The office party

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Tess Wenman and Ed DeVere continue their affair at their office party.

It was the day of the office party, third week of December and after all the preceding client festivities, a City office was ready to let its hair down.

It was a busy time of year for the business and there was a key deadline that had to be met, unfortunately on the same day. Tess Wenman knew she’d need to work hard to achieve the deadline and despite the general party spirit in the office, she kept her head down and focused all day, working through her lunch. By 4.30pm, things were not going well as she couldn’t balance the numbers in her spreadsheet, her frustration made worse by some of the office youngsters started getting changed.

It was 5.40pm when she eventually finished and was able to get ready. Lisa Broad, the Executive Assistant was standing in reception and saw Tess’s fraught face and asked what was up.

“I’ve worked my arse off all day, just got finished, all the loos are a mess and I have to get changed. Frankly, I’m pissed off”, Tess said, trying holding back the tears. Her affair with Ed DeVere continued, no one in the office had any idea about their relationship however she wanted to look special for him that evening and getting ready in tip of a wash room, water everywhere was not conducive to feeling good.

“Just sit down here a minute, calm down and I will be back” Lisa said and she disappeared for a few minutes.

“Get your things Tess and come with me” Lisa said and they walked up a floor to the executive offices.

It was the first time Tess had been in the offices as far as Lisa knew, plush, stylish, yet somehow understated. “It’s nice, isn’t it. Look, I’ve spoken with Mr DeVere who has said you can use the executive bathroom. Seriously, he doesn’t mind” Lisa explained.

Tess really wasn’t in the mood for any funny business but did appreciate the fact that Ed had agreed she could use the bathroom. “Can I say thank you to him” Tess asked Lisa, who promptly marched her into Ed’s office.

“I do appreciate you offering the bathroom for me to change, are you really sure” Tess asked.

“That’s fine, I hear that you’ve worked hard and through lunch again today, the least we can do, now go and get ready and let your hair down this evening!” Ed said with a kind smile and wink. His voice always churned her tummy and, as he sat there in his open necked double cuffed shirt, he was looked really good.

Tess turned quickly and walked out as a tear fell down her cheek. Lisa showed her the way to the bathroom and came back to thank Ed again. “You know that’s really kind of you Ed, she was quite upset. Would you like me to hang around or may I go?” Lisa continued.

“Thanks, that’s fine, you go, just lock the main door, when Tess has finished I will lock up and we will get a cab to the club. See you there in a while and organize a cold beer please!” Ed said smiling.

“Thank you, I will stay if you’d feel more comfortable” Lisa said.

“No, go, honesty its fine” Ed insisted.

His mind was awash of ideas, yet he knew Tess was emotional. How would she react if he made advances, would she embrace or rebuff him. Normally, Ed would have knocked on the door and gone in, but somehow it seemed wrong.

He sat back at his desk and tried to work for a while however he couldn’t. Everyone had gone, they were alone, she was, at worse, skimpily dressed and best naked. His mind was found of the images of her naked body, he loved her form, slim but not boney. He got up to go and talk to her, then sat down then looked on his phone at some of the erotic chat of the previous few days messenger traffic and it was simply too much. Blood was quickly congregating in his groin and it would have been very evident for anyone to see.

He went and double locked the main door so no one could get in, then knocked on the bathroom door and said “Tess, are you OK, can I come in please, everyone else has gone.”

“OK but no funny business, do you promise me?” she retorted.

“OK I promise, just let’s chat whilst you get ready” he replied.

Tess unlocked and opened the door a fraction, peeped out and saw him fully dressed and let him in. “I would have lock the door had you been undressed you know” Tess said firmly.

“I had worked that out for myself” he chuckled. It broke the ice a little and Tess smiled back.

The bathroom was big, about 14 feet square and in two halves, with a dividing wall and door frame between each side. One side had a very large shower, grab handles a large drying area and WC the other side had a built in units running the length of the room, with twin wash basins with mirrors on all the walls. Tess had sprawled make up and her evening clothes on one side of the wash basins and all her work clothes the other. A damp towel laid on the floor where she had quickly freshened up in the shower.

