If These Walls Could Moan

If These Walls Could Moan

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


These stories are for adults. I use these as writing exercises for the novels I am currently working on. They are works in progress and are designed to grow and get more grammar correct and sexual hotter over time. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.


These stories are for adults. I use these as writing exercises for the novels I am currently working on. They are works in progress and are designed to grow and get more grammar correct and sexual hotter over time. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Chapter1 (v.1) - If These Walls Could Moan

Author Chapter Note

This is the first story from the series. It speaks volumes about a couple who are learning new ways to ignite their romantic flames. The women is teaching the man how to be more dominate and how teasing can lead to a greater climax. He is a great learner, and soon the student becomes the master.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 22, 2013



There was ice in my veins as I did this for the first time. I was nervous. I had learned to fuck since way before I could remember, but you were teacher me something that had been missing. I am now an addict for your touch, the smell of your hair as you sweat, and the sound you make when I am inside you. I took a great leap when I came out of my shell and started to evolve into your master. You were transforming me into the greatest man you had ever known. I am now the master of the most erotic moments. I can set you on fire, keep the heat going, then burn you out. I told you I would follow you down this road of seduction without saying a word. I said it with my actions. After-all, actions speak loud than moans. If these walls could talk...they'd moan...they would quiver for more.

If These Walls Could Moan - Part One


You whispered, "What do you want to do now?" You had finished putting the laundry away. I could here it in your voice. I could see it in the way you bit your lip. "We have time," you hinted.

I grabbed you throat with my left hand while squeezing your firm ass with the other. "I'm going to fuck you like it's the last day on earth," I answered. My heart jumped within my chest. My blood started to roll down toward my cock. I sucked on your neck.

You sighed, biting your lip harder. You felt the internal juices of your pussy moisten. You pressed your thighs toward me. Your breathing became energetic. Erotic. 

I spun you around, picked you up and laid you down on your stomach.

"You like it when I pick you up? I like it when I throw you down."

"Yes sweety!"

You tried to look back but I corrected you head.

"I didn't say you could turn...Did I?"

I grabbed your ankles, pulled you violently back toward me, and ran my tongue up your spine. You moaned so loud, the bed shook. I licked down to the top of your ass while pulling back on your hair. I could feel your body rock seductively under my control. I rolled your hips up and placed my warm tongue on you from behind. I pulled your panties to the side and began to play. 

"Fuck my hot mouth," I ordered. You waved your pussy over my tongue and wet lips. The sounds you were making made my dick stiffen as t dragged back and forth on our sheets. I bit the inside of your thighs softly. Your legs shook and I could fill you about to climax.

"Not yet," I stopped.

"I hate it when you tease!" You laughed frustrated yet satisfied in the knowlege that the build up would be so much better. "I love it, I love it, I love it...Shit!"

"I want to try something new," I insisted while nibbing your ear from behind. 

"Anything...Just keep going," you cried out.

I aggresively flipped you around and tied you to the bed as I spread your long smooth legs. You said you would do anything for me, and now, you were hesitating. I could read it in your whimpering eyes as you looked up.

I blindfolded you, then asked, "Can I record this baby?" I placed our camera near our bed, checked it, and searched your eyes for approval.

You said, "Yes, just the thought of recording us having sex is making me hot!" You recently had you hair done. You new highlights looked amazing. Your purple fingernails matched you blouse. The rose tattoo on your left wrist reminded me of the night we got it inked in. That night we made love until three am. That night you had squirting orgasms until we both lost count. I felt like a king when you came so hard. I loved watching our sheets get soaked from the pleasure you felt when I flickered the tip of my dick over your sensitive clit.

I threw the empty clothes basket off the bed, picked you up, and threw you down playfully. You looked up dazed, undid your pants, and pulled them down around your ankles. I ripped off my shirt. My tight abs were wet with moisture.
"Are you ready baby?" I asked, as I ran my tongue up your spine again.
You moaned out a gentle, "Yes," shaking under my control. "I've been waiting for this all week."
"You've had a long week huh?" I mocked.
"It has been simply horrible. Now, I just want to be in those strong arms of yours," you reply.
I pulled you in close. I could feel the warmth radiating from between your legs. I ran my hand between your thighs. You were hot all over. You quivered as I pressed my hand hard into your crouch. I loved turning you on. You always get that extremely innocent look in your eyes.

I ran my muscular body over yours, breathing in your ear as you shook and squirmed, trying to control the slow building tingles of excitement that crawled up your inner thighs.

I ripped your red panties off and felt how wet I made you feel with each sensitive slow and loving touch.

Your tied hands fought to be unleashed as I licked every inch of your backside and targeted your love button as I lifted you up off the bed. Pleasure sensations ran over and over your whole body as I teased you slow and steady in circling motions with my tongue as you quivered and shook and moaned for more.

"Oh baby don't stop," you gasped for air.
"Did I tell you to speak,"I warmed, in a firm commanding voice.

I smacked your ass hard as you screamed with pleasure. I rubbed away the short pain and slid my finger back to teasing you till you started to pant and breath heavy for more. You loved my close delicate attention. I oiled and massaged your back, sliding comfortably over your ass, and played with your clit. My large member slid back and forth over your perfectly round buttocks, while you ground your ass up against me. You squirmed, trying to angle yourself just enough to allow me a deep throbbing entrance. You moaned, as I entered slow and steady, opening your tight love box with my thick hard penis.

You whimper, "Oh yes, baby, please don't stop."

I pulled your hair, while I made you suck on my finger, erotically tasting our excitement. I shook and pulsated to the sound of your wonderful first orgasm.

You rolled your hips back, up against me hard and fast, as you started to scream louder and louder. I watched you black out from a second eruptive burst of pleasure. Your pussy wet my dick like a squirting fountain. I slapped your ass and you come back to be, yelling, "Oh God yes, I'm cumming again." I bit your neck and watched you spasm in satisfied relief.

You said, "I love it when we role play," and "You drive me crazy."

My long hard dick jerked and shot big loads all over your ass. I fell down on top of you hard like an object from space. I took off your blindfold and looked deep in to your eyes as I met your lips with long soft kisses. I sucked on you bottom lip just the way you liked it. I unleashed you legs and let you crawl in to my strong large arms.

You Said, "You make me feel safe in your arms."

I said, "You make me forget about the pain I felt from all of my "failed" past relationships."

I loved it when you shook in my arms, satisfied. That steamy look in your eyes completed me, and nothing besides your happiness, mattered. To me, you were seduction. Each day, I grew stronger. I loved the sun, for waking me up next to your sensual beauty.

You said, "If these walls could talk..."

I interrupted, "they would moan."

I relaxed a bit, pulling my large cock back in my pants, and said, "Our sex life would make for great stories. Don't you think?"

You didn't answer, which means you didn't say no...So, I started this online book for you. Not to get famous, but, because you are so precious to me, I wish I could buy you flowers everyday. This is the least I can do.

You said, "Fuck me again like the world is going to end."

I said, "With pleasure." I bent you over and slid my four fingers inside you tight pussy. You came squirting liquid back against my legs. I kept doing it until you collapsed. You were exhausted. I felt like a God. Better...I felt like your king. I knew there was more to come in the future. Our future looked bright like crazy stars and I smiled thinking of what would come next.

I have the greatest lover in the world, the best woman in the universe, because she makes me want to be a strong commanding man. The way she let me fuck her in the shower in the next story doesn't hurt either.

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