Knock knock

Knock knock Knock knock

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The affair between Tess Wenman and Ed DeVere continues. A drink one Friday lunch time really builds something quite spectacular that needs to be addressed in the only way they know.


The affair between Tess Wenman and Ed DeVere continues. A drink one Friday lunch time really builds something quite spectacular that needs to be addressed in the only way they know.


Submitted: February 25, 2015

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Submitted: February 25, 2015



It was Friday morning and long bank holiday weekend was looming, Tess Wenman and Ed DeVere would be parted for a few days. They had been very careful to maintain their affair completely under wraps both in the office and from their respective home lives. Their suggestive texting, lunches, flirtive glances in the office had been a wonderful feature of their lives for many months along with their very intimate physical times together and to be parted for an extra day would be difficult.

Ed had organized a lunch for all of the staff reporting to him which included Tess. She was a disappointed on hearing the news at first as she loved her time alone chatting with Ed, their conversations were always wide-ranging, conversation wasn’t just sex, but family life, work life almost anything and he had such an engaging manner as he spoke.

Tess arrived at the office around normal time just before 9am, sat down at her desk and started to get on with her daily tasks and around 10.00am her normal pile the post arrived. Flicking through the envelopes, she noticed one, quite unusually with the words “Addressee only” in the top left hand corner. She thought it strange as in the 4 years of working at the company she had never received such a letter. Turning the envelope over, she saw an inked hashtag shape over the flap of the envelope, to show it hadn’t been opened. It reminded her of a medieval drama she had seen on TV recently where a Lord used a signet ring to seal an envelope with wax so show it hadn’t been opened; she thought to herself that this was a modern day equivalent. She decided to put it to one side and open it when there were no prying eyes.

It really intrigued her who it would send such a letter, in a sense, she hoped it would be from her romantic Mr DeVere however she discounted the thought on the grounds that she didn’t want to be disappointed.

Around 11.45am, she got her chance when her best workmate Sue was getting a round of drinks. She opened the envelope, a heavy weight Connoisseur paper, with 110gm woven cream letter paper inside. She simply knew it was from him, his attention to detail and style and opening the precisely folded paper she read the words “I hope this letter thrills you with the wanton desire that its author sends”. There was no date, no address, merely a X kiss in blue-black ink of a broad-nib fountain pen. Her heart skipped a dozen beats at the thought of her man, Mr Edward James DeVere, placing that kiss precisely on the paper with his lovely Graf Von Faber-Castell fountain pen. The thrill and excitement of this man’s creativity made her ooze good feelings and warmth from her heart, why he had this effect on her she couldn’t say and something so simple yet so powerful, but she felt all of a quiver, trembling almost in excitement. Tess found it difficult to focus for the rest of the morning as she sat there thinking of him, his tender touch and affectionate demeanor and his caring charisma.

Ed had reserved an area in a private part of the City wine bar, befitting of his status as No 3 in the large financial services organization in the City of London. He arrived at the bar around 12.30pm and organized buffet platters and wine so everything was ready in advance of the arrival of the team. Soon, the area filled up and an hour and a half quickly passed and before one of Ed’s Managers pulled his team away, leaving only Ed, Tess and Anita, the receptionist, and a few others. They chatted more for a while as people slowly drifted away until Anita said she was going back around 2.45pm.

Ed said to Anita “Look I’m down here for the afternoon, tell people in the office to come back down here as they finish. Tess is going to have to stay with me so I don’t seem a sado,” he said with a wry grin, looking at Tess. “If that’s OK with you Mrs Wenman, of course?”

Tess looked at Anita and said “Mmmm, do we want Mr D to think he is a sado? Do we? Guess not, I’d better stay!” her heart pumping at the excitement and winking at both of her work mates

“One of the last things we’d want Mr D called, eh Tess” Anita said, giggling as she turned her back and confidently strode out of the bar, her bottom wiggling flirtively.

“So then Mrs Wenman, alone again and this time it’s all above board, no need to find a quiet spot in a bar, everyone is expecting us to be here, let’s not disappoint!” He said with a mischievous look in his eye. This was so different to their normal discreet lunches at table 22 of a secluded wine bar under the brick arches, away from prying eyes.

“You arranged this, didn’t you Ed, you cunning bastard, how?” Tess asked quizzically.

“Moi !? I’m not a bastard ! Cunning scheming git maybe” Ed said indignantly before his face cracked into a flirtive grin and he burst into laughter.

“Well, if you think telling Andrew that he and his team had a deadline to meet today, knowing full well that Andrew had booked a half day for the long weekend so he had to get Dave and the girls to work flat out today then the answer is ‘Yes’, scheming is the correct word I think. And do you know that Dave asked me if he could be excused from coming down today so everything got finished? I said no he had to come down. In that way, when he and his girls went back to the office, I knew it would take all afternoon to finish. So there you have it Mrs Wenman, Mr D’s best laid plan comes to fruition, scheming and cunning eh? We are legitimately sitting in a place where everyone can see and watch us yet we can have time alone together.” Ed said.

