If These Walls Could Moan - Part 7

If These Walls Could Moan - Part 7

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part 7 explores more seductive stories between our lover and his woman.


Part 7 explores more seductive stories between our lover and his woman.


Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



The southbound train rocked it’s heavy structure down the tracks. It had a way of gently putting it’s late night passengers to sleep. Beside from the noisy crowd of boys at the front of the train loudly talking about whatever heist they had come away from, the train was isolated. This was probably because it was a rough part of the route. The only people left on the train were the type of people who did not look one another in the eyes. Troubled was everywhere on these types of final rides into the city. Everybody minded their own business. That made it a thrilling chance to try something with Tanya.


If Thses Walls Could Moan - Part Seven



She was completely out of her element. I told her to dress down so as to not drawl attention to us. She wore an old sun dress that fell down passed her knees. I loved the way she looked in dresses, but, her business profession required a more suited type of attire.

“Did you enjoy the show?” I asked her.

“Yes, but why did you drag me down here?” She questioned. “We could of taken a cab home. It is safer, and these places are crawling with trouble.” Her head was on some weird type of swivel as if she thought something was going to pop up behind her.

“Relax,” I stated. I placed my arm around her, pulled her firmly toward me with a jolt, and kissed her soft feminine cheek. “I thought you liked trouble,” I joked, poked her arm with my elbow, and flashed a comforting smile in her direction.

“In our own bedroom, I like trouble. In our own home, I like trouble. But, here I want no trouble.” She looked around as if something bad was about to happen. She kept playing with her hair, a thing she always did when she was nervous. “I can’t believe you brought me here,” she whispered. Holding her purse extra tight, she continued, “What do you expect me to do to you here?”

"You've done exciting things before," I teased. "You love it when I make you excited." I lifted her dress. She caught my hand and stopped me.

“No not here,” she warned. “I thought you were taking me to the train station. Somewhere secluded, no, not here.“

I kissed her neck, trying to calm her, and said, “No one is watching.” I brought out a blind fold from my inner jacket pocket and commandingly told her to close her eyes. She snapped into my control, perked up, and closed her eyes. I watched her become curious as I placed the blind fold over her. “This will help you relax.” I placed her hands on the rail in front of us and handcuffed her in place.

“Be quick,” she whispered back. She took her panties off, looking around the car, then, placed them in my lab. “Here, are you happy now?” She kissed me long and hard. I could taste the reluctance to play in the train on her lips. “I’m serious, be quick.”

“Am I ever quick,” I retorted. “Spread your legs. I’m going down between them.” I felt her legs firmly try to deny me between them. “Open them,” I gently commanded again. Her strong thighs relaxed. Her legs opened.

“You’re so bad,” she stated, smiling a bit, then, she went back to concentrating on not freaking out.

I looked around the train car before continuing our seductive game. There were a couple two rows in front of us. The man had fallen asleep. His noisy breathing would muffle the sound of my panting lover once we started. The women next to him looked as if she was reading, but, I could not be sure. She looked back slightly just after I had placed the blind fold on, but, had not done anything alarming since. “All clear,” I readied Tanya. “There is no one watching. Are you ready?”

“Hurry,” she pleaded. “Just sitting here like this has gotten me horny.” She opened her legs wider. Her dress naturally parted ways in front of her.

I crawled down between her legs. Her inner thighs were warm and inviting. Her pussy smelled sweat and delicious. I placed my fingers ion her folds, opened her slightly up, and admired her beautiful little pussy. She dropped her head down. Listening for me, she turned and ear in my direction. I watched her facial expressions change as I played with her sensitive love button. I placed a hand above her clit, got it exposed for me, and began gently stimulating it with my tongue. Tanya’s body twisted in place as she fought to muffle the sound of intense pleasure that I was giving her.

“Oh God,” she panted quietly. “Yes” Her waist raised up and back toward my vibrating tongue. I slid a finger inside her, curved it up toward her g-spot, and kept stimulating her wonderful pussy with my hot mouth.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” she moaned. She had forgotten or not cared where we were. The blind fold kept her inside her own head. Her moans grew louder as I rocked her hips inward toward my lips and wet mouth.

