Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An innocent conversation with a co worker leads to an unforgettable sexual encounter


An innocent conversation with a co worker leads to an unforgettable sexual encounter


Submitted: January 22, 2017

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Submitted: January 22, 2017





Spinning her round I place a finger to her lips, no words, no sound, then started to unbutton her riding jacket, the dark buttons yielded easily to my touch, she made no attempt to resist as I slipped it back over her shoulders , down her arms to fall to the ground. She stood silently, her small breasts heaved within the cream silk blouse, looking into her eyes I began to unbutton it. The first button gave way to reveal the base of her cream scarf. The second, revealed a hint of cleavage. The third, provided a glimpse of the white frilly bra encasing her beautiful breasts. The forth, revealed them in all their glory, The fifth, exposes her flat stomach, reaching beneath the blouse my hands cup her delicate waist they are cold upon her soft warm skin making her shiver…

The screeching of the alarm brings me back to reality with a jolt! As the fog clears I find myself in a state of high arousal tent poling the duvet as I move to get up my arm catches a few wet sticky patches on the sheet, further evidence of the effect that Dana has upon my dreams.


I don’t really know how it began! I recall a conversation, we were making our way down a corridor at work I‘d been asked to escort Dana to finance to get some money for her department; apparently it was the new policy where cash collections were concerned. Dana was an unknown quantity, I’d seen her about, even said hello but had always found her a little gruff almost aloof. On this occasion we were just making small talk so I asked her what she did at the weekend?

"Ride," came a curt reply. "I ride my horses."

"Really?" I replied surprised. "I didn’t know you had horses." I say realising that I really knew nothing about her. Dana was about five feet five inches, slim with short shoulder length brown hair. She was no looker, in fact I’d consider to be fairly plain Jane in that department, but there was something about her, something I couldn’t quite…

"Yes, I have two," she replied and it went from there. I soon found myself being volunteered regularly to escort Dana or one of her colleagues to finance, but it seemed that Dana did it the most and we’d catch up on things.

"Did a show at the weekend," she declared smiling. "Hazel came third."

Hazel I recalled was one of her horses and I kind of got the impression the she was most proud of. "That’s great."

"Yeah it is, I didn’t think we had a hope in hell but the judges really loved her." The next minute Dana produces some photos. "That’s Hazel isn’t she gorgeous?" The photo showed a light brown horse with Dana riding her, I was immediately taken by the riding outfit, the dark blue jacket with black collar, cream blouse, tight cream riding trousers, black boots and riding hat. I found it very sexy.

"She’s lovely," is all I can reply, "and you look great too." At that moment something occurred between us, something that even now I still can’t articulate, but her eyes seemed to smile at me.

"Thank you." She says putting the photos away.

"Have you got another show due soon?"

"Next month, the 14th in Wyndham." Without thinking I pull out a pen and on a piece of paper write my mobile number. "Would you mind texting me the details I’d love to come and see it, if that’s OK?"

"Of course," she replies smiling. "It’ll be a great day you’ll enjoy it." We walked back to her office and nothing more was said. Looking back I realise that it all flowed so easily, we chatted about her horses and work and how annoying it was for both of us at times, what with the restructuring. We talked about stuff, and over time she started to give away snippets of her life. She lived with her husband, who was, to all intensive purposes a lazy slob. He worked but seemed to have no real interests himself and resented anything she did, particularly with regard to her horses. "He just doesn’t understand my passion for them," she confessed. "He resents them and the time I spend with them." And yet, despite this admission she still continually referred to him as my John! She seemed accepting of the relationship but it certainly didn’t seem a happy or indeed a desirable one. It was a week later that walking back to the office we got talking about the forthcoming horse show. "I can’t talk to John about it the way I talk to you," she declared. "He really doesn't like joining me on the shows."

"So what would he do if he stayed at home?"

"I don’t know, watch TV, sleep lounge about, nothing really. Or he might go play a round or two of golf if he gets the urge!"

"He’s quite the supportive other half isn’t he?"

At this she laughs. "Yeah he is. I’m really glad I can talk to you."

"Thank you, I enjoy our chats too and until we started, I knew next to nothing about about the horse world, now I feel I’m getting an education."

You know, I don’t really get on with other people very well; I much prefer being with my horses, they’re…"

"Non judge mental?"

"Exactly and less hassle to deal with."