Ed sat on a seat as Tess continued to get ready. She was already in a matching white silk bra and thong, the bra had thin straps, as she knew it would be a turn on for Ed when she flirted about what she was wearing later. She hadn’t expected him to come in the way he did and her plan to tease him all night about what she had on under her dress was in shatters however she found it a somewhat strange turn on to be getting dressed in front of him. Certainly she found to be a novel experience as she continued and chuckled to herself.

Tess perched herself on the end of a chair and started to put on her very fine denier hold ups. They were a nearly black in colour, again Ed’s favourite. Although she was still a little upset from earlier, she bizarrely found herself being quite provocative in the way she put them on. Very slowly at first, ensuring the toes were in the perfect position, then pulling and stretching each one so that the elasticated top of the hold ups were almost touching her thong. She knew the measure of her man and knew he would be highly aroused, which she saw when she looked at his groin.

“You are a tease Tess” he exclaimed.

“I’m not, it’s all in your mind” she replied in a jovial indignant manner. Ed grinned at her use of his favourite line.

Tess then stepped into her high black patent shoes before saying, “OK, make up, slip my dress, tidy up and I’m ready”.

“Oh my goodness, it’s difficult being a good boy you know!” Ed said in a truly frustrated tone.

Ed sat back on the chair and looked her up and down, she still had signs of her recent holiday, but she was shapely, slim yet with a properly layer of body to her, not overly boney. He found it incredibly difficult just to sit there, especially as she had pulled her hold ups so high. He knew she knew the effect that it had on him, how it was such an arousal, seeing a very limited amount of squidgy inner thigh at the top of a woman’s leg. Was she doing it deliberately, so he should force himself on her, was she doing it as she knew the tops would creep down over the evening, such were the thoughts spinning through Ed’s mind. Whatever her intent, if any, it was having a major effect on Ed, who now sat somewhat uncomfortably with a large erection.

The nice thing about their affair was the fact that they chatted about all sorts of things, it made it more complete, it wasn’t just about their sexual prowess and so they did as Tess continued to get ready. She was about to apply her lipstick to say her makeup was done.

She turned and faced Ed and said “Well, I was sure you were going to try something on this evening, I’m pleased you didn’t it would have made me cross. Anyway thank you, I’ll be ready in a couple of mins once I’ve tidied up, slipped my dress on and we can go”.

“I have to say Tess, I have been sitting here for the past 10 minutes, looking at you, every conceivable angle with the mirror reflections and you really look fantastic. And I look at you now, you’ve dressed for me, from the thin straps of your bra to the hold ups. You’re such a turn on and you know precisely how to press my buttons. Let me tell you, my mind has been drifting, remember that erotic DVD we saw? The couple in the bedroom full of mirrors, well it’s been whizzing through my head, here mirrors, you, me, here, now!” Ed said lowering his voice towards the end.

He tilted his head to one side as he stood up, he had his puppy dog eyes as Tess said firmly “No, we have a party to go to!.”

“Just stand here in the middle and I will stand behind you” he continued

“No!” she retorted sharply.

Ed stood up and looked in the mirror as Tess started to tidy up.

“Mmmmm I can see what they mean standing here, I’m thinking of you bent over the unit there and from any angle I can see what I’m doing to you and what your face is like, how you’re enjoying it” he said

“Yes I can see the effect it has had on you too. It’s not going to work, I’m ready to party so get it out your head please. NOW !” She said.

“OK but just come and stand in front of me for a minute, please at least allow me to go off with the image of could have been” he pleaded.

“OK but at the first sign of funny business, you’ll get a slap!” Tess said as she went and stood in front of him looking in the long mirror.

Tess had been thinking about the DVD when Ed said moments earlier and it was a kind of turn on, as too was Ed’s attentive detail to what she was wearing and as she stood there, dressed to thrill she found herself surprised by Ed’s self-control and the fact that he hadn’t tried anything on. Her head was in a good place but her heart somehow wanted him to force himself on her, ravish and be demanding of her and for her to watch his prowess in the mirrors. She felt that yearning in the pit of her stomach for her lover erupting deep inside her.

