My lord

My lord

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Garton's life was lived following orders, If he was to believe his father following orders would prevent the end of their order. Escorting a princess would sew in a line of events that garton would not expect.



Garton's life was lived following orders,
If he was to believe his father following orders would prevent the end of their order.
Escorting a princess would sew in a line of events that garton would not expect.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The task

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 21, 2020




Garton's eyes juggled taria's full breasts as the carriage cracked and broke the ground beneath it sending a rippling effect through the wagon creating a bouncing bounty garton could not stray from, after all it's not everyday he rode with a princess. 


Her eyes threw ropes of lust toward him wrapping and encasing his very body in a deep trance. She had been watching him for sometime now, an hour, maybe two, she noticed his unrelenting stare, searing his eyes into her like a brand watching her body. Her thoughts interrupted by her fathers teachings on how a princess should behave, but even a princess needs to have fun she thought bringing a smile to her lips.


Garton had noticed her smile, how could have he not, he swallowed it in a single gulp of nerves and remained seated as if her presence chained him to his seat.

Now being a full guard he wouldn't want to lose his focus and have anything harm his task. Garton belonged to a long line of guards hired by anyone really who needed guarding. His father had tested him with over one hundred tasks, a task, what his father called the party that hired them for protection. 


He had earned this task, escorting a princess from the safety of her castle walls to a neighbouring kingdom for a ball of some sort. The details of the ball, feast, gathering, whatever it may be were not essential for garton to know, his job was the princesses safety and that was all.

He would sneak his eyes in his tasks direction every chance he could. Garton spoke not a word, general conversation was forbidden between a guard and his task especially if it was a princess. Conversing with a royal was only accepted when it involved the tasks safety besides just sitting across from her was consuming all his strength not to leap upon her ravaging her flesh bounty, he dared not encourage his senses anymore.


As if the princess sensed this, she thought it a game to bring the guard out and show his true self. To be entangled with her escort excited the princess, royal duties, balls, dinners, council meetings bored her to her bones and in her mind only pushed her thoughts to a deviant level, a level she now had risen to and it lead the dance in her mind. 


"Won't you sit by me?"

She asked garton looking directly into his eyes.


Garton froze, rules were rules and to break them would upset his father and even cause the contract to be breached resulting in the kingdom not paying the gold agreed on. He sat there, now looking straight ahead at the carriage wall in front of him. 


"I know the rules between a guard and his task, why are you forbidden to speak to me?"


Garton's gaze fixed to the wall and didn't shift. 

"I'm ordering my guard to answer me, you must comply to my request as I'm a royal."

Taria leaned forward.



Garton seemed angered he had been tricked into breaking a rule although she was royalty.


"Speaking is forbidden especially with royals as it can complicate things. 

That's all there is to it."


Taria looked puzzled by garton's response.


"Complicate, how?"

Garton didn't answer her, he began to peer out the window.


"Hey! Answer me!"

Taria yelled.

"I order you!"



Garton's expression changed.

The princess turned to her escort shocked.



The princess listened but heard nothing. She turned to garton about to speak when the carriage suddenly stopped.

The sound of a trumpet broke the silence but only lasted a second then silence again.

A trumpeter would sound his horn at the sign of any potential danger. A trumpeter would be employed by the kingdom normally a young boy often living on the street, an orphan. They would use orphans  as the chance of them being killed was high and with no parents this made it easier. The orphan was given a purpose and the kingdom had a trumpeter to use, a win win you could say.

Marauders knew of the use of these trumpet boys so kill the boy and stop any chance of guards being alerted.


Garton cautiously pressed his head against the wall of the carriage, a sliver of vision, he could see the young trumpeter slumped against the wheel with an arrow in his head.

The royal guards could be heard yelling orders readying themselves for an attack.

"Garton, unsheathed your sword,

Marauders on-"

An arrow silenced the guard followed by a flurry breaching the tree line killing the driver of the wagon and the remaining royals guards.


"Do something,

I'm your task, protect me!

Why are you just sitting there."

Taria yelled hysterically moving about he wagon.


"Sit down or your dead!"

Garton barked pushing the princess into her seat as an arrow broke through the cabin door embedding in the wall forging the door shut. 

Taria screamed.

"What do they want!

Why are they doing this!

Help me!"


"I said quiet!"

Garton grabbed the princess forcing his hand on her mouth leaning back into the carriage. There was not a sound to be heard outside that wagon.


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