Kiss of the cauldron

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

To protect your kingdom, your people, the vows of a knight. Choosing who you protect can strip you of everything.


A mixture of dust and age old dirt flowed into my lungs from my first breath.

Awakening startled, I rose up quickly into complete darkness, thick, black and dense.

It seemed the cloak that engulfed me clouded my eyes as my fingers crept forward desperately seeking out anything, something to grasp.


My hands hit rock,  most likely the walls as I traced my fingers around myself following the roughness.

I choked down more air, coughing madly.

The taste coated my mouth,

I swallowed, forcing saliva and the muddy substance into my stomach. My lips dry and cracked, licking them provided some relief but left the residue inside my mouth. My hands searched my body feverishly..... nothing, still I felt but a small thin material wound around my body. A whisper lashed my left ear....dars it name.... my name, but who was that voice.


Something warm trickled down my cheek dripping onto my leg. My Head pounding I searched for the source, one of my fingers fell into a deep gash, moist and tender my flesh felt. A little groggy but I remember the stone had struck me just above my left eye, a glimpse of the boy who threw it flashed inside my head. He looked about ten years old, old enough to throw it and let the rock do most of the work. So young but still filled with so much hatred in his eyes, mixed with a little fear I guess, fear of the unknown mixed and burned into young minds by misguided parents.


Shackled and put on display for the town to mock me, to prove I was nothing to be scared of....


Throwing their taunts and their fruit at me no matter the weather,I was peppered daily. Even if it was pouring with rain someone would still come to my stage, to show their courage at the caged animal. My head placed in a prison of wood about half a meter off the ground. The rain pelting the dirt sloshing it into mud as it spat and flicked its filth upon me. Most days I wished with all my power left in me for fruit or veg to be thrown, at least I could salvage some of the scraps that spattered across my face.

A tiny meal, maybe what spurred me on to last so long there, forced onto my knees.


Maybe it would have been better to die there above the ground....maybe I was moved to this stone tomb because I refused to die or maybe they got tired of looking at me slowing rotting in front of them.


I used to be the onlooker, more than that, I was the watcher. A proud knight sworn to protect the innocent lives of my town, to serve my king, to punish the wicked. I was the watcher so many times....prisoners pleading with me of their innocence, grown men torn down to nothing....tears would stream down their faces, I never have forgotten their screams, they have always haunted me. The frantic scrambling of a man in the dirt screaming as he’s been dragged to the executioners axe. You never forget that.


I didn’t pity them, why would I..... they were put there for a crime. It was not my concern to question their innocence. I merely was there to see their time served.

Maybe I should have listened to their cries, to their wails, to their voices barely audible from their constant screaming.

Maybe this was why I have ended up here in this hole, this hole where I will die.


No.... I mustn’t think that way, I know in my heart I was doing the right thing. 

If I’m to die here, I must die knowing I was doing the right thing. 


That was it but wasn’t it, I’m to die, I know where I am, I know there’s no escape from this place. My head aches but the pain eases a little when I think of her..... numbs me just enough, she calms me. Does she even know I’m here....

What good would it do anyway if she did know. She can’t help me now, no one can.


I still have my thoughts...

My memories of her, nights of unforgettable passion and if that eases me into death I can consider myself a lucky man in a way.


To be honest I guess she started it all, not to blame her.... I insisted that I help her even after she told me what she was. She needed help in getting home to her sisters, it wasn’t safe for her in this town any longer.  Her name... ariar.. so beautiful...

It was more than that, when I looked at her....I needed her I wanted more than just to help her. You could say it was her voice that persuaded me even though I don’t believe it to be so.

She wouldn’t have done that to me, I heard no song when I came across her in the street that day. There was no call that played in my head, no tune that melted my thoughts, no malice played it’s part that day. That’s what I like to believe anyway. I have to... I know she was true to me. Her kiss so soft, so perfect, it would even take a vile Kings heart and change it.


They say her kind can sway a mans heart and lay sunder to his mind.

I suppose that’s true if you believe all the stories that the old sailors would tell...after all.... the stories seemed to get more exaggerated after their tenth ale. I had proof though that they existed, I was captured by one and not to be consumed by her, I was in love with her and she loved me.

Naturally I asked her if the siren tales were true and she would nod in agreement.

She would tell tales of long ago about her sisters and their need to feed, they only ate sailors to survive. A need they had to allow them to live.... a species only doing what it had to to survive. To remain part of the world. I felt no anger towards her, they were only running on their instinct to stay alive. Man rarely meets a species where they become the prey.

She always told me she never used her song to call me to her side..... I was kind, I showed I cared, I came to her aid that day she lay helpless on the street. This was why she never used her powers on I was drawn to her because she was the most enchanting woman I had seen.


I would do anything for her......

I gave her the company she desired.

Her lust to be quenched night after night.

My muscles ached, my body sore but as long as she was fulfilled I didn’t care.

She lay swallowed by my arms running her fingers over my body, her mouth, it pleasured my tired muscles, it worked it’s way over me, everywhere. Never had I had a woman do this to me....but then again she wasn’t exactly human. I felt myself drift away, her breasts gently bobbing as her body moved its way back and forth.

Her smell drifted over me, sweet, it tormented my senses. Her skin so intense at the same time.

Her soft moans filling the air, enchanting everything around us as her body gave in to a lustful shuddering again and again.


Those  were the memories I needed to hold onto now... maybe... maybe if I concentrate hard enough she could hear me, somehow find me.  A wish that won’t be fulfilled, silly thoughts. That night as the guards dragged me out of her house.....that night I screamed to her to never come back or she would end up like me. I’m happy she never came to see me, to protect me from the mobs hurling their abuse and their trash at me. For if she did, she would be facing death like I now was. I do wonder where she went..... where she’s hiding.....

Is she safe.... I only hope she had found a way to try to find her sisters, yes her sisters would be able to help her...

I don’t know how long I will last down in this hole. All my thoughts now are for her and I hope she made it home....

I’m very alone....












Submitted: June 16, 2020

© Copyright 2022 george talius. All rights reserved.

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A most agreeable read! Pleasure to be entertained by a master storyteller!!! Kudos to you!

Thu, June 18th, 2020 9:41am


Thank you very much

Thu, June 18th, 2020 2:56am

Amy F. Turner

Quite a haunting tale. Well told. Sensuous. You feel for the storyteller in his weariness. You wonder if the knight was duped yet we only hear his side of it. He suffers alone longing for his love, not knowing if she lived or died. She desired to go to her sisters and yet she stayed with him. How curious. How long did they have this affair? Who ratted them out? How did the Siren come to be on a street in the first place? In the end, it does not matter. He has only his memories to keep him company until his last breath.

Tue, June 23rd, 2020 11:28pm


Thank you for placing a comment, I do hope you enjoyed

Tue, June 23rd, 2020 7:20pm

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