my futa life

my futa life

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the life of a futa girl living with her best friend


the life of a futa girl living with her best friend

Chapter1 (v.1) - my futa life

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the life of a futa girl living with her best friend

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 24, 2011



A warm late spring breeze blew, the sound echoing through the city buildings. Rosuto folded her arms as she walked, her white, short-sleeved uniform shirt swaying around her, the button slightly chilled against her skin. Her little red tie flapped back and tried to hit her in the face every time the wind blew hard enough.

She scowled as it succeeded, slapping her right in the nose. She pushed it down, then reached down the fight with her mini red pleated skirt.

“Damn wind,” she muttered as she continued walking. Her white and red bobby socks did little to keep her long legs warm. In fact, the only good thing about her outfit was the fact that her sneakers were comfortable. But that was it.

She took a deep breath and tried to keep her mind off the fact that if a big enough gust came the world would see her panties. She kept walking, noticing a few glances coming her way. Typical. She was used to getting stared at in her uniform. She was 5’8” after all, and looked like a matured woman, not a slightly awkward girl of 18. Her hips and thighs filled out nicely, and her breasts were, well for her bigger then she saw fit at a D cup.

She hurried a bit more as the wind blew again, sending a chill right through her. What had possessed her to leave without a coat this morning? Sure, it had been warm, but coming home from school it felt like a winter day again!

Ahead she saw a large cast iron gate and smiled. She nearly broke into a run to get to it faster. Leaning against the brick wall attached to the gate was a very short girl. From a distance she could’ve passed as perhaps twelve. She was only about 4’9”, nearly a foot shorter then Rosuto, and she wasn’t nearly as matured looking. Her hips were wider then an adolescence’s would be, but not the womanly curves Rosuto possessed. Her breasts fit snuggly into a B cup, and her slightly layered blond hair was pulled into pigtails, leaving her bangs free to dust over her face and cheeks.

She too wore a uniform, but drastically different. Her pleated skirt, still very short, was green. A deep blue sweater vest clung over a short sleeve button up shirt, and a blue tie. The vest had a green accenting the collar and bottom, matching the skirt. Her bobby socks were white with a deep blue stripe along the top. Instead of sneakers she wore black shoes.

Her eyes were lined in black and dusted with a deep blue shadow, lips glossed to look slightly wet. It made her face seem perhaps older then Rosuto’s, who lacked any make-up. Her eyes were a very pale blue, contrasted to Rosuto’s deep brown, almost black eyes and brown hair.

“What took so long?” the blonde asked as she stepped away from the wall. Her voice was mature. She was oddly 18, the same age as her tall brunette friend.

“The wind. I had to keep stopping to fix my damn uniform.” The blonde laughed. “Shall we go, Ally?”

Ally smiled and nodded, and the two began down the sidewalk again. Rosuto pushed her teased hair away from her face. It fell just to her shoulders and was parted to the side, her bangs falling in and around her face.

“It’s weird that it’s so cold,” Rosuto said. “Shouldn’t it be getting warmer? It’s late spring! I want my warm weather!” Ally shrugged.

“There’s a cold front moving in. We’ll have like a week of this cold stuff. Maybe longer.” She shrugged. Ally personally like the cold weather more. It always left her body slightly more aware to every touch, every graze of wind.

“Damn,” Rosuto said with a sigh. “Well, I wanna get home and get under a blanket. You’d think they’d give us better uniforms for this weather!” Ally laughed.

“So wear your winter uniform,” she said as she smoothed her vest down. “It’ll be a little warmer.” Rosuto just shrugged. The two girls ran across the street and down another one, stopping in front of a cream colored house creamed in with many other assorted light color houses.

“You coming in?” Rosuto asked as she walked up to the door and pulled a key out from in a hanging plant. Ally shrugged and walked up the steps with her, nodding. Rosuto unlocked the door, slipped the key back in, and the two girls walked into the dark house.