“Oh my God Ed, how do you think these things through” she asked.

“It just came to me in a flash!” he grinned as he beckoned a waitress over for a wine list. Moments later he ordered a bottle of Pouilly Fume Ladoucette 201, one of his favourites due to its steely smokey finish, and a plate of smoked salmon to accompany it. Whilst Tess was not an expert of wine, she knew whatever he ordered would be of very good quality.

“Now let’s sit down in these easy chairs and have a chat Tess” beckoning her to a single leather seat chair with quite high arm rests. Tess sat down and Ed did the same on another one close by. The chairs were comfy but with very slippery leather where they had been used over the years and as one sat there, they seemed to consume and surround the occupier.

“So are you happier now?” Ed asked with an adoring smile

“Much, thank you Ed, you can’t imagine” Tess responded with real sincerity and a beamed smile from ear to ear.

“Mmmm well that’s good then” Ed replied as he looked, in fact stared at Tess. She could tell that his mind was elsewhere, whizzing in the way it always did, full of erotic and romantic ideas no doubt. He hardly seemed to notice the waitress return with two polished glasses, a wine chiller and the bottle of wine. The waitress seemed to stand at the table for an eternity; Tess somewhat embarrassingly raised her eye brows at Ed to break his glaze but to no avail.

“Excuse me sir, Pouilly Fume Ladoucette? We no longer have any of the 2011, will 2012 suffice?” the waitress asked.

Her voice broke Ed’s trance and he replied “Yes, yes, I’m sure it will be fine, just check the cork and pour it please”.

“Sorry about that Tess, I didn’t mean to embarrass you” Ed said.

“What happened?” she questioned, looking him up and down. Her eyes were drawn to his trousers and it was very evident where his mind was, and no doubt the waitress would have known what was on his mind too. Strangely, Tess was unperturbed by this, in fact, she found the thought of other women seeing her effect on a good looking man quite flattering.

What happened Ed thought, how can I tell her? “Oh nothing, I was off with the fairies Tess” Ed answered quite unconvincingly.

“Looks like they were horny fairies by the bulge in your groin” she said with a flirtive wink.

“Yes they were” Ed said chuckling.

There was a silence, only a few seconds, but to Ed, seemed more like an infinity, before he said “OK, I will tell you, but you need to listen carefully”.

“OK” said Tess.

“I was sitting here looking at you, you’re attractive, slim, well-toned figure, you dress so well and you are such a wonderful tactile lover, tender, caring and passionate. I simply can’t believe how lucky I am to have met you. Then I thought about kneeling on the edge of your chair there and slowly making love to you, with gentleness and feeling, imagining your head dropping back to rest on the back of the chair as I gentle rock back and forth. Feeling your hips moving in sync with mine, bodies in perfect harmony then your hands turn white gripping the arms of the chair as your body buckles inside with pure pre climax emotion”.

His words, his soft velvety well-spoken tone had a disarming effect “Oh God Ed, you just leave me speechless at times. Where in God’s name did that thought come from, out the blue like that?” she asked with wanton desire from deep within her core.

Ed smiled and looking her directly in the eyes said “I’ve barely started Tess, there’s so much more to come out”.

The moment was intense, almost like the feeling of watching a horror movie, jangling nerves, the fear of extreme excitement, what was to come next, yet full of loving tenderness and softness, complex feelings and emotions overflowing a swirling cauldron being brought to the boil rapidly. Tess felt sick at his last words, ‘barely started’ she thought.

Ed looked down at his glass on the table, picked it up and said “Cheers”.

Tess had experienced some heart wrenching moments with Ed in the past, an inexplicable closeness seldom experienced by two people and there, in the thick of a very special moment, Ed had broken the instant like a shattering of glass.

Tess could not begin to describe properly how she felt, somehow let down, disappointed; it was so not Ed-like. So reaching down she grab her glass and toasted with a “Cheers.”

“You say the loveliest things Ed, I so love what you say when you are like this, would you like to continue?” Tess asked in hope and anticipation.

“Maybe in a while, what are you plans for the weekend?” he replied deflecting the question with a Teflon smoothness but with a sad tone to his voice.

“Normal sort of stuff I guess, hubby is playing golf tomorrow morning and then he has lunch at the club so I doubt he’ll be home until late afternoon. Housework, washing etc nothing exciting sadly. What about you?” Tess said. Thoughts were flashing through her mind, had she upset him, said something wrong, what had changed him in an instant.

