John's library infatuation turns to lust

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two students in the library meet up by chance in the bar before becoming intimately acquainted.

It was a fairly miserable day, a cold wind blowing and grey skies which didn't raise the spirit so John decided to spend some time in the university library working on his assignment that had to be completed imminently. After a tedious hour or so with his eyes blinded by statistics and graphs he looked up and around the room. Almost immediately his eyes locked on a woman standing close to him thumbing through a reference volume. He had seen her a couple of times before wandering about campus but this was the first time he had really noticed her.

She was about 5 foot six and curvy with shoulder length mousy brown hair. John loved the look of her ass in her jeans and her top accentuated her ample cleavage. Not a classic beauty but a friendly looking face with spectacles that gave her a kind of nerdy, intelligent look that John was drawn to. Though they hadn't made eye contact her deep brown eyes had a sultry appeal and were framed by strong dark brows that gave definition to her face.

John also glanced admiringly at her hands and arms as her sleeves were  rolled up towards her elbows. The fingers were slim and fairly long and John daydreamed about them wandering over his body. He also noticed that her arms were quite hairy- not thick, curly hair  as on some men but fine dark hair that gave a light covering that somehow excited him. He loved the contrast with her paler skin and the slenderness of her arms.

After ten minutes or so she had found what she was looking for and headed out of the door. John was enchanted and couldn't stop thinking about her. In the end he decided it was fruitless remaining in the library as his concentration was shattered. He decided to head to the bar for a swift pint.

Much to his surprise the object of his desire was sitting at a table on her own. Summoning up some courage he asked if he could join her. She smiled warmly  and welcomed him to join her and introduced herself as Emma, an ecology student. After a few minutes of small talk she said she had a feeling he would go to the bar and she had noticed him scrutinising her from the corner of her eye back in the library. John felt a little sheepish that he'd been caught out but Emma laughed and said she felt flattered as she hadn't had much male attention for some time. John felt a sense of relief after Emma's last comment.

As the drinks flowed  inhibtions were eroding away and there was a definite carnal chemistry igniting. Lacking originality John asked Emma if she fancied going back to his for coffee. With a straight face Emma said "No" followed by a deathly silence. After what felt like an eternity, but in reality  only a few seconds, she laughed saying "I mean I don't drink coffee but would love to go with you".

The colour came back to John's face as he went from instant deflation to excited anticipation. As soon as they got through the door their bodies entwined, their lips locked and tongues tasting each other. As they came up for breath Emma said she had noticed John before and had quite fancied him. She liked his dark, curly hair, his strong thighs and now up more personal was turned on by his hairy chest escaping from his shirt buttons. As Emma undid several more buttons  her slender fingers started caressing John's veritable chest rug and she she admitted she hadn't been fucked for several months and was pining for some intimacy.

John was now feeling much more confident and was inwardly glowing at the immediate prospects. He began to pull off Emma's top relishing an intimate encounter with the cleavage he had earlier admired and lusted over. Emma didn't have on a bra and her breasts were not huge but perfectly rounded with pert nipples standing to attention  which excited John. As he continued to remove her gament over her head John was then distracted by a thick dark mass of long dark hair in Emma's pits.

"You don't shave then?" John exclaimed stating the obvious. Emma laughed and said "No- don't have time with all the studies and I quite like it anyway. Don't understand all the obsession with shaving anyway. Don't you like it then?"

John stuttered "er I don't mind- guess it just came as a bit of a shock as I don't often see women with hairy pits".

Emma then smiled and looking down  at John's crotch said " I think you quite like it looking at your trouser snake! John laughed and started sucking on Emma's nipples before nervously exploring Emma's hirsute pits, first tentatively  stroking the long silky strands before burying his face in the moist warm jungle. "Mmm, Mmm" sighed John as he relished this new experience. By now Emma had liberated John's ever growing cock and was slowly stroking it much to John's delight as he enjoyed his novel sensual delight nuzzling Emma's pits. John then retuned to Emma's erect nipples , now feeling sensitive and enjoying the deft attention of his tongue. As they moved position Emma was getting more vigorous with John's dick and inserted it in her mouth and licking the oozing head with her tongue. Stopping before John came she then pulled his trousers down to his knees as he similarly pulled her jeans down her thighs rapidly followed by her underwear.

By now John was feeling rampant as he swiftly placed his hungry dick in Emma's inviting moist vagina. So engrossed now in getting his end away he barely noticed the thick undergrowth down below in the half light. Emma began sighing as John thrusted enthusiastically inside her, their lips reuniting for  a passionate snog, before returning to pleasure her ample breasts. After about fifteen minutes of vigorous motion John could contain himself no more as he exploded within Emma's furry love hole, both of them sighing and groaning. Within minutes both began to fall sleepy intoxicated by the new passions and drifted into a  dreamy sleep both still with their respective jeans still hanging around the knees and their bodies lovingly entwined.

A new beginning for Emma and John in the first of their erotic encounters.


Submitted: April 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 fuzzy4. All rights reserved.

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Aah - this is the companion piece to the 'Emma's hairy encounter'. She sounds delicious. I should have guessed from your username that your pieces are about the hair fetish. Hot writing. More blow by blow action please?:)

Mon, April 28th, 2014 2:11am


Thanks Megalanthropus for your kind words.I was a bit disappointed to not get any comments for my debut, but more responses to the follow up which was a relief. Any suggestions to work on for the next story? Thanks for any inspiration!

Mon, April 28th, 2014 5:48pm

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