The demon king

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is a fantasy short story told in two parts,

part one. Enjoy.

There once was a time that’s long forgotten now, a time of darkness and dread, a time where the power of great sorceries governed the lands.


Witches of the darkest order tore asunder village after village. Their cackles preying on the ears of the townspeople, piercing, driving fear deep inside. Their eyes emitted a greenish yellow glow, their pupils dark and empty. Savage scars bore trails down their faces often ending with a wart or puss filled hole seeping it’s horrid looking liquid. A smile from a witch threw an odour so foul plants would wilt, passing birds would fall from the sky shriveling up in seconds or so the stories were told.


What villages were lucky enough to be left standing were enslaved to do the witches bidding. Children torn from their mothers breast never to be seen again. Men slaughtered, their insides strewn through the town hung from house to house as  horrific trophies. Some men were spared, shackled and flown away on the back of the hags sticks never to be seen again.


The town of Gadis knew what these foul demons of the skies were capable of, they had had their share of brutal slayings, abductions and sheer terror thrown amongst them. It had been a month since the last attack, a month living in fear knowing that night or maybe the morning a hag of the sky could swoop down once more. Anita opened the door of her house stepping into the dim light left casting its last rays across her garden. She looked to the sky, streaks of red and orange shot across it, she shivered a little as the beautiful colours shared a close resemblance to that the witches left as they laughed their heads off stirring clouds as they went. 


Although another attack troubled her, she looked to the sky for another reason. The last time she saw her husband Grad was bound and on the back of a hags stick, his eyes trembling as he screamed her name until he was lost in the clouds, lost in a puff of white, gone. He was stolen from her, never to be seen again. She often saw his face dancing among the soft clouds, his brown hair adding colour to their pale white. His Brown eyes as if twinkling high above still watching over her. She could even see his soul clip sparkling through his hair, it’s bright silver shone brightly, it’s royal blue streak running through it like a crystal stream. 

Her hand glided over her soul clip, identical to his, a matching set given to couples who were married, unique colours chosen by herself and Grad, no couple shared the same soul clip. A tear fell from her eye, she captured it. It ran along her finger as she wiped it gently into her clip muttering a small prayer as she did. 


“May this tear travel from me to you and soften the bonds that keep you from me.

May they loosen, may you shed them and return to me once more.

I love you.”

She bowed her head closing her eyes.


She didn’t even know if he was still alive of course plenty of the women in the village had suffered the same fate. Their husbands too lost to the clouds above. It was common to see women of a village on dusk gazing at the skies, their hearts cut deep from the loss of their love, their eyes hung low, darkened from worry.

The town of Gadis held meetings like many of the other villages in hopes of ridding them of these witches but they could do nothing. They were too powerful, the villages could not battle something so dark, so evil, they had already lost so much, should they really risk trying.....


A new month had began, Anita once more was lost in the night sky. Her thoughts of Grad were interrupted by a shaking, like the ground was rumbling, soft at first but it continued to get louder like it was getting closer and closer to the village.

The soft clicking of the night bugs were silenced, even they didn’t dare creak or click again once the rumbling had started.

The timing of the rumbling resembled footsteps, very loud footsteps, very heavy footsteps, they were almost upon her house. She stretched her eyes into the darkness but nothing formed there. There was every chance that this rumbling, this terrifying shaking was connected to a witch but she gripped a lantern tightly forcing herself into the darkness before her.


Nothing....the shaking had stopped, 

Was what she heard and felt even real she thought. Was this just another game to torment us, another malicious assault thought up by those hags on their flying sticks.


Then Anitas ears cracked as a horrifying scream shattered the silence. It was a women’s scream.

She ran in the direction of the screams as each one told a story of immense pain.

Her legs trembling but they still carried her to where the cries had now stopped. She looked up only to find a creature about twice the size of a man standing there throwing its head back with each gulp.

Nothing but the legs of a women popped out it’s enormous mouth. With one last snap, the legs were broken and sucked into its mouth disappearing down it’s throat. The light from Anitas lantern danced about the beasts body as her hand trembled guiding it upwards shedding a glow around the foul creature.