“See, I can be a good boy” Ed said looking at her eyes through the mirror reflection.

“I learn something new about you every day Mr DeVere, I seriously thought you’d try something on!” Tess said with a smile.

“Disappointed then?” Ed replied with a cheeky grin and wink.

“NO! Just surprised, that is all!” Tess said indignantly.

Ed cracked a smile and they both chuckled.

Ed placed his hands on Tess’s forearms before sliding them down to interlock both hand hands by their fingers.

“Had I tried something, I’m not sure what I would have done, nibbled your neck, shoulder and ears or lifted your arms up high and kissed you passionately into submission” he said softly.

“Stop it!” she said as he moved forward and leaned his chin on her shoulder and gazed in her eyes in the mirror.

“Your breathing is quickening Tess” Ed said

“No it’s not and stop it, don’t spoil your good behaviour” she said.

“Don’t deny it, you’re all a flutter inside, you know you are, you know I know you are, you want me to take you, here, forceful and now. Look you are controlling your breathing rather than breathing naturally, you want me and you want me now. I know you do” he said provocatively.

Tess thought how the fuck did he pick up on that retorting with “That is just crap!”

“So you will rebuff every advance I make on you now, will you? Do you have the strength and will, you know how persuasive I can be? What did you say once, “The man who never takes no as the answer”, well no is not on the agenda this evening. So here, now, you, me, you know my train has left the station and won’t stop, on board, enjoy the journey, it’s going too fast to stop!!” Ed said softly, with a lowered voice, his eyes wide open look at hers through the reflection in the mirror.

“Haha, you really don’t know me do you!” Tess responded, although deep down she knew he was right.

Ed looked at her for a second or two before lifting her hands up high over her head, still standing behind her his gaze still locks on her eyes.

Ed’s head was awash of ideas but most notably the thought that Tess wanted him to be forceful, to take her despite all her protestations, could it be he thought and what would happen had he misjudged the situation.

“For fuck sake Ed, No!” she said.

Ed’s mind flipped “OK then you, if that’s the way you want it” he retorted, grabbing her wrists very firmly and pushing her backwards so she stood, back pinned to the cold mirrored wall, before lifting her arms high again. He pressed his body against her to pin her to the mirror and began kissing her frantically. Tess instinctively crossed her legs, almost to protect her dignity.

The lovers were close, their faces only fractions of an inch apart. Tess slowly and very deliberately said “No” looking straight in his eyes.

“I know that ‘No’ really means ‘Yes’ and you are playing hard to get” Ed said with a determined look, so unusual for him, and so different for the kind and tender person she knew so well.

Tess said “I mean it, I really do” and tried to pull her arms down.

Ed gripped her more firmly and held her arms high and started to kiss her on the lips, his tongue trying to explore her tightly shut mouth. Ed, undeterred by this apparent rebuff, continued, kissing the side of her neck, from her ear down to her shoulder blades. Little butterfly kisses, light, affectionate, assured and as he kissed he spoke softly to her in between the kisses saying

“You look…..…and are….….simply…..……the most….….erotic….….adorable….….kind……………. considerate and …….…sexy person I know…..….I’m going to look you in your eyes and……….let you know the effect…….….you have on me…….”

Tess already knew the effect, she could feel it on the side of her thigh as Ed used a knee to try to part her legs. Ed’s eyes had been shut as he kissed and whispered to her however opening them he saw the fine hairs on the back of Tess’s neck perpendicular and her skin all goose bumped.

Tess knew her defences were braking as she continued to resist and struggle yet strangely she found her resistance erotic, it felt almost like being taken by a complete stranger forcing themselves. Instinctively she clenched her thigh muscles to keep them shut and her intimacy unavailable but felt the pulsing in her intimacy getting stronger inside.