"I get that." I reply seeing her eyes glint as she spoke. It occurred to me that she was only truly happy and fulfilled when with her horses. Work to her, was a chore, a necessary evil to pay the bills. Something that denied her precious time with her horses.

"I have to go, see you later." As she makes to leave there is a pause, she turns and gives me the most lovely smile, it radiates not just from her face but her eyes also. I recall her standing there so vividly taking in every detail of her body. Short and slim, in a dark skirt and cream blouse, the button undone showing just a hint of cleavage a tantalising glimpse those small but very firm breasts, slender neck, a very sensuous mouth with small feint lines running vertically from the edges. Topped off with a small nose and the most lovely pale grey eyes. I’d found myself on occasion looking into them captivated, then breaking away conscious that I seemed to be staring and hoping she hadn’t noticed. I came to the realisation at that very moment that Dana was not at all a plain Jane. She was in fact, a very attractive woman, strange, I thought, why I had never considered that before?



At the horse show I walked about enjoying a real spectacle of varying stands and displays. The standard of horse man and horse woman ship was, to my limited appreciation incredible. I watched as each rider took their turn carrying out a series of manoeuvres, jumping obstacles and carrying out other tasks whilst being marked by three very stern looking judges. In time Dana appeared on Hazel and what a display, I was immediately taken by her riding outfit, finding myself once again focused by her in it. The display was quickly over and I proceeded to the rider area. Dana was walking her horse towards a trailer when she saw me and waved.

"What did you think?" She asks smiling

"Incredible, a real treat to watch, you know I’ve really missed out where this is concerned."

"It is good isn’t it?" She replies. "Mind giving me a hand?"

"Sure." In moments Dana has me helping her with the horse, we get it settled remove its harness and saddle then feed and water it, followed a little elater by a lesson in brushing it down.

"Are you here alone?"

"Yeah, John didn’t want to come, he -- decided to go away this weekend to play golf instead."

"His loss."

"He wouldn’t agree." she laughs. "I’m glad you came today."

A little later the results are declared and Dana is given second place, she is over the moon. The horse is secured in the trailer and Dana invites me back for a celebratory drink. I agree and follow her horse lorry back in my car. Arriving at the stables she settles the horse down and I watch in fascination as she talks and pats the horse. The interaction between them is one of total love the horse rubs her head against Dana in an expression of complete devotion, it really is something to see. She appears next to me smiling, "There all sorted," she declares. Dana is a vision of total equestrian eroticism clad in a cream, blouse, jodhpurs and black boots I feel myself swelling. Without conscious thought my left hand starts to gently brush the back of hers our eyes meet, my hand brushes the side of her face followed by my little finger gently brushing across her lips. Her eyes close for a moment I lean forward pause then our lips meet, there is no resistance, she just melts into me. There is a soft warmth, and the taste of a hint of coffee, sweet almost hazelnut, I catch the scent of her perfume that produces a curious reaction in me. Her right inner thigh gently rubs against my leg then her leg hooks it. Suddenly I find myself thrown back judo like onto the straw, she is instantly upon me straddling my stomach her knees in the straw. Despite her slim build she has me pinned to the floor by her strong thighs. I am too stunned to even try to resist. But then -- why would I want to?

What follows is like something out of my erotic dreams. Dana smiles mischievously for a moment then begins to slowly unbutton her blouse, just enough to uncover a very full cleavage before easing herself forward a little on her knees then bends forward seductively teasing me with her cleavage my face. Without hesitation I sit up and bury my head between those inviting mounds kissing the top of one then the other.

As I do so, from the corner of my eye I see her blouse fall on to the straw next to me. Looking up she is now clad in a white bra, without a word she reaches to the front of it and unhooks the catch between the cups allowing the bra to fall open and reveal her small but exquisite gorgeous breasts. By know I am supporting myself on my elbows eager to taste them. Again she leans forward and begins to brush my lips with the tips of each nipple before sitting back. Another smile and the bra joins the blouse.

My fingers stroke her soft smooth skin just above her hips making her gasp.

"You’re hands are cold," she giggles. "Here," she says with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Warm them on these!" Letting out another gasp as she places my hands upon each breast. I begin to gently squeeze the small round and incredibly firm mounds, my thumbs brush the tips of the nipples making her shiver. "That’s just naughty," she giggles. "And what’s this?" Her hand reaches behind and strokes the huge bulge in my trousers My zip is pulled down releasing the monster within. She immediately grabs it, slips it out into the cool air, giving it a gentle squeeze then starts to stroke it with her finger tips. My eyes widen at the amazing sensation she is creating. "Is that good?" She whispers. I can only nod in response. "Now, tell me," she begins sitting back and rubbing my cock against her backside. "Do want me?"

