Sharing our 1st

Sharing our 1st Sharing our 1st

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is based on facts about my 1st sexual discoveries, shared with a girl who was totally inexperienced as well. The dialogue is approximate using what I can remember, but the events are real. This began nearly thirty years ago, and I remember everything fondly.


This is based on facts about my 1st sexual discoveries, shared with a girl who was totally inexperienced as well. The dialogue is approximate using what I can remember, but the events are real. This began nearly thirty years ago, and I remember everything fondly.


Submitted: August 17, 2014

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Submitted: August 17, 2014



Sharing our firsts (True events)


"Hi," I heard her call out from across the street.

"Hello Lisa," I replied as she approached me.

I knew she was almost two years younger than my eighteen years, and I had only known her for several weeks. She lived in an apartment two blocks from the auto repair shop my Dad had recently opened, and I worked at. We had talked at times, but nothing more. I had seen her at the pool just once before, and admired her fine figure covered by a basic bikini.

"I have a question," she said rather shyly. "Are you going to play with yourself when you go home?"

"Maybe," I replied. "Why?"

Blushing, she replied, "I do it also..” The she added “Can I watch you do it?”

“Yea I suppose, long as we keep it between us, since you are not yet legal age. Could watch you too?"

“Well...maybe. Not sure I am ready for that. Or to let anyone see me that way.”

I knew Lisa was shy compared to her sister, who was known to be highly promiscuous. Some guys thought Lisa was also, and would ask her out, hoping for some fun. But she told me she never accepted them.

Lisa was a rather pretty girl with a well-proportioned body could not have weighed more than 110 lbs. She stood about 5' 5" with brunette hair that fell to her shoulders. Her hips and breasts gave her an hourglass shape. Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled.

A couple hours later, we were at my apartment, sitting on my bed. From the way she looked at me, I knew what she wanted, but was too shy to ask. I stripped, grabbed a bottle of skin lotion, and stretched out with my head propped on a pillow.

As I began stroking, I realized that she wore no bra under her t-shirt since her nipples poked indents in the thin material. I saw her blush when she looked down to check out what I was doing.

“You want to get naked?" I asked.

Her face turned bright red as she stammered, "I, ... I, ... I don't know, ... I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?" I asked. "You wanted to see me, and I sure would like to get a better look at you."


"Absolutely," I replied, "I'd love it if we could become better friends."

Well maybe you can help with my t-shirt."

I scooted next to her and grasped the hem of her t-shirt. She raised her arms so I could pull it off and toss it onto a nearby chair. I gazed at her beautiful breasts. (she later told me they were size 34B).

"Wow, Lisa," I sighed, "Your breasts are perfect."

She smiled at me, blushed, and tried to cover her boobs. I moved her hands away and touched each soft globe with my free hand.

Lisa stared at my erection and blurted out, "Oh my god! That thing couldn't possibly fit inside a woman."

I felt surprised since I never thought of myself as anything more than normal size at seven inches. But I knew that Lisa had no basis for comparison.

She looked at me nervously and rose to her knees on the sofa. She place my hand at the waist of her shorts, so I pulled them to her knees. I saw a few pubic hairs peeking over the top of her light blue panties.

I said, "Pull your shorts the rest of the way off."

"What are we doing?" she asked.

"I thought we wanted to watch each other play with ourselves."

"I, ... I don't know if I can do that," she said. "I think I'd be too embarrassed."

"Suit yourself," I said as I reached for the lotion. "I'm not embarrassed. But I'd appreciate it if you would spread your legs so I can look at you while I jerk off."

"You are such a pervert," she said with a laugh. But she did take them off.

"Not really," I responded, "I just have enough confidence to ask for what I want."

Lisa remained silent as I squirted lotion on my right hand to lube my cock. I started stroking slowly without taking my eyes off Lisa's body. Her eyes remained focused on my package as I played for her. I saw her hands move to her tits, rubbing them and pinching her nipples. I increased the pace of my strokes.

Suddenly she removed her panties and showed me her thick bush. She placed one hand between her legs, and rubbed her love button. To my surprise it only took a few moments for her to reach a small, but apparently pleasant climax. I wondered if she had masturbated more that she admitted to.