Ed tightened his grip on both wrists and stepped back a couple of paces pulling Tess with him, she almost lost her balance however the strength of his grip acted as her support. Before Tess could utter a word, Ed pushed her back onto the mirrored wall and as she tried to regain her balance properly she felt first one, then his second leg between hers.

“You git, stop it, I’m not pissing around, stop it!” she exclaimed.

“Only when I’ve fucked you. I’m having you now!” he said with forceful conviction.

Both wrists forced high over her head Ed started to kiss….and kiss….every button of her desire was pressed, nibbling of her ear lobes, down the back of her neck but now with an intense urgency.

Tess was awash of hot desire by now, the pit of her tummy almost feeling sick with the desire to be taken and yet, her resistance stirred something different inside, another side of her emotion, resistance in the right circumstances is hugely erotic. She sensed it was having an immense effect on Ed, he had a forceful manly desire and determination, his normal sensitivity that she so loved had been replaced by a no nonsense ‘I’m taking it from you whether you want me to or not’ approach. She had to resist more to see what would happen.

Ed crossed her wrists, still high above her head and pinned them down with his left hand whilst his right hand grabbed her face his thumb and first finger making a v-like shape over her chin. His hands were soft and hot as he gripped her face firmly, stroking in a very decisive way. He looked in her eyes, glazed almost blankly, like his mind was elsewhere, tilting his head to one side he continued to stare. Tess started to tug with her arms, in an unconvincing attempt to free herself but Ed strengthened his grip on her arms and face, still staring, opening his mouth before locking it onto hers and commencing a frenzied onslaught of passionate kissing. His mouth was wide open, his tongue between her lips, first one side, then the other side of her mouth, darting feverishly. His breathe deepened and moaning started as his left thigh pushed tightly into Tess’s groin region and moved up and down. Ed felt Tess clench her intimate area as he continued his onslaught on raw passion, intensifying his movement.

Ed wasn’t sure whether it was Tess submitting or whether it was trying to adjust her mouth however her jaw opened sufficiently for his tongue to slip inside to agitate her emotions with excitement, his tongue on hers. He opened his eyes before looking deep into hers, which seemed to be more like a rabbit in the headlights unable to move. The tautness in her body eased a little, her arms went limp in a fatalistic submission opening her mouth wide to let her lover consume her, intensive, unrestrained all-consuming kissing, except now Tess was responding with equal zeal.

This unrivalled raw passionate kissing continued in a two-way exchange of wanton desire, Tess now forcing her groin into Ed’s thigh and rocking her hips back and forth. Ed maintained his grip on her wrists and face as the closeness continued.

“Can’t stop me know baby” Ed said through gritted teeth, almost trying to hold back the passion and anger of his earlier rejection.

“You think?” she said goading him. “You really think that do you?  Haha, I’m just going to get my dress on and hurry to the party”.

Ed tightened his grip on her wrists, pushing them hard onto the mirror. He dropped his hand from her face and desperately tried to undo his trouser belt, and then his trousers before the force of gravity dropped them to his ankles. Flicking first one shoe then the other offer and over the room, followed by one leg then the other of his trousers. His trousers landed up in an undignified bundle in the corner of the bathroom. He moved his protruding groin region to hers and rubbed hard. Tess could feel him, he seems certainly harder than normal and possibly bigger and she found it so arousing.

Ed’s free hand held her in the small of her back and pulled her torso tight onto his as he pushed harder onto her apex with his groin. Normally, Ed would be slow and precise in the way he caressed but this day he was very needy, forceful and hurried, and in a single movement with his index finger and thumb, moved his hand up her spine, unhooking her bra and moving his hand around to seize her fulsome right breast as it fell out of the bra cup. He kneaded her breast hard, like a baker mixing his dough whilst stretching her arms higher with his other hand, making her more vulnerable. His finger and index finger soon found Tess’s nipple and he began to roll it and twist it, always in the same direction, like twisting a nut on a bolt. Tess felt the urgency in his touch, he was far stronger than normal in his touch, rough like, exceptionally needy for sure, his twisting of her nipples was tingling, much like a mild Chinese burn.

