The Pairing

The Pairing

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Me and my 'girlfriend' visit a counselor in order to figure out why I have trust issues.


Me and my 'girlfriend' visit a counselor in order to figure out why I have trust issues.


Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



The Pairing

Hey! Check this out.”

I sat on a waiting bench in quiet metallic hallway. After clicking a button on my wristwatch, a hologram of myself popped up: dark hair, slim build. “Look at that! It records everything, audio and video without aiming or lining up a shot. Ask it something, it can also translate any language in the galaxy.”

My trial girlfriend perched at my side with perfect posture. She rolled her eyes, brushed her blonde hair from her shoulder. “Stop being so juve—”

A door opened down the oval hall. A voice came from within, “Geminine, Cathreecorn, I’ll see you now.”


You two have been partnering now for a year, close to your official pairing date, so what brings you here?”

My head hung, eyes to my twiddling fingers.

“Babe!” Cathreecorn sat at my side with a furrowed brow. She whipped her head to the gangly counselor behind the brooding desk, her blonde hair swished. “He doesn’t trust me. Hell, he doesn’t trust anyone.”

“Cathreecorn, it’s okay.” The counselor stood from his desk, walked around, and plopped on the edge. He looked down at both of us before singling me out. “Geminine, is there any reason why you don’t trust her? You must have something substantial to break up a pairing.”

I didn’t reply. The clock ticked. The sandal on Cathreecorn’s foot smacked her heel as she nervously bobbed her leg.

“No, Mr. Fourpio. He’s insecure because of relationships in the past…” Cathreecorn glanced to me with creased brows. “…with Earthlings. Ugh!”

“Earth girls are easy,” I said with a sly grin. “They understand me.”

“They came from monkeys.” Cathreecorn perked up in anger.

“…and a mix of our DNA,” I eyed Fourpio for reassurance, “so it’s not so bad, right?”

Cathreecorn pouted. She crossed her arms and looked to Fourpio but gestured her head toward me. “Are you sure they’re tested when they come back?”

“I can assure you he has no disease.” Fourpio removed his glasses and wiped the smudge with the tail of his lab coat. “I take it, Geminine, you served in our space fleet?”

“How’d you know?” I asked.

“The infantry hardly ever goes to Earth.” Fourpio placed his glasses snug over his bridge. “Shore duty? Or were you just passing by?”

“Shore duty,” I said, befuddled. “What’s this got to do with anything?”

“A lot of sailors come back from Earth with broken hearts, broken minds,” Fourpio said. “The women of that planet seem innocent, docile, but they’re dangerous. They emit something in the air, something invisible. You won’t see it. You won’t feel it until its too late. But if you hang around them long enough, they’ll poison you.”

Cathreecorn bobbed her head in agreement.

“Better than them monster women on Kepler.” I sat up. “They’ll break your balls.”

“That’s not always so bad.” Fourpio cleared his throat and then placed a hand on Cathreecorn’s knee. “But! I can help.”

“You can?” Cathreecorn cradled his hand.

I shot them a suspicious glance.

“Oh, now, see, there you go,” Fourpio said of my expression. He pulled away from Cathreecorn. “You have some deep bedded issues from the past that still haunt you. Doors opened in the hallways of your mind that need closing. I’m gonna help you close those.”

I stirred in my chair. “How’s that?”

Fourpio hopped up from the desk. He walked across the office to a cabinet and removed a bottle with small stamp-like instrument.

“Now we’re talking,” I said, noticing the narcotic.

“I take it you’ve partaken NG-9000?” Fourpio asked

I started to nod my head, hesitated. I didn’t know if I should admit that or not. After a moment, I smacked my lips and just came out with it. “Yeah…”

“It’s all confidential here.” Fourpio poured liquid from the bottle over the stamp machine’s nine prods. He then situated it against my forearm, just under the crease of my elbow. “Ready?”

