If These Walls Could Moan - Part 5

If These Walls Could Moan - Part 5

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Part five explores in more detail the great wonder that is erotica. If These Walls Could Moan - Part 5


Part five explores in more detail the great wonder that is erotica.

If These Walls Could Moan - Part 5


Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



From our leather sofa, I watched Tanya undress our female guest. Tanya unwrapped Rebecca like a seductive Valentine's Day present. She glared, richly intrigued by her own boiling erotic thoughts. Tanya and I had made it our point to have an open mind when it came to love making, but, this was something new. This was something she had dreamed of, and, kept quietly to herself for a considerable amount of time. This night was hers. Tanya unhooked her bra and let Rebecca play with her tits. Rebecca's hands found every inch of my lover's body warm and welcoming. Rebecca's bra and panties were a stunning match of pink and black lace.


If These Walls Could Moan - Part Five


"Oh my," a moan rose up from some place deep within her soul. "Your tongue feels so good." Tanya's head dropped back. Her legs shook with energetic desire.

"Does it baby?" Rebecca teased, bitting her lip. 

"Yes, please don't stop," she said, almost wimpering.Her breathing excited me to no end. I would have moved heaven and earth to explode all over her. 

I sat up, watching Rebecca's lips curl around Tanya's perky nipples. Her salty/wet tongue roamed up Tanya's neck, slid into her mouth, and tasted my lover's tongue. My dick swelled under my pants. I grabbed it, trying to maintain control. Watching them enjoy eachother sent my blood into a tantilizing frenzy.

I loved watching Rebecca pull Tanya on top of her. Her firm hands brought Tanya's crouch strong against her thigh. Tanya ran her hands behind Rebecca's neck and pulled her hair violently commanding. She kissed her harder and harder, until they both were panting solid moaning sounds. I felt my dick reach for any crawl space it could find under my clothing. My breathing was becoming erotic. My hands wanted to reach out and assist Tanya in any way she may have wanted. Tanya was doing fine on her own. She sucked Rebecca's neck and ran her hands down toward Rebecca's already tingling pussy. "You like it when I rub it?" she questioned.

"Yes," Rebecca replied, looking over her shoulder in my direction. "Oh, yes. Please give it to me. "

I blew her a kiss. She licked her lips. Rebecca was a larger woman. She had beautiful dark brown eyes and light-mocha skin that made her look exotic in any room. Rebecca wore jeans that ascentuated her hips and wonderful ass. Her purple blouse matched the jewel in her neacklace. Both, were thrown by their feet on the floor. I watched Tanya remove her necklace and kick the blouse out of their way. They both looked over toward me as they continued to play. To me, two women in their bra and panties or naked making out was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was in heaven watching them dry fuck eachother.

Tanya gestured over to me to join them. The look of excitement in her eyes said it all. She playfully said, "Come here baby. Give Becca a little smoochie."

I said nothing. I was speechless. I was completely taken off guard by how far they had already gone. I held my breath and waited for Rebecca to make the first move. She was more than willing. Her eyes lit up as I came in close.

"I'm all yours," Rebecca stated, opening her legs, pulling my shirt toward her, and reaching for the rock swelling in my crouch. I perked upright enjoying her touch for what felt like forever. She brought her wondering eyes back to mine. They were full of sexual seduction.
I looked my Tanya. She said, "It's ok honey. I want to share you with her."
"Ok," I nodded without being able to find words quick enough. Tanya grabbed my hand and placed it on Rebecca's breast. She placed my other hand on her open chest.
She licked Rebecca's nipples and asked, "What are you waiting for?" Her smile was wide and reassurring, "We are all yours."

Both hands felt-up my rock hard package. Both ladies knew I was more than willing. I wanted to please them both for being so adventurous.

The two were drunk, but, not drunk enough to not know what they were doing. They knew exactly what they wanted. They had been joking about doing this for over a year before Tanya offered us up to her. I agreed as long as we held true to one condition. No one talks about the fun we had the next day. What ever happened, no one was to bring it up the next day. We agreed silently with our surrendered eyes to one another. The temptation was always there building like an unbound fire.

I could feel her body heat firm against my own. I calmy kissed Rebecca. Soft at first, then, harder and harder, untill I grew comfortable with assuming a more commanding role.

"Oh," she moaned. Her tongue felt good in my mouth. Her hair felt good in my hands as I pulled her closer. My lover looked at home playing with her breast. Tanya rubbed Rebecca's panties and placed my hand there helping me grind Rebecca's pussy. I slid her panties to the side. My fingers fell inside her wet waiting love hole.

"Oh fuck," she shook, sucking my mouth. She pulled away from my lips, kissed Tanya, and fingered Tanya's pussy hard and fast.

