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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The saga of Ed DeVere and Tess Wenman's adulterous affair continues, this time with Tess taking control whilst at a business conference as they share interconnecting rooms.

Ed DeVere and Tess Wenman had been adulterous lovers for some while and the perfect opportunity came for them to share some extended time together through a four-night conference at a plush hotel in Yorkshire.

In Ed’s normal attention to detail, he has arranged for them to have adjoining rooms with an interconnecting door. To their work mates, it would be an innocent coincidence, the two of them in rooms next to one another however when the doors to their rooms were shut, the first thing they did was to open the two connecting doors to be together.

The two of them had shared numerous experiences over the few days, but Tess had this deep held desire to take Ed to a place he hadn’t been before, a place where she was in total charge, she was in control and he was an object under her every whim.

It was the final afternoon session of the conference which would be followed by the gala dinner in the evening with drinks and dancing into the small hours. Tess decided to duck out 30 minutes before the session was due to end and head back to her room for a bath and some relaxation.

Once in her room, she started to put into action her plan and by the time Ed arrived back she was ready for him. He called her to say he was back and she could open her interconnecting door, which she did quickly and moved into his room so he couldn’t see in hers.

She was in a toweling dressing gown and Ed immediately embraced her to kiss her when she pushed him back and said she would run him a hot bath. He needed to relax and chill as it would be a big night. Tess took no notice of Ed’s innuendos or his flirtive nakedness.

Ed got out his bath and dried himself off when there was a quiet knock at the bathroom door.

“Ed, are you ready to come out?” Tess said in an enquiring way.

“Yes, why?” Ed replied.

“Well, put this on and make sure you can’t see anything and tell me when you are ready to come out” she instructed, before opening the door and fraction and flinging in a blindfold.

The black blindfold on the side in the bathroom put Ed’s mind into an immediate spin, then the first decision, to go out naked or in a dressing gown, he chose naked, placed the blindfold on his head and opened the door.

Tess said “Right Mister, how many times have you said to me ‘Trust me’ well the tables are turned and it is time for you to give me unconditional trust. Are you up for that?”

Ed felt his heart miss a beat, thinking of the times he had said those words in the past and how Tess had unconditionally obeyed him. How could he refuse? “Yes of course.” He replied apprehensively.

“We are going to go through to my room now” and with no further ado, she grabbed his hand and guided him through the interconnecting doors into her room.

“What are you going to do Tess?” Ed asked. He loved to tease and arouse her and whilst he knew he was safe, he was a little nervous about what she may have in mind.

“I’m going to give you an experience hunny, quite like no other!” she said with a provocatively lowered voice full of assured confidence. She stroked the back of his hand as they walked through into her room whilst his assured manhood came hard to attention in nervous excitement.

She guided him to the bed and helped in on, asking him to lay flat on his back with his limbs in a star like position. As he tried to lay flat, he felt (what transpired to be three pillows) lifting his hips and soft bath toweling sheets rather than Indian linen.

“Comfy” she asked with a chuckle.

“Sort of” he replied unconvincingly.

“Well Mr DeVere, I’m going to tie you limbs to the corners of the bed. I have bought some soft silk scarves for the occasion and I hope you won’t mind!” she said with some considerable authority.

“How can one refuse” he replied, chuckling to himself.

Tess quickly tied each limb and whilst she did, she caught her first glimpse of precum. She knew he would want to explode very soon.

“OK Mister, have a tug on your bindings for me please, see if you can get out!” she said. Ed pulled hard with both his arms and legs but could not free himself.

“Mr Devere, it has been a long time in the planning, but now I have you where I want you, utterly helpless, you are my play thing, I am able to what I want with you” she said chuckling. “Are you wondering what I’m wearing? Am I wearing anything at all!? Am I going to impale myself on you are or am I going to tease the hell out of you? I bet your mind is frantic on what is going to happen next.”

“How many times have you told me to trust you ha ha, yeap you are just going to have to trust me!”

“What’s that I hear?” she said. “Sounds like a humming noise, mmmm oh yes, that hum has a real buzz to it” she continued.

