Halfway Dark Obsession

Halfway Dark Obsession

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Zavier can bring back the dead. Razor City is a place where his unique gift has made him a valued citizen. Tai can recall any set of numbers or information. Her unique skills have made her a valued assistant for Zavier's small business. Their world is about to get turned upside down with their next appointment.


Zavier can bring back the dead. Razor City is a place where his unique gift has made him a valued citizen.

Tai can recall any set of numbers or information. Her unique skills have made her a valued assistant for Zavier's small business.

Their world is about to get turned upside down with their next appointment.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Halfway Dark - Obsession Part 1

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Zavier can bring back the dead. Razor City is a place where his unique gift has made him a valued citizen. <br /> <br /> Tai can recall any set of numbers or information. Her unique skills have made her a valued assistant for Zavier's small business. <br /> <br /> Their world is about to get turned upside down with their next appointment.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 05, 2013



Tai sucked my neglected dick with her thick ginger-red lips, until I popped inside her hot opened mouth. Her peach colored lip stick had run along the sides of her mouth. I exploded with everything I had stored up over the past two weeks. My body pulsed and quivered as the energetic shock left my body. Gagging a bit yet completly seductive, she took me down her throat. With a loud sounding gulp her panties became Tai had an oral fetish that most men would chop off their right arm to experience. She could not get enough of my thick hot cock causing repeative friction in and out of her lips. She tasted me on her fingers, licked her lips, and pulled hard for more.

“I don’t think I have anything left,” I explained slightly exhausted and mystified by her ability to keep going where most women would have stopped. The feeling of her continued sucking my sensitive dick sent my nerves into a frenzy. 

“Well, that’s just too bad,” she mocked. She licked her lips and sucked hard for a bit then  played, “Well,“If you can’t satisfy me...then, maybe I will have to find someone who can.” She pushed herself up from below me and bit my neck hard while stroking my empty balls.

My eyes rolled in to the back of my head.

Damn...I thought. for the first time since as far back as I could remember...I'm in over my head. 


Part One



I braced against the back of my desk, pants around my ankles, trying to deliver what she wanted. “Wait, I can do this.” I thought about all the naughty things I had done with all the other women I had ever slept with. There were not many, but, I focused to completing another orgasm.

“Good. You know I only do this with you,” she sucked. “I’d hate to rifle through all the hopefuls for another stick for me to suck on.”

I flipped her around and slammed my hard penis inside her very tight pussy. She screamed as I opened her up. I felt each inch pass inside her closed walls as she screamed in pain. “I don’t take it inside me.”

I said, “Shut up and let me fuck you a bit if you want this nut.” Silence fell upon her lips. She took it all saying nothing. I threw myself inside her hard and deep. Her tight pussy had had no other. I was damn sure of that. Her strong inner muscles around my cock made me shake and build up another ready shot for her. She felt me starting to spasm, threw me off her, and went back to work on my cock with her hot wet mouth. I moaned deeply as she played with my nipples and finished me off a second time. “Oh God,” I screamed. Harder than the first time. “You are so great. Um fuck yes, yes, yes.” I shot another large load down her throat. She smiled, took it all, and thanked me with another set of strong squeezes draining my cock of its last few drops of man milk.

Thrilled, she slapped me on the ass, stood, and put her small perky breast away. “Thank you,” she said. “I needed that.” I watched her walk away. My head spun with sexual adrenaline. She sucked on her fingers, walked back toward her desk, and asked, “Do you want the file for the Chester Case?”

I put myself back into profession working condition, straightened my suit, and said, “Yes, please. Thank you.”

Tai was the greatest person I had ever met. She went through her filing system and handed me the Chester Files as if she had not just had me inside her. I loved working with her. She made it easy to forget my ex. She made the fact that my ex left me for another woman a bit more bearable.

Razor City was plagued with divorce and failed relationships. This was because the V-Act allowed vampires to live amongst us with no retribution. Vampires couldn’t feel emotion, like us humans, so, they often became cheaters. The cheaters eventually got caught. Vamps don’t do well with deceit. They kill quickly over nothing. Imagine what they did once they found out their lover was unfaithful. Tai and I solved more murder cases than most cops because we had Vamp friends in Razor City.

Tai wore had large lovely nipples that made her breast look smaller than they already were. She let me play with them only when she was fulfilling her fixation. She always had to have something in her mouth. She usually sucked on her pointer finger, until she needed something more mouth widening. I let her fondle and suck my thick hard cock whenever she felt the urge. Then, unlike most people I knew, we went back to work harvesting files from folders for the cases we were working on. Tai and I made extra money solving cold cases for the Razor City Police Department. She had a wonderful sense of organization. She had an A-plus memory. Her OCD made her a little hard to deal with, but, her oral fixation, and her willingness to keep my shit in astonishing order, made her a hell of an assistant. I'd probably kill someone for trying to pull her away from me. I didn't love her, but, I loved her.

I had an unusual gift as well. I could speak with the dead, and for the right price, I could bring the right undead clients back to life. Why would some bloodsucker want to come back to life? You may be asking. You see, the dead can't feel love. And, as corny as that sounds, most beings in Razor City needed the comfort of someone else to survive. Why not have feelings for that person while you were draining them of their life’s source. So, for the right price, and if curtain governing vamps stayed off my ass, I could bring a few back to the land of the painfully depressed living.

