when it all crashes down

when it all crashes down when it all crashes down

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


mico and ervin does it last?? okay let me start out with this is my first time writting and this was back in high school and i found it so i though i would post it. also that when i was typing it i made it up as i went along so there really is no summary cause i stopped after a point and didnt know where to go from there. but there will be more and im editing it and posting it. its a long story and i hope that you guys like it so comment and let me know :) ps. i got the name stand your ground for the song stand in the rain by superchick, give me a break i was in highschool XD.


mico and ervin does it last?? okay let me start out with this is my first time writting and this was back in high school and i found it so i though i would post it. also that when i was typing it i made it up as i went along so there really is no summary cause i stopped after a point and didnt know where to go from there. but there will be more and im editing it and posting it. its a long story and i hope that you guys like it so comment and let me know :)
ps. i got the name stand your ground for the song stand in the rain by superchick, give me a break i was in highschool XD.

Chapter1 (v.1) - when it all crashes down

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mico and ervin does it last?? okay let me start out with this is my first time writting and this was back in high school and i found it so i though i would post it. also that when i was typing it i made it up as i went along so there really is no summary cause i stopped after a point and didnt know where to go from there. but there will be more and im editing it and posting it. its a long story and i hope that you guys like it so comment and let me know :)<br /> ps. i got the name stand your ground for the song stand in the rain by superchick, give me a break i was in highschool XD.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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-Stand your ground



There is not much in Phoenix just quiet and slow. My names is Mico and I am 17 years of age and I live with my grandparents they know about me and love me for who I am. I’m gay looking for that one someone to be at the end of my fairy tale, for I wish on that day to come.  That’s one thing that we all wish for but the days are long that the nights are longer and all we ever do is wait and wish.

I wake up wondering why I was thinking of that and I had no time to realize that I was going to be late on the second to last day of school before winter break. I rushed to get on my cloths, Started on my hair and walked out the door. I got to my first hour class English, where I would sit there and look at the one boy I wish that would give me the time and day but they didn’t even acknowledge I was there. So I just day-dreamed all day about him, sure I know you think what I stalker but there was something about him that I liked I couldn’t put my finger on it. The way his eyes were, his lips, and that smile it just didn’t seem right or maybe it was that he was into me and I didn’t even know it. I got the courage to go up to him one day and talk to him and we talked about a lot of things, school, Family, what we do on our weekends you know normal thing, But as all good things this had to come to an end. As he walked away my heart stopped as he went but then he stopped as if he could hear it, he turned and walked back and he told me to meet him in the restroom tomorrow at 2 he wanted to show me something. I was shocked but said okay.


 The Note

My nerves were working that day I watched the clock go by so slow and then it was 2 I rushed to the restroom hoping that he was there. As I walked in all I found was note on the floor I picked it up and it was addressed to me


I am sorry I couldn’t tell u in person but I had to go something came up so I hope that you could find it in you to forgive me. I wanted to talk but I was in a rush and I was going to see if you wanted to hang this winter break it would be cool for me to get out so my mom says. I thought I could hang with you?? I had a good time the other day it’s like you get me and don’t care how I think and are always laughing at my jokes and having a good time. So if you are down to hang out call or texts me I always have my phone okay! (623) 438-2653 hope to see you

You friend, Ervin Michael.


As I read it over and over I started to think maybe its fake number or maybe he knows that I like him and he’s messing with my head. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself like I always do so I said fuck it I’m not going to text him. I admit that I was too scared to see if it was him or if he was fucking with me.


 The Phones


Two days goes by all I could do is read the note over and over it was to the point to where it was burned in my head I knew it by heart! Every time it took my breath away but what was making me think was, why I wouldn’t text him I got the number I need to stop thinking about the bad thing in people. So I grabbed my phone and text him, I waited ten minutes to go by and I just let it go. As I went on with my day I did what I do best and that is going out with my friends and party until I drop. As I was getting ready my phone started to vibrate and sing it was a text by song that was playing stand your ground. I just hit the silent button I was trying to get ready. I forgot about it until I walked out the door to wait for Victor to come pick me up with Jazzy and Shane. So I got my phone out of my pocket in my jacket to read the text that I ignored. I flip my phone open to read the name and it was Ervin. I was so scared to even open it and read what it had to say, before I closed my phone my finger jump to the opened button and I read it

Hey who is this? Mico?

