Silk and Shade

Silk and Shade

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Detective Jennifer Lockett is on a short vacation from work in her cabin when escaped prisoner Dean Prince knocks on her door in the middle of a winter storm. Now, she is troubled by her obligation to turn him in and her inner feeling to help prove him innocent. That is...if he really is telling her everything. Silk and Shade - short stories - adult fiction


Detective Jennifer Lockett is on a short vacation from work in her cabin when escaped prisoner Dean Prince knocks on her door in the middle of a winter storm. Now, she is troubled by her obligation to turn him in and her inner feeling to help prove him innocent. That is...if he really is telling her everything.

Silk and Shade - short stories - adult fiction

Chapter1 (v.1) - Silk and Shade

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Detective Jennifer Lockett is torn by her feelings for escaped convict Dean Prince in this new short-story. Now, she is troubled by her obligation to turn him in and her inner feeling to help try to prove him innocent. That is...if he really is telling her everything. Can he be trusted? Should she go against her instincts? What would you do?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 08, 2013






 I was only wearing a t-shirt and panties when the fire yawned for more wood. I got up to send another log to its death. Air from an open slit under the door brushed passed my legs. I'm freezing, I thought. There was a part of me that loved the winter. Outside of my winter cabin life seemed frozen in time. The trees tress held drifts of snow like iron men. The road hide itself again under new dusting. The falling snow reminded me of my childhood. I thought back to the days I would spent all day outside until I nearly got frost bitten toes and fingers. I was poor back then. Socks covered my hands and fingers. 

There was a part of me that dreamed of vacationing some where off in a warmer climate. Perhaps South Beach. I grabbed the blanket that had covered me for the greater part of my adult life. It was thick with heritage. My grandmother knitted it from fabrics she bought while traveling throughout India. It was the one thing I had to remember her by. I turned to watch the flames tackle the log. The dry log caught fire like I once did when a man wrapped his arms around me. That had been so long ago. Too long. I was beginning to think my life had been cursed. Aside from pleasuring myself, no human contact had graced my flesh in months. It was a sad cold winter in the corner of my mind. I looked at the stack of books I had brought with me. A sad cold winter, I thought. I was used to being alone. Like the dessert cactus, I too was programmed to endure. I needed a moment. Any fine moment would have been wonderful. I was sick of fighting off depression. That dismal cloud had covered me half of my life after I became single again. Single and alone at thirty-three, I moaned. The cold welcomed itself inside through the cracks in the foundation. I cradled the thoughts of reading an erotic novel and well...That was no good. No good at all. 

It was the winter. It was the cold bleak winter that set up the back drop for my surprise. A thunderous knock interrupted my finger from playing a virtuous solo on my clit while I read. Damit, I paused as if someone had caught me stealing expensive bras in a boutique. I was the only person in the woods for miles...or so I thought.

Rap! Rap!Rap, the sound continued. I pulled my panties up, secured my self in the blanket, and peered out the peep-hole. On the other side, there was a man cloaked in snow and wind. He held on to what looked like a tarp of some sort. and I scanned his eyes for a sign of evil. There were no signs I could think of and I wondered if everything began in my life this way for some divine logic. Maybe there was powers working in which I could not see. To hell with it, I bellowed.

I was never close to divinity. I stopped kneeling in the church before the war…before the eve brought twelve hours of darkness…I fought for my own reasoning to go on. To go on is just an echo of hope. One can imagine the transportation of thought between the coming of age and the leaving of what you knew. In an instant I was changed, like a ripple of time granted such great hope…I waited for him. Dean Prince was an escaped prisoner. My name is Detective Jennifer Lockett. You can see where our troubles began.


Silk And Shade


Chapter One


Dean was like fresh mountain air that ignited a fire within the void that was my broken heart. He had short soft brown hair like that of a retired soldier letting it blossom from years of restraint. His broad shoulders and large arms made him look like a giant at my door. He was wet from the snow fall. His face glimmered in the low light. I knew his face. I had seen it a few times before on a billboard. He was once a Canadian model who was being framed for...