I shrugged, nodded. When Fourpio pressed the button, the stamp heated and touched my skin. It burned, leaving red circles in the shape of a pyramid. As Fourpio walked back over to the cabinet, I blew on the burn marks.

“This will take you too a place inside your own mind.” Fourpio closed the cabinet doors and hunkered back on the edge of his desk. “Now I want you to close your eyes and listen only to my voice.”

I popped my neck. A tingling sensation ran up my spine and into the back of my brain. The warm fuzzy feeling swarmed my entire head. I glanced to Cathreecorn, who nodded in encouragement, then to Fourpio. I closed my eyes and released a deep breath.

“You see doors, doors lining each side of the dark hallway.”


I opened my eyes, found myself standing in space. Stars dotted the vast blackness. My feet felt firm against the ground but there was nothing beneath or around me: three white doors on my left and six on my right. The doors were opened wide and light abound from inside.

Can you hear me?” Fourpio’s voice boomed like the voice of a god.

“Yeah…” I looked up as though he were above me. “Where am I?”

Inside your mind.”

“It looks empty.” I searched around with a bewildered look. “Why do I see stars?”

Those are electrons. Now about the—”

“Oh shit…” It hit me in an instant. “What if space is really someone’s brain, stars are electrons. That means we—”

Let’s stay on track,” Fourpio said. “You see those doors?”

My sight lowered to the aisle of floating doors. I nodded.

I can’t see you. You have to speak.”

“Yes,” I replied, “three on my left, six on my right.”

Go to the first door. What side is it on?”


Look inside. And, tell me what you see.”

I turned to the bright doorway, squinted. “Okay…” As I eased through the threshold, the light disappeared, but I was still blinded. I wagged the dots from his eyes but froze upon hearing giggles. “Can they see me?”

No. What do you see?”

My sight cleared as I did a quick sweep of the dim apartment. I suddenly stopped.

In the hallway, a young couple peeked around the wall, into the living room. Their eyes were wide, smiles upon their faces.

“Johnny? Louise?” I said to myself.


“A couple I met when I first arrived to Earth—”

There was moan, heavy breathing, from the opposite side of the room.

I wheeled to the left, followed a trail of clothing strewn across the carpet: jeans, bra, boxers, socks, etc. My eyes distended upon seeing where the trail ended.

Moonlight poured through the open window, upon a thin, raven-haired girl lying naked across the sofa cushions. Her fair skin reflected the light. She had small yet slightly saggy breasts with tiny nipples. A young man stood before her in nothing but basketball shorts. She sat up to her elbows, lifted her lanky legs, and gripped the band of his shorts with her toes. She jerked them down, beamed at his hard cock. She fitted his massive member between the soft soles of her stretched feet.

“I know what this is.” My eyes drifted to the ceiling, not wanting to recall the event.

What’s that?”

“Two, um, study patients, Lyle and Courtney, banging each other.” I couldn’t help but to glance back over, like some force wanted me to watch it.

Lyle held her ankles, assisted her motion back and forth. Courtney curled her toes around his girth. Her legs moved in and out as though performing nude crunches.

Study patients?”

“Yes. I’d be lying though if I said I didn’t grow a fondness—”

So, your Earth friend slept with your first Earth girlfriend?” Cathreecorn asked. “Just say it. Quit beating around the damn bush.”

“Guess you could say that, sure.” I turned back to the hallway, to Johnny and Louise watching on. I hung my head, rubbed my eyes. “But, still, common courtesy amongst friends, right?”

“Hmmm!” a moan sounded.

I looked up with hesitance.

Lyle squeezed her bony thighs and dragged her across the cushions to the edge, closer to him. He pinned her shoulders down to the sofa, inched inside.

Courtney ground her teeth, eyes widened with lust.

There was no feeling out process, no warming up. The young couple dove right into it. Lyle’s strong thighs clapped against hers, rippling her breasts. Her long legs waved in the air. She locked her ankles around his waist, curled her toes then quickly straightened them. Her arms sprawled out, gripping the cushions with a death clutch. She was beginning to break.

