If These Walls Could Moan - Part 6

If These Walls Could Moan - Part 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is adult fiction. This is a continuing short story about a man, his lover, and their adventurous explorations of delightful pleasures.


This is adult fiction. This is a continuing short story about a man, his lover, and their adventurous explorations of delightful pleasures.


Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



"The wooden chair is my favorite," I told her. "You look so sexy bound there helpless." My mouth was watering. I circled her like a wolf before devouring it's prey. "You're in for such a treat," I teased, lifted her bra, sucked on her nipple, and covered it back up. She smelled sweet and exotic. She wore darker make-up than usual. Her hair was straightened and came slightly over her shoulders. I loved thinking about what her perfect lips could do to me.


If These Walls Could Moan - Part Six



I teased her with my wondering hands a bit. Her body trembled, then, casually went back to resting under the restraints. She tried the ropes, then, said nothing. There was a red ball gag in her mouth. Her silver and blue bra and panties were picked out just for this love session. She loved shopping for our night time fun and games. She loved it when I brought her into my universe. She loved the way I made her sore in the morning. Pain was one thing she didn't mind, as long as the pleasure I gave her rocked her soul. Her entire body shook when she came. I especially Ioved the feeling of her pulsating inner muscles squeezing the cum out of my cock as she quivered from being satisfied. That feeling made me feel like a king. She was my queen. She was my everything, and nothing ever mattered when we fucked closely in one anothers arms.

As I got ready, I recalled all the great love making we had been through. I loved how she wiped the sweat from my head, while I slid deep inside her. I loved how her legs shook in my arms, while I pleased her. I loved how my warmth made her relax, while we were laying side by side. I loved how she felt in my arms. "Safe," she would say. "You make me feel safe and protected"

I could never be happier with anyone else. We were two beings set on this planet to please one another. This was my gift and my curse. She was that perfect in my eyes. She was that damn special. I felt her desires under my skin. I wanted to make them all come true.

Now, I know there are women out there who are bad news. I had been in a few of these relationships myself. But, trust me when I say; there is a chance for something better, something so pure it feels false. I get lost in her eyes when she is hot for me. Our fire for eachother is that strong.

I loved spending money making her look tasty and sensual. Money meant nothing as long as she was happy. I could feel her body heat as I passed her and said, "You are going to enjoy your anniversary present honey." Tanya smiled inside her head. She couldn't wait to see what fun-filled surprises I had arranged for her. "Rebecca said you two had been talking about this." The smile that tried to permiate around the ball-gag said it all. I kissed the silky skin on her neck, licked her ear lobe, and told her, "You mean the world to me. I hope you enjoy this."

"I know I will," she thought to herself. She felt her heart beat strong in her chest behind the passion in my words. She loved it when I took off my tough demeanor and made her the center of my attention. She thought about what her and Rebecca had discussed. A casual picture of us teasing her in the chair flashed in her mind. "This could be fun," she continued thinking.

Her surprise started with a gentle knock on the door. I hurried around the room, making sure everything was ready. "Coming," I stated out loud. Tanya sat there tied up, eyes covered, and I knew she was tingling inside. I gave her a long kiss on the cheek and said, "Tonight, only speak when spoken to. Tonight, we explore all your senses." I could hear her breath become erotic. I could feel the excitement radiating from off her skin. I tightened her restraints and set out all of our toys before I welcomed our guests in.

"Who's there," Tanya asked, "untie me..." Her hands tried to break loose. They were no match for my knots.

"Stop," I interrupted, snapping right into my commanding role, "No talking," then kissed her again rough and forceful. "Everything will be ok." Her body relaxed. I felt her heart beat with the back of my hand. It was strong, but, calming back to it's seductive rate. "There is no need for alarm." I placed my right hand between her legs and felt her heat. There was a good amount of heat there. I whispered in her ear. "I would never let this go to far. Tonight you are going to be pleasured by Todd and Rebecca." She shrugged. I couldn't read her body to tell if she was all in for it or nervously just trying to hold on. Her nodded with approval. Her head dropped as she waited for my next command.