“I have nowhere else to,” he hesitated. The frost cut his words in the thin crisp air. He passed out. 

Murder, I thought. As he layed there drying on the wooden floor. He was being framed for murder. I shut the door, reached for my phone, remembered there was no signal, and tied his hands behind his back while he was out. He woke in a weary daze and asked, " where am I?." I said, "I heard about your career. Sorry it went bad for you. Oh and you are fifty miles outside of screaming distance if you decide to get fresh...I'll shoot you."

He smiled, adjusted his bound body, and said, "So, you know who I am?"

"Of course!" I had looked at his layouts one thousand times dreaming up things only a girl living alone would dream up. I was the luckiest woman on the planet. Mr. Canada with his hazel dreamy eyes and all was at my door. I untied him. I had been a pretty good judge of character. I felt like he looked harmless enough. I also felt that if he got stupid, I could handle the situation. I was naive, like a pent up girl who wanted to trust the first dripping hot guy that came into her life.

“Get up and Come in,” I cautiously insisted. "There's coffee on. We'll sit and you can try to convince me not to shoot you."

"Ok," He smiled, “I am too cold to do any real harm. Plus, you will find no harm follows me.” He turned and looked back at the door as if something were chasing him. He stepped further in. Snow fell from his thin brown boots. It melted instantly on the wooden floor. 

"Sorry, about tracking all this in," he apologized.

"It is ok. Would you like me to remove your coat?"

He hesitated. then said, "I prefer to keep it on."

Still the stench on his breath spelled a man in trouble. His clothes hung off his bones like clothes stolen from a man three sizes larger. I was in Paris when I looked in his eyes. I was in Paris.

“What brings you to this neck of the woods,” I joked, still thinking about the area I had hid my sidearm. “I mean, there is not another cabin for miles. There is nothing out here but…” I froze in my thoughts. The boots he wore were state issues. I panicked. I panicked.

Swiftly he placed his muscular hands over my mouth and muffled a scream. “I mean you no harm. I escaped last night. I am innocent,” he commanded. His voice sounded fair enough. I had heard many lies in my lifetime. They shake quite often while rolling of the tongue. Even when they sound smooth to the untrained ear, a trained professional can spot those slight differences. He placed me down upon the sofa.

It is taped under the table, I thought. He surveyed my eyes. “I know it is you duty to turn me in. I know it is your duty to kill me if I resist. Hear me out for one second and I will go if you believe me. I will let you cuff me if you don’t.” I sat like a pissed off cat awaiting its chance at a coy mouse. “I’m listening.”

He threw off his robe. And began to tell me his side of the…I heard nothing like a female trapped in a trance. I had forgotten how long it had been since I had seen a man half naked. I wanted to see more. Was this wrong? I had done right all my life and where did it get me? Alone in the woods on my vacation...huh! Some woman I am, hell, some detective I turned out to be, I thought.

“You should get cleaned up if you are going to stay and try to convince me why I shouldn’t turn you in.” I watched him thank me a thousand times with his beautiful mouth. I wanted them so bad. I wanted them all over.

He went into the bathroom, left the door cracked and undressed. I went for the gun, checked the magazine, and headed toward the bathroom. I absolutely fell in love with his chiseled body like a dove falling in love with the sky for the first time. “Freeze,” I told him.

“Really,” he laughed, all soaped up and sexy. My mouth dropped to the floor. His large dick swung out of his hands. “You’re going to arrest me now,” he joked. I fell in love with instantly his strong laugh, and his body, and his presence. Have you ever wanted something soo bad you could break? I never wanted to be alone again after I saw him standing naked in my shower. I wanted to believe his innocence. I wanted to trust his hands all over my body.