Tayna slowly peeled off her bra and panties. Rebecca's breast popped out, large and lovely, they made my pulse skip a beat. I moaned inside watching Rebecca display herself willingly to us. I sipped my glass of rum and chery coke and tried to hide my excitement.

Tanya kissed her breasts with soft warm sensual attention, and laid her down on our sofa. She was hypnotic, caressing our guest in to feeling ready for what ever desires we could conjure up. Tayna kissed her right back, slowly becoming aware of how her body felt pressed down on hers. One of her thighs ran up between her legs. Her perky breasts crushed hard against a naked curvy body. Rebecca had thick suckable lips that made me want to know how they would feel wrapped around my cock. I pulled off my shirt and kissed my girl while Rebecca sucked on her breast. I watched her suck and play with Tanya.

I became hot all over. Tanya pushed Rebecca's head toward me. "Kiss," she commanded. I sucked on Rebecca's lips while she tongued my wanting mouth passionately as if she had wanted it all a long. I felt her large tits in my strong hands. I squeezed and fondled her until she drove my hand down toward her spread legs.

Tanya placed my cock in her warm wet mouth and sucked loud and hard. I lost my mind, one inch at a time.

"Fuck me big daddy," she softly stated. "Give it to me." Rebecca spread wide on top my couch pulling me inward toward her sweet wet pussy. I licked, sucked, and fingered her pussy so deep she bucked back away for a break. I went crazy, listening to the great sound of Rebecca's pleasure moans.

Tanya drifted up toward me, taking my place between Rebecca's legs. I slide myself deep within her from behind, as she continued to lick and fuck our guest faster and faster.

"Oh fuck, that's good. Yes, yes, fuck yes," she screamed.

I huffed and glanced at Rebecca's expressions. I laid everything I had inside my lover. Tanya screamed sucking her own bottom lip. Rebecca placed her fingers inside her own pussy, pulled it out, and tasted it. She let Tanya and I lick it clean as she held Tanya's head firm between her legs, and shook with raging passion.

I pried Tayna from between those long wide legs, jacked my penis up into Rebecca's deep wet hole, and sent it inside her. My thick hard dick stretched her inner walls so good. She screamed and rocked back against my movements. Rebeeca let out a long hissing cry of erotic happiness. She rocked her hips back and forth. She pulled me deeper and deeper inside her body until I could feel her spasming. Her kisses were as warm as leather that had been left out in the sun. My throbbing cock swelled inside her pulsating firm and steady within her wetness. Her pussy juices dripped down my balls. The warm fluid ran down my thighs.

Tanya pushed my hips in while smacking my ass. My balls slapped hard against her wet hole. I watched Tanya's tongue dance around Rebecca's nipples. Her hand reached back, played with my balls, and stroked my cock into Rebecca;s pussy. She pulled my dick out and sucked my precum out of Rebecca. She licked her clit until I saw Rebecca's eyes roll in the back of her head.

I felt my own fire building up from within. I watched Tanya go back and forth between my big cock and Rebecca's waiting pussy. I started to maon. Tanya took me in her hot mouth and swallowed all I had to give her. My entire body shook as she slowly pulled my cock from between her lips. Rebecca pulled her close and sucked my sweetness off of Tanya's bottom lip. They kissed and fingerd eachother hard and fast like two fuck demons.

Rebecca's fingers violently stimulated Tanya, sending a wave of hot tingles across her skin. Tanya put everything she had into her thrusting fingers and rubbing thumbs.

"Oh God," They both screamed. Their concentrated efforts brought them close to climax.

I placed my dick back inside Rebecca and started to fuck her once again. "Oh fuck yes," screamed Rebecca. "Oh God please don't stop," she continued. I licked my lips, and my gaze dropped to her swirling moans. Tanya's pussy squirted warm liquid across the floor as she listened to Rebecca orgasm. They both fell limp. I listened to their soft cooing noises until their breathing became normal again. They both smiled, kissed eachother lovingly, and shared their thank you's with me.

We all laid together, trembling a bit, and enjoying the freedom of being naked. Rebecca's large breast looked so appetizing to me. She rolled over and licked Tanya's pussy. I fingered her from behind. Tayna's forced Rebecca's head down in her crouch as she came again. Rebecca sat up wet with Tanya's fresh orgasm all over her face and tits. I fell to the floor looking up at the ceiling. "I am the luckiest man in the world," I said to no one in particular.

Tanya is the greatest woman in the universe. She makes me want to be the most fantastic lover in the world. The way she mounted me as we fuck next to Rebecca and her husband in the next story, obviously, doesn't hurt either.

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