Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Dr. Roland Mills specializes in helping women with their sexual and personal problems a visit from a close friend becomes far more than he ever imagined.


Dr. Roland Mills specializes in helping women with their sexual and personal problems a visit from a close friend becomes far more than he ever imagined.


Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017





It started one afternoon between clinics, I was having tea when there was a sound of a commotion outside my office two distinct voices, one, that of my assistant Maxine and the other...


"Roland! I really must speak with you..." Came a familiar voice of a figure that suddenly burst into my office.


"Good afternoon Mrs Sawyer." I stated coolly then taking a sip of my tea.


"I’m sorry doctor she was most insistent I..."


"That’s quite alright Maxine, would you hold my calls please."


"Of course doctor." Maxine glared at the woman then left closing the door behind her.


"Now what is all his about Connie? You know better than to come bursting into my office like this I might have had a patient."


"Oh, don’t be ridiculous Roland I know very well that you have tea at this time and as for that - secretary, person of yours! Who does she think she is telling me you can't be seen? Who..."


"Maxine is my personal assistant and you will show her respect, she was simply following my instructions and doing her job.


"Yes - yes of course, I apologise." Connie smiled then sat down, remained silent for a moment as if collecting her thoughts. "I have to say though," she began. "I really do feel she’s a little young for you, that secretary person, I mean, I always thought you preferred, the maturer woman."




"I know," she cut me off holding up a hand defensively. "I know you do prefer the busty type," She smiles. "You’ve always had great taste in women, but red heads? I mean, Roland really!"


"What can I do you for you Connie?" I ask getting down to business and ignoring her comments. We sat for an uncomfortable moment no words passing between us. Connie stood up then began to pace about for then walked towards me and a strange sensation passed through my mind she appeared to be moving in slow motion. I immediately begin to take in every detail of her. The riding outfit of cream jodhpurs, black boots and tight thin sweater that clings to her small but incredibly firm breasts. I've always found that look - Incredibly arousing. She moves to within inches of me.


"I need your help help Roland," she whispers breathlessly. "I need..." Her husky voice makes me shiver, her breath stirs inappropriate and quite frankly very unprofessional thoughts within. "I really am in a frightful state Roland," she whispers. "I really am, and if something doesn’t change soon I’m going to do something desperate!"


I felt my eyebrow raise at her declaration. "Indeed Connie and what might that be?" I feel a curious mixture of arousal and great concern at her statement.


She remained silent for a moment. "I shall have to take a lover!" she declared.


Another eyebrow raise. "I see." Then begin to laugh feeling the tension suddenly subside and my arousal become even more powerful!


"You sound disappointed!" She says giving a hard glare.


"Not at all just - relieved."


With that she burst out laughing too. "Oh Roland you really are a dear friend! Did you really think I’d consider harming myself or..."


"Yes Connie for a brief moment - I did." I reply cutting her off in mid sentence. "It is no laughing matter, I have known clients do so and - for much less." The truth is I knew deep down that she would never truly consider resorting to such extremes as contemplating suicide, none the less her somewhat Cavalier attitude did irritate me. Such is the conflict of interests of taking a close friend as a client, something I did not usually consent to, for professional as well as personal reasons. However, on this occasion I was indulging myself. Constance Sawyer was 46 years old, 5ft 5in, slim build but also very curvy despite her size, rounded off with short chestnut hair, she was in sum a stunning woman. Sad that she was married to - what I can only describe as the most boring man alive! Augustus, (Gus to his Friends) Sawyer, a merchant banker a job that he ate, slept and breathed. Every conversation was to do with money and the world of banking into which he had long since immersed himself. Indeed it was quite evident that his true marriage was to his career; something that until recently Connie had been quite happy to accept with all the comforts and pleasures that such a life provided. But now, with the advance of years she had come to the shocking conclusion of the shallow and somewhat lonely lifestyle that went with it.


"I apologise Roland, I should not make light of what is for you something very serious."


"Let's talk no more of it shall we."


"As you wish, but I really do need your help, what do I do?"


"Take a lover."


Connie stared at me in shock. "That’s it! That’s your advice."


"What would you like to hear Connie? You know the issue and have come up with the perfect solution there really isn't anything I can..."


"I can’t," She blurted.


"Can't what?"


"I just can’t, that’s all."




