KASS: Origins

KASS: Origins

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of how the secret sex club known as KASS (Kick Ass Super Sex) began.


The story of how the secret sex club known as KASS (Kick Ass Super Sex) began.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cassie

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 23, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 23, 2016



Eddie Saurez once read an online blog from an American doctor based in South Korea. It detailed the doctor's day to day interactions with the local people and the writer’s personal thoughts on South Korea and its people based on those interactions. One burst of insight that attracted Eddie in particular was that the doctor had seen so many beautiful young South Korean women swanning around Seoul with older not so beautiful white men.

Eddie was in his late fifties at the time. He was very rich so he could afford the finer things that the average person could only dream of. So he gathered some guys together and flew to South Korea. A month later a young South Korean fashion student called Cassie was on a flight from Seoul to Eddie's mansion in Florida. Another month later she became Mrs. Saurez. And so the games began.



The four youths stood to attention with quasi military precision. Although the room was air conditioned, they felt cold. This was more than just a climate induced cold. They were all more than slightly intimidated by the thick set man in a bulging suit who stood by the room door. He wore sunglasses and appeared to be looking through the window, but they knew that his eyes were focused on them.

All the more intimidating as all four young men were butt naked. They had entered the room fifteen minutes earlier fully clothed. Now they were all naked as the day they were born. Outside the noises of the busy street gave them a small sense of relief. That the bizarre was only occurring in this room.

Then the big man moved. "She's coming," he said and chuckled at a joke that only he understood. "Stand up straight. Look good, if you want to make a ton of money."

The young men stiffened their stances but nothing really changed. A door was closed hard from somewhere in the building. A flush of light hearted chatter between two people.Footsteps that became louder by the half-second. Just like that there was a slender figure in the doorway. She also wore sunglasses, designer with wide lens. She walked into the room with a svelte swagger, her hips swaying in tune with her footsteps. Her blonde hair slightly dampened the effect of her pale skin. She wore a white vest, red Bermuda shorts and  black ankle high boots.

The young men instantly covered up their penises.

The big man snapped an order. "Back where they were, boys. This is your visitor. The one who will decide whose life will be changed from what dreary shit you're in right now."

The men were hesitant.

The next command was harsher. "Remove them or go home, now!"

Their privates were all uncovered. Money could be such a rapid persuader. The woman edged closer to the men. She took her time, looking each man up and down like a sergeant inspecting the troops. She looked over to her associate by the window and raised her eyes slightly. She was wondering how comes they were in Durban, South Africa and yet all the men in front of her appeared to be of Indian heritage. Perhaps Eddie’s contact here, Rajesh Kaur, was biased, as he was of the same heritage.

"My name is Cassie Saurez," she began. "My husband is Eddie Saurez. You might of heard of him. He owns several large, international businesses. This is just for your information. We are looking for two handsome young men to join my.. household.” She stepped closer to the man on the far left. “Personal assistants. That’s what  I am looking for. Very personal assistants.”

Cassie took off her sunglasses and the men were slightly taken back that the smouldering hot woman in front of them was Asian. They were expecting a white diva.

She pointed at the man in front of her. “What’s your name?”

“Daniel,” the man replied.

“Hi Daniel. I see that at least Rajesh did find four handsome men.  Are you South African?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The accent confirmed it but Cassie wanted confirmation.

“Okay… you have a fit body, Daniel. Are you an athlete?”

“No, ma’am.  I like to eat good and keep fit.”

“Good. I like what I am hearing, Daniel.”

One of the men hid his balls behind his hands again. This was not from embarrassment but because he was covering up an emerging erection.  Cassie did not miss it.

“You there. What’s your name?”


“Okay, Sai. You’re first.” Cassie looked over to her companion. “Let’s freshen him up, Jon. Then take him to me.”

Sai collected his clothes that were piled on his backpack in a corner of the room. He was told to go out the room, up the stairs to a bathroom on his left where he was to take a shower. When he was done, he was to approach the second from last room on that floor. He should knock first and wait for a response. He should remain naked.

This routine managed to cool down his erection. The bathroom, consisting of a bath, toilet and a sink, had no window but there was an electric ceiling fan. Sai knew that whatever this ‘job’ was, it involved a lot of contact with his female employer, his academic credentials were an asset but not mandatory, and that there was the potential to make a lot of money. For Sai, 22 years old and struggling to complete a Science degree on a meagre budget, this was just too tempting.

The shower left him feeling cold and wondering what he was getting into. He knew that Rajesh was a big drugs dealer in the area. He was also a local Robin Hood character who had at times given his family a helping hand with their finances, in return for small favours.

He located the second last room on the floor and knocked with confidence. Why did she want him naked. Was she going to paint him? Haha! Whatever it was, it couldn’t be anything bad, thought Sai. Rajesh wouldn’t do that to him.

“Come in,” he heard from the other side of the door.

The first thing Sai saw when he opened the door was a single smooth bare leg that never ended. Then he saw the dark barrel of a gun. He froze on the spot. Cassie was sitting on a queen size bed that was sheathed in a thick velvet duvet. She had most of the lower half of her body covered under the duvet except her exposed right leg.

She placed the gun on the pillow case behind her. “Sorry to frighten you,” she said. “That was just a precaution. I couldn’t be sure what you might be coming to see me with.” She sighed excessively. “Now I see exactly what you have brought. Please, come closer.”

Sai approached hesitantly until he was at the side of the bed. Cassie saw that he had a similar physique to Daniel. The difference was that while Daniel was clean shaven, Sai had a mass of wide curly hair and was a couple days beyond his last shave. Cassie approved.