Ed was desperate to free himself, such was his arousal, started to struggle against his bindings. “What’s going through your mind darling” she said in a very provocative manner. “Is it a big vibe or a little bullet and where have I put it? Take your blindfold off Ed and find out for yourself!” she continued.

Ed was now flapping around desperately trying to release himself but to no avail. Tess laughed and chuckled before adding “Gotcha! I had no intent to let you free yourself but I just wanted to be sure you couldn’t escape!” and with that she burst out in a roar of laughter. For the first time ever, Tess really felt in charge of the bedroom and she could now execute the well-rehearsed plan in her mind.

“So Mr DeVere, am I clothes on or clothes off? And that buzzing noise, it’s gone quiet, have you noticed? Have you also notice how my voice has changed, you know that voice I have when you so arousal me with your penetration. Ermmm, I wonder where that vibe could be mmmmm” she said.

Ed heard that by now familiar sound of Tess’s quickening breathe as she closed in on a climax. “Oh God, you look so hard, I so want to impale, not sure I have seen you like that before baby, God yes.” Tess muttered before she took her first easy summit. Ed’s mind was awash with thoughts of what she was doing, how she was dressed, if at all, frustrated beyond belief that he couldn’t participate, he knew if she released him he would be crazed animal-like in his determination to poke her brains out.

“So Ed, have I been teasing, have I cum or am I trying to pollute your mind with erotic thoughts. Erm, decisions, decisions” she said then after a few seconds, and what seemed an eternity to Ed she continued “OK, I’m not going to tell you but I will give you a clue”.

Moments later Ed felt her presence close to his face. She pecked a kiss on his cheek before placing something warm and very wet above his top lip, twisting around to dry it off and get all the fluid on his face.

Ed smelt the sweetness of Tess’s scent and thrust his hips high in an attempt to air fuck, such that she had worked up his frustrations. He heard her turn the speed up and then the vibrations muffled before she said “OK Mister, that’s enough for me, this is where the fun starts” laughing again as she said it.

“So Ed, I’m going to plant a thought in your mind for you to ponder as I play. Imagine me here, naked other than a short, black, silk camisole slip, a black silk g-string, hold up and high black patent shoes. My arousal is such that my nipples are rock solid and their shape is clearly visible through the silk. When I blow down over my nipples, the silk stimulates me, sends tingles down my spine and makes me highly eroticised. And I nearly forgot, when I had my bath, I trimmed to a super smooth finish. You have that thought etched in your mind then?” Tess said provoking him.

“Oh fuck yes. Plant yourself now me, I will exploded almost instantaneously, please baby, please” Ed replied in desperation.

Tess laughed before responding slowly and deliberately “Not…..a…….flipping…..chance….in….hell! You will be begging with tears before I let you cum hunny!!!”

“OK then” she continued “I’m standing over your now, legs astride you, vibe in place and working, well, mmmmmm, very well. I have to say Mr DeVere, you do look big today, very big indeed and utterly inviting, are you aching in your sacks hunny, I mean really aching?”

“You are so unfair Tess, please let me go and ache is an understatement if I’m honest, they feel like balloons pumped so hard they are likely to explode”.

“Well Mister, let’s see how my more they can take until they do explode!” she chuckled again to herself.

The next sensation Ed felt was almost a very fine fluid being poured over his body. It was thin but almost a sticky-syrup like consistency. Tess continued to pour oil all over his chest then down over his tummy and down over this inner thighs and scrotum but careful not to het any over his thick manhood. “Does that feel nice? Would you like some more Ed?” she asked inquisitively.

“Oh God yes as much as you like hunny, as much as you like”

“Are you still thinking about what I’m wearing darling, I hope so, it will make things so much better for later” she chuckled.

“Edward, I’m going to squat over your head and start to rub this oil in, does that work for you hunny?  The reason I’m squatting is so that you can hear what’s happening, I feel so horny right now, I’ve cum once, and the normal rules of you saying when I can cum do not apply, in fact they are reversed. I’m going to cum multiple times. Hope the thought is not screwing your head up too much baby, especially whilst you wonder precisely what I’m wearing!” she said in a soft provocative tone.

“You’re such a bitch teaser Tess, such a one” Ed retorted, his frustration evident in his fraught tone.