Ed’s onslaught on Tess’s body continued, her hands held high, his unstoppable passionate kissing, man-handling of her firm breasts and the writhing of his hips in her groin. Tess knew she was safe in Ed’s company however she found herself almost overwhelmed by the thrill and excitement of a man forcing himself on her. In fact it really turned her on.

“Stop it you bastard, I want to go to the party” she said.

Rather than following in his normal considerate way, it strengthen Ed’s resolve and intensified action. “You’re mine and now” he said in a lowered almost husky urgent voice. Tess’s spine tingled in excitement as she started to struggle more.

“Too late, not stopping this, my need is huge and needs satisfying right now so submit you bitch, right now, submit!” he demanded through his gritted teeth.

 “Fuck off Ed, stop it” Tess protested as her arousal continued.

Ed’s breathe slowed and deepened as the lustful sensation of dominating desire for Tess consumed his mind.

Ed thought to himself whether she really did want to get to the party but his normal respect for Tess deserted him and in a moment of unparalleled passion he couldn’t stop himself, from deep within, his animalistic instinct, natural lust and desire overwhelmed him. He was frantic, he tugged at his underwear, pulling over his bottom whilst continuing to kiss Tess, who was putting up a valiant display of defiance. Shortly afterwards, Ed’s underwear joined his trousers in the corner of the room.

Ed moved his free hand quickly to Tess’s crotch, she felt hot, moist and her thong was doing its best to contain her swollen folds. Ed’s thumb rested down one side of her parting whilst his fingers went down the other side before he began to squeeze. She felt lust, very wet and ready to be taken. Ed moved her thong to one side and in a seamless move, penetrated her with his three longest fingers hard and as deep as they would go.

“You bastard Ed! “ yelled Tess as she gasped at the force with which he went in, then opening his hand so his fingers were flat, he searched for front wall for her g-spot. Tess’s resilience was rapidly waning and she knew that Ed knew this too. His hand movement was smooth and whilst she tried to hide it, he was hitting the spot dead centre. She clenched his fingers with her pelvic floor muscles tightly before asking “Can I put my arms down for a minute”

Ed replied “OK but no trying to get away!” and with that he released her wrists and Tess dropped her arms down to her front. Her bra fell to the floor before she grabbed the front tails of Ed’s expensive shirt an in a single movement she ripped the front of his shirt open, buttons flew everywhere and as the fine cotton was torn to shreads. Then with a deep sultry voice, very slowly and deliberately she said “Nowjustfuck……..brains…..out!”

Whilst Ed scrambled to take her thong off, Tess pulled at his shirt in what was a comical few seconds. But Tess was now released from her self-imposed restraint and her rampant desire was insatiable. Her need was immense and her focus was total as she grabbed the root of Ed cock and lined him up to penetrate and then, at that perfect position, she thrust forward, talking him deep inside her.

“Come on Ed, you got me like this, fuck me man, now, fuck me hard” she said in a loud desperate way. Ed withdrew a fraction before thrusting forward deep inside. She was squelchy with excitement, hot and wanting everything he could offer. “You feel thicker Ed, you have a cock thickener or something, now come on, fuck me”

Ed looked in her eyes for a fraction of a second, they weren’t her normal come to bed eyes, more ‘just fucking give it to me hard’ eyes.

“OK” he said before leaning forward hooking the backs of her knees with his arms and lifting her, so she was pinned to the wall, in a vertical deep stick like position. Tess was now bent double, her ankles above his shoulders as she felt him withdraw so the tip of his head was only just inside before thumping deep inside. Tess yelled with surprise, not expecting the ferocity of the penetration as he withdrew, like reloading a gun, before firing a second deep rod inside.

“Oh my fucking God……yes baby, yes…..more” she exclaimed as Ed began to find his rhythm. Ed grabbed his face with both hands before pulling him in case to kiss him. She was almost deranged with passion kissing him as his pounding got stronger. Her back was pinned to the mirror so she had no way to avoid the strength of his thrusting. In, out, in out he continued as she felt herself coming close to climax so quickly, such had been the arousal of their foreplay. Tess moved her arms around his body and up his back, her finger tips and nails grabbing his shoulders for all her worth.

