Emma's hairy encounter

Emma's hairy encounter Emma's hairy encounter

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After splitting from her recent beau Emma goes to a gig + meets an admirer. A passionate fling develops + he loves her natural body but seeks to realise a fantasy from a bucket list he'd seen online.


After splitting from her recent beau Emma goes to a gig + meets an admirer. A passionate fling develops + he loves her natural body but seeks to realise a fantasy from a bucket list he'd seen online.


Submitted: April 27, 2014

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Submitted: April 27, 2014



Emma had been feeling a little down in the dumps after recently splitting up from John, a fellow student whom she'd hooked up with for a couple of months. Before John she'd gone many months without a boyfriend and had almost got used to an unintentional celibate lifestyle but managed by immersing herself into her studies. Now though having reaquainted herself with intimacy and the pleasures of the flesh she did have a longing for more sexy fun and togetherness.

Her flatmate Sara suggested they go to a gig in town on the Friday night where there was a new rocking folk type band. Emma thought it was a great idea and she could dance away her break up blues.

Friday night came and the girls were ready for some fun. As students casual was the style and Sara opted for jeans and floppy sweat shirt while Emma went for a more figure hugging cut down denim shorts with black woolly tights below combined with T-shirt and jacket. Arriving early both girls sat at a table cheerfully knocking back a couple of beers while discussing their college courses, their less than satisfactory love lives, politics and generally putting the world to rights.

Before long the band were playing and being too loud to chat, the girls, suitably lubricated, were soon on their feet swaying to the rhythms and singing along to those songs they knew. Sara had picked up on the fact that one guy seemed to keep looking at Emma and during the break whispered to Emma she thought this guy fancied her. Emma blushed and discretely  tried to get a glimpse of her possible admirer. "Hey" said Emma; "He's quite fit- I wouldn't turn him away!" she giggled to Sara." Me neither" she opined, "but it's not me he's looking at! "

The guy looked fairly alternative with some dreads and a short trimmed beard but looked as though he worked out as he had a good strong physique without being too muscular. He went for another beer so Sara encouraged Emma to go to the bar too and went with her for moral support. Standing next to her the guy said hi and offered to buy both of them a drink. Introducing himself as Geoff he invited both girls to join him. Small talk ensued as they got to know each other and Geoff was a local who worked for a local landscaper which explained his fine physique. Sara not wanting to play gooseberry and content that Geoff seemed okay made her excuses to leave Emma with her admirer in what was swiftly becoming a mutual fan club.

As the band resumed playing both Geoff and Emma were up on their feet dancing. Emma was feeling pretty hot now with the energetic dancing and removed her light jacket. Geoff's eyes were excited as her breasts were thrust forward as she took it off, as Emma invariably went braless and was more than aware of their appeal. Despite their obvious attraction his eyes averted as Emma's arms went back and he couldn't help but notice her unshaved armpits with thick dark hair. Emma suddenly realised what had taken Geoff's attention but she could tell from the look in his eyes he wasn't a guy repelled by such natural fuzz and was surely aroused by her natural charms.

Simultaneously the tempo of the music mellowed and Geoff took Emma in his strong arms and they swayed to the waltz like rhythm. Emma had a warm glow in Geoff's protective hold and was feeling pretty lustful. Their eyes looked longingly into each others and their bodies inched ever closer as their lips locked for the first time. As they became increasingly intimate Geoff asked whether Emma would like to go back to his flat. She was so fired up with Geoff there was no way she was going to decline so texted Sara to say she wouldn't be home until tomorrow and was fine.

Geoff's pad was only a ten minute walk from ther venue so they walked arm in arm down the road. He put on some background music as they lay on the sofa. After delicately kissing her willing lips Geoff started to pull off Emma's top revealing her beautiful bouncing bosom. His tongue them moved down to lick Emma's nipples and was soon caressing Emma's perfect bust who was now getting increasingly aroused.Suddenly Geoff raised one of Emma's arms and began playing with the long hairs under her arms before licking them.  "Guess you like them then?" giggled Emma. " You bet!" said Geoff- "nothing beats a natural earthy woman". Emma started unbuttoning Geoff's shirt and admired his flat tummy as well as his hairy chest which she was soon playing with before removing the shirt totally.