"Oh Lisa!" I groaned as cum erupted from my cock, and rained across my chest.

"That was a lot!" she exclaimed as her legs clamped together.

We lay there panting for several minutes, enjoying the aftermath of our orgasms. Eventually I grabbed some tissues to wipe off the semen off of my chest.

I looked at Lisa and said, "Maybe we should take a shower before you go home."

“I'm so embarrassed," she moaned. "I can't believe I did that in front of you."

"Lighten up. We helped each other feel good. There's nothing wrong with that."

She took some tissues to wipe her crotch before I led her to the bathroom. I turned the water on in the shower so it could get warm, then we stepped in.

I offered to wash her back, and she agreed. I soaped her up from her shoulders to her ass spending extra time to work the soap in with my bare hands. I rinsed her upper body and began soaping her legs. When I reached the tops of her thighs, I reached between her legs, and she began to tremble and moan lightly. I rinsed her off and turned her around. Her quivering increased as my soapy hands massaged her boobs and nipples. She grasped my shoulders to keep steady as I reached between her legs once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and held on tightly as I somehow managed to finger her to another orgasm.

When she had recovered a moment, she said softly, "I can't believe I let you do that."

I used the spray to rinse her off thoroughly. When I had finished, I put the shower sprayer back in its holder and said it was her turn to wash me. I handed her the soap, and she started on my back at the shoulders, then worked her way down. My cock grew stiffer as she started on my front, She had me trembling when she began to soap my cock. She copied my previous motions, and used one hand on my balls and the other one stroking my shaft. She soon had me on the edge, and I warned her that I was about to explode all over her.

She surprised me by aiming it directly at her, stroking faster. I almost collapsed as I painted her belly with several spurts of hot semen. Lisa seemed to enjoy it, and did not stop stroking until I asked her to. I rinsed and turned the water off.

We exited the shower, and I dried her off. She did the same for me next. Before we got dressed I wrapped Lisa in a tight embrace and kissed her (Our 1st kiss). I enjoyed the feeling of my cock as it became trapped against her bush. After kisses that seemed to last hours, we disengaged.

I told her honestly that what we had done was so much better masturbating alone. And was glad to hear she wanted to do it again soon. I hadn't expected that she would finger herself for me, yet alone join me in the shower.


I felt that Lisa could easily be persuaded to pick up where we had stopped before, so I invited her over a few days later. Until she arrived, I was preoccupied with thoughts of what we might do together. Later that evening we sat on the sofa, and I told her that I hoped she still felt OK about what we did last time. I scooted next to her and gently kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. Our kisses went from gentle to passionate. I pulled my shirt over my head, and tossed it onto one of the chairs. Lisa's t-shirt and bra soon landed on top of it. She pressed her soft boobs against my chest.

Moments later I slowly kissed down her neck toward her breasts. She moaned when my lips touched her nipple. I gently one breast while sucking on the other nipple. Eventually I moved my kisses down her abdomen.

I unzipped her shorts and pulled them off, along with her panties. I pushed her knees apart and knelt between her spread thighs. I looked her in the eyes with an expression of lust before lowering my face to her crotch. She squealed with the first lick. On each subsequent lick, I stuck my tongue in her before licking up to her clit. At the end of each stroke, I nibbled on her clit with my lips while strumming it with my tongue. The clit action seemed to drive her wild. With her feet on the floor, she had traction when she flexed her hips in response to my tongue. I struggled to maintain contact when finally her thighs clamped against my head and she quavered with her climax. Extracting myself from between her thighs, I resisted the temptation to drop my shorts and jamb my cock into her. Instead, I climbed back onto the futon, snuggled next to her and pulled her into an embrace.

"Oh my god!" she gasped with panting breaths, "What did you do to me?"

"I tried to make you feel good," I grinned. "Did it work?"

"I, ... I've never, ... I've never felt anything like that, ... ever," she admitted.

"Good," I said, "That was the effect I tried for."

"What, ... what about you?" she responded.

"Do you want to give me a hand?" I leered pulling her hand to the bulge in my shorts, "Or maybe something else?"

