Play House: An erotic love story

Play House: An erotic love story

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Excerpt from Play House: An erotic love story by Friday St. James, available on Amazon.


Excerpt from Play House: An erotic love story by Friday St. James, available on Amazon.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Play House: An erotic love story

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Excerpt from Play House: An erotic love story by Friday St. James, available on Amazon.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 21, 2012



Play House

An Erotic Love Story

Friday St. James

Available on for $2.99. Search Play House Friday St. James

Copyright 2012 © Friday St. James

All Rights Reserved


“Did you do your homework?” he asked as she rested on the bench between sets on her stomach.

Her cheeks flushed. “Yes. Did you?”

Seth ignored her question. “So tell me a story.”

Kennedy buried her face in her hands.

“Don’t get shy on me. Tell you what, you tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.”

She laughed. “Isn’t that a grade school game?”

“No. That was ‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.’”

“Oh.” She hesitated and he wasn’t sure she would continue. And then she began, haltingly. “Well-l-l… I, um, fantasized about getting caught masturbating. It’s a favorite fantasy of mine.”

“Who catches you?” Seth asked.

She looked away. “It changes. But this time it was you.”

Seth touched the back of her leg and she squirmed slightly against the bench as if she had an itch she couldn’t quite reach. “Flex your muscle against my hand.” He saw her buttock clench but could not feel the muscle in her hamstring tighten. “Do it again. Your leg, Ken, not your butt.”

She tried it again. Better. He moved his hand higher toward her crotch.

“Okay, that’s what you should be doing during your curls. I’ll put my hand here to keep you conscious of the muscle. Don’t just flail your limbs about.”

Her skin felt warm and soft beneath his hand. She began the next set. “So you masturbated while thinking about me?”

She finished the set then sat on the edge of the bench. He knelt down and moved between her legs, resting his forearms on her thighs. “What else?”

“You walk in and catch me. You tell me it’s your job. Then, you move my hands out of the way and take over.”

“I masturbate you?”

“Yes.” She blushed.

Seth touched her face, running his fingers along her delicate jaw line. “Then what?”

“Then I… then you… we—”

“C’mon,” Seth said. “Whisper it in my ear.” He placed his ear next to her mouth and leaned in closer. He could feel the heat emanating from her core.

“I suck you off in my mouth,” she whispered. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck. His cock surged forward.

He leaned back, looking at her, his gaze heated. “Then what happens, kitten?” He leaned in again.

She cupped her hand around his ear. Her warm breath tickled his ear. “Then you lick me,” Kennedy whispered.

He looked deep into her eyes. “What is it that I lick? Your elbow?”

“No.” She giggled.

“Bring it on home, kitten. I lick your...?” he leaned in.

“Pussy,” she whispered in his ear then turned her face toward his. He longed to devour her mouth.

“Good girl.” He suspected she had wanted to say ‘vagina.’ He ran the pad of his thumb across her lower lip, his attention intently on her mouth. “Then?”

She hesitated. He wanted nothing so much as to push her back on the bench and, without missing a beat, slide his hard length into her pussy. He wondered if it would be as tight and wet as he imagined. “Do you fuck me?”



“First we do it missionary style. You pin my hands over my head.”

“A little mild bondage fantasy?” He ran his finger along the tempting sweep of her neck.

Kennedy nodded and pulled his head towards her so she can whisper in his ear again. “Then I get on my hands and knees and you stick your tongue in my asshole.”

Seth felt like he was going to come right then and there. He struggled to control his breathing and bring his heart rate down. She was enjoying his torture! He wanted to wipe that self-satisfied expression right off her face by taking her right there, right now.

Her nipples were visible even through the sports bra. He wondered what color they were. “Is there more?”

“Yes, one more thing,” Kennedy said, pulling his head to her again. “You fuck me from behind,” she whispered. She turned Seth’s face to hers and held his gaze. He is perversely pleased that her breathing is also labored. They sat this way for a minute, neither of them apparently willing to advance or retreat. Finally, Seth pushed himself up, stroking her firm thighs as he rose. He turned away from her.

When she spoke again, Seth’s back to her, her voice was unnaturally low. “I came before I got to the spanking fantasy.”

It was the final straw. Seth squeezed his eyes shut tight as he fought to control his eminent ejaculation. “Be right back,” he said through gritted teeth, when he trusted himself to move. He stumbled to the adjacent bathroom and shut the door firmly behind him.

Inside the small room, Seth yanked up the toilet lid and shoved down his athletic shorts, pumping his cock twice before shooting hot ropes of his seed into the toilet, the spasms continuing for several long moments. When he was spent, he leaned over the basin and splashed cold water on his face. Lifting his head, he looked at himself in the mirror. She had not touched him—yet she had driven him crazy with his own game. Now who felt like a teenager? His eyes were wild, his face flushed, his chest heaving. When he had finally calmed himself enough to return to the gym, Kennedy was gone.

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