With the passion intensifying Geoff's trousers swiftly came down as Emma was ready for carnal action. She could clearly see Geoff's manhood was desperate to escape his pants as she teasingly stroked his thighs while kissing his well honed torso.Feeling the pressure mount she pulled down the pants and began to lick his balls and gently stroke his shaft before giving Geoff an incredible blow job. He was getting ready to come so he whisked down Emma's shorts and tights hastily before thrusting fervently inside her. Emma sighed and moaned as she could feel Geoff's meaty penis penetrate her. She fantasised what he could do for her as he rocked her energetically.

As Geoff exploded inside Emma he sighed "You are totally gorgeous! What a body and love the way you know how to use it". As Emma's  tights were still half way up her thighs Geoff had still not seen Emma totally naked yet, such was his desire to fuck her. Looking down from her bust Geoff admired her full bush which at the top end had a fine trail of hairs leading to her navel and below extended well down her thighs before becoming increasingly fine. " Wow, love all that hair- nice to see a woman who doesn't trim it all back" as he began to play with some of the long dark hair before burying his head into her wet pussy and let his tongue do some talking as he pleasured Emma's clitoris.She was soon moaning rapturously and orgasmed pretty quickly from the oral stimulation.

Emma relaxed contentedly on the sofa as Geoff thought he'd better remove her woolly tights. He could see the fine dark hair on Emma's shapely thighs continued to her knees but as he went further he laughed out" Oh my God, you really are a hairy girl!" as he could see her lower legs were also unshaved and they were pretty hairy with long  mid-brown hairs covering her pale skin. Though the hair wasn't coarse there was a lot of it and many of the hairs meshed with others giving a furry look to her legs. Geoff began to stroke Emma's legs and said he hadn't been with such a hairy woman before.

" Do you ever shave them? Geoff asked curiously.Emma giggled "Not very often as you can see. Sometimes I'll shave them at the start of summer if I'm going bare-legged but it grows back so fast I usually give up after a while and get used to them being hairy again".

Before long both were asleep in each others arms. In the morning Emma was taking a bath when Geoff came in looking lustfully at Emma's all natural body, admiring her ample womanly curves but also excited by her  natural hairiness, the likes of which he hadn't experienced before. He loved the way her long pubes floated in the water like a tropical seaweed and the patterns of her leg and thigh hair flattened against Emma's soft skin.In his eagerness Geoff soon joined Emma in the bath soaping her down before they started fucking again like rabid rabbits.

After breakfast Emma said she'd have to return home but would love to meet up again in a few days time. The previous night while under the influence of several beers Emma had confided in a couple of fantasies she hadn't fulfilled in her total enthusiasm for Geoff. She said she liked the thought of being dominated by a guy she trusted and fancied without going too far, but liked the idea of being tied up while he took advantage of her, but in a loving way.

Over the next couple of days Geoff couldn't get Emma off his mind and was thinking about what to do. He then remembered a bucket list he seen in a survey of 75 things every man should do. He knew what he was going to do and had to make sure he had everything he needed. The tension  was overwhelming for Geoff who masturbated regularly to keep his cool.

At last the evening arrived when Emma returned to see Geoff and as soon as she entered they were soon in an passioante embrace. Before  long Emma's top was off and her jeans removed where to Geoff's surprise Emma had on a pair of stockings. She looked at his crotch and could see Geoff was certainly impressed. He couldn't but notice all of Emma's plentiful leg hair flattened below the nylon as well as her furry bush spilling out of her black lacy knickers.

After passionately snogging her he said he had a surprise for her too. Leading her to the kitchen Emma could  see some rope and handcuffs on the table. Geoff reassured Emma he wasn't going to hurt her and cuddled her as he then put her hands in cuffs and then tied her to the chair, Geoff left the room and said he'd be back in a few seconds. Emma wasn't sure what to think but wasn't scared and began fantasising as she did feel safe with Geoff.

Geoff returned with a marker pen and a big grin on his face. Emma was perplexed now as Geoff marked the top of her stockings with the ink. "What's that for?" asked a confused Emma. "You'll see soon! " replied Geoff who looked like the cat who had got the cream. " You're going to fulfil number 13 in my bucket list of things every guy should do according to a survey". Geoff then brought in a large bowl of warm water and then a bag with his equipment.

