a soft, almost sad affection way, ‘Come with me now, fill me with your wanting’. By then he face was contorted, his grunting loud. She almost felt the trigger fire as the first volley shot inside. She screamed as she released simultaneously, her nails buried deep in his shoulders, back arching and body shaking, he rocked his hips side to side deep inside her before he began to withdraw to fire the second volley. She gripped him tight has he came withdrew, extracting every last drop before his second thundered in, then a third, wave after wave buckled her body beyond believe and, although his tanks were empty, the firing continued.

Her climax was long, concentrated, personal to her needs, and sensing she was over her peak, he eased his motion a little. His hands held her face and looking deep in her eyes said ‘Well lover, you are simply amazing, that was so special’ before he kissed her, slow at first, lips first then exploring with his tongue, then quicker and passionately.

‘I so love the moments after climax’ Tess said, she eyes welling up a little, ‘the closeness, tenderness, skin on skin contact’ the two lovers, sweaty and clammy and unfussed,  looked at each other for what seemed an age, locked in the same position from earlier.

‘Yes, it can be really special Tess, I could stay like this all night’.

She smiled kindly at him and replied ‘me too’.

Seconds later, the special moment was shattered when he looked at the clock on the side ‘Thirty minutes Tess, you must really rush, sorry, you should!’ As sense of minor panic came over them, as she tidied up, dressed and straightened herself out. A final kiss at the door, then he poked his head out, all clear and Tess hurries out along the corridor, through the double doors, back downstairs to her other world.

Ed, her Mr Grey-Bond, was left with an empty feeling when she disappeared through the double doors at the end of the corridor. ‘Til next time dear lady’ he thinks, ‘I’ll introduce you to my love-making music and see how your ecstasy after that’. With that, he laid back on the bed and drifted in his thoughts about time away together, just the two of them.

Submitted: December 03, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Giles Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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You can feel the passion between Tessa and Ed...well done

Wed, December 3rd, 2014 11:43pm


Thank you, yes, when it is based on a real situation, one can get intensity into the story.

Sun, December 14th, 2014 9:34am

Anna is here

Passion and desire....loved it thank you :-)

Fri, January 16th, 2015 9:42am


Glad you liked.

Fri, February 13th, 2015 10:34am

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