“We cum together Tess, you can’t go without me” Ed said looking at her with gritted determination, “you just can’t cum yet!”

Out of the corner of her eyes, Tess suddenly glimpsed movement and turning her head she saw Ed’s naked bottom moving back and forth from the reflection in the mirror. She then looked around the room and she could see his movement from any angle, it was like she was starring in her own porn movie. Watching his movement and feeling his thunderous cock inside brought her to boiling point and being ready to explode.

The reason was unbeknown to Ed, but he sensed that she was about to climax as he said “Hold it, you can’t release, hold it baby.”

“Can’t” she muttered.

“You must” he demanded.

“Oh fuck hurry” she begged.

Ed continued to push in deep, beads of sweat dripped down his face, their bodies were clammy from the skin on skin contact but his urgency was unrivaled. She sensed his moment was fast approaching as his hard cock stiffened even more, ready for ejaculation. Tess clenched him tight for all her worth as his moans of pleasure became screams of need. This seemed to go on for an eternity, albeit it was probably a few seconds, before Ed gasped “Go baby, go”.

In a final action, she grabbed his arse, burying her nails deep in him as Tess’s climax came instantaneously, like the moment of bursting a dam, the utter overwhelming rush of ecstasy. Ed was still on the edge, teetering on an eruption, which he held for a few more poundings. Tess saw Ed’s eyes bulge, he was in a different place, animalistic, natural intense pleasure and in an action almost like rapidly pulling a bow back and releasing an arrow, his hips withdraw and thundered back inside her with a screech of ecstasy lifting her climax to another level. So he continued, wave after wave, hot seed deep in her body bent double. He was hard, selfish-like in his pounding ensuring every last drop of his seed was deep inside her.

The energy Ed expended was immense, he was utterly exhausted and so he pushed himself hard again Tess, the root of his cock almost holding her on a hook and his started to grind her. One side to another, then back again, Tess was powerless to stop him, nor did she want to as she sensed another climax suddenly building from nowhere. Tess interlocked her fingers behind her head to expose her body to the power, heat and softness of Ed’s torso. She let her head drop back, and shut her eyes to experience the continuity of Ed’s love making in her own zone. It was quick for her, almost too quick as another wave, this time less powerful took her. Her body shook as Ed worked her button hard with his grinding, her breathe rasping with the passion of the moment. Whilst it was less intense the moment continued far longer, feeling somewhat like the warmth of a shower.

Tess began to ease down from her heights, lifted her head up unlocked her fingers and stroked Ed’s face gently, her fingers combing through his hair to hold his head securely. Their eyes locked on each other, almost looking down into each other’s soul, in their own worlds yet sharing a very intimate place in their hearts; Ed broke the intensity of the moment with the kindest, softest, caring smile Tess could ever remember. She immediately pulled Ed’s head close, tilting her head slightly, to lightly kiss his lips.

The lightness of their passionate kissing, even after all the love making, was erotic for both of them and arousing too. Tess was still bent double, Ed still hard and all consumed inside her love canal. Ed could tell from Tess’s face that she had more pleasure inside needing to come out as he started to rock gently back and forth.

“I need to straighten darling” Tess said affectionately and continued “lay down flat on the floor just there”.

It was a relief for Ed that Tess had asked him to put her down as he lowered her legs but careful to maintain his penetration. They both stood there, naked other than for Tess’s hold ups, bodies fused as one looking around at all the mirrors seeing themselves. Ed somehow had spread his arms, one up high between her shoulder blades and the other in the small of her back. Tess’s arms draped over his body and around to hold his bottom.

“God you’re such a beautiful love-maker Tess, so affectionate, you stir emotions so deep inside me, I so glad we have each other” he said. Ed’s words were often a stirring however the sincerity of his tone made her quiver inside with want for this man.

