the tube journey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tess covering in a London office for a work mate on holiday gets more than she bargains for on her journey home.

It had been a long, hard day down at the office in London where Tess had been covering for a colleague, a very early start and late finish. She had to catch a tube to a mainline train station first, so it was going to be a long trip home, two hours at least. As she boarded the tube with her brief case and files under her arm, her heel caught on the step and everything went tumbling to the floor of the tube... including an embarrassed and tired woman!

“Damn! That’s all I need!” she thought. She scrambled to get up and pick up the files, when she noticed a pair of luxurious black Oxford brogues, draped in tailored navy blue mohair trousers and then a smooth pair of gentleman’s well-manicured hands reaching out to help pick the rest of her files up. She followed the hands to gaze up at the man’s face and his kind smiling brown eyes. She noticed how attractive he was.

"Thank you very much" she said as he passed her the last file off the floor and they stood up together.

"Are you okay"? he asked, with a soft deep refined voice.

"Yes. Nothing hurt but my pride" she replied laughing and flustered as she moved to take a seat, and only to find he was sat opposite her with his brief case. The tube wasn’t busy at this time in the evening so there was plenty of room; the doors closed and they started off. The woman started reading a book and he seemed to be reading something on his Blackberry. They occasionally looked up and smiled at one another. He seemed to be squirming occasionally in his seat and she was beginning to wonder if he was reading something saucy as she was, just finishing her second reading of Fifty Shades of Grey and she knew what an effect that had on her. She shifted in her seat and crossed her legs at the thought, pressing her thighs tight together as she felt a throbbing, yearning deep within. The tube stopped and more people got off and then she realised they were the only two left in the carriage. The tube set off and they continued reading.

“God I love this book” she thought to herself.” Ana Steele is the luckiest woman ever..... I want to be her... I want someone to pleasure me and teach me what I have missed out on. My husband's way of making love was about 10 minutes of huffing and puffing and that was that.... over and done ‘til next time....I want someone to take me to places I have never been before... I want to feel the ‘electricity’ streaking through my body like the book describes.”

Just as she was thinking all above this, she looked up to find that the gent was staring at her from his seat opposite. She smiled at him and was as sure as she could be that a blush crept over her face. Suddenly they were plunged into darkness and as the emergency lighting came on the tube ground to a halt which sent her files all over the floor again...”Damn!” she muttered.

They both moved to bend down to pick them up and as their hands briefly touched and skimmed one another she felt a charge run through her body. She gasped at the shock of it and she thought he must have felt it too as he made to grab her wrists before she fell again flat on her backside.

"Oh my God, it’s so not my day today" she exclaimed shaking her head and trying to get up off the floor. He held out his hand to help her up and then she noticed he was looking down. She followed his gaze and to her horror realised that her skirt was all huddled up and her stocking tops showing, quickly brushed her skirt down and she could feel herself going crimson....the man just smiled and winked.

An announcement came over the tannoy announcing that there had been a power failure and that they were doing the best to get the tube up and running as soon as they could. "Oh great now I am going to miss my train. It’s so not my day, can things not get any better? "

"I know how we could pass the time" he said with a cheeky wink and a grin showing his perfect white teeth.

"How do you mean"? she asked curious but inside hopeful, could it be her Ana moment....?

He came towards her and stood right in front of her, he was taller than even with her high heels on. He grabbed her by the wrists and gently pushed them behind her head and leaned in to give her a first kiss. To her amazement she responded... closing eyes, her mouth open, her tongue gently pushing forward ... searching inside his mouth. The urgency building she tried to wriggle her hands free so that she could run her fingers through his hair. But his grip tightened and she didn’t want to struggle against him....she wanted to be like Ana.... she wanted him to take her, this to be her moment.

She stumbled backwards until she came to the luggage crate and could feel the cold metal cage against her bare wrists and arms and back. Their kissing still deepening and the yearning built in the pit of her stomach. Her heart was pounding like a drum in her chest....”God this guy could kiss!” she thought. They broke for a moment to catch their breath, both panting. He let go of her wrists to gently take hold of her face and as she looked up into his eyes she sensed the need and desire of the moment in both of them.

"I am sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I notice you are reading Fifty Shades. Do you like it?" he asked

"Yes I do. It’s my second time of reading it. I just get lost in it!' she replied.

"I know we have only just met, but I feel like I want you right now.... this minute" he said.

"Really?!" she replied totally shocked at his suggestion, but realising that is exactly how she felt too.

He leant towards her again this time pinning her flat against the metal mesh of the luggage cage and started to kiss her again his left hand grabbing and massaging her breast while his right hand drifted towards the hem of her skirt. He gently eased his hand up stroking her thigh until he reached the top of her stocking hold ups. She so wanted this man, right here, right now. Her heart was pounding as his hand made its way higher up her leg to her apex and softness and warmth of her inner thigh.

She found herself trying to fumble at the waist band of his trousers to undo his belt. He pulled away "We'll have none of that Miss!" he said smoothly and calmly. His assured, smooth voice broke down any last chance of defence she had. He walked backwards towards his briefcase on the seat leaving she stood there gasping. He opened it up and withdrew a pair of silver handcuffs! "I’m a detective" he explained with a wink, dangling the cuffs in front of her as she skipped a heart-beat.