I nod unable to speak. "I said," her voice hardens now. "Do You -- Want Me?" To emphasise the question she gives my cock a very firm squeeze.

"Y, yes!" I mange to respond suddenly jolted by her grip.

"That’s good, and so very naughty I’m a married woman you know that don’t you?" I nod. "But want to fuck me anyway don’t you?"


"Yes, What?"

"Yes, I want to fuck you." I gasp as she rubs my cock against her backside, the material of her jodhpurs is creating an unusual sensation of warmth and pain from the friction.

"Do you imagine taking me in the lift at work?" She asks again jolting me out my haze of pleasure. "I see the way you look at me, your eyes on my tits, trying to get a view of my cleavage, staring at my backside."


"Me too," she whispers having bent forward. "I see it in your eyes, you’re undressing me aren’t you?"

"Yes." Is all I can reply, he hand is working my cock in ways I've never before experienced.

"Tell me." She commands

"We…" I am unable to continue she has me in a world of total pleasure, I've ever experienced anything like this before, not even in any of my own masturbation fantasies. Sensing my inability to respond she eases off allowing me a little composure. "Tell me about the lift," she commands again keeping my cock against her firm backside but now, just running her finger tips up and down the shaft.

"We’re in the lift," I begin, "heading up to finance." My eyes close as a wave of intense pleasure flows through me her finger tips stroke the underside her thumb along the top, it is…

"Go on," she commands followed by a giggle. "I want you - to tell me."

My fingers claw at the straw as she continues to stroke me, the intensity is mind blowing! Taking a few breaths I try again. "The lift…"

"We’re in the lift, going to finance," she begins, "just the two of us."

"We’re heading up when…"


"I press a button that stops the lift between floors."

"That’s very naughty," she giggles giving me gentle squeeze for emphasis.


"Then what happens?"

"I push you against the lift wall, you don’t resist, we both know this has been brewing between us for a long time now, I can't deny it any longer. Then I hike your skirt and and you lift a leg around my waist."

"Oh, that’s good go on!" She whispers, her hand gently grips me then starts to rub me against her backside again. "You want this, you want to fuck me in the lift."

"Yes - yes I do I want it so much! I slide in you are so wet all ready for me."

"Go on."

"In a moment you have me locked against you, your legs wrapped around my waist driving me deeper, I’m thrusting your nails are digging into my neck!"


"Each thrust creates loud bangs as your back hits against the side of the metal lift wall, You squeeze me tighter telling me to fuck you harder!"

"That’s good, so good."

"You’re whispering that you want me to fuck you, fill you, own you as no man ever has. I feel you start to build I know you are about to come and then you bite down on my shoulder your nails dig in I feel you clench me within as you stiffen and convulse."

"Do you come inside me?"

"No, no I make you kneel down and take me in your mouth."

"Oh! Do you now. That is so bad!"

"I want to fuck your mouth, to have you lick off your own juices. Show you want a wanton slut you are" At this I feel her grip me and start to wank me off.

"You want to come in my mouth don’t you?"

"Yes - to own you. I’ve owned your slit now I want to own your gorgeous mouth." The speed of hand work increases I can feel myself coming.

"Explode in my mouth make me swallow it, every drop! Every - Drop! Make me your lift fuck slut!"

At this my whole world implodes, all I can see is a myriad of swirling colours as her magic hand work takes me to another world, another dimension! I don’t know how long I lay there, I recall the sensation of Dana getting off me, of some movement. When my senses return she is kneeling beside me having put on her bar and blouse.

"How do you feel?"

For a moment I am unsure how to answer and just give her a stupid grin. She smiles. "That’s what I thought," then helps me to my feet. "I have to head off home John will be wanting to know where I am. I’ve got another show in a couple of weeks - why don’t you come and watch - who knows we might be able to get together - after?" She gives me a wink

"That, that sounds great Dana." I reply but it comes out sounding like a mumble, I’m still recovering and can just about think straight.

"It’s a date then, she whispers, kisses me on the cheek and with that she leaves.

It was a indeed a date one of many. Dana always made sure her shows were very special indeed.

Like when…

Well - that’s another story.






© Copyright 2021 Gerard Peters. All rights reserved.

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