Eagerly Geoff then removed Emma's stockings and stroked her hairy legs with great relish. "Right time for action!"  Geoff then took out  a soap dish and shaving brush from his bag of tricks. "Time for a shave Emma!" "Oh my God- I don't believe" it she squealed with total surprise. As Geoff again ran his hands through her fuzz he reassured her he would be careful and said this list said every guy should shave a woman's legs at least once. He hadn't given the notion much thought until he saw her hirsute limbs and thought " this is the perfect opportunity to fulfil this" and said he been fantasising about shaving them since he first caressed them. He liked her hairy legs but thought this was be a special intimate act.

As Emma relaxed  Geoff removed his tool from his bag- a pristine straight razor and promised all would be fine. Using the brush he lavishingly coated Emma's left leg in soap up to her knee . No longer were her long hairs in a neat order but now sticking out untidily in all directions in a sea of soap. Geoff wielded the razor and carefully ran it up her shin from the ankle to her knee with hairs falling under the cutting edge of the blade and smooth pale skin appearing in its wake. So it continued until the front of Emma's leg had been successfully depilated with no cuts. Geoff then held up her leg; one strong hand holding her foot as the razor slid along the back of her leg removing the last of the fuzz. "Onwards and upwards" joked Geoff as he then started brushing Emma's thigh with soap. She then realised why he had marked the stocking top as Geoff lovingly shaved away all the hair up to this mark but then left the thick hair on the top couple of inches of thigh. After half an hour one complete leg had been shorn cleanly of its fur coat and Geoff enthusiastically started on Emma's right leg. On completion he then untied her from the chair and led her to the table for her to lean over as he soaped the backs of her thighs to shave off the remaining hair he couldn't shave while she had been sitting down. Geoff laughed and said "Look at all that hairi n the bowl- I could make a wig with that lot!"

Having completed his shaving fantasy he passionately locked lips with Emma and untied her and led her to the mirror to look at his skilfull landscaping. Emma said "it doesn't look like me now" as she looked at her newly smooth, hairless legs ... and now the leg hair has gone my bush looks even hairier, especially with the tops of my thighs still furry". " I agree" said Geoff lustily as he dragged her to the bedroom and began licking and kissing  her smooth legs before stroking her hairy thigh tops and licking her pussy.

"And how was it for you?"Geoff asked. " Well to be honest I was petrified at first as I didn't know what you were going to do and when I found out I felt even more nervous. But as I relaxed I actually began to enjoy it. I really loved the way you were so gentle and it felt so tenderly intimate. I also loved the way you were so obviously turned on by it and that turned me on too. Funny thing I liked my hairy legs-loved feeling the breeze through them and found it comforting stroking them when I sat watching TV but if I'm honest I love the contrast now with my very hairy bush against the hairless legs too. Wow-infact you've fulfilled a fantasy I didn't know I had until now" as she burst out laughing and grabbing Geoff's  dick. "I'll show you what for you naughty boy!".

" Put the stockings back on please Emma! Oh my-that gives me a total boner with all that hair spilling from your panties to the stocking tops and then hairless legs under the nylon. Raise your arms now so I can see your wonderful furry pits." Seconds later both were passioantely fucking on the bed as though the world was about to end.  

Looking very pleased with herself Emma said farewell to Geoff and would see him in a week's time as she had an assignment to finish. She returned the following week wearing a short skirt, pumps and ankle socks. As they settled on the sofa she undid Geoff's shorts and removed his dick  caressing it for a couple of minutes before with a wicked twinkle in her eyes rubbed it against her legs. "Ouch that hurts" shouted Geoff. In just a week Emma's legs were already pretty bristly with a very obvious regrowth of stubble. "Guess hairy girl needs a shave then!"  she joked.

So over the next couple of months Emma was still a hairy girl, but not quite as hairy as she now had a personal leg shaver who had great pleasure from his new landscaping contract and Emma was equally pleased with all the sensual attention and enjoying her new look of hairy and hairless contrasts.. 





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