Tess placed both hands simultaneously on his chest and started to stroke and caress the oil in slowly in circular motions, all over his chest down as far as his waistline. “You have such a strong body Ed, it’s so mentally stimulating, and to think it’s under my every whim” she said and her breathe slowed and deepened. “Mmmm, God it’s fucking stimulating” she said as her voice dropped a few tones and her kneading of his chest turned from her finger tips to the tips of her nails pawing-like as her stimulation grew.

Ed lay there helplessly unable to do anything and his mind was awash with what Tess was doing. He knew she had such an erotic streak, in fact that was one thing that so attracted him to her, however this was something else. She had cum once and seemed well on her way to a second, he wanted to explode, yet he remained untouched and sensed his journey had barely started.

Her finger nails started to deepen into the flesh of his chest as he heard her first moans of satisfaction from the buried bullet. “Oh yes” she murmured “That feels so good. Loving this baby, I’m so loving this baby. Ed, I have a little starter for you, would you like it?” she continued.

“Fuck yes, anything, please anything. I’ll take everything you offer right now!” he replied, such was his need.

Tess lowered her crouch and started to rub her sodden g-string along Ed’s nose. He could feel and hear the vibration and knew her bullet vibe we inside her underwear. He lifted his head, opening his mouth in a very quick movement and grabbed her entire engorged vulva in his mouth, immediately sucking hard to taste her juices. This caught Tess a bit by surprise and within a second, she had lifted herself up.

“That was very naughty Mr DeVere and I do not approve. You will pay for your indiscretion later, rest assured of that!!” she said in a dominatrix manner before flicking the head of his hardness with the back of her fingernail in mock punishment.

Tess turned around and sat astride Ed, her apex on his chest bone and began to rock back and forth. Ed felt the vibration of her bullet on his chest as she rode his oiled chest moaning softly and breathing heavily. Because of his blindfold, he couldn’t see that Tess had cupped both hands around her ample breasts and was rolling her nipples through the silk. The sensation rippled through her body, tingling her spine, electric like, the all-controlling feeling of dominance over her passionate lover. It was like a cocaine-rush to her head as hands and hips brought her close to climax. Tess moved guided her right hand down over her tummy, inside the top of her thong, over her pubic bone, parting her vulva wide, her middle two fingers focused immediately on her inflated button. Her breathing was short, gasp like, her body stiffened and buckling under her pleasure.

Ed felt her hand manipulating herself and asked “What are you doing, tell me please.” Ed strained hard at his bindings that had the effect of making them tighter and more secure.

“I’m sure you can work it out and if you can’t just imagine I’m doing whatever it is you want. Extend your boundaries, let your mind go with the flow.” She replied with a strained voice before letting herself release. Her mind was full of romantic Spanish guitar music as her head dropped backwards and she ground her hips into her fingers and Ed’s oiled and juice covered chest. She was rigid, body alive and tingling with wave after wave of pleasure engulfing her as she dropped her head back groaning out loud.

“Oh God” she murmured “Oh my God, look what you do to me Mr DeVere, how in God’s name to you make me feel like this?”

“How did you cum Tess, tell me please, I beg of you” Ed pleaded.

“Later maybe, wasn’t it you who once said to me the power of stimulation and ecstasy is in the mind” she said with another chuckle.

“You’re bad lady!” he exclaimed.

“Maybe, and I wonder what we are going to have to do with that thing down there Mister? What to you reckon?” she enquired.

Tess went and knelt between Ed’s legs and squirted more oil over his tummy and down his inner thighs, then starting at his knees, began to stroke upwards, her fingers and thumbs penetrating deep into the muscles of his thighs and inner thighs. Ed arched his back in an anticipation for more to follow however Tess was good and carefully ensured that no part of her touched any of his intimacy.

“Looks like your leaking Mr DeVere and that is making the place untidy! What are we going to do about that I wonder?” she questioned. Placing her arms either side of his hips, she lent forward and in a snake like movement, dabbed the end of his pride with the tip of her tongue. His precum was thick, stringy and stretchy. She collected what she could on the end of her tongue and then saying “open wide”, scrapped the end of her tongue along the top edge of his right teeth.

