You're Perfect To Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

So this is gonna be a really sweet story (that still has erotica). I just see a lot of "slutty reads" on here and not many sweet ones. So here's one :)

I know that she's had a crush on me for a long time. She doesn't know that I do. But I do. She has since middle school, side 7th grade. We've never dated. She's always been too shy to come to me and say she has feelings for me. I understand it, I mean, and I say this in the most humble way possible, I am really popular, and a lot of girls like me. And she isn't as popular as me. She's not disliked or anything, but us popular guys don't really talk about her. 

We're both 18 now. I'm Danny, she's Keely. She's not curvy like the popular girls, she's not big in the upstairs region. But she is beautiful. She is thin, and graceful, and statuesque. She moves with an amount of grace I didn't know people could have. But because she's not curvy like the other girls, because she is not as "big" as the other girls, she is insecure. She hides, she tries to avoid me. I know she's in love with me, I can tell when girls are. 

We've texted once. Only once. In seventh grade. Her friend have her my number, and we talked. For like, five minutes. She's too afraid to text me first. I think that's adorable, but I just wish that she could gather her strength and tell me her feelings. Because I have those feelings for her too. 

She is so insecure with herself, and it hurts me to see her that way. I can always see her comparing herself to other girls, and I often hear her talking to her friends about how she's not good enough for me, she's not pretty enough, she doesn't have a good enough body. So, today, I texted her first. I could tell she was surprised, it took her a few minutes to respond. I invited her over to my house, my parents are gone for the weekend. It took a while before I convinced her to say yes. 

So here I am now, waiting in my living room for the knock on the door. It doesnt come for a while after when I told her to come. She must've been nervous. She comes fifteen minutes late. I open the door for her with a smile, and invite her in. 

"Thank you. " Keely says, and takes her shoes off. She looks at me, holding her shoes. Then I realize she's trying to ask me something, and I almost slap myself. "Oh! Yeah you can throw your shoes anywhere." I correct myself, and she drops her shoes next to her. She's wearing a flowery blouse and dark blue high waisted shorts. She looks absolutely amazing, like something you'd find in a beautiful art gallery. 

"You look great." I say truthfully, looking into her green eyes. She blushes and she can't seem to meet my blue eyes. 

"Thank you." She mumbles, a small smile on her now tomato red face. I lead her to the living room and sit her down across from me. I smile at her and cross my hands over my lap. "So, Keely. I'm going to just come right out and say what I need to say. I know you like me. I know you have since  seventh grade." I look at her. Her eyes widen dramatically and she looks around at the ground. 

"But it's ok. Because I like you too. A lot." I finish. This time she meets my eyes. I smile softly at her. 

"W-what?" She stutters. I get off of my seat from across from her and walk over to her seat. I sit down and hold her face in my hands. 

"Keely, look at me. You're beautiful. You are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe you're not perfect to everyone. But you're perfect to me." I say, and bring my lips down on hers. She doesn't kiss back at first. She's definitely completely in shock. But I don't worry. In about ten seconds she's kissing back. It's not a forceful kiss, of a rushed kiss. It's a slow, passionate, meaningful kiss. Our mouths work together in a rhythm, creating a perfect harmony. She wraps her arms around my neck, and I do the same thin with her hips. 

"You're perfect. You're beautiful." I mutter in between kisses. She can barely even say thank you before I realize she has her hands under my shirt, She's slowly, hesitantly pushing it up from the back. I make it quicker for both of us and pull the blue fabric off of my torso. Keely stares at my muscular body, running her fingers up and down my biceps. I help her out of her blouse and slowly unclasp her little bra, looking in her eyes to make sure it's ok. She nods and helps me get it off the rest of the way. 

I look at her perky little breasts with hard, petite pink nipples on top. I sigh and look in her eyes again. "You are so gorgeous." I say, and kiss her again. She invites me to bring my head down to her chest, and I don't object, leaving a trail of kisses on the way down. I kiss each one of her nipples, making sure I frequently tell her how stunning she is. I suck on her small right breast, massaging her left one gently. She leans her head back and moans softly, rubbing her right hand up and down my back. 

I pull away and look into her eyes, whispering "You are perfect." She smiles at me and I start to undo my pants, and she does the same with hers. I pull out my hard 6 and a half inch member and stroke it softly. Keely steps out of her shorts and panties, revealing her warm pussy, a smile trail of brown hairs leading down to it. I spread her legs out and bring my mouth down to her warm mound, my tongue sucking at first on her lips, eventually reaching her clit, lapping her juices. She gasps sweet little breaths as she throws her head back, trying to run fingers through my hair but only finding my buzz cut. 

I lick up and down her slit, and eventually come back up, readying myself for entering my member into her. She nods at me and smiles, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. I slowly enter her, going in centimeter my centimeter, letting her softness accept my hardness. She's definitely a virgin, she is way too tight not to be. We both moan, hers more of a sweet little gasp. I thrust slowly in and out of her, not daring to go any faster. Our sex is sweet, not forceful, not reckless, not a one-time fling. It's real. It's love. 

She climaxes quickly, having been pleasured already and being a virgin. Her juices envelope my throbbing package and I pull out I her to release, since I am not wearing a condom. I slowly spray onto her stomach, wanting to keep the mood sweet. I collapse on of her, not worn out, but intensely satisfied. Keely is breathing heavily, it having been her first time and all. I plant kisses on her collar, and up to her mouth. I look right in her eyes. 

"You're perfect to me." I whisper, and we both smile. 

Submitted: June 17, 2014

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Aww that was sweet yet sexy.

Tue, June 17th, 2014 7:03am


Very hot... Even if he did take advantage of her innocence...

Tue, June 17th, 2014 7:32am


Awwwww..... that was just awesome

Wed, June 18th, 2014 3:42am


Awe this was sexy and sweet at the same time! Great writing=)

Mon, June 23rd, 2014 4:46pm


OMG i LOVE this!! The best love story i've read!

Wed, September 3rd, 2014 4:26am

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