"Something else?" she asked with a puzzled voice.

"Lisa," I said, "Do you know what a blowjob is?"

"Oh," she mumbled, "That kind of something else. You mean ... you want me to put you in my mouth?"

"Hey," I said, "It felt really good when I licked you, didn't it? It's supposed to make a guy feel really good when a girl sucks his cock."

"Has anyone ever done that for you?" she queried.

"No, sweetie," I said, "You're the only one I've ever done anything with."

“I'll try. But you have to promise me you won't squirt in my mouth."

I agreed and stripped off my shorts and underwear and lay across the futon with my dick sticking up. Lisa crawled across to take my cock in hand. I suggested that she start by licking it like a lollipop. She started to tentatively lick around the head despite her obvious distaste for the idea. I guessed that she didn't find it too bad because she took the head into her mouth to suck it. I thought it felt great especially fine when she rubbed the underside with her tongue. I murmured encouragement for everything she did that felt good. I felt that she was doing great for a first time though I had no real basis for comparison. She seemed to be getting into it too, trying to take more of my cock in her mouth. Since I was already more than aroused from bringing her off, it didn't take her long to bring me to the edge. I warned her just in time; she pulled her mouth off a split second before my cock sprayed semen all over my chest. I lay there gasping for breath while Lisa looked on with an expression of astonishment.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed softly, "That was amazing."

Then she dipped her finger in the semen pooling in my navel and rubbed it with her thumb. I watched with lidded eyes as she put her finger in her mouth and sucked off the goo.

"It doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would," she murmured to herself in a barely audible whisper.

Then she leaned over to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight as we shared a passionate kiss.

Then she pushed away saying, "Ewww, you got your stuff all over me."

I just grinned and reached under the futon for the package of wipes that I had left there earlier. I pulled out a couple of wipes to clean the semen off her belly. I moved down to wipe her crotch too before wiping what was left off my belly and chest.

We got dressed and I kissed her goodnight.

Part 3

I invited Lisa our for another date soon after and surprised her by taking her to one of the real restaurants instead of just getting fast food. I had reassured her Mom that this wasn't really a date, though I certainly considered it one. We held hands as we left the restaurant for the theater. We didn't do more than hold hands during the movie because we didn't want anyone see us doing something inappropriate.

The next morning, I awoke to a call from Lisa saying we could have the whole day together. I was excited when she asked me to come over to her house and into her bedroom.

When I arrived, she was lying in bed, probably pretending to be asleep. I removed my clothes and crawled under the covers to spoon against Lisa's back. She wore a sleep t-shirt that came down to her upper thighs and panties. I draped one arm over her and snuggled in. She moaned softly and wriggled her ass against me. I slid my hand softly over her belly below the hem of her sleep shirt so I could caress her bare skin and breasts. I slid my hand down her abdomen under the waistband of her panties until my fingers encountered the soft curls. I moved back away from her until she had rolled onto her back. Her legs spread giving me better access to her charms.

I slid my fingers below her vaginal opening before sliding them back up through and pushing her inner lips apart. I gave a little circular rub above her clit before sliding my fingers back down to repeat the process. I pulled the sleep shirt up over her tits and began sucking both nipples.

I grasped her underwear at the waist to pull it down her legs and off. I pushed her knees further apart and back to give me better access to her center. I lowered my face to her crotch resuming with my tongue the action my fingers had forsaken. She squealed at the first stroke of my tongue over her clit. I eased a finger into her opening while concentrating my licks on her love button. With a finger inserted to the second knuckle, I flexed it to stroke the inside. The combination of finger and tongue action drove her wild. Her hips bounced up and down off the bed as she panted between squeals. I could feel her getting close to the edge.

Finally her hips rose off the bed as her thighs clamped against my head. Several moments later she relaxed enough that I could free my head. She lay there, legs spread, panting to catch her breath. I crawled beside her toward the night table to retrieve a condom. I ripped open the packet and rolled the rubber over my steel-hard dick.

I positioned myself between her legs lining my cock up to her entrance.

I leaned over to ask, "Are you ready to go all the way?"

