Fuck, I'm In Paradise (Lesbian Island Fantasy) Part two

Fuck, I'm In Paradise (Lesbian Island Fantasy) Part two

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sasha Gray had been trapped on a lesbian island for three years. This is the second segment of her stories.


Sasha Gray had been trapped on a lesbian island for three years. This is the second segment of her stories.


Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013



Red liked how my comfy strap-on made her want to explode from within. The red straps matched her colorful hair. I held on to the lower part of my rubber shaft and watched the rest of my toy glide in and out of her. Red was bent over, face in the sand, and moaning like she had never done before. I spread her ass apart and played with her tight hole as she quivered and shook, trembling right there on the beach. I could feel every inch of her coming alive under my control. Her skin was as soft as the ocean's touch. The waves graced our feet as we laid there kissing each other. She was one of the prettiest women I had ever kissed. I trembled all over as I drew in closer, longing for more. Longing for...


Part Two


Red stopped kissing me, looked around, and brought her bright eyes back toward mine. “I think we have a few spectators,” she moaned. "Should we stop?"

I pulled her closer. The sand sort of made all over my senses tingle. The sun heated up our bodies. Red's flesh felt good against mine. I said, “Let them watch. Let them learn.” I ran the palm of my hand along her spine, grabbed her hips, and sent my toy deeper inside her. Red screamed in ecstasy. I could feel her body tensing up for another delightful orgasm. 

“Oh my,” she groaned, as I danced a finger around her clit. She perked her ass up, took all I was giving her, and begged me to pull her hair. I grabbed her hair with one hand and made her suck my soaked fingers on my free hand. Red collapsed to the sand limp as any satisfied woman could be. She rolled over, thanked me with a thousand kisses, and held me in her arms. 

“I am glad you are here,” she said.

“So am I” I retorted.

“Do you miss home at all?” she questioned in her deep island accent.

I was still looking at her body, amazed by how perfectly fit she was, curvy, just the right kind of curves, like that of a coke bottle. Not with this type of sunrise, I thought. Not at all! The sky was a wash of blue and orange. I feel in love with it, the way a person falls for most things, over time, over slow memorizing amounts of time.

Red and I watched the beach come to life with the day’s activity. Her strong arms held on to me like I was her greatest gift. I admit, I felt safe in her arms. When she held me, I felt complete. When she kissed me, I felt the world I had known melt away like chocolate in the sun. She brushed sand away from my mouth and kissed me some more. Her soft lips met my tongue and tingles ran down my legs. 

She said, "Sasha, I hope you stay forever."

I said nothing, just kissed her, and rolled her over in the sand. While on top of her, I sucked her perky nipples and watched her for a reaction. Her body arched up as she moaned and...

"You don't have to," she interrupted. Her hands stopping my head before it when down between her legs.

"I want to," I told her. "I don't know why but, I just want to please you over and over again."

Her hands released their grip. My head slid between her long slender legs. I sucked the inside of her inner thighs, rubbed her clit, and licked her sweet wet pussy right there on the beach. Water splashed up against are feet. She ran her fingers along my head and held me down. I listened to the sound of her moan and groan to the symphony of my touch. My fingers slid in and out of her as my tongue vibrated her clit faster and faster. I pulsated my finger deep up into her g-spot and she came wet sweet creme all over my fingers. 

"Oh yes, yes, yes," she moaned. 

She pulled my hand up and licked my fingers clean. She brought me up and kissed me passionately again. Her hands ran along my neck, down my back, and over my breast. 

She said, "I owe you."

I said, "I'll hold you to it."

We cuddled on the beach watching the open ocean nurture life. Behind us, women were fishing and gathering things by the seaside. I got up and walked inland toward the center of activity. Red was dead-to-the-world asleep. I did not want to wake her. I understood how good a nice series of orgasms could relax the mind. 

“Sasha, you are needed at the center.” Jersey informed me. “Someone has come up missing.”

Jersey was a girl half my size with dark hair down past her ass. She spoke fast and enunciated every word with passion. I loved Jersey, not the state, but this woman. She had helped me get through my first night by keeping me up with stories of how each native had gotten there. From her stories, it appeared as if I wasn’t the only one that had been stranded there by storm. 

“Let me gather my things. Then, I’ll be right there,” I pleaded with her. I was being overly nice. I knew she had ill feelings about how quickly the others took to me. That wasn't my problem. 

Red asked, "Do you need any help?"

"Sure," I answered her. "Thank you."

Red never smiled but she was beautiful. 

Jersey looked at her as if Red had set fire to the entire island. 

She nodded as she always did when she let someone take a commanding position over her. Jersey was the rightful leader of the island. My arrival and stunted her rise to power. The others believed anyone who can survive a storm like a had was strong enough to lead them. Jersey had a way of organizing the day’s activities so that things ran like a aircraft carrier. Everyone had their rank and place. 

I gathered my things and headed toward the center of the island, stepping over large vines, and poisonous flowers. At times the call of wildlife was to loud for my own ears. I had not gotten used to it at that point. When I arrived at the center Jersey greeted me with the others. 

Jersey said, “One of us has gone missing. We need you to find her.”

"Who is it?" I asked. 

Jersey looked at Red, paused then said, "Shyna,"  

Red started weeping behind me. “She is my sister," Red muttered. "We arrived here together.”

I said, “I am no tracker.” Damn mess you got yourself in, I thought. “If you give me a guide I will find Red's sister. This island can't be that big. Right?”

Jersey pointed to Red. Red took a step back so as to say, I want no parts of this quest. “Fine take Lena. She is good a tracker and pretty woman for company.”

I turned toward Red. She was still in tears. She said, "I will go with you two. She is all I have. All except..."

I could not stop looking at Lena. Lena was large and lean like any Amazon should be. Her perky tits had large aureoles of deep brown tint. She had brown freckles all over her body. Her legs were long and slender. My heart dropped down to my feet when she blew me a kiss. Alone in the most beautiful place on earth with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, I thought.

The three of us set out deep into the jungle to find Shyna. Lena lead the way, followed my me then, Red. I could tell Lena liked tracking through the thick stand of jungle. Red made to much noise and was clumsy. Together we set off on a mission to find Shyna, not knowing where or why she had gone.


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