“You’re killing me,” she whispered. She tried to move her hands, but, the cuffs kept them upward.

“I’m not done yet,” I stated. I crawled back from under her. I sat beside her, watched her hips continue to gyrate, and started to take her handcuffs off. “When I take these off, you’re going to straddle me right here in the train car,” I commanded her.

“Yes, whatever you want,” she replied. Her body shook. She wanted me to end her erotic agony. She wanted me to send her body into a deep vibrating orgasm that would relax away all her inner cautions.

I looked around the car. The small crowd in front of us was still making a monstrous noise. They had some sort of music device that aided in our little game. The couple behind us had woken. The girl was kisses her lover. Her head fell strong within his lap. He tilted his head back, and took all of her giving mouth over his thick happy cock. I turned and placed all of my attention on Tanya. Her breast felt wonderful in my firm hands. Her nipples were hard as I played with her tits and warm wet pussy.

“Are you ready baby?” she asked. While looking forward, she felt for my dick. Her hand found me hard, but, not as hard as she knew I could get. I watched her small hands jerk me back alive. She smiled, licked her lips, and wrapped her mouth around my growing penis. I felt the warmth of her mouth, as she took all of me, she gagged and continued.

“Get up and sit on it,” I told her.

The man behind us had started to cry out in extreme pleasure. Her head was violently moving up and down in his lap.

The train went through a long dark tunnel as I enter Tanya’s tight wet box. Slowly she came down on me. She let me explore her inner wetness with strong rocking motions back and forth. Her hands fell firm behind my neck. Her body tensed, took my thick long cock deep inside it, and sent her orgasmic sensations up her spine.

“Oh baby, you feel so good,” she whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna wet your lap soon.”

My dick hit her deep inner walls hard. She slid up and down over me like a jack-hammer. I felt her body convulse. Her inner thighs tightened. Her hands shook behind my neck. She leaned her blindfolded head back, fucked me like we were back in our bedroom, and had the strongest orgasm I have ever felt around my cock.

“Oh fuck yes,” she screamed.

I heard the crowd in front of us turn back wondering. The couple behind us had finished and been watching. The train exited the dark tunnel as Tanya slid off of me satisfied. She fell into her seat, took her blindfold off, and could not stop laughing.

“I love your cock,” she stated. Her eyes looked up at the audience that had finally put all their attention on her. “Fuck it,” she stated. “It was worth it.” The look on her face was priceless. Sweat dripped down her forehead. She never sweated during our sessions, so, I knew she had been working my heavy cock overtime.

“They didn’t see much,” I reassured her. “You did get loud though,” I teased.

“I always do. I can’t help it.”

The train started to pull into its final destination. A voice came over the overhead speakers, “Last stop. Fifth Avenue.” The group up front crowded the exit doors. I guessed they had seen crazy in their late night rides. I pulled myself back together and buttoned up my pants. The couple behind us stood, kissed, and waited for the train to stop. The women gave me a playful wink.

Tanya asked, “What about you?” “Are you going to be ok?” She rubbed me a bit, kissed my neck, and went to try to help me out.

I stopped her, and stated, “This trip was all about you. I took you to that show because you always wanted to see it. I brought you here because I knew you’d be out of your element. I find more happiness making you cum then I do when I climax myself.” I explained to her. “Besides, we have a long walk home. I know there are plenty of dark places we can explore, if you like?”

She said, “I want you to finish in my mouth in public. I’m sure you can thick of someplace interesting.”

The train stopped, we got off, and hit the walked hand in hand into the cold dark night.

I kept thinking; I have the greatest woman in the world. She makes me want to be an adventurous lover. She stopped kissed me and said, “I truly love you with all of my heart.” I knew, she meant ever word, because, I felt each one under my skin. She had grown so strong in my heart. The way she let me have sex with her in the first class section of an airplane does not hurt either.

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