forbidden lust=new life

forbidden lust=new life forbidden lust=new life

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


two lover in a forbidden love create new life


two lover in a forbidden love create new life

Chapter1 (v.1) - forbidden lust=new life

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two lover in a forbidden love create new life

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Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 26, 2012



Nina awoke in her plush white bed, her body was still tingling from the night before, she got a visit from her lover. She was naked, her firm, luscious breasts were barely covered by the blue blanket she had draped over her heated body. She slowly sat up and stretched, letting her ultra-violet hair flow down her back loosely. She opened her soft blue eyes to look around her room, soft pinks and whites graced her eyes as the familiar sight came into focus.

Nina looked down to her breasts and her eyes got a little wider when she realized they had swollen slightly from the night before. Nina let out a happy squeak and threw her covers off, revealing her smooth, pink slit. She slowly got up out of her bed and walked to the mirror on her bureau, straightening her hair with a gleeful smile upon her lips. Nina took a moment to look at herself, her slender, petite form stood five and a half feet tall.

'Last night was so passionate...'

Nina blushed a little at the thought of the previous night, her breasts were swollen because of what had happened. She had to find her lover, to know if it was a sign of something. Nina walked out her door to the common room, around a dozen other naked women were sitting on soft chairs or couches, a fireplace sitting in the centre of the room. Nina walked along through the small crowd without so much as a glance from another female. It was normal for people to be exposed in the city in which Nina lived. Everyone who lived there was a female, and everyone trusted and showed affection for everyone else.

Nina walked out of the dormitory in which she lived with the some odd two dozen other girls, unfortunately the woman she had fallen in love with didn't live amongst them. Nina walked along toward her lover's dorm, her hips swaying slightly and elegantly as she walked. Nina came to the door of the dorm and pushed it open slowly, walking into the common room. Nina didn't see her pink-haired lover among the crowd, so she went to the door marked 71 and entered the room to see her lover asleep on her bed. Nina climbed into the bed next to her lover and her lover awoke slowly, her light blue eyes meeting Nina's.

"Good morning Star..." Nina spoke softly, slipping her arms around Star's waist as she nuzzled into her love's body.

"Mmm...Morning Nina...Last night was...amazing..." Star's voice was just as soft as Nina's, Star's voice being only a slightly higher pitch than Nina's. Nina blushed and nodded, her hands sliding up to Star's back.

"M...My breasts are swollen...Th...They're bigger than they were last night..." Nina's voice was tinged with concern, worried it may be something bad. Star smiled brightly and her arms slid around Nina's waist almost instantly.

"Nina...You're pregnant...You have to be..." Star's heart raced along with Nina's, their breasts pressed against one another as they held each other tightly.

"I...I am?..." Nina's voice became hopeful, she had never been pregnant before and she was looking forward to having a daughter. Nina thought for a few moments before she looked up to meet Star's gaze. "H...How long will it take?"

Star smiled and let her hand run along Nina's belly, feeling a small bump on it. "She's already growing inside nightfall you should be almost half way to the minimum..."

Nina nodded softly and felt her belly, suddenly feeling a little sick. Drained almost.

"Am I supposed to feel so tired?..." Nina looked at Star and she nodded, caressing Nina's cheek before placing a gentle kiss on her lover's lips. Nina didn't really understand the pregnancy, she was never taught about it, or any of the other, more complicated things about life in her life. Nina, along with every other female in the city, was not a normal human. They were all female, however their bodies made a thick, pink gel that gave them energy and allowed them to grow and change. The night before, Star had grown her clitoris so that she could take Nina as her own. The pink gel shot up into Nina's womb when Star climaxed, planting her seed in Nina's body.

"S...So how big will I get?..." Nina sounded worried once again, her body shaking in her lover's arms.

"You'll get pretty big if you want her to be the full size when she comes out...You might not even be able to walk...But I'm just worrying you, she can come out well before just means we'll have to take care of her a little bit before she can be on her own..."

Nina nodded slowly and kissed Star again, whispering to her once she pulled away. "I want to take care of her...together with you...Being her mother with you is a dream come true..."

Star smiled beautifully and brushed her nose against Nina's. "She'll be beautiful...I know she will."

Nina nodded softly and cuddled up against Star. Her lover, the one who took her virginity, the one who held her heart close and became a part of her body and soul.

"I need you Star...N...Never leave me?"

"I wouldn't dream of it Nina..." Star smiled and let her hand glide over Nina's belly, knowing their daughter was growing bigger and stronger inside the girl she held in her arms so protectively.

"I love you Star.."

"I love you too Nina...Always."

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