What she couldn’t know were the thoughts actually flashing though his mind. He had sat there looking at her in a tightly fitting grey pencil skirt, mid-thigh length , close fitting white scoop neck top perfectly forming her 34DD breasts, her legs were crossed, long legs, toned with the hem of her skirt going high up her thigh. It raised such a passion deep inside Ed that to continue conversation in that way would have been unbearable. The shutters that protected his inner soul had started to lift when he first spoke but then came crashing back down and were firmly locked away again.

The waitress brought a large plate of smoked salmon with plenty of rough-cut farmhouse bread and large blob of butter. She placed it between the couple on the low level table asking whether they needed anything else.

“That’s fine thank you” Ed said and turned to Tess continuing “Come on, dive in”.

Whenever the lovers were out, time simply disappeared, as indeed was the case that afternoon albeit there was a kind of stiffness to their discussions following Ed’s sudden change of subject earlier.

“Ed, is everything OK, you changed earlier and you haven’t been the same since. Tell me what’s up, please. Please, I’d like to know” Tess pleaded in an affectionate way.

“OK, I’m sorry. Look, when we were milling around with all the others earlier, I kept glancing over at you, nearly a couple of hours of wanton desire building up inside me, then we sit down, I look at your amazing figure start to explain and then it became overwhelming Tess, it was utterly overwhelming. I wanted to make such tender love with you there and then. I had to kill the moment, it was too much. I’m sorry. I just feel sick with a longing for you, simple as that” He said and with such feeling to his final words.

“Ed, you bowl me over at times with what you say, I’d love to hold you now, let you know just what that means to me, let you know that I feel just the same.” Tess said with watery eyes

“We know we can’t here hunny, but it’s the thought that counts. Shall we change the subject, this isn’t doing either of us any good, is it?” Ed replied.

“Very true. Do you like any wine other than expensive wine, this stuff is way above my pay scale?” Tess said cracking a huge grin before they both started to laugh heartily.

It broke the tension of the moment, the heart-felt mutual sentiment they both had inside although they both knew the feelings we only just below the surface. They sat there for the next 45 minutes finishing the smoked salmon and wine.

It was getting towards home time and Ed decided to settle his account before any other staff returned otherwise he would be in the bar all evening. Minutes later, the couple arrived back at the office and went their separate ways to their desks and soon they were on their respective ways home.

It was about 7.30pm that they had their final exchange of emails before the long silence of the rest of the evening. If there had been any chance of telepathy, that was the evening for it, both of them shared an amazing connection, they were in separate worlds but their minds were in the same place full of mutual thoughts of care, want and understanding. However, each wondered what the other was thinking and whether they felt the same. The lovers shared a restless night, tossing and turning, unable to settle as their minds had the same dreams of passion and desire.

The following morning, Tess’s husband, Pete, brought her a cup of tea soon after 8am and within half an hour he was gone. Tess was there, naked in bed, snuggling into the quilt so only her head visible out over the top. Her mind, almost instinctively drifted to Ed, and to his caring gaze. She loved that look in his eyes in the final moments before a release, looking deep into her soul as if to say “This is just for you”.

She was reminded of one of his most favourite pieces of music sung by Tony Bennett as she lay there in semi consciousness and began to squeeze her body, imaging his tender touch all over her. Being kissed and stroked by her lover, she soon found one hand moving to softly stroke her right breast, caressing it at first before kneading it deeply, soft, fulsome, and before long, tracing the edge of her nipple with the back of the nail of her index finger imagining her Mr DeVere in total charge.

She lay there, feeling good with herself, content whilst her mind imagined him exploring all over her. It was like her emotions had been simmering all night and the slightest energy brought is back to boiling point. She felt herself pulsing gently and compulsively her hand on her tummy moving to stroke her intimacy.

Tess’s middle finger easily slipped inside her very moist crease, such was her readiness. Her finger explored up and down, in a way not as expert as Ed, but none the more, it was exhilarating her excitement. A second finger joined the first, moving forward to begin nurture both sides of her engorging button.

Tess’s breathing slowed, became deliberate, particularly as the etched imagine of her lover was on a pinnacle in the forefront of her mind. Tess rolled over to lay on her tummy in the middle of the bed with her head between the pillows, keeping the one hand on her intimacy, her head resting on the right side of her face.

Her hand movement got quicker and harder but in wanting more pressure, she moved her other hand to apply pressure to the fingers in place with the palm of her hand. The middle two fingers of the second hand parted her folds before penetrated inside her. By now Tess was soaking and leaking her juices all over her hands as they worked in harmonisation with her hips to build her moment. Tess drifted a fantasy world as her climax beckoned, her fingers rolling on her button hard, her breathe was now rasping and shallow through gritted teeth, each time breathing out a more than she breathed in, until her lungs were emptied and she gasped a huge breathe before repeating the process.