“If you only knew what you do to me Ed!” she said softly before grabbing his face again and kissing again fervently, clenching him tight with the pelvic muscles. Ed continued to rock gently as the first signs of his seed began to coat the outside of her folds. “Oh God Ed, I so want you……fuck….take me again but with your tongue. Lay there quickly” she said point him to the floor.

Ed lay down flat looking up to the ceiling as Tess sat astride, pinning his upper arms with her shin bones as she faced down his body. She had been clenching to keep his seed inside her however now that she was only inches above his face she relaxed and the seed seeped out of her pinkness over his face, quickly as first . She looked up and saw herself and her lover in the reflection of the mirror.

She rubbed her thumbs and index fingers in the seed on Ed’s face and then watching herself, she cupped her fulsome breasts and used the seed to lubricate her erect nipples. It was an instant turn on, watching herself play like this.

Tess dropped her intimacy onto Ed’s face and began to rub his cum all over his face. Ed’s mouth opened instinctively his tongue, like that of a hissing snake, began to explore her folds. He more his tongue explored, the greater the intensity of her rubbing increased. Ed’s mouth was wide open as he sucked her folds like a ravenous animal. Tess tilted her hips forward and Ed’s mouth consumed her button and surrounding folds. His tongue soon found her engorged button and furiously, his tongue circled, flicked and stimulated. Tess felt tingling in her spine, and twisting her nipples, she pushed her pelvic floor head in his face which left Ed’s face deep in her wetness such that he could barely breathe.

His tongue was good, very good in fact, strong, thick and able to hone in precisely on her pleasure zones. Tess’s breathing became erratic as his tongue worked its miracle, her emotions felt like a glass being filled with water quickly, swirling around, bubbles rapidly filling the tap full on then out of the blue, another orgasm consumed her, overflowing her. Her head dropped back yelling her moans of ecstasy bellowed around the room. Ed’s nose was deep in Tess’s pinkness, his tongue in frantic mode pushing her climax and, as she pushed down hard on his face, he couldn’t breathe. Undeterred, he continued with his tongue, circling, dabbing and flicking her button to the point where Tess became hypa sensitive and pulled away.

“Oh fuck that was good” she said as she sat back on her knees stroking his juice and cum ladened face. “Wow in fact!”

Ed, still lying flat, looked up at her face, and smiled softly. Words weren’t necessary, telepathic channels were way ahead in the game.

A short while later he said “Come and lay here hunny, on top of me, let me hold you, have a close moment.”

“God Ed, how did you know, couldn’t think of anything better right now” Tess said with a heart-felt sincerity.

Tess moved and laid on top of Ed, her legs either side of his, and as their bodies touched, Ed’s hand guided Tess’s head to the small of his shoulder as she wrapped her arms under his shoulders and pulled herself in tight.

One hand caressed up and down Tess’s back, in a light but oh so reassuring way whilst Ed’s under hand stroked the side of her face, so kind and affectionately. Tess lay there content, she was in a good place, feeling secure in his embrace, wanted, needed, and every now and then, she kissed his shoulder lightly in heart-felt kindness.

“Tess hunny, can I park my chap inside you again? He’s a bit of a loose end hanging around” Ed said with a bit of a chuckle.

Tess laughed, squeezed him so tightly, and with a huge grin on her face said “Of course you can darling, I’m laughing here.”

Ed squeezed her back, knowing his little quip had not broken the moment but somehow had intensified it. Ed started to giggle his hips around a little, as indeed did Tess and moments later his rod, still as hard as iron guided itself in.

“Oh my, Mr DeVere, you haven’t lost any of your enthusiasm have you! You feel magnificent and still so rigid!” Tess said.

“Why thank you Ms Wenman, very kind of you to say” Ed retorted with a snigger. ”It’s natural home I would suggest!”

The holding continued, Ed’s reassuring stroking up and down her back, those special moments following love making, that closeness, tenderness, minds and bodies joined together, Tess’s gentle squeezing expressing her contentment.