They slipped their shoes off and padded across the white, soft carpet in their socked feet. It was easy to navigate the dark house; it hadn’t changed much in years. Up the stairs they went, then down the hall. Rosuto pushed open a bright orange door with pink skulls and hearts painted on it. They two walked into her room.

Ally flopped right down in a soft purple chair as Rosuto slipped the light on. The walls inside were each painted a different color. Behind Rosuto’s bed was a deep blue, the wall were the door was was a bright green. The wall with her closet on it was a deep red, and the remaining wall was black. She had been very bored when her mom told her that her room needed a new paint job.

Posters lined the walls; different colored pillows were all thrown on her bed, which was other wise black. It was like a rainbow had puked in a dark closet. And Ally was the one who had first said that.

“It still looks like a rainbow puked in here,” she said, green stupidly. Rosuto flopped on her bed and threw an orange, bean filled pillow at her.

“Shut up! I like it, and you know you do too.” Ally shrugged.

“Yeah, I do. It’s wicked cool, I’ll admit.” The two were quite for a moment, Ally fondling the pillow in her hands. Rosuto and Ally had been friends for years, all the way from middle school to now their last year in high school, even if they had never once gone to the same school. Over the years they’d gotten to watch each other grow, and, as typically goes with best friends, they’d developed a style similar to each other’s.

“When’s your mom getting home?” Ally asked as she finally stood up and walked around the room. She inspected the posters and pictures around the room like she’d never seen them before, even though it was impossible to count how often she’d been in here.

“’Nother hour, maybe.” Rosuto shrugged. “Not really sure. Why?”

Ally just shrugged. “I dunno,” she said. “It was a conversation starter that failed. Almost as bad as my attempts to get laid.”

Rosuto laughed at this. Ally grinned. Ally wasn’t known for being very frigid. She wasn’t considered a whore, but she was usually up for a good time.

Rosuto, on the other hand, was, well, what the kids considered a prude. She’d never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, and she was usually very tense upon any sexual advances. But she had her good reasons.

“I have to get you laid someday,” Ally said as she stopped in front of the mirror and fixed her pigtails. Rosuto’s face turned a deep rouge color.

“Oh, Ally, no! You can’t! It’d…it’d be awful!” Ally looked at her. She’d ask why, but she already knew. Rosuto was…born different. And she was convinced the world could never know. Well, the world except for her mother, Ally, and her damn doctors.

Rosuto was a hermaphrodite. A futanari. She was born with both a vagina and fully functional penis, though she lacked testicles and was born sterile in both her genitalia.

“Look,” Ally said, “I know you’re embarrassed, but you’re not the only futa on the planet! In fact, some people prefer you to either gender. Some people will only screw a futa.” She frowned. One of her last potential bed mates had been that way.

“But still! I don’t want anyone to know! If it gets spread around…oh the hell I’d have to go through!” She pushed her hair out of her face. “The kids aren’t really accepting at my school.”

Ally shrugged. She let it drop. She knew this was an issue Rosuto didn’t really like to push.

“So, hey…I heard that there’s a wicked show this weekend,” Ally said, deciding on a new, lighter topic. “Heard it in school. It’s gonna be wild. All local bands, but still good. Wanna go?”

Rosuto smiled. “When?”

“Saturday night,” Ally said. “Out passed the city line, in the fucking boonies.” She laughed. “Perfect for the show though, we won’t get the cops called. I hope anyway.” Rosuto sighed.

“I highly doubt my mom would be up for it. The few shows she ever let me go to she regretted, after the complaints were in and the cops showed up.” Ally laughed.

“So don’t tell her. My mom figures I’m staying at a friend’s. Tell your mom you’re staying with me late, and you have no idea when you’ll be home.” The taller girl thought on this.

“What time?”

“Starts at eleven. Goes until the bands throats explode and the beer runs out.” She grinned. Rosuto hesitated, then smiled.


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