She felt the head pressing against the gate to paradise, then pushed hard against my shoulders saying she was not ready

She reached down to grasp my cock with the condom still hanging onto the head. She started stroking it, pausing a moment to peel the rubber off and toss it on the floor. As I lay back, eyes half-closed, I could feel her shifting position on the bed while still jerking me off. I leaned forward slightly to see what she was doing just as her lips closed over the head of my cock.

"Oh god, Lisa," I groaned, "That feels so good."

She mumbled something that I couldn't understand as her mouth never left my dick. She drove me wild massaging the underside of my prick with her tongue. Already keyed up from our earlier activities, I knew I wouldn't last long. She tried to swallow another couple of inches of my cock bringing me to the edge.

"Pull off, Lisa, ... Now!" I warned her.

She ignored me, grabbed my ass and sucked harder. Unable to hold back, I filled her mouth with semen. She swallowed most of it leaving just a little to dribble out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. I lay back panting. She straddled my thighs grinning down at me.

"I thought you would not want to swallow," I said.

"I thought I could give it a try," she said bashfully. "It wasn't as bad as I expected."

I reclined with Lisa prone on top of me. She rubbed her boobs against my chest as we kissed. After a few minutes she asked if I was ready for round two.

When I asked what she want to do, she surprised me by asking if I had any more rubbers. And that she had suddenly decided to let me be her first. I felt good when she added that she couldn't imagine finding someone nicer than me.

I assured her we could wait until she was older, just to be sure. But she said we had already done so much together and wanted to go all the way. She turned onto her back and I fondled her belly, moving my hand slowly toward the juncture of her thighs. I moved my kisses from her lips down her neck toward her breasts. She grasped my cock slowly stroking it while I kissed her breasts and ran my finger through her slit. I could feel her getting wetter as my fingers stroked her tenderly.

We both were moaning and trembling when she pushed me onto my back. She reached over to the night table to grab a condom. I lay there with my rigid cock sticking almost straight up while she tore open the packet and rolled the rubber onto my dick.

I was surprised again when she straddled my thighs, saying she wanted to be on top. She positioned herself directly above me then slowly sank down on it. She was so tight that it took her several short strokes to fully embed it. I felt her tensing up as my rod shredded her maidenhead. I could see the tears gather at the corners of her eyes. I reached up to pull her down into an embrace.

I gently caressed her back until she pushed herself back up. With her hands on my shoulders, she pushed herself back up and started to flex her hips rubbing her clit against my pubic bone. I couldn't believe how tight her pussy felt on my cock. I had never felt such a warm sensation pressing against every square millimeter of my dick. As she picked up the pace, I started thrusting back while fondling her boobs and tweaking her nipples. The desensitizing effect of the rubber combined with my earlier orgasm combined to delay my climax.

I felt the trembling and quivering that signaled the onset of Lisa's orgasm. Moments later she stiffened with a groan and collapsed on my chest. I gave her some time to recover before flipping her over onto her back. I pulled her knees up toward her chest and out so that I could pound my way to another orgasm. We were both still panting as I fell onto my back next to her. We rolled to face each other embracing for a kiss and a cuddle.

After, we showered together. We were tempted to spend more time in bed, but Lisa was sore. We spent the rest of the day making out, eventually going all the way once more.

For the rest of that summer, Lisa and I found time to fool around at least once a week. We talked about our relationship agreeing that we were not boyfriend and girlfriend. Rather gaining sexual experience and satisfaction was the primary motivation. I think her Mom suspected our activities but she never said anything to confirm her suspicions other than a few mentions of the importance of practicing safe sex.

We stayed friends and lovers until she graduated High School in 1978. She went off to college in 1979, and we began to drift apart. We got together a few times when she visited home, but not often enough. She found a regular boyfriend on campus, so our sexual fun finally ended.

When she married him a couple years later, I was invited to her wedding. I felt proud yet strange when she introduced me to her husband as being her first lover.

I will always have fond memories of the time we spent together learning and enjoying the mechanics of sex. We shared many 1st experiences including oral, manual stimulation, sex, and eventually even anal.



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