"It’s," she was silent for a moment then looked at me dejectedly. "It’s been so long I..."


"You mean you and Gus no longer..."


"Oh, of course we do! Rather - he does, or rather just climbs on when the urge comes upon him a few thrusts and then rolls over and falls asleep. He has all the sexual repertoire of a glass of milk. I’m so..."


"Frustrated?" I say placing a gentle hand on her arm in an attempt to be reassuring, I find myself actively throbbing inside my trousers!


"Yes! Among other things."


"I understand."


"Do you?"


"Yes, and if it is any comfort - you are not the first."


"You’ve dealt with this before."






"Connie it’s not some rare condition - it’s more common than you realise."


"I need your help."


"And you’ll have it."


I watched a Small smile appear it was ironic that here was a woman that literally had everything and more to spare and yet - was so unfulfilled. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.




"Excuse me?"


"When will you help me?"


"We can begin right if you wish."




"Well, you’re here and have disturbed my tea so why not?"


"Alright, what do I do."


"Do you trust me?"


"What? What sort of question is that? Of course I..."


"Good, then please make yourself comfortable." I say indicating to the couch.


Without a word Connie laid herself down on the couch. I pressed the button on my intercom, "Yes doctor? came Maxine’s voice.


"I’d like you to reschedule my appointments for the rest of the day."


"Very good doctor."


"Now Connie I want you to relax, relax totally, just breathe slowly let your mind clear and just relax." Observing her breathing it started to slow. "Now take a long slow deep breath through the nose, hold to a count of 3 the breathe out slowly."


She complied doing so for a few minutes. "Now close your eyes and continue." She did so her body was slowly beginning to become very relaxed.


"Now Connie I want you to focus on my voice keep breathing deep and slow. Just focus on my voice and breathe. I’m going to count back as I do you will feel yourself going begin to deeply relax and sink slowly going deeper and deeper becoming more and more relaxed, 10, 9, 8. I paused, Tell me your full name


"Constance Marie Abbott." She replies her voice a little softer.


I felt my eyebrow raise Abbott was her maiden name, very interesting. "7, 6, What is your date of birth?"


"The 27th of April 1968." Her voice is lower, softer.


"Going deeper 5, 4, Do you enjoy horse riding?"


"Yes, I love it! It is -- my passion." Now it is just a little above whisper.


"Going deeper 3, 2 - 1. You are now totally relaxed."


"Yes." I smile inwardly she is now totally relaxed.


"You ride a lot don’t you?"


"Yes, I love it, it - is my true passion. The one time I feel truly alive."


I smile inwardly. "Tell me how you feel when you come back from your ride?"


"Truly alive, I always like to take my horse across the fields and open him up for a full on run there is - nothing like it."


"And when you return how you feel?"


"Hot, invigorated and..." She paused.




"I feel..." She stopped again.


"What do you feel Connie?"


"I feel..." She took a deep breath. "Very - you know."


"Wet?" At this her breathing started to deepen.


"Y-Yes." I watched as her small breasts heaved within the confines of the tight sweater


"Very - Wet?" I ask feeling my own arousal intensify.




"Tell me, how it happens."


I’m riding, slowly at first the horse is just walking slow the saddle is gently rubbing between my legs with each step. At first I barely notice it but- as the ride continues it begins to gently stroke between my legs like..."


"A gentle lover?" I say intentionally planting the suggestion in her mind.


"Yes, exactly so, very gently, almost, almost teasing."


"Focus on it, let it build through your ride." I watch her breathing now slow regular and deep. "How does it feel?"


"Oh, so good. So very good."


"Now, its the end of your ride, head back, what do you do when you arrive?"


"I take the horse in remove his harness and saddle then feed and water him."


"How are you feeling?"


"Horny! Oh, So - horny, you’ve no idea!" Her voice becomes a whisper at this moment, she moves a little on the couch raising her hips slightly.


"When the horse is settled what do you do then?"


"I..." She pauses.


"Go on."


"I head into an empty stall and close the doors."


"There’s no one around?"




"Then what?"


"I’m laying in the straw I’m so wet, so very wet..."


"Open your legs and gently touch yourself - just gently rub it through the material and focus on it." Connie's fingers move to her crotch and begin to stroke very gently. "That’s it focus on it feel the incredible sensations coursing through your body. Focus."