She was tittering on the edge of orgasm, and squeezing her crossed legs tighter, pulling her knees in tight together almost to concentrate her body to intensify the climax. A thought flashed through her mind of what Ed would be doing at this point and instinctively she raised her bottom, her knees drawing up the bed. She could imagine the his strong hands holding her hips, his finger-tips around the edge of her hips bone, his thumbs pressing into the cheeks of her rear, with him crouching behind her and penetrating her deeply. It was a visualization, but at that moment her reality, the last time they made love, and his assured, slow, penetrative throbbing action building her.

Tess felt the uncontrollable spasm in her right thigh, she knew she would be unable to stop now, like being in a canoe in the fast moving current immediately before dropping over the edge of a water fall, uncertain how big the falls would be. Then she went, her body buckled, rippled in pleasure, the sight at the top of the waterfall world far reaching into the distance and the ground was a long way down, she knew this was a big one! So she pleasured in free fall, working her intimacy hard, extracting every last drop of emotion out, shaking,, burying her face in the sheet imagining being filled with his hot seed, biting the sheet in absolute pleasure.

Her climax was strong and seemed to continue for ages as waves of pleasure came one after another. Her instinct was to ease her manipulation as she came down from climax yet she knew Ed would push her further, harder, so she did too just ‘for him’. Her button became hyper-sensitive but she pushed on, that’s what Ed would do and almost out of the blue came a second acutely sensitive climax, less intense than her first but none the more rewarding.

Tess lay there for a minute, exhausted before laying back on her side, in the fetal position, imaging her lover cuddled around holding her in his loving caring way. God, if only he was here now she thought. Tess drifted back to sleep for a while before her alarm went off at 9.30am, set at that time as a backup for the weekend.

She grabbed her phone from the bedside cabinet, hoping for an email but there was nothing so she tapped away furiously on her phone and sent a message to Ed.

“Good morning J

How was your evening, mine was just chilling in front of the TV. I’m just jumping in the shower and will let you know when I’m out. I’d love to speak to you this morning, the house will be empty until the kids get back around lunchtime.


Tess did want to speak to him, infact she was desperate to speak to him, to hear to smooth tone, moreover she wanted to find out how he was feeling today after what have happened in the wine bar the previous afternoon. She popped the kettle on and made a cup of tea whilst she hoped for a reply, 20 minutes passed and nothing. But during her time in the kitchen, she thought of all the erotic experiences and the fact that he had brought her a present that she had never used. She had hidden it in her Christmas present cupboard, the only place in the house that was out of bounds to all. She went and took it out, checked that all was OK, checked her phone again – nothng – so she headed to the bathroom for a shower.

It was a good-sized bathroom, but with a large shower area with capacity for two people. She stepped inside and started the water running and within seconds it was piping hot. She stood under the free flowing water and washed her hair whilst the water ran over her body. Her mind drifted to thoughts of her lover, and how she had never had a shower experience with him, and secretly inside, it was one of her biggest desires.

Tess reached for Ed’s present and fixed it securely to the wall, her head awash of thoughts of her man and then she picked by her large natural sponge that she used to wash herself and held it under the shower until it was soaking wet. She slowed the shower flow to a trickle and squeezed a large quantity of shower gel into the centre of the sponge. She then began to rub the sponge all over her body, slowly, attentively, leaving large quantities of creamy thick suds all over her. She was careful to make sure she was completely covered, attentive to every part of her anatomy but inside imagining the sponge to be Ed’s hands affectionately lathering her.

Her mind was overflowing with the desire to be taken with by Ed, she wasn’t too sure what he would do but the mere thought make her spine tingle, he was a man of erotic surprises. But just thinking of him slowed her breath, made it deeper, deliberate, inhaling was inspiring her emotions and her exhalation emptied her to the pit of her stomach leaving just raw uninhibited desire.

Tess could not stop herself from start to caress herself with both-hands, cupped, taking the full weight of her breasts, squeezing, kneading and being stimulated by the suds. She shut her eyes and imagined her lover behind her and was lost in warm indulgent thoughts whilst her fingers intimidated him stroking and rolling her nipples. She felt good with herself as she stimulated and felt inside her juices beginning to flow again. How does the thought of this man do so much to me, turn me into an instant fountain, how does he make me ready for him in moments she wondered.

She turned a little so her back was facing the tiled wall of the shower and putting one hand behind her back, maneuvered herself into position in front of his present. Her legs were straight, her feet pointing outwards, about shoulder width apart and she began to arch her back a little. Ed’s present was fixed to the wall and she held its base with one hand and started to rock back and forth. He had bought her a thick, long suction dildo with large testicles and as she held it in place and felt its size, it was as though Ed had his own parts molded into her present. With one hand behind holding the base and her other hand at the front to guide the toy in, Tess arched her back more and moved her hips backwards.