 I was so happy to read it because in my mind I knew that he was thinking of me and really wanted to hang out so I text back

Yes this is Mico. Is this Ervin??

I sent it as Victor just drove I dashed the phone in my jacket before he could see that I was texting. I jumped in the car to see that everyone was there and ready to party. We wanted to wait until later to get party started so we headed up to the mountains and just looked over Phoenix. As I was looking over Phoenix all I could was see massive dots of lights and think that somewhere in those dots that Ervin  was there somewhere and thinking of me. It sucked my phone didn’t work up here so we headed back to the city and went to go party at Shane house. As we got past the mountains my phone got reception and I didn’t get any text form Ervin I was a little sad, I just told myself that he may have planes and maybe doing a lot. 


The Run In

When we got there we did what all teens do play loud music and drink and got high. Before I did any of that I wanted to go walking to the store and get something to munch on so I ended up going by myself and let my friend’s party ahead of me. As I was walking I notices someone walking towards me as I looked up to meet his eye I couldn’t see past his hood it was too dark. He knew me I had this feeling because he stopped dead in his tracks, and looked at my pulled back his hood and it was him. I was shocked to see Ervin here; a million questions were going through my head. I asked him, “What are you doing here?” “I could ask the same.” We laughed and he walked with me, I told him I never got a text back from him and that it was most likely because I was in the mountains. He chuckled that could be it, but I did text back and it said “what are u doing today? Do you want to hang just you and me?” “Oh I am sorry.” “It’s okay I thought you were doing something and I guessed right.” He smiled, and the smile that he did was one I had never seen him do it was a mixture of evil and happiness. It made me smile, we walked all the way to the store and I got some stuff and I offered to get him anything and all he wanted was gum. I smiled and said, “Someone wants fresh breath and I wonder for what.” He smiled at me and kept quite.

We walked back and he was going to take me to Shane’s house but I told him I would feel a lot better if I walked him home. So he let me walk him home finely are fighting about it. When we got to his house I walked up to the door with him and gave him a hug goodnight. From that point on he keep texting me, “are u there yet? I should have walked you!!! Why did I let you walk me instead of me walking you? I’m so dumb!” I finely text him back “sorry my phone was on silent I didn’t know u were texting me, I’ve been here for a while I’m okay.” I switched my phone to vibrate and in seconds my phone went off, “Okay I was worried you have to be careful in this neighborhood is not safe.” “Okay I am sorry next time I will know to text you,” the night went on and I was getting drunk dancing with everyone, and got so high that I couldn’t see right. I thought I saw Ervin there but I think it was just my mind playing tricks.


The Fight

I got up the next day and my head hurt a little but that was all and I started to walk to the bus stop when something in the back of my head caught my memory but I couldn’t put my thoughts to it. So I kept walking on my way, when I got on the bus it was like the night kept replaying in my head on where I went and what I did. I finally got home and I went to my room and curled myself into the warm bed. My phone went off I was didn’t want to answer it, but I took it out and I was shock to see who it was calling me. It was Ervin and I picked up “hello?”

 “Hey what’s up?”

 I really didn’t want to talk I just wanted to sleep. “Umm nothing just lying down and you?”

“Nothing really I was wondering can we meet I have to talk to you.”

“Yeah sure where do you want to meet?”

 “Meet me at the park in ten okay.”

“Okay see u there.”

