Daydream Believer

Daydream Believer

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


An unapologetic, long held fantasy about my favourite super heroine


An unapologetic, long held fantasy about my favourite super heroine


Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017




  She sits across from me legs crossed in a very sexy manner, my eyes wander all over her, from ankles to those amazing thighs, then upwards to those gorgeous mounds encased within that sexy red outfit then back down to...
"Ahem", she coughs, "I'm up here." Glancing up she is giving me an very disapproving look. "You really just can't help yourself can you? I mean, You are just obsessed with - my legs," she says raising a red boot under nose giving me a flash of inner thigh. "And then my thighs," she says running a hand seductively along one. "Then my breasts! You are really obsessed with those, you just can't keep your hands off them. You're so bad!" She holds up a hand as I try to respond. "Now, you really need to listen to what I have to say," she states firmly. Because I've just about had enough, I really have."

I nod in understanding, and she reaches across and picks up the cup and takes a sip of her coffee.

"Look, I really love our play, I do, and being Your fantasy Wonder Woman well, that is just amazing and weird too I’m not entirely sure what to make of you to be honest. But, you've really got to stop keep having me drop through those trap doors and living out all your Fausta fantasies! It's quite evident what a huge turn on it is for you. Very evident in fact when I keep falling through the trap door over and over!" She pauses for  moment and I can see a distant look in her eyes. "My whole body is beginning to hurt!" She continues. "My legs hurt!" She says wincing and rubbing her right leg. "My back hurts, my arse hurts," she says sitting up shoving her sexy backside in my face and rubs it. "My whole body hurts because you just won't give me a break! I fall through the trap door you pounce on me! And then," she says waving a finger under my nose. "You are constantly chloroforming me, that has to stop! Stop, smothering me with that sweet smelling gauze pad rendering helpless over and over! Don't think for a second I haven't noticed how much that turns you on! I can feel your hard - bulge  instantly swell, even throbbing against my back as you drug me with that, that horrible stuff! Then you are feeling up my breasts! I'm so weak that I am unable to resist, you know it turns me on, you know I can’t fight you. Then, you compel me tell you the secrets of my powers with my lasso of truth! But that's still not enough for you is it? Oh no. Now, you are not just drugging and fondling me, you make me do other things too.”

She pauses for a moment takes another sip of her coffee, her cheeks are flushed and there is a distinct misty look in her eyes.

“What I am trying to say, is that — as your fantasy Wonder Woman I’m here to make your dreams come alive, but you’re just — just too manic, you need to dial it back and show me more respect. I mean, look I don’t mind playing the helpless super heroine but you are just perverted! I mean forcing me to touch myself with my lasso then making me tell you how good it feels; then make me continue until I come! Controlling how long I take, denying me the need to orgasm. It's just too much!"

I sit quietly as she continues. Enjoying her moans and the quite apparent contradictions. 'Oh please, please don't throw me in the Bria patch!'

"But that still isn't enough for you is it?” She says glaring at me. “Because now you've started using those vibrating wands on me! Those, Hitachi vibrating wands that you love and know full I have absolutely no resistance against them. Particularly, when you have me so groggy and weak from the chloroform; you force me to against my will to become so aroused, telling you how much I love it and I do! I can’t deny it the way you have me so wet my whole body is on fire, my nipples are rock hard, my clit aches it is so swollen and you drag out the whole experience not letting me come!”

She takes a deep breath and a few sips of her coffee, desperately trying to compose herself.

“Then, when you allow me to come it’s over and over, taking perverse pleasure in it. Telling me I have the capacity of infinite orgasms, I've passed out from you doing that to me! I’m always utterly exhausted afterwards, what with that and the effects of the chloroform.”

I sit quietly and simply shrug, what can I say? There is no denying I utterly love having her like this.

“And to make things worse you record it all! Record it to broadcast to the world on YouTube! I'm a super heroine, with a reputation to protect, you can't just use me as, as your drugged, sexual play thing, and then broadcast it for all to see! I won't stand for it."

I nod as she continues.

"You're just obsessed with, with making me suffer! If I'm not wrapped in chains or, even chained up spread eagle on the cold floor of a prison cell, talking of which, the last time you did that, what were you thinking? There I am awaking from that sleepy gas you hit me with, I’m chained spread eagle on a cold damp concrete floor and what do you do? Place that chloroform dust mask on me and prevent me from escaping! But the most humiliating part of all...”

Pausing again she takes another sip of coffee twirls her hair and that misty look is back.

“I try to break the chains but I’m too weak, you kneel nest to me stroke my hair, then slips my breasts out and fondle them. I’m used to that, but to masturbate over them! Delight in my utter helplessness aroused beyond — I don’t what! Then you explode all over my breasts then rub your cum into them, leaving them shiny and heaving as you gloat.”

I mumble something about sorry and getting carried away with the moment but she isn’t buying it.

“So, if I'm not chained to a floor, bound, gagged and stuffed in the trunk of a car. Or being kept groggy with an oxygen mask pumping me full of sleepy gas, you are removing my costume slowly, whilst exploring every inch of my body and using me as some sort of sex toy!”

I nod guilty as charged I really can’t help myself

“The things is, you, you know how to press all my buttons, to make me aroused and become, so wet, I can’t resist what you do to me, but, it's just got to stop, do you understand? Or will not play with you anymore."