There was a light rapping sound on the door. I looked through the peep hole. Rebecca was on the other side in a long tan trench coat and high heels. Her husband waited nervously behind her. He was dressed in a business suit, as if he had just gotten off of work. I watched them for a moment, checking their composure. Rebecca looked a little tipsy. There was a half empty bottle of wine in her hands. She took a long slow drag from the bottle, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and hushed her husband.

I unlocked the door. Tanya snapped attentive, listened for clues as to what was going on, and bit down hard on her ball gag. I turned the door knob, opened the door, and took the bottle from Rebecca. Her husband nodded, casually greeting me. A slight breeze blew in. The chile from outside our large home rushed up Tanya's body. Gooze bumps lined her delicate skin. I could see her nipples poking hard through her black bra. She tried to close her legs. Each were bound to the chair. She shook her legs and felt the rush of excitement climb up her inner thighs. She leaned her head back. She took each sensation in. Greatful, she waited for me to take control of the room again.

"Come in," I welcomed the couple. "I've laid a few things out for our 'Game Night,' " I informed them, "Chose whatever you like. Mi Casa, Su Casa."

Rebecca's husband stood by the inside of the door as if he was nervous. Rebecca was already inspecting a few toys she wanted to play with. She tried to hide her excitement, but, you could feel the heat coming off her body. She picked up a leather whip and a mask. Her husband took a big gulp of air and started over toward her. "This wil be fun," she said, pulling him closer and placing a mask over her lovers face.

I slid mine from atop my head, placed it over my eyes, and went next to my bound lover. I caressed her soft skin lovingly. She lifted her head and listened for me. I massaged her tight shoulders. She relaxed a bit more. I watched our guests look at the selection of toys I had left out for them. I went to toward the married couple to help them decide. Tanya desperately tried to turned her head. She could not follow me as I circled her. I ran my fingers along her back and rubbed my hands under her neck. "Like looks like fun," I called out to Rebecca. "She has never had that before. She will love it." Tanya perked up.

"Todd," Rebecca commanded, "ask if we can get some ice to play with." He nodded saying nothing and I went to the kitchen for Rebecca's demands. The tiles on my kitchen floor felt cool under my feet. I opened the refridgerator, harvested six ice cubes, and returned to our seductive game.

When I returned, I stood in the door way for a bit watcing Rebecca tease my lover with her tongue. Tanya shook and quivered as Rebecca's hands felt up her breast. I questioned, "Feel good honey?" There was no reply, just heavy breathing. I walked over, placed an ice cube in my mouth, and leaned down kissing Tanya's neck. Rebecca's fingers found Tanya inner thigh and went further in. Tayna opened wider as she experienced Rebecca's fingers enter her. Tanya's moans were soft and pleasing to the hear.

Rebecca opened her husband's pants and unleashed his wanting cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked it, while fingering Tanya with her other hand. I watched them both enjoy her delicate attention. I pulled Tanya's hair back and placed my dick in front of her mouth. Instinctively she licked her lips, opened her wet warm lips around me, and began inhaling my penis long and steady.

Rebecca placed an ice cube in her mouth and continued she pleasuring assault on her man's hard wonderful cock. It was thick and veiny hard and heavy in her hands. She ran her fingers up his small beer belly and felt for his nipples. His chest was covered in tattoos. He rolled his head back as she squeezed his nipples and sucked him faster and faster with no hands. Her mouth went deep over his cock until it disappeared. He leaned in, placed his hands on the back of her head, and gagged her over and over again. Siliva slid out of her mouth onto her large tits. She reached for my hand and forced me to rub her man's precum into her skin. I loved the feeling of her huge beautiful breast in my palms. I looked at her husband for a sign of approval, but, he was enjoying her attention so much he hadn't a care in the world. She kept sucking his dick as she brought my hand between her legs. She moaned as my large hands opened her wet folds and slid inside her tight hole. "Tanya, you want me to fuck you while the boys watch," she asked.

"Yes," she nodded.