I moved in closer. Inch by inch I inspected his body as he tried to rinse off. I held the gun up to his head. My hands shook. They never shook. He gently moved the gun out of his face, caressed my arm, and place the gun on the sink. “Come here,” he said as soft as any man can say. I have short brown hair, brown eyes, and a scar on the side of my face from knife. He stroked my short hair underneath the warm water, peered lustfully into my brown cautioned eyes, and ignored the scar. I loved the way he did not see my imperfections.

Still I said, “I was kidnapped when I was nineteen. That is where this scar came from. I was held with six other girls who did not escape as I did.”

He said, “I don’t care right now. I only want…” His eyes met mine again like a tiger meeting his mate of the Sahara. I kissed him. I absolutely gave in. I gave in to temptation. I gave in against all the training I had been shown and it was worth one thousand years of forgets. His body felt good next to mine. He had natural warmth that plagued my heart. He turned off the water, picked me up, and carried me into the bedroom. Wet foot prints followed our nude bodies. He placed me down so gently I opened my legs for him. He closed them and said, "I do not want to have sex with you...We just met." I smiled like a girl who got both good and bad news. "I respect you as a person. Trust me I want to. It has been far too long and you are breathtakingly gorgeous."

We lay there as he rubbed my naked body with oils and I wanted much more. I could not believe the way he made my body tingled from just touching me. He rubbed my clit with his stroking fingers like a symphony conductor. I moaned muffled signs of satisfaction under my pillow. "Oh my God!" I yelled out. I pinched my nipples as he continued. He leaned in and sucked on them. "Yes, yes, oh please yes," I screamed. My legs shook like vines under the mercy of a tropical storm and I came quivering for more of his perfect touch. I was silk in his steel arms. 

"How was that," he asked.

"Amazing!" I must have thanked God one thousand times in my head. 

He said, "I'll tell you why you can trust me." I loved the smell of his damp soft skin, the way he pulled my hair back as he pushed his thick perfect mouth against mine, and the way he made my heart race like a gazelle from an uncaged lion. "You can trust me because.."

"Don't talk," I interrupted. I did not want words to ruin the moment. "Just hold me a bit longer." The pace of my heart calmed like the sea after a perfect storm. I slumped in his strong arms and thought I had made a mistake. How could this have happened? I thought. How could I have let my guard down? I let my inner questioning pass like a slight breeze over any worthy coastline. Yet still, I was worried aboutr my actions. I had never given this quickly before. I felt like a slut. Our sexy energy was so deep. I couldn't take my hands off him as if I had been drugged by the something powerful. I teased his chest with my fingers. He licked my nipples and I became wet again. I closed my legs and tried to work his magic off.

I had never been this way with any man. This was new to me. Jennifer Lockett doesn't make mistakes. Maybe it wasn't a mistake. My record of planned calculations would prove so. His arms held me while he fell asleep. He slept uneasy like a man who was always ready to flee or fight. I pulled his arm tighter around me. He relaxed. I relaxed. I thanked him with a kiss on his wrist. His throbbing cock warned me of it's presence along my ass. 

I had never been picked up, not even by the men on the force. Yet, Dean Prince gracefully lifted me up with the slightest bit of ease and I melted. I found myself in positions I had never been in. I let go and everything else seemed to fall in place. After, we laid there for a moment just relishing the company of one another. "How bout the cup of coffee?" he asked 


Suddanly, there was a knock on the door. Officers were surrounding the house. Dean looked at me. I searched the room for an answer. Nothing. I saw in Dean's eyes a look of terrified disbelief. Panting. My heart hit the floor. I...







From The Author

It happened like everything happens in this tragic yet wondrous life. Love. Love is tragic and the wondrous part about it, is how in wraps you up like a blanket just when you think you don't need it. I was in love when I wrote this. I was like a spider trapped in a mason when I was with her. The world seemed to revolve around the same grips that often twist our hearts. I was changed.  -G. Horten Winterborne(Cold Western Pennsylvania)

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