A Knock of Passion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Who knew what one simple peek could cause to happen when this couple acts out their fantasy with their babysitter.

A Knock of Passion


Have you ever just wanted a quickie before your child interrupts? Here too. The moments were few and far between these days, but when they were, oh Lord they were worth it. Sucking the same cock over and over again can become boring, but with spice up your love life type situations it made it tantalizing overtime.


I welcome his cock in my mouth, as he tilts his head back and arch's at the feel of my lips caressing his shaft. My breasts tease his inner thigh as I suck hard, stroking him up and down with each movement of my mouth. He loved the way I gave him head. Always claimed I was the only woman to ever make him cum, a saying I prided myself on six years later, now with the title “wife”. Whether true or not, I held my title for my oral skills like a Medal of Honor. Hm, maybe that sounds a bit narcassic, but as a Mom we need those moments damnit. 


Darren was thick and the perfect size of manliness. My tongue teases his tip, slowly swirling the edge just gentle enough, while my firm grip coats his shaft with a warm friction of sexual enticement. 


Just a quickie before a night out without the kids was all. The tv played somewhere in the background but all I focused on was the sound of his moans. My lips caress the tip teasing him, wanting more and I enjoy every moment of pleasuring him. His thickness fills my mouth as my hand jerks his shaft. His naked body was one that has intrigued me are whole marriage. Tight abs, muscular legs and arms to die for;  that was my husband. I know woman lust after him, and that turns me on more than anything. 


Knock, knock, knock. 


“Shit,” Darren looks behind me to the open window as our sitter gawks at us from the door.  “Fuck, I forgot about that damn window,” he confesses as he squirms to pull his pants back on. 


I wipe my mouth, knowing this was something we would have to discuss - as adults. 


“Um, Alexandra, come in,” I smile.


“Hi, I- I’m so sorry,” she stutters. 


Alex was beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and lips that were full and welcoming. I wondered what they tasted like. 


“Alexandra!” Torri runs to her side, hugging her legs and smiling. “Yeah, I can’t wait to play!”


“Yes, hunnie, you guys will play in a bit. Mommy and Daddy have to have an adult meeting with Alex quick. Give us a bit ok? Go to your room and I’ll have Alex come knock when she’s ready ok?”


“Yes, mommy.”


I could see Alex was worried. “Come on,  let’s go into the guest room and talk.” I smirk.


“I- I’m so sorry,” she starts to apologize. “I didn’t -I didn’t mean to see anything. I swear.”


“Sh,” I hush her lips, my fingers touching them lightly.  “It’s ok. You’re not in trouble.”


“I’m not?”


I shake my head and look to Darren, who I can tell is thinking what I’m thinking as he stares at her lightly exposed breasts. 


“Alex, how much did you see?”


She bows her head, her face flushed. “Everything.”


“I see. One more question,” I look to her, my eyebrows raised, “how much did you enjoy it?”


“Excuse me?”


“How much did you enjoy it?” My eyes look to Darren and I smile. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and tonight seems like the perfect time to get what we’ve been wanting. 


“Alex, do you know why Darren and I have you watch our children?”


“Because I’m good at my job?”


“No, baby,” I brush her hair. “Because we fantasize about you, and tonight we would love to live out that fantasy.” I look to Daren and bite my lip, my clit tingling just from asking. “I know you look at my husband, let’s act out your fantasy as well, what do ya think?”


Alex looked like the naughty girl, you know the kind you wouldn’t want around your house because you were afraid your husband would fuck her type. I wanted her though. I’ve wanted her since the first interview and tonight we were going to live out a fantasy I’ve had for a while. 


“I know you’re a naughty girl,” I lean in and bite her lip. “I want you to be naughty with me and my husband. Will you do that for us?”


Her eyes scan my body and then Darren’s and I know she’s in. 


“Baby, show her that dick of yours. She’s had a preview already, let’s give her a taste.”


Bending to her knees, Alex awaits as Darren unzips and releases his cock for her viewing pleasure. He’s hard and ready for her to touch him in ways she’s only imagined at home masturbating with herself.


“You first.”