"Yessss." Her fingers stroke through the material.


"Good, now unfasten your belt." Connie’s fingers move to the black belt of her riding trousers, unhooking it. "Now, unfasten your trousers." She obeyed. "You want to touch it don’t you?"


"Yes!" She pants. "I need to."


"Do it - but gently and slowly." Her fingers slide under the tight material and began to gently probe her slit. "Touch it good, but slowly, slowly, no rushing, enjoy it indulge yourself, revel in those amazing sensations."


"Yes." I watch with fascination as she obeys my instructions her fingers slowly stroke her sex through the thin material of her panties. More moans emanate from her as she does so. I leave her to indulge whilst enjoying the spectacle and find myself enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman pleasuring herself.


"Tell me what you’re thinking."


"I’m imagining..."




"I can’t tell you." She replies sternly her fingers still working


"Why can't you?"






"I - I imagine it’s..."


"It’s what Connie - you can tell me."


"I imagine - it’s..."


"Go on."


"It’s... You making love to me!" She blurts.


For a moment I’m stunned I’ve never had a client admit anything like this before. "That’s wonderful Connie - truly wonderful."




"Yes." I'm truly flattered.


"I’ve imagined you - a lot."


"I don’t know what to say, it’s lovely."


"I’m glad - I’ve noticed the way you look at me, the way you undress me with your eyes whenever we meet."


"It’s very inappropriate of me but, yes - I can’t help myself."


"You want me - don’t you?"


For a moment I let the question hang in the air. "Yes Connie - I want you. And have done so for a very long time" A smile appears on her face.


"I'm so glad. It excites me, the way you look at me, it’s like a secret between just the two of us."


"Tell me."


"I’ve not had a man look at me anything like that - in so long."


"Good, because I do want you - I’ve always been so jealous of Gus." Her breathing deepens. "Tell me about what you imagine us doing in the stall."


She takes a deep breath. "I’ve just come back from my ride, settled the horse and as I come out of the stall you are waiting for me, I’m surprised for a moment to see you. No words pass between us and you gently take me by the hand and lead me into the empty stall closing the door behind us. In a moment you push me against the wall taking my wrists and tie them together with a silk scarf you have in your pocket. Then you raise my arms and secure them to a hook just above my head. Then you are running your hands on my hips and upwardly cupping my ribs and then gently fondling my breasts. Your warm breath is on my neck I am so aroused by what you are doing to me my nipples are instantly hard they poke through the thin material of my sweater. You start tweaking my nipples slowly between thumb and forefinger the pain is - Ecstasy. The next thing I know you force my legs apart with your knee and start rubbing my crotch with your fingers, you know this drives me mad! Then, then you are palming me between my legs, slowly up and down teasing me rubbing my slit through the material of my riding trousers, looking into my eyes as you do so. It feels so, so amazing I can’t think, I can't do anything but moan in pleasure as you start to palm me in circles."


Her breathing is deeper and more rapid now, her fingers working her slit I find myself with the most rigid hard on I’ve had in…


"Then, you unfasten my belt, roughly, the look in your eyes is pure - lust, then your fingers are inside my riding trousers. You pull them down then literally rip my panties off as if then are paper! You touch them and smile at how wet the material is then sniff them taking a long inhalation of juices. This just makes you more excited, then you throw the panties on the floor before…"


She suddenly stiffens!


"Oh! Oh my God! Your fingers are so big sliding into me effortlessly I’m so wet-gushing! What are you doing to me? No! No! What?"


She stiffens again her hips suddenly rise up and remain in the air, then relaxes her hips begin to move slowly




I watch as her fingers work gently on her clit.


"What is it Connie? Tell me."


"Oh my God! What are you doing to me?" She cries out breathlessly. Her hips rise again up then begin to thrust up and down. "Oh Roland! Roland, my love! Those big fingers fucking me deep, Oh how I've craved them!"


I watch as she moans and writhes on the couch, her fingers working her into utter bliss. Remaining silent as she revels in the experience and finding myself stroking my iron bar cock through the material of my trousers. I have never been so utterly turned on as I am at this moment.


She relaxes for a moment, panting. "What... What are you doing?"


"What is it Connie?" I ask now truly excited.