The effect was almost immediate as she felt the dildo penetrate. It felt so real and so Ed-like that the only other thing to better it would have been had Ed been there. She tried desperately hard to mimic his actions of initial penetration, his slow early tenderness and attentiveness but God it was hard to do so, such was her arousal and want for more. She pushed her ass backwards and kept pushing as the firm dildo lanced deeper and deeper inside, her eyes rolled before she closed them to imagine her lover until she felt the hardness of the rubber balls pressed up against the back of her inner thighs.

She stood there almost mesmerised by her situation, shower still running slowly, radiating heat from the water, the thick soap suds, silky smooth covering her body and the deeply penetrated dildo. What would he do now she wondered and, as if he was passing message by telepathy, she interlocked the fingers of her hands and raised them above her head, stretching as high as she could, imagining she was strung up by her wrists from the ceiling.

God, she aroused herself as she started to rock back and forth, her back arching more and more, the dildo rubbing up her front wall locating her g-spot almost immediately. She stood there exciting herself imagining her lover inside, with the sound of highly romantic Spanish guitar music he introduced her to blaring through her head. Her situation wasn’t perfect she thought but it came a bloody close second, such had been the way Ed had taught her to go with her emotions and let her imagination loose to run free.

Her breathing was short, her hip movement slight as she brought herself to climax, and with the tell-tale sign of quivering thigh muscles, she released again, the restrictions for her self-imposed constraint, arms held high, submitting in her mind to her lover, brought the waves pleasure thundering through her body. She pushed herself with her new toy, rocking back and forth until the waves of pleasure subsided to ripples on a mill pond. She stood there, eyes shut, content as she could be, her mouth dry, just desperate to be held, in that special time where nothing needs to be said, that post love-making closeness and tenderness.

Moments later, Tess turned the shower back up on full and pointed the showerhead to where she was standing. And with the toy still inside, she let the water wash the lather and suds away, but now with her head tilted back and her eyes shut, imagining herself standing under a waterfall with Ed inside holding her tenderly. She stood there for a while lost in her own world until she heard her mobile phone ringing.

It broke the moment immediately, bringing her to her senses, and quickly she washed herself off, cleaned herself up and got out the shower. Her heart was pumping, had he called? Could he not wait any longer? Her mind was awash with ideas, but after drying herself she put on her thick full length white toweling dressing gown, really fluffy and went to find her phone in the bedroom.

She left the bathroom and noticing the time, she realised that 30 minutes had passed since she went in. “God where did that go” she thought to herself with a contented grin. She picked up her home to find the call was her best friend Julia and on seeing three emails, she thought that her friend could wait.

In her inbox, the three emails in bold each had the name Ed DeVere on them. Oh God she thought, I hope I haven’t missed him. The first read “Good morning J hope you had a good evening and, of course I can chat, message me when you’re ready xx”

The second read “Don’t be shy I don’t bite ;-) xx“

The third read “OK, so clearly you’ve gone back to sleep lmao xx”

Tess grinned ear to ear, she loved his wit, but how should she reply, never easy, he always had a retort. She stood there wondering what to type with a real feeling of contentment and a soft caring smile over her face.

She messaged “OK to give me 5 minutes to quickly dry my hair? Sorry I missed your emails Mwah xx”

He replied “Of course it is, guess you need to get the sleep out of your eyes ;-) Call me when ready, I’m free to speak”

“OK xxxx” she messaged back and she began to tingle and sparkle inside with excitement.

After a few minutes, her hair was dry and she pulled up the duvet on her bed, and lay down in her dressing gown before calling him.

His phone rang and he answered with “Good morning Mrs Wenman, how are you today?” he said with his silky well-spoken voice, emphasising the “you” by elongating it and dropping his voice as he spoke. His voice melted her like the sauce in the middle of a hot chocolate pudding.

“Oh I’m good for hearing you, did you have a good evening, what did you do?“ she asked.

“Just a quiet one, some TV, more wine and chilling. What about you?” He said.

“Much the same darling” she replied smiling.

The two lovers continued chatting for about 10 minutes, just about their plans for the day, Ed was out looking for a new TV whilst Tess had the morning to herself doing chores before seeing her best friend in the afternoon.

“Ed, how are you feeling today? Is everything OK after yesterday?”. She asked.

“Of course it was, my mind was elsewhere for a while, and I’m sorry” Ed replied.

There was a knock at her front door, three hard bangs.

“There’s someone at the door, probably the postman, he can leave it in the porch” she said.

Moments later, three more knocks.

“I heard that, should you answer it? “ Ed questioned.

“OK, I’ll call you back when I have dealt with them, sorry Ed” she said before hanging up on him.