“You can now taste yourself baby” she said before giving him a butterfly kiss on his forehead.

“Ed?” she asked in a questioning way.

“Yes Tess” he replied.

“You can’t believe how emotionally empowered I feel right now and I feel I want to let you watch me cum now. Do you promise to do everything I say precisely?”

“Of course I do he replied, why wouldn’t I?” he replied.

“OK then, when I take your blindfold off no peeping, your eyes must remain shut and if you open them the tiniest bit, you understand that I will take a photo of you and may publish it on a naughty website. You understand don’t you, you must follow instructions precisely!” she said firmly.

“Yes, I understand you rotter” he responded in a good-humored manner.

Tess lifted the blindfold then moved to stand on the bed level with Ed’s hips in silence. This went on for what seemed to Ed like an age until he asked “Am I allowed to speak” before giggling.

There was silence again, this time for longer timer, it was almost intimidating.

“Right Mr DeVere, open those eyes of yours and savior me!” Tess said in quite a robust way.

Ed was almost scared to open his eyes, he had experienced a different Tess, an arousing Tess, one he hadn’t seen before.

He slowly opened both eyes and was caught by the way she was earnestly and steadfastly gazing right into his eyes. I was a piercing gaze, and it seemed to be looking deep into his core. He noticed her arm held high with a bottle, dripping oil from high. It was landing on her chest and rolling down her cleavage.

“God you looking amazing Tess” Ed exclaimed has he looked down her figure. Her black silk slip, hold ups and patent heels together with her juice soaked g-string wrenched at the pit of his stomach, never had he felt so want or desire before.

The oil continued to drip until Tess started to squeeze the bottle at which point she squirted much of the bottle over her chest. Flicking the cap on and dropping the bottle on the bed, she started to caress herself. The silk slip was clinging to her breasts, almost glued by the oil, her fulsome shape clearly outlined as her kneading started. Her widespread fingers cupping underneath her breasts, gently squeezing them whilst her index fingers and thumbs attended to her nipples, circling, rolling and stretching them. Her face began to contort under the influence of this self-manipulation yet all the time, she gazed deep into his eyes, almost like she was trying to laser-etch this moment on his soul.

Ed was transfixed by her stare and whilst he was aware of her hands, his mind was engrossed by the look on Tess’s face, the passion, emotion and the total want for her man.

Tess stroked down her body, crossing her arms over her tummy as her hands searched for the hem of her slip before lifting and removing the camisole in one movement. Her toned and tanned body was before him, glistening in the light from the oil.

“Mmmm that’s better” Tess said as she continued to caress herself. “I hope you’re liking Ed, I’m loving every moment here”

“Yes, what you being in control is so empowering and erotic and all that” he said with a hint of desperate sarcasm.

Tess caressed her body more, her hands almost cupped, trying to scrape up every last drop of surplus oil before parting her legs wider and moving her hands down to caress her inner thighs above the tops of her holds ups. She knew this would press one of Ed’s big red buttons and as her oily fingers pressed deep into her tissue, kneading provocatively Ed strained on his bindings frantic to escape as his hips began to gyrate back and forth.

“Looks like your liking Mr DeVere, shall I squat over you so you can take a closer look? I’d have to say, this fills sooo good, I’m imagining your hands here, so warm and soft, building my excitement. “Remember for the future hunny that oil is good” Tess said in a provocatively teasing manner before flashing Ed a wink.

“Bitch” he retorted in an affectionate way.

“I think I need more vibe baby” she said as her thumb hooked underneath her thongs and parted it to one side exposing her engorged intimacy with the end of the bullet just visible.

“Look after this for me Ed please” Tess said before taking the vibe out and placing it in Ed’s mouth, still vibrating. It was warm, thick in her juices and reeking of her scent, her taste was wonderful he thought.

“I don’t think I need these on now” Tess said before removing her thong to expose her newly shaven clean folds, like the juiciest of a peach, its skin newly split exposing the softness and ripeness inside.

Tess moved up the bed and parted her legs again over his head, now crouching down, inches above his face. Her hands grabbed her inner thighs again and began to knead again. Ed could see her eyes still firmly fixed on his but now he was distracted by what was in front of his face.