“Umm...” I shook the scene from my mind, turned to the ceiling. “What is this, some Charles Dickens bullshit?” Skin slapped together. Moans rose, along with soft giggles from Johnny and Louise. I lifted my voice to talk over them. “What am I to learn from this? How long must I watch this?”

Lyle thrust with vigor, punishing power.

Courtney’s body stiffened, all the way to her pointed toes. Her face turned red. She uncontrollably quaked. Although she did her best to hold it in, a long grunt forced its way out of her mouth. “Gggghhh!”

You can leave anytime you want,” Fourpio said.

“Great!” I spun to the door.

“Wait…” Courtney said breathlessly.

I stopped, peered over my shoulder.

Courtney pressed her palm against Lyle’s chest, halting him. She looked around his waist toward the hallway. Johnny and Louise dipped out of the way.

I sighed, stepped out of the room, and closed the door behind me. The door evaporated. I jumped back, startled. “Whoa! What just happened?”

You tell me,” Fourpio said.

I was puzzled. “Did I already try a door?”

Fourpio laughed, his voice echoed through space. “Next door.”

I shrugged off the confusion. I strolled up to the bright light, placed a hand to my brow like a visor. “Go in?”

Just go!” Cathreecorn said in a strong tone.

Yes…” Fourpio said breathlessly.

I shot an estranged look upward. “Okay… if you say so.”


The light faded, but florescent dots danced in my vision. I blinked several times before clearing them. A loud rap song bounced off the four walls of the bedroom. The beat consisted of a bed squeaking. I palmed my face, recognizing the room instantly.

Where are you now?” Fourpio asked.

“…my old apartment,” I said with a clenched jaw.

And what do you see?”

With my hand over my face, I peeked through the spaces of my fingers and then closed my eyes again, sighed.

A dirty-blonde knelt at the foot of the bed in front of a swarthy man. Pink see-through lingerie covered her pear-shaped body, hung just below her round apple bottom. She postured up on her knees, handled his black cock, and immediately stuck it in her mouth. She sucked, bobbed, with energy.

“Two more test subje—”

The-ee truth please,” Fourpio said with a quiver in his tone.

My eyes darted around the ceiling space. “It’s, uh, Tyrell and, uh, well, it’s my wife, Amber.”

You married one of them things?” Cathreecorn sounded hysterical.

“What can I say? I was young, dumb—”

It’s illegal,” Fourpio said. “How did you manage to sneak that under your superior’s nose?”

“Earth is kinda laxed.” I shrugged. “But—”

A phone rang in the bedroom.

Amber gagged. She sat back on her soles but continued to jerk Tyrell off. Drool tickled down his hard cock. She wiped her mouth, caught her breath, and leaned over to her flip-phone on the nightstand.

“Who is it?” Tyrell asked.

“Hubby. Hang on.” Amber put the phone to her ear, all whilst stroking him. While I yammered, she slipped his cock back in her mouth. Her tensed lips slid down his length before withdrawing again. “Yeah. That sucks.”

“Jeezus fuckin—You. You suck… literally.” I flung my arms out in the air, throwing a temper tantrum. “This isn’t—this didn’t really happen, right?”

Not necessarily, unless someone told you verbatim,” Fourpio said. “What’s happening?”

I looked at the act, face cringed. “Ummm…. she’s blowing her professor.”

Tyrell pushed her head back down, exhaled a laborious breath.

The cock popped out of her mouth. Amber froze. “Nothing,” she said into the receiver. “Oh, that? It’s just a blowpop.”

“Just a blowpah…” I whimpered, unable to even finish the sentence.

Geminine… Come back, Geminine. Did she ever admit this?”

I snapped to, shook my head. “Well, no. But, I know she did. And I do fuckin’ remember a phone call where I thought she was sucking her professor off. I knew when she introduced me to that dude…” I strangled the air near her neck, as though choking her. “Argghhh!”