You're kneeling in front of me now, pulling down my trousers more and…" She stiffens again. "Oh God no! Your mouth is working on my… Sucking, licking… It’s too much! It’s…"


Her breathing becomes more rapid her body stiffens as she works upon her clit. Then she cries out as convulsions shoot through her body. Orgasm after orgasm follows then she relaxes, breathing deep and rapid.


"Are you alright Connie?" I asked concerned at the intensity of the experience.


For a moment she just lays silent. "Yes my love." She smiles. "That was…" She takes a deep breath.


"That’s good Connie I want you to relax now, just let go, relax, slow deep breaths like before."




"Good you are going deeper and deeper, counting back from 5,4-3,2-1."


"Totally relaxed."




"Good now just stay there for a little while and rest." I watch as her breathing slowly turns to normal. "Now, you are coming back, starting to gently rise counting back from 10,9-8 slowly rising, 7,6 you feel yourself slowly awakening,5,4 feeling more awake now, 2,1 and wide awake!" Connie opened her eyes, lay still for a moment a little disorientated.


"What just happened?"


"Progress my dear Connie, progress."


She looks down at her unfastened clothing. "What?"


"Just relax this is quite a common reaction with hypnosis sessions."


In a moment she has fastened her trousers and is sitting up on the couch.


"Is this your idea of helping me Roland?"


"As a matter of fact, it is."


"You made me…"


I made you do nothing Connie, I simply guided you to a very happy event and the rest happened by itself, I had no idea about… Well, I mean how could I?"


She sat quietly for a moment considering my words. "No, I suppose you couldn’t have. I’m so incredibly embarrassed."


"You needn’t be, It’ll stay just between us and if it helps I’m very flattered by…"


"You must think me pathetic, I mean look at me!"


I am looking at you Connie and you are not at all pathetic, just someone in need of…"


"A dam good fucking!" She blurts out laughing


"I was going to say the attention that a beautiful woman deserves."




"Yes - followed by a dam good fucking."


At this she laughs. "You really are good friend Roland I don’t know what I’d do…" Her words are cut off as I gently place my fingers to her lips. No words follow as I gently slip her sweater up, her arms rise without resistance and I discard it on the floor. Her skin is warm and soft to the touch, she watches me as I gently stroke her shoulders, then slid the straps of her bra down making her shiver as I do so. With a simple flick of two fingers and thumb the bra catch unfastens and the bra is deposited to the floor.


I have dreamed of her gorgeous breasts, small firm milky white mounds that now taste like the food of the gods in my mouth. She moans with pleasure and I move from one to the other, the dark brown nipples now going rigid between my lips and flick of my tongue.

I step back for a moment then gently lifting her left leg tug off the riding boot, followed by the other. In seconds her jodhpurs are unfastened and together with her panties slide easily down her legs.

Wasting no time she has unfastened my trousers freeing the raging monster within. Kicking off my shoes my trousers are soon deposited on the ground along with her clothing. She strokes it for a moment then sitting her on the couch I slide effortlessly inside her awaiting tight but incredibly wet slit.

She stiffens as I enter her taking in a long deep breath then I begin slow thrusting her legs wrap around my waist pulling me in. My need for her is like nothing I have experienced before. In a moment I have pushed her back on the couch and climb on top.

Thrusting pinning her to the couch she raises her hands above her head and with one hand I gently pin them.

Then she is whispering to me "Fuck me! Fuck me Roland, make me yours-just-like you’ve always wanted to!"


My thrusts are are harder now, my need for her Wanton!


"Faster now. That’s it! That’s it make me yours make me…"


I feel myself about to come quickly I withdraw and in a moment of total madness finish by coming all over her stomach small globules splash onto her heaving tits.


She lay breathless for sometime then starts to laugh. "You were right Roland-I did need a dam good fucking."


Later after cleaning ourselves up I walk Connie out.


"Thank you doctor," she says for Maxine to hear. "I feel much better - after our chat."


"I’m pleased it helped Mrs Sawyer."


"Indeed it has, would the same time next week be convenient?"


I glance to Maxine who is already scanning the appointments who then nods.


"Same time next week it is." I watch as Connie leaves and I can’t help but notice the newly found spring in her step. Glancing at Maxine I see that knowing look she always gives me with certain clients. Then she shrugs and gets on with her work.













© Copyright 2021 Gerard Peters. All rights reserved.

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