I never knew why these nonhumans wanted to be returned to our status, but Razor City was full of legal Vamps who wanted to feel with their hearts again. The majority of Vamps would never turn back on their nightwalker identities, but, the higher official of their society wanted this ritual, if even in secret, for themselves.

There was only one man and his oddly aggressive female assistant who could help them. This made me a wealthy man in Razor City. Wealth bought gate passes for exploration outside the high walls that were built to keep curtain cold bodies out. For fifty gold coins, I could receive one gate pass a week. That was the only way we were legally allowed to deal with the Vamps. There were other ways, but, I had been trying damned hard to go legit since the Counsel's hetman held me upside down outside a window on the twenty-first floor. Since then, I had been reluctant to go off the grid to help the occasional Vamp turn. If they turned, they might be granted access into our guarded community. If they followed our rules, they could even marry by law. I brought many Vamps into out gates for a fee. I paid a heavy coin tax to the Human Counsel to keep the Razor City hit men off my back.

Last week, I turned a top associate of the Denety Mob back from the dead. The Denety Mob was in charge of everything outside of Razor City. I should have trusted my instincts to leave that case alone. I should have listened to Tai, but, the money was higher than I'd ever been paid. This made me a targeted man. I had to learn to move in the shadows like the night stalkers. My world had become halfway dark.

I asked, "Are you finished filing those reports?" The temperature had climbed to punishing levels. "I want to get out of here. Maybe grab an iced beer."

She replied, "Yes," She closed the filing cabinets, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and continued, "That will be nice. I could use a stiff drink." She walked over to me, noticed my dripping sweat, and licked her lips. "You know, I love it when you sweat all over me."

"I know. It is one hundred degrees and you want to get freaky again?" I playfully questioned.

She wiped a bit of sweat of my face with her finger, sucked on it, and whispered, "Yes, please." In one motion she threw my pants down exposing my already hard penis. "Let's make it hotter in here."

I joked, "Woman you are going to be the death of me." I felt her hand wrap around my dick as she started to jerk it further awake. She dropped down to her knees, placed me in her warm loving mouth, and replied, "Not a bad way to die."

She backed her ass up against me, guided my hard cock inside her wet tight pussy, and rocked hard quivering under my strong thrusts. Her moans were addictive. I loved listening to her enjoy me. My dick rode in and out of her deeper and deeper. Her ass looked wonderful bouncing back against my thighs. She reached back and played with my balls. I slapped her ass and fucked her harder and harder. I pulled her hair, jerked her body down, and thunderously forced my thick hard dick inside her. "Faster," she cried out. "Oh, God yes. Fuck me harder. Yes, yes, yes." I placed a finger in her wet pussy, fucked her a bit, then slid it into her waiting mouth. She sucked on our juices. I forced my fingers around her neck, and choked her, as she continued to suck. She gagged and came all over my cock instantly. I pulled out and shot warm cum all over her nice round ass. She turned and thanked me with her lips. I shook inside her mouth. The feeling was tremendous. "I love it when I drain you," she licked.

"Woman it's too hot," I laughed.

Besides the heat, I really couldn't complain. Razor City was not a safe place for me and Tai any longer. So, I enjoyed every bit of fun I could with her. I knew that was exactly why she was acting so aggressive. Before there were hit men chasing after us, she just teased me allot. Now, with thugs from the two walks of life coming after us, I couldn't peel her off me at times with a crowbar. Yet again, I'm not complaining. I wasn't much before she brought her sunshine into my office. I owed her a great deal for making me feel alive again. We were opposites that had found a way to co-exist. She told me so often that I made her happy, I almost started to believe it. I honestly just wondered what a beautiful woman like that was doing with me.

High walls or not, the legion of devoted Denety members would stop at nothing to make me permanently disappear, or worst, turn me into one of them. I would die before I became one of their indebted servants. I would lay down my life before I let them hurt Tai. She was all I had in a world gone mad. There was a crowd of armed thugs assembling outside my building. I took into consideration the amount of time for my out of shape ass to climb the stairs to my office. The elevator would be out of service. A flick of a switch behind my desk made sure of that. We had roughly three minutes to scramble in the general direction of 'get the hell out of Dodge'.

I hit the button under my desk, grabbed a silenced handgun I never said I wanted to fire again, and said. "We will find our next client on the run."

She grabbed a bag she had packed up for just a rapid escape and questioned, "You mean Mr. Pikard." She pulled a gun out of her bag, checked the clip, and continued, "Why is he so important?" She flipped a switch that opened a trap door in my office. The door led to another room. There we would wait till nightfall to make our escape. "Why are we risking our lives for a man we only have a photo of?"

I closed the door behind us and answered, "Pikard is the only one that can get these motherfuckers off our backs."

She went to talk. My hand threw over her mouth. There was a loud thunderous bang in my office. Men were storming in firing. Tai and I backed into a crawl space behind a wall. I held the gun in my hand waiting for anything to move on the other side of our concealment. I could see through a small slit in the wall. The space was cramped, but, being next to Tai made it worth it. I could hear her heart beating strong in her chest. Tai loved danger, and I knew, after the men left, I would be in for a night of -on the run- sex. She would drain me of all I had before we ventured out of the building come night fall. I would act like I cared, yet, inside I wasn't complaining

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