Tess’s index fingers moved to each side of her vulva and started to push her swollenness together, oozing juice as she did and to move her hands back and forth. “Mmmm, that feels good, God I’m so fucking horny now” she said. Then, almost on cue, a drip of her excitement fell on Ed’s cheek. Her index fingers pressed down hard before she parted herself to expose juicy readiness.

Ed spat out the vibe before pleading “I can’t take much more of this Tess, please, please take me baby” in desperation.

She looked at him and smiled with a look of “I don’t care want you want baby, you’re mine here and now”.

Her thumbs rubbed around the hood of her button, before exposing it fully and almost tickling it with an index finger.

“Shit I’m close again, it feels so good Ed, but not yet baby, more surprises for you” she whimpered.

With that, she reached over the bedside cabinet and picked up a dildo, it was long but, not particularly thick. She pressed a button on the end and the toy came to life. She placed the tip of the vibe on the end of Ed’s nose and he had a rippling feeling go right across his face. “Imagine what that feels like deep inside me baby, and when I say deep I mean deep!”

With no further ado, Tess move the dildo to her exposed folds, playing with herself right in front of Ed’s face. “Mmmm that feels so good, it has me so horny Ed, you just can’t imagine” she said.

Ed knew if the aching of his cum-ladenned sacks was anything to go by, she was close to heaven.

Her breathing slowed and deepened, every time she exhaled, it was accompanied by a “aww” or “ahhh” which seemed to get longer with each breath.

“When I said deep Ed this is what I meant” Tess said as the full 9+ inches of dildo slid inside until only the end was still exposed. With one hand keeping the vibe in place, the other worked her folds and button. Ed felt the mattress start to shake from Tess’s trembling. Her breathing was short, gaspy, her muscles rigid, as she felt herself release for another time. Her hand was working her button furiously as she pulled the dildo out and thrust it in his mouth. Her juice covered his lips as she pushed it deep in making him gag as it vibrated in his mouth. Then out of nowhere Tess erupted in a huge wave of ecstasy, wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her body, she rubbed herself harder, trying to extend the pleasure before falling in a pile on the bed beside Ed.

“Mmmm that feels a bit better” she chuckled.

“And I’m bloody helpless here” he responded laughing too.

“OK then Mister, what are we going to do about that thing then………... Let me think………………..mmmm….I’ve an idea” she said gazing in his eyes with a most mischievous look.

Tess moved and sat between Ed’s legs, looking up at him. “Comfy?” she asked. Ed simply laughed.

Tess cupped a hand, and with the other filled it full of baby oil until it was dripping over.

“So how does this feel then Ed, you like?” she asked as she dunked his sacks in the oil before squeezing them together. Her second hand joined in pleasuring him, one hand focusing on his scrotum whilst the other hand’s middle two fingers pushed deep into his perineum, searching back around the nerve ends of his rear.

“Oh God yes” he yelled, straining at his binding, as Tess intensified her hand movements. The oil made everything so smooth and easy to gratify quickly. Tess stared into his eyes again, watching his every facial movement as one hand squeezed him and the other penetrated two fingers to the first joint of her fingers.

“I’m pleased you’re enjoying, the look on your face suggests you want more! Mmmmm let’s see, oh I know” she said in a sultry way.

She started to lick her lips with the tip of her tongue as her head moved towards his hardness. Her tongue draped itself over the bottom of his shaft and with both hands and her tongue acting in unison, she began to excite him. Her tongue went up and down his shaft, darting around his head, quickly, everywhere, she was squeezing, nerve ends being tantilised and penetrated. He had the tip of his manhood held by her tongue and in one movement opened wide and consumed as much of his shaft as she could. Ed immediate started to thrust, she held her head steady as his hands and feet whitened as he strained on his binding whilst face fucking her.

Her continual teasing and provoking over the time together left him very close to ejaculation and he felt his eruption was close too, but Tess sensed it also and stopped playing with him.

“Nearly there were you baby? Were you going to release? Had I given you permission? You are a naughty one today aren’t you? How do you know that I have done with you? You don’t do you?” Tess said, laughing and continuing to grin.