The light travelled over its body, large soiled cloth strips wrapped loosely around it. There were peoples skulls hung as decoration, strung together by a twisted cord made from vines. One head still held its victims last look. Fresh, the mans eyes wide, blood still dripped down the beasts dark greyish-brown fur from where it had taken the mans head from his shoulders. Anitas mouth dropped as she travelled up higher towards the creatures head. A large horn either side twisted and wound it’s way out. The head itself seemed more like a skull, with a long snout maybe even a little horse shaped. She couldn’t see any flesh covering it. Thick grey dirty hair flowed out the top of its skull messily landing about at chest length. Anita froze with fear, she thought of Grad she began shaking violently..... was she about to be eaten by this, this thing. 


The beast groaned satisfyingly as he digested the last of the woman, his gaze turned to Anita. She couldn’t see his eyes, dark pits that seemed to swallow light around them peered at her.

It took a step back throwing its arms out roaring to the sky above causing Anita to cower covering her ears. It’s long skinny arms hung by its side once more. Large claws draped the end of its hands, they were coloured red, Anita thought from the woman it had just sliced opened and eaten. She still shook a little but slowly stood up firm, thinking of Grad. He often renewed her strength, just a thought of him was enough to give her courage. If she was to be eaten, she would not show this beast fear, she would not let it tear her soul apart.


She waited for its ghastly breath to spew forth but to Anitas surprise when it opened its mouth again.

Words stumbled out.


“ I am the demon king, I have been sent by my masters the Witches.”

It’s voice was heavy and deep, it spoke slowly like it struggled with the words coming out of its mouth.

“I will come every week on the second night to feed on one of you.”


That was all it said as it shot it’s dark stare right into Anitas eyes. It turned and slowly was swallowed by the night, it’s footsteps fading as it went. Anita stood there a while longer starring to where the demon had vanished into the night. Her mind threw the monsters words around... she could only hope this demon king would not make good on his promise.


Luck would not be with Anitas village as what the demon king spoke of that night came to pass for every week on the second night he appeared and would greedily gulp a villager down. There were times on those nights that the men in the village would be waiting for the creature to arrive in an attempt to slay the beast and free themselves. Noting worked, no blade could slice its skin, no spear could puncture its body, no axe could cleave a path to its dark heart. The beast seemed invincible to the weapons of man, all that was accomplished on those cold nights were more deaths. 


Months passed, the way things were, the village would not make it to the end of the year, they would soon be wiped out, eaten by a foul hags pet. Anita could not allow any of this to continue, one day she visited Serti, once a brave hunter, probably the best in the village. However now just a frail wrinkled shell remained. She entered the old mans house and begged him for a knife, something easily concealed but it had to be sharp and deadly. She had to end this and so Serti agreed, he rummaged through chest after chest until he found it and gave Anita the blade. She looked upon it with nothing but steel in her eyes, her focus was unbreakable. The blade shone brightly in the morning sun, she knew she was capable, she had to stop this massacre forever.


The second night came for the week and Anita waited just outside her house. It wasn’t long before she could hear him coming, the ground could not hide it’s approach. The creature stomped into the village, Anita waited for her chance.



She yelled.

The demon king slowly turned to face her.

It’s horse shaped skull emitting a deep laugh.

“Do you volunteer to be eaten on this night woman?”

The creature boomed.


“No! But I have an offer for you.”

Anita took a step toward the creature.


“Hah hah haaah!” Its laugh bellowed from deep inside.

“What could you offer me, I have everything I need.”

The creature again laughed.


“I offer you me, allow me to go back with you, I can care for you, cook for you.

There will be no need to eat these people, your belly will always be full.”

She bowed slightly to show respect to the creature.


The demon seemed to think on the words Anita had spoken and then answered.


“Very well woman, I accept and if I don’t care for this life you offer, I will just eat you.”

He boomed.


“Fair enough demon king.”

Anita said.

She packed a bag with clothes, some rations and some basic supplies. 

The other villagers gathered at the gate,

The demon king lead the way, Anita stopped turning the others.


“It will be alright.”

Anita said.

Serti took a few steps forward, his cane stopping him from falling over.

He nodded to Anita and she to him before she turned back to the creature and left her village behind. 


It was morning by the time the demon king and Anita returned to his cave high above the village deep in the mountains. A stench so foul filled Anitas lungs as she entered the beasts cave, rotting meat from unfinished meals and bones decorated the dimly lit cave. Her lips pulsed holding back her vomit, her eyes watered, her nose began to sting.

She had barely anytime to look further into the cave when the creature boomed at her.