Three more knocks at the door this time even louder.

“OK, OK, I’m coming, some patience wouldn’t go amiss for fuck sake” Tess yell down the hall.

She opened the front door wide and, as she did, the person moved and placed their foot on the doormat inside the house so she couldn’t shut the door.

“Oh, fucking hell, what are you doing here” she said, her pounding heart desperately trying to escape her ribcage.

“Tess, you’re alone for at least two hours, I’m here to fuck you” Ed replied walking in quickly and shutting the front door. Tess shock in terror but total excitement at the thought.

“Someone may have seen you outside, God how can I do it here” she replied frightened but feeling uninhibited pulsing of her button and an insatiable desire for this man to take her to the heavens and back.

“Tell me to go now and I will” Ed said.

Tess stood there for what seemed an eternity to her but was only a few seconds, her mind weighing everything up, would she have regrets in the future if she does or doesn’t. She looked at her lover who beamed a soft smile. “OK, hang on a moment. Shut your eyes Ed, please, let me think without looking at your eyes” Tess asked.

Ed did as he was asked and shut his eyes, just standing there waiting in anticipation. He said “Sorry about yesterday, I just saw you stranding here, I was utterly overcome with desire for you, never experienced it like that before, and I couldn’t handle it, I’m truly sorry Tess”.

“OK, I understand Ed, I know I feel much the same, please hold out your hands but keep your eyes shut” she asked.

Ed cupped his hands in front of him and he felt his hand fill with a soft slightly warm material. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was however his jeans were rapidly filling with his rapidly expanding manhood.

“Ed!” Tess said.

“Yes Tess?” he replied.

“Open your eyes and just fuck me to kingdom cum” she said very assertively.

Ed opened his eyes to see Tess had de-robed from her dressing gown and was totally naked. She had placed the long waist tie from her dressing gown in his hands, stepped back a pace and then stood there, her wrists offered to be tied.

“Fuck! Hope you’re ready for this Tess, I haven’t got you out of my head since yesterday lunchtime, I was needy then but since then I have become utterly ravenous for you” Ed said with a degree of desperate excitement in his voice as he roughly tied one wrist to the other.

“Wow!” Ed said in disbelieving amazement. “I want to screw any and everywhere now Tess, all over the house, I want your mind consumed by me!” he said assertively before grabbing the free end of the tie and pulled Tess along like a prisoner. He opened a door in the hallway, inside was a games and tv room and in the corner by the door was a heavy exercise bike and an a large exercise ball to one side, bright pink in colour.

Ed tied the free end of the cord to the bike, pulled the ball and laid Tess prostrate over it on her back whilst her arms were stretched out above her head. Ed’s polo shirt was off in a fraction of a second and his jeans followed moments later. He stepped astride Tess’s arms above her head and faced down her body, his massive thick manhood ready for action. Kneeling on the ball to push it backwards further to stretch her arms further and make feel vulnerable, he grabbed the back of her head by her hair and lifted it up high.

Their eyes met, Tess saw a fearsome determination all over his face, and grabbing the root of his manhood and forced himself in her open and ready mouth. His first thrust was to the back of the throat taking Tess by surprise, her eyes bulging as he quickly withdrew and thrust again, Tess this time was more prepared. So Ed started his assault on Tess’s mouth with assertive thrusting. It was a side of Ed that Tess has never experienced in the past, he had always wanted to please and pleasure her but today he was out for himself. It was an undeniable turn on for Tess.

A minute later, he stepped away, went and stood at her feet, pulled her back by her ankles so she was really stretched out, like being on a medieval rack, spreading her legs wide. He looked at her pinkness and said, “You’ve been naughty this morning haven’t you, you’re so puffy down there!” as he moved lay on the ball over Tess, and penetrated her intimacy, no time for getting prepared, strong assertive and determined.

“God he’s so hard and hot” Tess thought, comparing him to the toy in the shower. Ed’s rhythm was spontaneously in stride, pushing Tess’s body into the ball as he worked hard on her pinkness. Tess began to grunt in time with his thrust, and somehow the mixed emotion of his thrusting and the thought that they could be caught in the act heightened feeling of edgy excitement. Tess was ready to cum again but Ed sensed it and withdrew with his large manhood, dripping with her juices.

“Not so quick lady” Ed said with stern authority. He got up and untied the tie from the exercise bike, lifted Tess to her feet and said “Where next?”

He guided her back down the hall until they reached a fully glazed door and, on opening it, found it to be an immaculately presented dining room with reproduction Georgian style furniture. On the far wall was a waist high sideboard with a small mirror hanging above it and the two lovers could see their naked bodies in the reflection.

Ed pointed to the cabinet, “Over there, now!” and Tess dutifully did as told and hurried over to the sideboard.

