My lord

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Garton's life was lived following orders,
If he was to believe his father following orders would prevent the end of their order.
Escorting a princess would sew in a line of events that garton would not expect.

Table of Contents

The task

A working progress, changes may be added through the progression of this title, I hope you enjoy Read Chapter

A chance

Garton lay still as muffled words carried through into the cabin of the wagon. A much louder voice now, more stern and confident yell... Read Chapter

No such thing as peace on a battlefield

Rigid stones assaulted the princesses and garton's body as they tumbled and rolled crashing heavily onto the forest floor below the high ... Read Chapter

Night with a princess

Nightfall billowed across the sky and in what seemed like minutes it's dark cover had submerged the entire forest in a thick black cloak.... Read Chapter

Glass figurines

Garton naturally took the lead as the forest became more dense, vines like snakes thick with its razor sharp thorns acting as fangs teari... Read Chapter

Flickering ashes

The suns warmth began to drizzle beneath the mountains to the east, its rays stretching as far as they could before drawing back into sha... Read Chapter

What burns

Garton and Taria journeyed through the day reaching Eagans outskirts just on dusk. A large hillside stretched up under grasses that litte... Read Chapter


The princess stirred suddenly sitting up with only Gartons blanket covering her bare body. A small funnel of smoke snaked it’s way up f... Read Chapter

A strange dinner guest

The time had finally come where the elder goblin and Garton had come face to face. However it wasn’t as the guard imagined it. In t... Read Chapter

What was given

The elder goblin breathed heavily like what he was about to say would relieve him of a mammoth weight. “Garton I want you to open y... Read Chapter

Core beliefs

Garton stood motionless, He soaked in Desigas words, his e yes bulged as he processed the elders story. Desiga knew what he had s... Read Chapter

To free a god

Garton starred without a word stirring from his lips.   The guard was motionless as Desiga’s tale funneled into his mind.&... Read Chapter