“Close your legs and put them between mine baby” Ed asked

Without replying, Tess did what was asked and Ed immediately hooked his legs over her in a missionary like position and squeezed. It was like he had pinned her down with the embraces of his arms and legs. “Kiss me Tess” he asked.

Tess lifted her head from his shoulders and they gazed in each other’s eyes, before she moved forward for a tender kiss, followed quickly by one more passionate. Ed opened his mouth a little and as Tess’s tongue began to explore into his mouth, he squeezed her with his arms and legs.

They were both aroused again and Ed instinctively began to move his hips back and forth just a fraction. With his firm cock deep inside her and her legs closed, it exposed her button to huge intense stimulation. Wanting to make the most of the situation, Tess crossed her legs at her ankles forcing her legs tight together, making her intimate area very constrained and sensitive to the slightest of movements. Ed continued with his slow rocking and it was no time before Tess’s breathing slowed.

Ed grabbed her head again and placed it back on his shoulder, holding in firmly in position with one hand whilst the other stroked up and down her body before resting on the crease of her bottom. He felt her body stiffening, her back fill with goose bumps and her breathing through gritted teeth as she built ready for another moment of release. He whispered how beautiful she was, what an all-consuming lover she was as he built to closer to release.

His middle finger explored her wet crease and began to circle her rear, gently and slowly. She responded by moaning and squeezing his torso prompting his hip movement to increase.

“God Ed, I’m so close again, don’t stop” she begged as her body went rigid and her breathing jerky.

Ed ring finger joined the other and explored the perimeter of her rear, before both fingers penetrated to the first joint of his fingers, and circled inside. That movement was the breaker on her climax wave, Tess clenched her crossed legs tightly, her pelvic muscles and her rear as Ed constrained her movements with his limbs and he increased the intensity of his pumping.

Tess was unable to breath; every last sinew of her muscles was stiff as she started her release, her body now shaking. Ed squeezed her torso hard with his free hand and pumped harder, his fingers penetrated deeper, trying to push her further, a deeper experience to release new emotions. She looked at him with glazed-over eyes, mouth wide open, face contorted, unable to inhale or exhale whilst Ed’s movements quickened and were harder pushing her to her limits, and beyond.

Tess’s body shook uncontrollably, then like an explosion she yelled “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” shaking harder, gasping for breath, she screamed again, and again and again as Ed took her to a new Heaven. He continued with his hip and finger action until the loudness of her screams subsided a little and then slowed his movements slowly bringing her down from her pinnacle.

Tess had a look of bewilderment and utter exhaustion on her face as she eased herself slowly into the real world again. “Oh God, where did that come from Ed?”

“It’s all in you baby, sometimes you just need the right help to uncover it”. He replied with a kind smile.

“Well, I’m glad you have!” she replied.

The lovers just lay there for a while, sharing their special time together, utterly drained physically, mentally and emotionally. They both knew that they should get on and out to the party however there was a side that just wanted to find a room and be together as one. What they knew was their time together could only get better, they merely needed more time.

Submitted: February 12, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Giles Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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Extremely hott beautifully written could picturise almost everything like this series of stories

Thu, February 12th, 2015 5:42pm


Thank you, pleased you enjoyed.

Watch out, the next liaison is being worked on. ;-)

Fri, February 13th, 2015 10:31am

Anna is here

It felt real, loved it

Sat, February 14th, 2015 8:50pm


Tanks, appreciate your feedback.

Fri, February 20th, 2015 4:43am


Well what can I say I think we may have found the next E L James! I was totally blown away and just like Tess at one point I was also gasping for breath. I have read every story to date and found they just get better and better :-) well done Mr Armstrong! I just cannot wait to read your next release....can it get any better ;-) xx

Thu, February 19th, 2015 8:07pm


Thank you for your kind comments. Watch this space, the next instalment is in the final stages of completion. As for E L James, I'm not sure about that however my mind can only wonder what the royalties would be !! lol

Fri, February 20th, 2015 12:37am


Wow, I've read this and your other stories. They feel so real, especially this one. Is it based on a true evening?

Are there any more to come?

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 8:24pm

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