The Erotic Adventures of Mrs. Steele

The Erotic Adventures of Mrs. Steele

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Mrs. Emelia Steele, sexy international spy finds herself in a predicament, one she has never before experienced.



Mrs. Emelia Steele, sexy international spy finds herself in a predicament, one she has never before experienced.


Submitted: February 05, 2017

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Submitted: February 05, 2017



Mrs Steele entered her hotel room threw her keys on the side and breathed a sigh of relief as the door closed behind her. Things had gone according to plan but it had been a close call.

‘You will please restrict your movements Mees,es. Steele.’

Emelia froze at the unmistakable voice. ‘What do I owe the pleasure Alexi?’ She replied without moving.

‘Oh come now Meee,es Steele, you know very well why I am here. You have stolen property belonging to the Peoples Republic, property that I must inseest that you return.’ Alexi Andropov reached up and switched on the lamp beside his chair. ‘Please to turn around Mees,es Steele but, slowly, no sudden movements please.’ The woman did as instructed Alexi found himself taking in an involuntary breath at her beauty. Emelia Steele of British Intelligence stood before him, he felt the arousal rising in his trousers, what was it about this woman that got him so excited every time they encountered one another? ‘Please to remove your jacket Mees,es Steele.’

The woman regarded him silently for a moment, then with a barely perceptible nod did as instructed, taking off the dark jacket holding it up by one hand then letting it fall to the ground. Alexi grinned, he had so looked forward to this. ‘Now please to drop your gun onto the jacket.’ He watched as she reached behind her back then produced a small automatic held between her index finger and thumb by the butt raised it for a few seconds then dropped it as instructed onto her jacket. ‘Now please the belt,’ he whispered the barrel of his revolver gesturing to her right thigh.

‘Oh really Alexi! Must I?’ The woman replied in mock seriousness.’ A solemn nod and the woman slid up the hem of her skirt to reveal a black belt secured around her thigh, she unfastened the velcro then deposited it to the floor as it fell there was a glint of silver metal showing two small handles of the close quarter combat knives held vertically within the black leather.

‘Now please step away to the right Mees,es Steele.’

Emelia did as instructed until told to stop.

‘Now we have dispensed with the veapons, please to hand over the meekral film you stole from my Embassy earlier this evening.’

‘I have no idea what you are talking about Alexi,’ Mrs Steele shrugged.

‘Do not be coy with me, I know you have it now do not try my patience and hand eet over.’

Emelia remained silent regarding the man sat before her with a mixture of amusement and calculation, could she cover the distance between them without being shot and be able to disarm and subdue him. It took mere seconds for the realisation of the her chances being less than slim.

Alexi smiled inwardly, being the professional that he was had made a similar calculation to the woman, of course she was considering her alternatives and he knew as did she that they were few. ‘I vil waste no more times Mrs. Steele, the meekrafilm if you please.’

Emelia took a slow deep breath then reached down her cleavage and produced the small black capsule. ‘Easy come easy go.’ Then held it up at arms length.

Alexi just smiled. ‘Please to drop it on the floor then turn around and put your arms behind your back.’

Emelia did as instructed then felt his hands grab her wrists and bind them tightly. ‘What is this Alexi you getting a bit kinky with this continued need to tie me up these days?’

‘Of course,’ He replied giving a little chuckle. ‘I have dreamed of this moment for a long time now Mrs. Steele and now that moment has arrived.’

 At this Emelia felt something forced into her mouth she tried to struggle but he was too strong, the material filed her mouth then she felt it tied tightly at the back of her head. Then was pushed forward onto the bed and forced to lay on her front, before being very roughly flipped onto her back.Emelia tried to kick out but he grabbed her legs effortlessly then bound them at the ankles leaving her to struggle and writhe on the bed.

‘You remember Berlin? He smiled Oh how I had you strapped to that medical couch and how lovely you looked then. I haf never taken advantage of your helplessness in the past Mees,es Steele, professional courtesy you understand and I must confess that I haf a great deal of respect for you personally. But now, I must dispense with all that, you stole highly classified plans to our new super fighter aircraft and now you must be punished for your transgression.’

Emelia regarded him with with undisguised anger her breasts heaving from the exertions, but it was clear where this was going. And to some degree she mentally accepted responsibility. How many times had they flirted with each other over the years, how many times had they come close. She confessed she was very drawn to this large eastern European man, he was incredibly muscular, powerful the very essence of a raw primal male, testosterone oozed from every pore. Something she would never openly admit to being attracted to. And yet she had shamelessly aroused him on many an encounter only to leave him sexually frustrated. It came as no surprise to his intentions now. Although this was not quite how she imagined it would play out. She watched as he stood enjoying her helpless state, his eyes slowly examining every inch of her body, the large bulge in his trousers was quite evident.