I hung up I got my shoes and started to walk to the door and grabbed my jacket and walked out. I got to the park waiting for him there under the tree. I hope he knew that I was going to be there. As soon as I was going to walk home I saw him walking to me. Even in my mind when he walked to me it was like he was dancing with ever step. He walked up to me and sat down on the bench next to the tree and he looked deep in to my eyes. I looked into his eyes as if I could see his soul and I knew that right then and there things were going to go bad. He opened his mouth and started to talk. “I was there last night I saw what u guys were doing and I have to say I didn’t like it!” I was lost in thought about it all, I couldn’t find the right words so my mind started to jump and scatter. “You were there? why did u show up?” he took a long deep breath and then started. “I was there checking up on you making sure u weren’t getting into trouble.” All I could do was think of how pissed he must have been at me for what I did. He started again “well I came to meet you here because I don’t think we can hang out if you’re going to be doing this smoking and drinking.” “WHAT?!” He got up and walked away for the table and I was just left there in though wanting to cry. I was cold and in pain now as I watched him walk away I saw him wipe his eye. Was he crying and did he want to be my friend?  Before I knew it I felt my face get hot and one tear came running down my face and I could feel more of the tears falling. Even though I hardly knew him it was like I big part of me was being ripped out being played with and shoved into the ground.


 I went home and as I walked I looked up at the sky it suddenly got cloudy and began to rain. It helped a lot; no one can tell that I was crying in the rain. So I walked on, by the time I got home I walked into the room got some dry cloths and put them on and crawled into the bed were I got lost in the never ending darkness and fall of sleep. All I could dream about for the next 3 nights were what happened at the park. I would wake up crying in my sleep I didn’t understand why it hurt so badly but it did. It stung so hard it felt like I got poisoned by some type of plant that has no cure to its venom. I didn’t want to do anything but think on how to let it go and just forget about him that it was the end of me and him. But thinking about him and how he started to cry as he walked away. I was sure that Ervin was crying but I couldn’t understand why he was, that’s what had me so blank about it all. I knew that he was straight and just wanted to be friends, also that I was sad and confused about everything. It sucked going to sleep when every time that I closed my eye all I see was his face with his smile that I loved so much. As the day went on I was looking at my phone every ten minutes hoping that we would text me but I knew that if I wanted that I would have to do it first. I was too much of a pussy to do so, so I just slammed my phone shut. I decided I had enough; I went to the restroom and took some pills, a hand full of them and down them all with alcohol knowing that was bad idea. I did it anyways I thought that on one should go through this.


The Wake Up

I thought I was gone for good I couldn’t keep my eyes open I feel the pills taking over my body my breathing got harder I was panting at this moment. I was scared I call someone ……..ring………….ring…………..ring………….

“Hello?…………Someone there?”

I let the phone fall, I was out cold. I couldn’t really explain death it was cold dark and really quite. The next thing I knew I feel myself gasping for air as if something was being shoved down my throat. Choking, gagging it lasted for about two minutes, and then the burning of my throat started right after that. I wasn’t so sure for what was going on but when I opened my eyes I was in the hospital and next to me was my friends Victor, Shane, and Jazzy. I asked them why there were there but as I thought I was talking, nothing came out. The nurse came in and told me to sit back down in my bed and that I got my stomach pumped. So I did as she said, the whole time I was in the bed I couldn’t stop look at my friends faces with hate and sadness growing in their eyes every time I looked at them, they could stand seeing me in this pain. After about two hours I stated to talk to them in a horsed voice, “so how did u find me?” victor burst out so loud “your luck that we found you, don’t ever do that I’d could kill you!” he said it so fast that it didn’t even give Shane or Jazzy a moment to talk.  “Go ahead and try it because I failed at it myself.” Jazzy and Shane looked at each other and said something thing I wouldn’t hear. I blurted out, “no Jazzy and Shane it wasn’t you guys that made me do this.” I could feel the tears coming on and I fought them back. But as soon as I looked at them with their sad faces I couldn’t hold back tears started coming out and I tried to wipe them away but every time I did more came out. They looked at me and all of them came around the bed and laid in it with me as I sobbed. Next thing I knew the door opened and there was Ervin standing in the door way. All three of the looked at me and slightly chuckled, Victor walked out and so did Shane and jazzy but as they left they said “we’ll leave you guys alone for a little while.”