I remain silent as she continues to berate me, but the more I listen, the more I can't help but think: "The lady Doth Protest too Much!"

"And then," she continues. There was that time you had me tied up with my lasso, I couldn't break free and you made me tell you how much I secretly wanted to be dominated by a man,”

I nod, yup that was taking things to another level, how was I to know you wanted that?

“Then you unfastened my top exposing my breasts and started to fondle me! Your hands were - so - so warm on my body as you started to feel up my full breasts! I just couldn't help myself, my nipples got so hard at your touch, they ached! My clit was so swollen. Then, you made me admit I was getting so very wet at your touch!"

 She stops for a moment her fingers start twirling her hair again and her face is lit up in a glow of pleasure at the thoughts going through her mind.

"But," she states breaking the train of thought, "but, I'm, I'm distracting myself. You need to stop treating me like this. I'm not going to play with you anymore if you are going to be so, so disrespectful. I don't mind our games, but you take them way too far. You have to dial things back, you’re too manic! You're just obsessed! Obsessed with making me your - your drugged,bound and gagged sexual play thing, and it has to stop, It has to stop! Or I'm not playing with you anymore! And I mean it!"

For emphasis she prods me in the chest with her finger. I nod and mumble an apology, I admit to getting carried away with the fantasies, I'm a red blooded male after all and she — she is a gorgeous super heroine, who sends my hormone levels into warp drive. I can't help myself if my subconscious is so kinky and Wonder Woman is my ultimate sexual fantasy woman. I see no reason why I should apologise for being what I am and that I want to keep her as my captive super sex slave, it's just the way it is. Sorry about that.

"You're a bad boy, you really are," she purrs "I love our play but, you do need to dial it back. You're getting way, far too carried away." She takes another sip of her coffee. "I am glad we had the chance to discuss this though, I really am. And that you realise that there are limits, even with fantasy women. I want to be everything you want me to be, but you have to understand I have limits too. You’re expectations of me are just too high."

I mumble another apology.

“Good,” she says smiling. “I’m really pleased we’ve come to an understanding.”

Then she stands up and proceeds to leave... Staggers for a moment, then looks at me suspiciously.

  "What have you done?" I say nothing but simply glance at her coffee cup. "The coffee!" She exclaims, "You drugged my coffee! Hasn't anything I've said gotten through, you, you?"

I simply shrug, actually — NO! Because you’re a fantasy lady and I say what goes. She staggers then her knees buckle and she falls to the floor. Her breasts heave as she tries to fight the drug.

  "Wha, what have you done to me?" She says in almost a whisper, "you just have to have me helpless don't you? Have me drugged in some form." I sit silently, watching her writhe helplessly on the carpet, a large swelling begins between my legs. "I, can feel the drug working through my body, I — can't... Feel, feel so weak." She manages to raise her head. "You, just love, seeing me so helpless don't you? Drugged for your pleasure."

Her head falls back, her eyes flutter and slowly close and then she is still. Just the slow deep breathing, the rising and falling of her amazing breasts mesmerise me. She awakens slowly laid out spread eagle on the carpet her wrists and ankles are tied with ropes. Still weak she turns her head to each wrist.

  "What? What have you done?" She demands. "You've tied me up! You silly boy. Do you honestly think these ropes will hold me? I'll break out of them in seconds." As good as her word she tries to do so gives a few futile tugs then realises to her horror that she is still too weak, even with her magic belt still on her. "I will break free of these ropes in a moment so don't think you're going to do anything to me, nothing dirty, or, or sexual! I, I won't stand for it." She says tugging at the ropes, still weak. Her head falls back and her eyes flutter and close for a moment. Then she awakens with a start. She looks around frantically. "Where, where are you?" She shouts out then, upon seeing me, glances at the ropes. "Now untie me and nothing more will be said but if you've got some evil intentions for me, I warn you, I won't be happy, I'm not playing."

I produce a small brown bottle and a surgical mask hold them up before her then give her an evil grin.

 "What, what is that in that bottle? It better not be..." I nod cutting her off in mid sentence. "No! No! You mustn't, it's not right I told you I'm not playing with you anymore." She starts to try to break the ropes but again she is still to weak!

I kneel beside her and place the surgical mask over her mouth and nose attaching the little elastic hooks over each ear. Then picking up the little brown bottle unscrew the lid producing a little plastic eye dropper.

"No!" She cries through the mask, "not this game! Not the chloroform drops game! You know I have no resistance to that drug!"

I smile and nod of course I know we’ve played this game before a few times. I particularly love the way she weakens so slowly, it takes far longer this way than the chloroform pad to render her groggy. I especially love the rolling eyes and the muffled protests as she succumbs. I start by placing a drop on the mask just over her mouth and below her nose. There is a faint sweet sickly smell. Wonder Woman shakes her head.

"No not this game!"

I then pull out an object from my pocket her eyes widen in shock. "No! Not the Hitachi wand, you know I can't resist them either!"

It starts to buzz as I turn it on and gently place it between her legs, then place another drop on the mask. I feel myself becoming very hard now, it starts to throb, she can't fight the combined assault of being slowly weakened and relaxed by each drop of chloroform - and the constant assault of pleasure from the wand. In no time time at all she will be my groggy, gyrating, totally malleable sexual plaything.

But then — that's what Fantasy Wonder Women are for, isn’t it?

© Copyright 2021 Gerard Peters. All rights reserved.

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