Andropov then placed his pistol on the dressing table and removed his jacket placing it on the chair then he began to unbutton his shirt. Emelia watched as his muscular hairless chest was revealed rippling muscle appeared as the shirt was slowly removed and placed on the chair. He stood before her grinning, leering almost then sat on the bed and removed his shoes, followed by unfastening the belt of his trousers then the fly zip and the waist button the trousers fell to the floor he stepped out of them, picked them up folded them and paced them on the chair also. Then he stood posing in front of her six feet three of pure naked primal muscle. And the size of his projecting manhood!

Emelia’s eyes widened with surprise he wasn’t just long and iron bar rigid but the girth of his cock was... She took a few deep breaths not sure how she felt for a moment, a mixture of admiration and pure terror she couldn’t possibly take that! He’d split her in half!

Andropov just grinned then lay on the bed next to her stroking her dark brown hair away from her eyes. ‘At last Mee,es Steele ve are together, I always imagined having you this way, restrained and gagged in some form. I find it to be both very congenial and extremely erotic. Some might say I am a how you say... Control freak? Yes.’ He chuckled at this the English language always eluded him in many ways with its many eccentricities but there was never the less a joy in the language. Having a beautiful woman totally helpless and at his mercy was without doubt one of his darkest fantasies and — one woman in particular.

Emelia tried to work upon the wrist bindings but they wouldn’t budge, the gag bit tightly into the corners of her mouth she was completely helpless and — to her surprise she found it all very arousing as she lay still there was an intense wetness between her legs, as hard as she willed herself not to give in, her body was betraying her.

Andropov began to slowly unbutton her blouse after the second button he just growled then ripped the blouse apart sending the buttons flying in different directions to reveal the white bra beneath. Her small breasts heaved as she felt the tip of his finger tracing her delicate cleavage. He reached across to the bedside table and produced a small black pen it flicked open revealing a thin steel blade that glinted in the light a delicate sharp surgical blade that Andropov brushed lightly over each breast. Then gently lifting one of the bra shoulder straps cut it effortlessly, followed by the other. He paused for a moment savouring his next action before lifting the centre of the bra and slicing the piece of materiel between the cups parting them simultaneously revealing two milky white delicate breasts beneath. Emelia heard him gasp as they appeared his eyes opened wide with total pleasure and the confirmation throbbing of his huge cock against her leg. The the surgical blade brushed the tip of her right nipple causing her to gasp at the exquisite sensation, the coldness of the blade, the eroticism of her situation as well as the sensitivity of her nipples. Emelia was very much aware that what she lacked in not having large breasts (as many men seemed to prefer) was more than compensated by their incredible sensitivity and being hot wired to her sex.

 As if able to read her thoughts Andropov took her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger then began to gently squeeze. She bit down upon the gag at the pain, yet, it was not pain! Curious sensations shot through her as he toyed with her body grinning as he did so. Then the other nipple followed suit. Emelia closed her eyes as the exquisite pain shot through her again this time arching her back, her left nipple was for some reason far more sensitive than the right!

Andropov eased off the pressure nodding in satisfaction at her reactions. ‘Veery good Mrs. Steele, you are everything I haf imagined and — so much more.’ At this he pulled the woman to him and pulled down the zip  at the right hip of her skirt then unfastened the button slid the skirt down her very shapely legs revealing white panties and stay up stockings. His fingers brushed her thighs in appreciation, “yes indeed” Andropov told himself “she was one beautiful woman.” Then he mentally kicked himself for the self indulgence time was getting on and she had to be dealt with. Taking a hip corner of her panties he proceeded to cut each side then slipped the material from underneath her and discard it to the floor. Emelia felt the cool air kiss her now exposed shaven sex and felt another flush of wetness as her body was now naked and completely at his mercy. Without a word she found herself suddenly flipped over unceremoniously onto her stomach face full into a pillow. Then his hands were at her wrists untying then. Emelia tried to struggle, resist in some way, but it was futile, he was altogether way to strong, she had no leverage in any case and her thrashing about only served to arouse him all the more. She stopped and lay still as her wrists were freed and felt the circulation begin to surge back. Before she could react a hand yanked the remnants of her blouse and bra down her arms and discard them to the floor. Then Emelia was made to kneel place her arms forward and have them tied together to the slatted wooded headboard. Once secured her ankles were untied and her legs spread apart.

Emelia struggled but the wrists binding would not yield she was utterly helpless. She felt a blinding flash of pain as her hair was grabbed and her head pulled back roughly. His hand began to fondle her breast, stroking gently brushing the nipple, forcing her to gasp with pleasure. The tip of his hard rigid cock rubbed against her backside throbbing with power and menace. Andropov was going to take her that was more than clear. As helpless as she was, as dangerous as this situation was there was only one thing that ran through her mind now. Emelia wanted him to fuck her, to take her with that large cock until she couldn’t take anymore! The thought shocked her, she had never had such cravings before. But then she had never been held captive like this before either!