“My personal assistant is defined as a person who assists with my personal needs, Sai. That could be anything from helping me keeping my room and wardrobe tidy, maintaining my daily calendars, receiving and sending correspondence, etc etc…  However, for the purposes of this particular employment, my needs will be more personal. Do you have a girlfriend, Sai?”

He had been told beforehand to declare he was single. That was true on a whole, although he did have a female friend whom he was coming very attached to. “No,” he said.

“Good, because I am going to be your woman, Sai, if you work for me. And you will be my man in Durban. Do you understand that?”

Sai understood. It was how he had been implicitly told by Rajesh. This super rich woman wanted a male stud based in Durban. He would be one of a few she was implanting around the globe. But she is married to the big boss, no, Sai had said. Don’t worry about that, he was told. She is just a trophy wife. Don’t worry about the other studs. Just make sure you stay healthy and STIs free. If you are good, the rewards will be very beneficial.

Cassie pulled the duvet off her lower body, letting both of her legs loose. Sai now saw that she had changed her dress and was now in a thin, purple negligee dress that skimmed the top of her thighs and was practically see-through. Cassie and moved over to the side of the bed where Sai stood. She grabbed his penis and pulled on it a couple times, watching Sai’s face for a reaction. Sai was in a good place right now. This super fabulous bewildering woman said that she was his woman. He would be happy to have her. So he was pleased that his erection grew quite rapidly within her hand.

“You smell good,” she said as she wetted the tip of his cock with her tongue. Time was the master here, so she didn’t have time for her usual play. Sai was hard enough for her to handle him a bit rough. She pulled and chewed at him until he told her that he was about to ejaculate.

Cassie hesitated, looked up at Sai and thought, what the hell. She took his stick back into her mouth and went hard at it until he came, spilling his semen down her throat. Sai was surprised by how satisfying it felt as he was used to a longer blow job session before cumming.

“Was that the job interview?” he asked rather saucily.

Cassie stood up and walked over to a dark wooden dresser from where she took up an open bottle of water. She took a few quick mouthfuls. Sai almost felt he could get hard again straight away as he

“It’s almost over.” With a sly smile, she turned her back to him, lifted her dress and slid off a pair of thin panties that was almost not there. She leaned against the dresser, her derriere pointed in Sai’s direction.

“Mr. Sai, quick, while you are still a bit hard.”

Sai rushed over so quickly he nearly collided into her. His cock was still stiff enough. Having this sexy vixen in front of him asking for a fuck was helping him regain his vigour. He had bought a condom just in case, but had forgotten about that in his haste. He had already ejaculated, so there was no serious requirement for it,  although who knew what minute traces of semen could be left on the end of his penis?

For now, it was an insignificant detail. He wanted this piece of this lekker pussy surrounding his dick. What kind of employer would this be? Maybe his best employer ever!

Cassie’s pussy was as wet as her mouth had been earlier. Holding onto her waist, Sai sent his dick straight between her legs and into that inviting slit that lived there. He banged her vigorously, wanting to get the most of this before his penis wilted. Cassie was so wet that a couple of times, his penis slipped out completely.

“Not too hard, Sai,” Cassie warned.

“Sorry, boss!”

Cassie laughed. “I want you to be the boss right now! Oh, not that soft, man!”

Cassie wasn’t anticipating on fucking anyone today. She initially aimed to blow all of them and the one whose semen flew out the hardest would be the winner. However the first blowjob had had a charming effect on her. She was not sure she felt like going through the other three men.

Sai felt good. Watching his wet cock slide in and out of that Asian coochie was helping to maintain his erection.

He was fucking the wife of Eddie Saurez! That man was know as one of the world’s biggest drugs trafficker. There was also his hair weave business, a sportswear chain store, his fruit supply business and his international modelling agency, fronted by his wife. Eddie was formidable, feared, ruthless, and old.

Eddie was old, thought Sai. That’s why his wife is here.  He assumed Eddie loved her so much, or just wanted her by his side to look cool, that he agreed to this arrangement.

“Hold on,” went Cassie. She moved herself back a bit, so that she could bend down lower. Her head was now on the same line as her backside. When she was ready, Sai quickly resumed his duty. He wondered if he could really cum again so soon. Not without a condom!

“Oh that’s what I’m talking about,” sighed Cassie.

Sai wondered if he could push up her negligee, and perhaps grab hold of her breasts. It could turn her on or it could mess him up.

“This feels so good,” he said, as he was aware he had not said anything since they had begun. “You are so sexy.”


“Of course.”

“Show me how sexy then. Own this pussy!”

Sai was not sure what that meant, so he just increased the power of this thrust. His hands dug a little deeper into the flesh around her waist. He had never held someone so pale in his hands before.

The freaking wife of Eddie Saurez!

“Hey,” Cassie said suddenly. “Hold up.”

Sai pulled away from her. He had not noticed but his penis was beginning to wilt. Shit! He had blown this.

“Quickly. Get on the bed.”

So it was not over yet for him. With some relief, he walked over to the bed rapidly. She motioned for him to lay down on the bed, while she climbed on top of him. She held his dick and managed to get his now fading erection inside her. She then rode his body furiously until her body jerked and she came.

Cassie climbed off him once her orgasm had faded and motioned for Sai to get off the bed.

“Get dressed,” she ordered.

She was silent while Sai put on his clothes. She sat on the bed and looked on her iPhone for missed calls and messages. She replied to a couple calls and was still on the last one when Sai was fully dressed. He waited until she was done.

“Congratulations, Sai. You are now employed. Please go down and tell Jon, my guy down there, that I am done. And you, can you come back here tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes I can.”

“Good. Give Rajesh my regards when you see him.”


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