She hadn't said a word since I snapped at her. She listened so well. I smiled, gave her a kiss of commanding approval, and slapped her across the chest with the small rubber whip. The whip tickled more than anything. I swung it again, a bit harder. Her breast turned red. Her legs opened from the rush it gave her. She moaned, squirmed, then leaned in for more. I could see her hearing the fun we were having with out being able to see or join in was turning her on. She fought to get out of the ropes around her hands and feet. The chair bucked up off the floor, then, slammed back down. "Stop resisting," I warned her, grabbing her by the neck, and placing a vibrator between her legs. "Another move like that and I've have Rebecca fuck and tease you until you beg to come." Tanya snapped away. "Now, are you going to be good, or, what?" I asked pulling her hair back and licking her neck, as Rebecca's sucking sound grew louder and louder. "No," Tanya yells back, "You're gonna have to torture me to shut me up." She ripped her head away from my grasp and started violently trying to break free.

I commanded Rebecca to put on the strap-on we had bought for just her, and fuck Tanya with everything she had.

"Fuck yes," she said, with her eyes, and went to grab it. Her husbands cock bounced out of her mouth and stood erect at full attention. He stroked it waiting for her to return. She excitedly placed it on and returned like a good listener. I cut Tayna's hands free and pushed her down on the ground. The rope rubbed rough against her legs as she fell on her hands. I cut her feet free and held her down. Rebecca came up behind her and slid the strap-on hard inside Tayna. "Oh yes," Tanya screamed, over and over, rocking her ass back against Rebecca's hard thrusts. "Fuck me in my ass while I disciplne this bad girl," she called back to her husband. Taken off guard, he paused for a moment, grabbed the lubricant, and started working on his entrance. I placed my hands on Tayna's head and feed her my hard thick dick gagging her. Tanya fought for air and cried out pleased and overwhelmed. My dick juice ran down her lips. She bounced hard back enjoying Rebecca's fucking movements. Rebecca shot forward as her man entered her. Her screams mixed with Tanya's in a loud display of emotionally charged cries and pleas. "Oh God, yes, yes, yes," Rebecca cried out over and over, biting her lip. Rebecca shook and had a tremendous orgasm. Her wet pussy sprayed down her legs drenching her inner thighs and the floor. Her man came in her ass, shaking violently, he emptied his balls into his woman.

"Oh yeah," I yelled out as Tanya's lips squeezed hard against my cock. She quivered, jerked forward collapsing. She came over and over as Rebecca fucked her faster and faster. "Oh God yes," Tanya's orgasmic echoing cries rang out. I pulled out of her mouth, jerked rigorously, and came all over her breasts.

We all relaxed a bit, laid around naked for a spell, and enjoyed the warm of eachother. Todd and Rebecca held eachother as if they had just rekindled a burnt out flame. They kissed so much, I thought their lips would get sealed together. Tanya just rested in my arms. To her this was a great night of fun, but, nothing beat the feeling she felt when we cuddled after epic sex.

"Rebecca did good, huh?" I asked her.

Tanya said, "Very good." Her head rested on my bare chest. Her hand played with my chest hair. "Maybe we could do this again one day," she suggested.

"It is up to them," I stated.

Todd lifted his head slightly from Rebecca saying, "Let's just wait and see. I'm not one to share my wife. This is new to us."

I wanted to say soo much about our time alone with Rebecca. I wanted to tell him that Rebecca was more open than he gave her credit for. I wanted to say anything to help her out, but, she would have to find away to open his mind up to more experiences on her own.

I understood how he felt. I didn't mind having a bit of fun, but, I really did enjoy having Tanya all to myself. I was extremely selfish when it came to her needs. I guess, deep down inside, I wanted to get back to us being alone instead. The satisfied look on Tanya's face said, "I had a wonderful time." I silently agreed, kissed her passionately, and hugged her tight in my strong arms.

I have the greatest woman in the world. She lets me explore my sexual curiousity with her without asking too many questions. That is rare, you must understand. I told her, "You make me want to be a better man, a better husband, and the greatest lover you've ever had."

She replied, "You already are."

I can't find much to complain about with her. She is a phenomenal woman of boundless fire and sensual energy. There are nights when she drains me of all my desire. I guess I hold her to a higher standard then most women. The way she let me fuck her in public in the next chapter doesn't hurt my feelings for her either.


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