”Put your hands on the wall about the mirror and spread your legs as if I am about to frisk you!” Ed said.

Tess’s heart pounded again, he has so much authority in his voice she thought, such a turn on. Ed stood behind Tess and she saw herself in the mirror as his rod penetrated her again.

“God!” she muttered as his hands grasped her hips and pulled her back, he felt so thick and assured as he drove inside her. She squelched as his movement quickened, her boobs hung and shook from side to side as he pounded again. Looking in the mirror, Tess saw his almost angry determination to show his physical superiority clearly on his face. Her eyes were caught by her breasts flapping around, bouncing as she felt him working straight, like a fast moving piston, and rapidly building her moment.

She stared at the mirror, watching her lover, then, noticing the free end of her binding hanging down acted like a trigger, a water spring erupting out the ground, the still tranquility followed by the sudden gush of water high into the air and Tess’s climax erupted. The moans of pleasure echoed around the dining room as Ed’s smooth action kept her at her pinnacle whilst she drained of emotion. Tess stood there tingling inside, yet disappointed Ed hadn’t climaxed too.

Ed suddenly grabbed the tie and dragged his prisoner into another room (later that day in the afternoon when Tess’s best friend Julia was visiting, they sat on the sofa chatting. Julia asked why Tess had such a real sparkle in her eyes. They had confided secrets in the past and Tess explained what had happened and that all she could think of was cumming in the kitchen on the work surface in front of the TV, in her bedroom, her hands tied to the metal head, doggy style with Ed squatting behind her for extra deep penetration and in the shower too.)

Finally, they were at the threshold of the lounge door. It was a long room with a L-shaped large leather sofa in one corner. Ed stood right in front of Tess, almost like invading her personal space. He looked stern, gazing in her eyes he said “Tess, how many times have you cum so far and do you know we haven’t even kissed yet!”

“Oh my God” she exclaimed, almost embarrassed by the situation.

“Give me your hands” Ed demanded and as Tess did, he carefully untied her wrists from their binding. Ed took Tess’s hands and moved them onto his shoulders before cupping his hands around her face, gazing in her eyes as he did so. Tess immediately sensed his deeply caring and passionate side had returned, that tactile touch, thoughtful, considerate and sensual man that make her sparkle like the North Star. She trembled inside, having loved the excitement of being submissive, but this side of his character was simply melting her.

Ed tilted his head to one side, still staring at Tess’s face, she thought his eyes were watering over a little as his first kiss, a light butterfly kiss, affectionately planted itself on her lips. It had the effect of opening their flood gates of romantic yet frenzied and unrivalled passionate kissing. They had lots to make up!

Tess wrapped her arms around him with her hands holding his shoulders firmly, like a baby Koala bear holding its mother, Ed had one arm up high with his hand between her shoulder blades, fingers spread wide and with his other hand in the small of her back, he pulled her tight so there bodies fused as one in skin on skin contact.

They stood there by the door, in a deeply sensual moment and, in the moments of drawing breath, they murmured how much they cared for each other. They were both churned up emotionally as they kissed, they both knew there was final expression of feeling but in a sense they wanted this moment to go on forever, such was their closeness.

Ed moved his head back a little, opened his eyes and looking caringly at her said “Tess, I need you now, need to be inside you now”. The expressive velvet tone of his voice, the feeling that went into those words was so powerful. Ed took Tess’s hand and they walked over to the sofa, Tess instinctively sat in the corner, parting her legs a fraction in expectation of Ed’s move. He knelt on the floor in front of her, stroking her legs up and down from her knees to her inner thigh. Parting her legs wide and on hooking his arms behind Tess’s knees, he pulled her down the sofa until she lay flat on her back, her head wedged in the corner and her hips just over the edge of seat.

Tess knew how much Ed enjoyed the deep stick position and she felt it was such a fitting way for her to take his seed from him. He lifted her legs, placing his knees on the edge of the sofa, bending her double before his big hands take an assured firm grip of her ankles.

Tess looked at Ed’s face and then down towards his groin. He was so pumped up, he looked bigger than ever. His tip guided itself to her entrance before he said “Tess darling, you are never going to be able to sit in the corner of this sofa in the future without remembering today.” Tess’s heart skipped a dozen beats at Ed’s comment, his James Bond-like voice and all the excitement of the previous while since she opened the front door, her submissiveness to Ed’s thoughts and desires, the franticness, hardness and determination of being screwed so hard, the way she had cum time after time. It was like all the experiences were being were being concentrated into one final act and for this, they had to be as one, equals sharing one final moment together.

Ed slowly pushed the head of his rod into Tess’s aching intimacy, she clenched herself, looking earnestly into his eyes as she did so, he smiled softly in acknowledging her action. Words weren’t necessary at this point, they simply knew what each other was thinking such was their understanding.