Amber listened to me through the receiver, while slowly climbing on top of Tyrell. She pinned his cock down with her pussy and grinded up and down his length. She did her best to sound unruffled but there was a slight shake in her tone. “Just studying. Gotta test coming up.”

Anything else?” Fourpio panted.

“Everything okay?” I raised a brow.

Yeah, yeah,” Fourpio said. “I just want every little detail… for, ya know, research purposes.”

“Sure…” I crossed my arms and just vacantly stared at the scene. “She’s about to… receive a little extra credit with me on the phone.”


“She’s about to bang her professor, my god…” I grimaced.

Kinky…” Cathreecorn said.

“Uh! No!” My face soured. “I wasn’t in on this little gag.”

Tyrell placed his hands on her lower back, supporting her, as he stood to his feet. She squealed, her head almost hitting the ceiling fan. She sat atop his shoulders, reversed. Her legs dangled at his sides. His mouth went to town on her: smacking, licking, and nibbling. She hunched, shuddered. She then whipped the lingerie over her head. Her humble breasts were perky, large areolas with taut nipples. He finally lowered her to the carpet to all fours. He swatted Amber’s plump backside, leaving a handprint on her olive skin.

I flinched, along with Amber.

Amber covered the phone, glared over her shoulder at him. Yet, as he slid inside her cozy opening, her face softened and she turned away. “Yes. He-Uh!” she moaned in a broken sentence. “He said that-Mmmm-he was, he does a lot of pop quizzes so—Oh!—I have to be ready.” She listened for a moment. “Soooo… how’s work?”

Tyrell thrust with force. He reached under and palmed her breasts. He lightly pinched her erect nipples

Amber put the phone aside to relieve herself of a wail. After the pleasure escaped her, she placed the phone back to her mouth and attempted to carry on a cohesive conversation. She wiped a euphoric tear from her eye as Tyrell rapidly excited her. "Uhh! Yeah, suuuuure I'll see-ya-innna little, my lovvvv-va!" Amber hung up and slung the phone away.

“Okay. Well, this is fun.” I started to the door. “I’m outy.”

No, no, no. Just a little longer,” Fourpio said. “What’s happening now?”

“What am I, a fuckin’ play-by-play guy?”

Please,” Cathreecorn pleaded.

“I thought you were disgusted by Earthlings?”

Well, I uh—let’s not get it twisted,” Cathreecorn said. “I just think you need to air it all out.”

A loud smack turned my attention back to the sex act.

Amber’s right ass cheek glowed red from another pop. Tyrell rolled her to her back. As the tip grazed her drenched slit, he took her nipples in his mouth. He sucked them, flicked them with his tongue. He dropped his hips ever so gently and squeezed back inside of her.

They have moved to the carpet,” I said. “Can I leave?”

No,” Fourpio said.

Amber bowed her back off the carpet, shoving her breasts in his face. He kissed up her neck, held her chin, and gazed into her hazel eyes. She locked lips with him heatedly. Using the heels of her feet, she thrust her hips up onto his member.

Tyrell postured over her in the push-up position. He gripped her bony right ankle, placed it over his shoulder. While pounding away, he licked down her calf, over her ankle.

“He’s driving her into the carpet,” I said. “Can I leave?”

Oh… no.” Cathreecorn stammered.

Tyrell squared his shoulders. He took Amber’s other leg and held them out in front, ankle to ankle in one hand.

Amber tilted her head back into the carpet, tightly shut her eyes, and pinched her lips together. Her breasts rocked with the rhythm of his swing. She made a soft squeal which heightened in pitch with each insertion. Her face tensed in a sneeze.

“She looks like she’s about to cum. Can. I. Leave?”

No!” Fourpio and Cathreecorn said simultaneously.

Tyrell kept a constant motion, showing off his cardio.