The Hospital

Ervin had something hidden in his oversize jacket I was wondering what it was. He walked over to my bed as he always did like he was dancing, soft but elegant. Be pulled out some paper and plopped down next to me on the bed and looked at the paper, I couldn’t tell what it was. So I started to talk, “how did u know that I was at the hospital?” he put his finger to my lips right after I was done talking like he knew I was going to talk before he did. He read the paper in his head his finger following the lines, and then he said “Here at ten p.m. u called me on Friday, and now its eight a.m. Saturday morning.” “So that’s how u knew then, you looked up who called you.” “No I’m messing with you victor called me and then I figured I’d better looked up the number because you called me from a blocked number. Also I have a question, why did you do this for? Was it because of me and you fighting?” I wanted to lie but couldn’t do so. “Yes I did it because was so torn by it that’s why.” He leaned in at me and I stood there with a scared look on my face, the door opened and Ervin pulled back just in time. I was so shocked at what almost happened that I started to drool all over myself, thank god that no one seen that. Victors head popped in the door and he just was to say that there were going for the night and that they’ll be back in the morning to take me home. Ervin looked at me and I just said, “Okay.” he closed the door but I could hear him talking to the others. “Oh I think I just walked in on them doing something.” Shane said to victor, “smooth move Victor!” Jazzy, “Are you for real I want to go back and watch if things get freaky.”

“No come on children.” Victor said and I could see him moving his hands in my head as a sign for them to get going. I just laughed at it and Ervin looked at me lost. I told him it was nothing just thinking about something funny. He didn’t say anything but lay next to my on the bed all night.


The Mystery

I got up to find myself in my bed at home wondering if it was a dream or if I was mental about it all. I looked at my phone and I had over twenty text messages but as I got my phone in my hand I saw a paper under it.


I took you home they said it was okay sorry I didn’t stay I had to go and think about something I can’t explain what it is to tell u the truth. Don’t worry I will call u later and see u in the afternoon.


P.S text me when you get up I want to make sure that your safe k.

As I read it a big smile came to my face and I was happy on the outside but worried in the inside. What he wrote I got to go think, that’s what scared me the most. I didn’t know what he was thinking of or what the problem was. I just let the feeling go and picked up my phone and texted him, “just letting u know that I am okay and doing well thank you for taking me home.”He texts back “it was nothing for my friend.” I went and asked him if Victor and Shane and Jazzy know that I am at home. He text me back, “no.” So I took the liberty of texting Victor and the other that I was at home and Ervin was the one who took me.


The Talk

It was about two in the after-noon when I got a call for Jazzy and we talked, she wanted to know what happened. How I got home and if Ervin did anything with me I just told her that he took me home when I was a sleep and that nothing went down. Every time I said that nothing happened she didn’t buy it, not one bit of it. So I told her just to come on by then we can talk. She hung up and was over here in ten sections; she walked into my room and sat on the bed next to me. I asked her if she was walking when she called me. She lied “no I was going for a walk when I got your text so I stopped by.” “Okay, so yeah nothing happened I got the note if I want to read it.” she ripped it out of my hand so fast that It was all a blur to how fast she did it. As she got to the end she let out a big AW! I wanted to kill her as she did because I wanted it to be true to what she was aw-ing about. I was looking in her eye and I said “he’s straight and that I don’t have a chance in hell with him.” She smiled and went on, “you do to have a chance with him come on now he’s leaving u note that’s 2nd grade there buddy.” I looked straight down at my bed, “I know but still its him and I don’t think he is. “But look he said that he had to go think maybe…” “No I don’t think that he is thinking about that, but he could be I’m not getting my hopes up they always get crushed.” My phone range and as I got it out my pocket Jazzy looked at me and said, “Its Ervin huh, tell him I said hi and that he should get at you!” “No” I whispered, I answered the phone “hello?” “Hey it’s me we need to talk I am in front of your house I’ll be in a sec. k. I hung up and tolled Jazzy to go that he wants so talk but all she could do was make fun of me and not wanting to go. So I told her I will let her know what happens.


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