Ed slowly push in deeper until he could push no further and then rocked slowly side to side and Tess pulsated herself, seemingly to stiffen him more. Their eyes where transfixed on each other, Tess’s mouth open and dry, Ed biting his bottom lip almost to hold back the raw passion building inside.

Their eyes were both so expressive, each rocking movement, each clench, accompanied by a telepathic ‘from me to you with such fondness’. They could both feel the molten desire deep in their core beginning to bubble as their minds and bodies as one almost their furnaces of desire continued to increase the temperature.

Ed withdrew to his tip and then pushed in again, Tess clenching all the way as he did and again a third time. Ed felt the molten lava of his emotions beginning to rise “Oh baby, yes baby” he said.

“I’m ready to go Ed but I’m gonna cum with you, but take you time, savor this special moment” she said with heart-felt care.

Tess’s hands instinctively stroked down Ed’s soft back with her finger tips before she spread her fingers wide apart and grabbed the cheeks of his bottom and squeezed. Ed responded by squeezing his rear, always a turn on for Tess, and she responded by pulling him up towards her face by his rear trying to get an extra bit of penetration.

The lovers tittered in the edge of climax, like surfing a huge pacific roller, yet somehow experiencing it in slow motion, so each moment could be experienced to its full.

Ed’s movement started to quicken and soon his moans and groans accompanied his motion. His action remained silky smooth as he built to his moment, in stark contrast to his erratic breathing. The lovers were by now clammy with perspiration which somehow only seemed to add to the moment.

Tess felt the top of her volcano of emotions deeply fractured, she was desperate to cum with Ed but knew she had just about lost final control and could explode almost at any movement. Tess held never felt him so hard before, not in this way, assured, passionate, demanding yet caring, compassionate, a mixture of complex feelings swirling around inside her mind she felt it deep at his root his finality of climax rapidly building.

Ed squeezed Tess’s ankles really hard and pushed her feet back right over her head and she knew he was close. Seemingly bent more than double, Tess felt him prodding at her organs deep inside. Ed, squatting over her, quickened again, and now grunting, like a tired tennis player forcing every shot.

“Go hunny, go” Ed said, “let me hear you baby, go, go, go!” he begged.

It was too much now, Tess had wanted Ed to go first but his words were like flicking a switch, her flood gates opened. She buried her nails deep in his cheeks, parting them wide, as she spasmed in pleasure; her muscles were locked tight, she unable to breathe, her nails deeper into his flesh as he pumped her again and again. A second crashing wave overwhelmed her, then on opening her eyes, she saw Ed’s face, it almost looked like he was about to cry, his eyes were watering.

Then it happened, the explosion of latent want and desire, she felt his final push, his seed, a white hot lava flow, explode out of his head deep inside her. Tess clenched hard, really hard, to extract every last drop as he withdrew to push again. Ed release pushed Tess further, she felt she had no more to give and then it happened, an indescribable feeling, an abandonment of all control and feeling, free failing yet floating in space. She simply screamed in pleasure as Ed continued with his smooth action in a harmonious unison of climax.

Tears of absolute ecstasy were dropping off the bridge of Ed’s nose down onto Tess’s face as he let go of Tess’s ankles, put his hands under her back and holding her by her shoulders, pulled her close to kiss her with a heart-felt passion. Tess, wrapped her legs around Ed in a frog like fashion, and moved her hands to grab his head like a goal keeper holding a ball reciprocated with equal intensity and feeling.

Ed continued to shoot the final drops of seed inside her, completely emptying his sacks as they kissed, kissed again and continued to kiss in an unconditional craving to satisfy each other completely. Time just passed by, the two lovers in their own little world of complete satisfaction experiencing the closeness and tenderness of being complete and whole.

Their world was brought back to reality 20 minutes later with the postman stuffing some envelopes through the door that made a loud thud on the door mat. They realised that they should clean up and Ed should really disappear quickly. 10 minutes later, the couple were standing behind the front door, their final kisses before parting for the holiday weekend.

“Tess, you know now that it doesn’t matter which room you walk into in your house, you can think of me, every time you see your reflection in your dining room mirror, was you watch TV in the kitchen, taking a shower, but perhaps most of all, sitting in the lounge in the corner of the sofa, perhaps with a throw keeping you warm, but you can think of me, of us and of this special time” Ed said with a caring affection.

“Oh God yes, that thought has already crossed my mind!” she replied.

One final kiss and Ed slipped out when the street was quiet and he was gone.

Tess quickly turned her attention to tidying the house from their antics and 30 minutes later, she went into the kitchen, made herself a coffee and switched on the TV to watch the Saturday morning cookery programme. She sat down on a chair and looked over to see who was the chef of the day. It’s Ed DeVere she thought, God he has cooked something really delectable today!

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