"Would you mind if I put these to some use Miss"?

“Oh my God he wanted to use the cuffs on me?!” she thought.

Her eyes widened, her heart thudded she smiled and asked "Well what do you have in mind sir"? as he walked towards her. Without replying, he clicked the cuff to her left wrist and then after putting the chain around the framework of the luggage cage clicked it to her right wrist so she couldn’t move. She stood there not quite believing what was happening, chained up, wondering what he could possibly do next. He stood directly in front of her and kissed her once more, again she felt the urge to grab his hair and pulled against her restraints as his hands made their way to her breasts. Then suddenly he took hold of her blouse and pulled hard as the buttons flew off and hit the floor he lowered his head and nuzzled her left breast through a lacy bra. Then, hooking his index finger over the fabric pulled it down to expose her breast and hardening nipple."Ahhhh" she moaned with delight.

His right hand made its way down to the hem of her skirt again and found its way quickly to her thong. He nudged her foot to the side to part her legs slightly as he started to kiss more passionately again. He slipped her thong to one side to find her exposed bare folds wet, ready... he inserted one then two fingers inside, she moaned as she thrust her hips towards him. He stopped kissing her to suck at her exposed nipple, then gently bit it and it sent shockwaves down her tummy towards his expert fingers making her moan even louder.

She could feel him fumbling with his other hand at the fly of his trousers and then his manhood being pressed against her tummy as his tongue circled her exposed nipple. He eventually released his erect magnificence and, as she looked down, she could see already that it glistened with moisture.

She wanted to grab him but with her wrists still bound she knew she couldn’t. His kiss deepened suddenly as he withdrew his fingers and picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, he shoved her hard against the cage and pushed himself inside her entrance as they both let out a moan.

He began gently at first, to push himself into her, backwards and forwards, deep too. Pushing hard in, withdrawing slowly, almost all the way out and then thrusting forwards and holding it in, pushing, hard, deep. She so wanted to hold him, God she did, to run her fingers through his hair as he ravished her. She pulled against her restraints.... how frustrating yet arousing.

Their moans were getting louder, panting. "Yes ... oh please yes…..yes……….yes"! she gasped as his thrusting quickened. She could feel the cold metal against the cheeks of her backside the rattling of the cage getting louder as the thrusts were getting more urgent, his continual slamming into her. She could feel herself building, a kiss deepening, tongues searching as the thrusts grew deeper, passion overwhelming and totally disarming. His hands were clenching, squeezing the cheeks of her rear.

"Oh God, I so want to make you wet"! he whispered in her ear "I want you to take all of me. I want to spit my hot seed inside and make you cum!”. And, as if the words themselves controlled her, she could feel herself right on the edge, building, throbbing. "Yes"! she screamed. "harder.... please take me” she begged “.... now ….fuck me hard!"

She had no sooner got the words out than she began to feel her whole body shake, quiver....her pussy pulsing around him as she shouted "Oh GGGGod yes!" And as his hands frantically squeezed her buttocks, he then thrust himself deep into her and she felt his wet warmth spurt deep inside as they both exhaled a groan of sheer contentment.

They both clinged to one another for what seemed an age, her legs still wrapped around him, his hands gripping her buttocks, her back pinned to the steel cage behind. They placed their foreheads together, panting, totally breathless, hot, sweaty.

He gently lowered her to the floor. Her legs were jelly-like, shaky, unsteady but managed to take her weight and stand up as he kissed her lips gently without the urgency of before. He put himself back into his trousers and zipped himself up, ran his fingers through her hair and walked over to the seat, reached into his briefcase and got the keys for the cuffs. He unlocked them one by one and she rubbed her wrists where the red marks were, gazing up into his twinkling eyes. "That was fantastic Miss!”.

"Yes you could say that sir!" she replied smiling with deep satisfaction, as she reached up to run her fingers through his hair and kiss his lips. They held each other tight, a kiss lingering, gentle, tender and caring.

They parted eventually and then she remembered her blouse and its missing buttons and her exposed breasts. She quickly adjusted herself and walked to her seat where her suit jacket lay on top of the files. She put it on and fastened the buttons and then looked up at him and smiled.

"I would like to see you again.... if I may?" he said. Her heart skipped and she felt herself beaming.

"I would so love that too!” she replied.

They kissed once more just as the tube started again and they both stumbled. How they didn’t end up in a heap on the floor she do not know. They sat back down this time next to each other, his hand on her leg, stroking her inner thigh, smiling with his eyes twinkling and her heart skipping and mind wandering.

“Thank God I dropped my files.” She thought and, for once, she was thankful for being clumsy.

They exchanged numbers before they got off at the next stop and she walked away towards the train station with an unusual carefree bounce in her step.

The only thought in her head was ..... "Wow, fuck, yes!”

Submitted: October 31, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Giles Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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That was...fking erotic!

Sat, December 13th, 2014 3:51am


Presume that means you like ;-)

Sun, December 14th, 2014 9:35am

Anna is here

Heard about your writings from a friend and joined to read more.

OMG you get my vote. :-D

Mon, January 5th, 2015 7:05pm

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