“I—Ugh!—love that cock-ock! Oo! Fuck!” Amber exploded. Her body convulsed underneath him.

“Looks overrated if you ask me,” I said with a yawn. I then lifted my voice to the ceiling. “Can I leave yet?”

Amber gnawed on his shoulder, shuddered in his ear. “I ca-can't. I can't... my...”

Tyrell jumped back, growled, and jerked himself off on her stomach. He collapsed next to her, cuddled her while both stared vacantly at the ceiling.

“I’m leaving…” I slammed the door behind me, folded my arms, and glared at the expansive universe beneath my feet. I was angry but couldn’t remember why. I turned back as the door disappeared in thin air. “What just happened?”

You…” Fourpio said with a hint of aggravation. “Just… don’t worry about it. Go to the next door.”

“Did I jus—”

“Go!” They, once again, shouted at the same time.

“Alright, fuck, jeez.” I walked to the next door on my right. I blocked out the bright light with my hand, entered.



The room came into focus. I glanced to my left, toward the loud moans.

There I was, nine years ago, standing at the foot of a queen sized bed, wearing nothing but a smile. Splayed naked across the bed, on top of the covers, was a familiar face.

What do-oo you see?” Fourpio asked.

I couldn’t help but beam at the memory. “It’s Fiveces…”

Fiveces was a boney, dark toned girl. Her hair was long and as black as night, her caramel skin kissed by the sun. My younger self stuck my thumbs in the creases of her knees, holding her legs out in front of me. My hips smacked her in rapid succession. Fiveces flexed her jaw, snarled as though becoming feral. She squeezed the comforter. Her teardrop breasts jiggled with each heave. Chill bumps covered her skin, making her brown nipples hard. “Mmmm!”

Was she a sailor in the space fleet?” Fourpio asked.

I heard him but didn’t readily reply, distracted by the past.

My younger self positioned her right ankle in the air while holding the other at my hip. I added leverage, more speed. Fiveces covered her flustered face. She breathed heavily into her palms. I pounded away. I released her ankle; her foot fell against my chest. I reached down, rubbing her bulb.

Geminine!” Cathreecorn said.

I awoke from the sex scene. “Umm, no, she wasn’t a sailor. She was in the infantry. Her platoon stopped by on their way to a planet called Xoina. At that time, the inhabitants were just now being introduced to the concept of a god, so they’re pretty barbaric.” My voice died down in sadness. “They took off the next morn and I never saw her again…”

Fiveces’ face flickered: brows scrunched before softening. She gulped down a moan but released a soft whine.

“Did you just cum?” My younger self asked.

Fiveces shook her head and, breathless, said, “No...”

I stood in the back, lipping the words under my breath like an actor remembering an old script. “She always played it tough. She was tough. But I knew how to tickle her righ—”

Gem, do you forget I’m in here?” Cathreecorn asked.

“Oops…” I made a cringe face.

What’s going on-on?” Fourpio asked.

“I um, well…”

My younger self hugged Fiveces body, picked her off the bed. Standing, I sprung her up and down on my strong member. I bounced her with vigor.

“Oh!” Fiveces clung to me, shuddered with a laugh. My cock punished her, roughly rocketing her body toward the ceiling. The lustful snarl reappeared on her face but quickly changed into an orgasmic look of confusion. “Oh-my-gah,” she expelled in a single breath. She clenched her eyes shut, groaned, and came all over my cock. Her juices drenched me, trickled down my leg. Her body uncontrollably bucked. She wrapped an arm around my neck, catching herself and hanging on for dear life. She unlocked her ankles and placed her feet on my thighs, vertically pushing off as I supported her.

“I’m holding her in the air…” I licked my lips. “…pounding the shit out of her.”

Oo!” Cathreecorn moaned.

I glanced up but ignored her moan with a shake of the head. I turned back to watch the scene play out. “Uh oh… we found the dresser.”