“God, no more, please, …..please………please………..…put me out of my agony here. I know I’m begging, my balls are in agony right now, yes I’m begging, I’m sorry but put an end to this hunny please” Ed pleaded in utter desperation.

Tess gazed at him and smiled.

“Now I know that you like to watch the action Edward, don’t you so why don’t you cum in your own porn film then!” Tess said.

Tess sat astride Ed again, across his tummy facing his feet. “Ringside seat baby eh” she teased.

“What do we have here young man” Tess asked picking up both vibrators. “I wonder what we can do with these?” she said provocatively.

“You like to watch don’t you Ed, well I wonder if this will make your eyes pop out!” she continued.

Switching both vibes on full power, she put one hand behind her back with the long vibe and the other from the front toys with her intimate region, the bullet in her button whilst the dildo penetrated deep. Ed saw her ass clench as she spasmed for a first time and groaned loudly as she began to gyrate her hips to looking for every conceivable angle of pleasure.

“God your amazing baby” Ed said, his eyes mesmerized by the sight of her indulging in self pleasure. Tess really focused on her button with the small vibe, whilst she pushed it deep into her puffed up intimacy. Without knowing, both lovers felt the rumblings of a substantial eruption brewing deep inside them, they sensed it was different to normal, from part of their emotions rarely exposed to consciousness, like they are perched on top of a rocket as is launches from the ground.

“Think I need you inside now Ed, I think you need to show me how much you want me” Tess said as she removed the dildo and lined up Ed’s thick rock up manhood. Tittering at her entrance, Ed slowly moved his hips forward, feeling the heat of her love canal consuming every last millemetre. Once she had him insider her fully, she used both toys to vibe on his enormity and her button.

“I think you need to fuck hard Ed, I think you need to fuck hard, really hard, blow my head off hunny, but before you do……” Tess said is a tense way.

She thrust her juice soaked dildo deep in her rear whilst putting the bullet into Ed’s. “Oh fuck yes” he screamed.

“Now take me like the world’s gonna end in a minute” Tess yelled as each of them took their selfish pleasure, each for their own yet both for one another. Ed strained at his bindings, trying to get leverage from the restraints as he thrust back and forth whilst Tess held both toys in place. Whilst Tess had experienced her few share of cums over the preceding minutes, Ed was ready to erupt, the molten white emotions were ready to blow. Tess sensed this and clamped his testicles between her fingers and thumb to stop the physical ejaculation whilst gripping the long vibe firmly and thrusting it deep inside her rear.

The scene was frenetic, Ed started to go, Tess was following close behind, she felt his cock trying to squirt cum but she knew he couldn’t, they both screamed with pleasure as Tess exploded too, both of them pumping each other hard, her climax was thunderous, screaming at the top of her voice still clamping Ed tight.

Ed yelled as if he was on the edge of a wave about to crash but somehow where he couldn’t get off. Tears were in his eyes, so close and yet still controlled to the end.

Tess felt one final summit in her and work his cock hard for a few seconds longer, which seemed an eternity to Ed. Her hips quickened again, her grip on her dildo firm, Ed’s body ridged, tears rolling down his face as she unclamped him and she felt the rapid salvos of cum filling her inside as she clamped his cock hard straining every last drop from him. Drop her head back and releasing for a final time, with tears of intense emotion rolling down her cheeks, unable to draw breathe, her body exhausted.

Tess turned around, Ed’s hardness still inside her and she laid astride him, held his face with both her oily hands, looked him deeply in his eyes and kissed him softly at first before a period of passionate feelings exploded with uncontrolled and passionate kissing.

“Mr DeVere, you are the most adorable person on this planet right now, and I want you so and I hope this has shown you precisely how much!” Tess said.

“Mmmm I think there is no question of that Tess!” he replied.

Submitted: December 31, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Giles Armstrong. All rights reserved.

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Nothing sexier than a woman who feels empowered in the bedroom! And thank god for the man who can handle her! This has been one hell of a story!

Sun, January 4th, 2015 7:25am


Many thanks for your comments. Nothing quiet like an empowered woman ;) lol

Sun, January 11th, 2015 1:20am

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