‘I know you vant this Emelia.’ He whispered still having hold of her hair, and gave it another rough yank. ‘You want this so much don’t you?’ His voice was so soft, there was no denying it, if she wasn’t gagged so tightly she would tell him, beg him to fuck her. All she could do was emit a pathetic “Mmmmm” of confirmation rubbing herself against him. The response was powerful involuntary throb of raw power against her backside, that caused her to shiver in anticipation. ‘Veery goot Emelia, veery goot.’ He whispered as his fingers found her slit and began to stroke the outer folds, without protest Emelia found herself opening her thighs to allow him further entry, inviting his probing fingers to explore further and deeper. They slid inside her effortlessly so wet was she so very wet. For a moment she felt his fingers withdraw and felt her hair pulled again forcing her to view his glistening fingers in front of her. ‘Oh, my dear you truly are a slut aren’t you.’ Andropov chuckled. ‘You veally do vant this, I vill not disappoint you.’

 Emelia felt her hair released then she was moved slightly as Andropov positioned himself better behind her. His huge cock now rubbing down the quivering flesh between her legs. For a long moment he just teased her rubbing rubbing his hard cock up and down the quivering flesh between her legs. Emelia knew she was wet, ready and waiting for him to take her, he just kept rubbing, teasing. She rubbed herself against him, offering herself, begging him to enter her. But he just kept rubbing torturing her with frustration.
‘I haf vaited a long time for this Emelia,’ he whispered, the warmth of his breath made her shiver, then she felt something cold trickle down the cleft between her spread buttocks, then his fingers spreading the coldness gently around her rear entrance. With a sudden shock she realised what he meant to do and began to writhe in protest, the gag muted her objections. He was too big! His huge cock would split her in two. Emelia tugged at the bonds they refused to give. The tip of his cock now pressed at her tightly closed hole, attempting to enter her.

‘No!’ she cried through the gag but what came out was a muted whimper as Andropov arched his body over her one hand feeling for her clitoris, his fingers started to gently brush there forcing her to gasp and thrust her sex towards his fingers. As she did so Andropov took his chance and thrust himself inside her, there was a jolt of indescribable pain he penetrated her, Emelia cried out as Andropov slowly but smoothly slid himself inside her until he had reached deep inside her bowels.

For what seemed like an eternity Andropov did nothing but remain still, just knelt behind filing her deep and the tip of his finger gently stroking her clit. It was more than Emelia could bare. The pain dissipated to be replaced by a hot incredible pleasure within her loins filling her with a plethora of incredible sensations. The gag bit into the corners of her mouth she was drooling now, totally helpless and at his mercy. And yet all she found herself wanting for him to feel him thrusting within her possessing her totally. Andropov remain still just stroking her clit forcing her to moan. He grinned, how amazing was this he though, how many times had he fantasised about this? Yet here he was and this was no fantasy. His fingers continued to torture her rubbing her swollen clitoris driving her almost insane as pleasure flooded through her.
Then — he began to thrust slowly at first then harder and faster whilst still working on her clit, the combined assault was totally overpowering for a moment Emelia feared she would pass out from the sheer force of the sensations exploding with in her mind and body. Then it hit her, sudden and without any warning, she heard herself cry out through the gag her body stiffened then shuddered uncontrollably before she slumped into the bed. Andropov thrusts continued for a Little longer then he too cried out as he came she felt his large cock jerking deep inside her.

He lay on her his bulk almost crushing her on the bed, slowly he withdrew his shaft now much softer. Andropov climbed off the bed then reached down to unfasten the gag she felt an enormous relief as it was removed her jaw ached like mad. Gently Andropov dabbed her mouth clearing the drool, then tenderly kissed her. Emelia found herself returning the kiss totally unable to resist. It lingered for a moment, then he pulled away and began to untie her before laying her gently down on the bed as she now felt the aftershocks of her orgasm that made her quiver and shake.

‘I hope I did not hurt you Emelia, I just had to have you.’ Andropov whispered his fingers stroking her hair tenderly.
‘No Alexi,’ her voice was weak and a little croaky. ‘But I did fear you would split me in half with that massive cock.’ She giggled, then fell asleep in his arms as he lay next to her.

When Emelia awoke, Andropov was gone, glancing at the clock she saw it was 7 am, slowly she arose from the bed, then glanced at the bedside cabinet, the microfilm case lay next to the clock with a note.

 My dear Emelia, take the microfilm, it is no longer of any concern to us as our scientists are already developing measures of detecting the aircraft. Secrets my love are fleeting and military secrets are the most fleeting of all. I shall treasure our night together.



Amelia just smiled then took a long shower, her flight back to London was in a few hours. Once home she would hand over the microfilm to her control and that would be that. After a a few days at home there would be as always another assignment. Such was life in the world of international espionage.




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