My younger self rushed her to the dresser top. We knocked over perfumes and lotion bottles, but neither cared. We were dialed into one another, lost in the chaotic storm of desire. I looked down, palmed her breasts. Fiveces playfully gripped the nape of my neck, jerked me into an intimate lip lock. She scratched her nails down my chest.

Were you still married to the Earthling during this time?” Fourpio asked.

“Amber?” I scrunched my brows. “How do you know about her?”

We’ll discuss everything once you come back,” Fourpio said. “Now, were you cheating on your wife here?”

“Yeah…” I turned back to the room. “We both were and it was… hot.”

Fiveces climbed to all-fours across the mattress, offering her flat backside. She gazed over her shoulder, watching as I entered her from behind. “Mmghhhh!” she gnarled.

My younger self knotted her dark locks in my fist, pulling her into each powerful thrust.

Fiveces clawed the sheets. Her scowl softened once again. Her arms trembled and gave-away. She flopped to the bed, her flat ass still in the air.

“It was honestly the best sex I’d ever—”

Do not finish that sentence!” Cathreecorn warned.

Now, Cathreecorn, he has to get it off his chest,” Fourpio said. “Geminine, continue.”

“I’m just sayin’ we were both at our prime physical peaks,” I cough into my hand, “fucking like two wild monkeys.”

My younger self plunged forward, entering Fiveces with a strong heave. My motion intensified, shaking not only her but the bed as well. The headboard knocked against the wall.

Fiveces huffed, rocked with my rhythm. Her eyes stared straight ahead, heavy with passion. She gnawed on her bottom lip, in an attempt to remain hush. “Ah!” Her skin prickled, body became rigid. She squinched with her mouth agape. She finally released herself, grunting, and squirting all over my cock.

Keep going.” Fourpio sounded winded.

“Hang on,” I glanced to the ceiling with suspicion. “What’s going on out there?”

Nothi—Uh!—nothing,” Cathreecorn said. “Just keep going.”

“I'm—Ah!” Another winded noise interrupted Fiveces’ sentence. “I'm cu-uh-uh!” She buried her face into the mattress, which muffled her moans. “...ming-ing-ing!”

My younger self gripped her shoulders, holding her in place.

Fiveces moaned with a strain. She lurched forward, flattening herself against the mattress. Her long legs stiffened out, toes curled.

I backed toward the door, tapping my heart at the recollection. As I past the threshold, the light reappeared in my face. I squinted and turned away.

What’s going on?” Fourpio asked.

I walked out.

Get too hot for you?” Cathreecorn asked.

“Nah… It’s just…” I turned to the hallway. At the far end, on the left, a new door appeared. “That’s strange.”

“What is it?” Fourpio asked.

“A door just appeared.” I started toward it.

Forget it!” Fourpio said. “Let’s just keep going down the line-ine. Oh…”

“No, no. I’m checking this one out.” I picked up my pace, passing the doors on my right. “There’s something goin’ on.”

Don’t!” Cathreecorn declared.

I hurried over, almost jogging, but as I jumped inside the light, something woke me. I blinked several times before the office came into focus.

Fourpio was seated behind his desk, his cheeks rosy. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face. His tie loosened, lab coat undone.

I then swiveled my head to the right.

Cathreecorn tried to calm her heavy breaths. Her blonde hair frizzed out, forehead gleamed under the over head lights. Her cheeks were as red as Fourpio’s.

My suspicious eyes jumped from person to person. “What—”

“Those stories were…” Cathreecorn took a moment to catch her breath. “…so hot.”

“How do you feel?” Fourpio asked me.

I settled back in my seat, sighed. I started to speak when my watch beeped. “Ah!” With a smile, I reached down and turned it off. “…forgot I left this on. I accidentally recorded our whole session—”

They both started toward me: Fourpio jumped up from his seat, crawled over the desk. Cathreecorn’s eyes widened. She reached for the watch. “Give it to me!” they both said.

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