“Go then, I haven’t eaten, I’m hungry!

If you do not return with food, I will eat you!”

The demon laughed as Anita hurried from the cave.

The mountain range was vast, not many animals could survive so high up. Anita climbed higher, above the beasts lair. The air turned cold savagely tearing anywhere her skin dared to expose itself. She wouldn’t last long in this wind, she would be dead if she didn’t find shelter. She could return to the cave below her, wait out the storm. The thought washed from her mind quickly, that beast would not allow me to return without food, I said I could provide for him and if I don’t, He will be picking me from his teeth in minutes. 


She continued to climb higher and higher, the cold winds whipped at her face slicing her lips. Thoughts of her husband Grad wandered into her mind, could he have been bought here to be eaten by that creature, are the bones that litter the floor of that cave his. Could he still be somewhere high in the mountains above where the those hags on their wooden sticks hide. Her legs ached as she desperately clung to the sheer vertical cliff face. Every strain on her muscles let a little more of the cold air in, embedding itself deep within her bones, she could feel her heart pounding as it tried to pump vital blood through the ice working its way inside. 


Her shaky hands pulled herself up and over the ledge above, her body exhausted, she rolled away from the edge into a mound of freshly fallen snow. Anita couldn’t believe how high she had come, snow began to lightly coat her body as it gently tumbled from the sky.

The temperature had dropped significantly with the addition of the snow.

Her feet sunk heavily into the white mounds that coated the ground. The winds began to howl and scream out at Anita, almost as if they were summoned.

The gentle flakes that fell seconds ago were now being thrown by the winds beating savagely into her body, her eyes blinded, her hand shielding as much as she could. 


Anitas legs began to shake, her body trembling as each step drained her strength, the snow sucked her feet deep with each stride, her face seemed like it was being slashed by the winds arm.

She couldn’t feel her arms or legs anymore, they had been consumed by the icy grip around her. Anitas arms hung loosely by her sides, her legs moments away from collapse.


Then, a glimmer of hope, something shone dimly about twenty metres in front of her. The light, It swayed from left to right, it looked unnatural to her. What light could behave in that manner, she thought.

Her eyes rattled as thoughts of witchcraft swamped her mind. It didn’t matter now,

It was either death here and now or death by the evil that swayed that light. She forced herself on, falling to her knees, her body ached as she pulled it along frantically gripping the soft snow in front of her. 


Anita couldn’t even rely on her sight any longer, her eyes forced shut by the deluge of wind and ice slamming into her.

Like a starving animal, she clawed her way forward, hoping now she was still heading towards it. Her fingers gripped by cold, one last effort, her hands fell on something hard, it wasn’t snow. Anita could tell it was wood, her numb fingers could still distinguish this was wood.


With her palms she forced her frozen eyes open, she rolled onto her back, it seemed like wood flooring and it pushed hard into her cold body. There it was again, that light, it was above her hanging lightly in the air. It bobbed about like an ocean was carrying it and then darkness washed slowly into Anita. She stretched for the light but it cloaked around her and the light was gone.


“Anita....... Anita........”

A sweet voice echoed into her ears.

She could barely open her eyes but she pushed them open.


“Grad..... your here.......


Anita faded in and out as her husband held her up and wrapped his arms around her. 


“I’m so cold...... I thought I lost you....

Grad....... I....I’m cold.”


Grad leaned into her softly kissing her forehead.


“Anita, you need to get up.”


“Grad..... what’s happening...... please...”

Anita focused as much as she could on her husband as he kept fading from her sight.


“Anita, get up.”


The winds howled startling Anita as she sat up wide awake. She looked left and right for Grad but he was no where to be seen. Sadness crept in as the realization that her beloved husband Grad was but a sweet dream playing out in her head. With wrapped arms tightly around her waist, she looked up.

The light still swayed from left and right.

Anita could now see it was a lantern hung over a wooden peg swinging from the icy breath of the wind.


She knew she needed to get out of the cold, she forced her strength into her knees, they struggled but held her weight.

Anita staggered a few metres forward to an old wooden door. From the outside it seemed it would lead into a cave. The wood blanketed up and over joining with the stone. She tried pushing gently on the door, to her surprise it creaked open allowing a slither of light to sneak Inside.

She cautiously pushed one foot into the strange dwelling.

Submitted: August 31, 2020

© Copyright 2022 george talius. All rights reserved.

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