Her lips wrap around Darren, his head arches back with pleasure from the feel of another woman upon him. I tingle watching him. My pussy’s wet. I want her to feel it. I take her hand and lead it up my legs. She takes control from there caressing me up and down, teasing me, her lips still stimulating the tip. 


Her finger penetrates and I moan in response. In and out her fingers stroke my wetness. Grabbing Darren’s cock, jerking him off she pulls her finger from within me and sucks her finger slowly, staring at me as she does, a sinful smirk upon her face. “Mhmm, your wife tastes so good,” she looks to Darren. Her eyes were sultry and I wanted nothing more than to feel them on me as she licked my clit. Soon it would be my turn, but for now Darron was what it was all about. 


Our whole relationship has always been a wow-factor type appeal. Whatever sexually explicit and exciting ideas we could think of we would act out. We are not ones to believe fantasy's should be kept as just that. Where was the fun in that? No, if we dreamt it or fascinated about it at all, we embraced it. This was something we have both wanted for years, just finding the right girl was difficult, and one of age of course was even harder. But, Alex was perfect; the sexy college student ready to embrace in all things sexually questionable at this stage in her life. It was time. 


Faster her mouth works up and down Darren’s shaft. My lips press his, our tongues colliding as Alex’s lips sway below us. 


Alexandra looks up to us, “can we go to the bed?”


We agree and make our way to the bed, unclothing as we do. Naked, we stare at one another for a minute, taking in the beauty of our bodies. Alex’s curves are enticing, her breasts full and perky, and the ass of an athlete. Darren stares her up and down with acceptance. I know he’s fantasized her about her for a while, and I was ready for him to embrace his inner desires. 


“Touch her baby,” I command. 


He obliges and pushes her to the bed before us. His fingers trace her soft skin, caressing her breasts, skimming her midriff, and finally touching her clit. Her body reacts to his motions and I touch myself as I watch him with her. 


“May I?” She turns to me, touching my skin and pushing me softly to the bed next to her. 


Darren, his fingers within her pussy, strokes his cock as he watches Alex lick my erected nipples, her hands cusping my breasts with a firm grip. I moan at the touch of her fingers teasing me. Soft, warm, lips mark their territory on my body slowly working down lower and lower until she reaches my clit. Her lips, soft and warm, lick it lightly. The sensation provides my body with a burst of chills, goosebumps making her presence known. Her tongue feels good against me. 


Grabbing the sheets I squeeze as the feel of her mouth around me fuels my libido. I knew she was the one. 


“Alex, are you ready for me to fuck the shit out of you?” Darren asks. She nods, never removing her mouth from my pussy. Darren pushes his cock within her tightness, moaning from the feel of her walls surrounding him. Grabbing her hips from behind, he thrusts himself within her with rough, deep motions. He’s wanted to do so for such a long time, watching his fulfillment fuels my eroticism. He looks so satisfied knowing what her young and beautiful pussy feels like around his cock, and I now know what her plump lips feel like around my clit. We were fulfilling the ultimate fantasy. 


Moans escape her youthful lips as she bites down on my inner thigh trying to mask the sound. Panting, I touch my breasts and tickle my nipples. Faster with increasing pressure, Darren pushes his cock into her. With each thrust, she sucks on my clit as if to release the sensation she if feeling upon me. Small moans escape my lips and I stare to the locked door to ensure we have not made a disturbance for Torri to question. My heart pounds at the idea of being caught. No such problem though this time. 


“My turn,” I smile, deciding to taste what I’ve lusted after as well for some time. 


Switching positions I pull my body under Alex’s pussy as Darren thrusts religiously into her still. My head stares up at her beautiful lips for me to indulge in, her tight ass in my view. My fingers rub her clit roughly, releasing a moan I’ve only heard in porn from her sultry lips. I watch as Darren’s cock penetrates her, but he knows its my turn with her. Pulling himself from her, I watch her lips release from his grip. Now lying upon the bed where I was before, Alex’s lips suck Darren’s cock once more as I take over her her wet pussy.  I suck my finger  and rub her clit again, this time feeling her clench around it. My mouth covers hers , sucking up on her lips, her legs quivering as my intensity grows. She tastes so good. Finger fucking her, she tightens around them as her body squirms as I suck her intensely, my mouth moving back and forth. Hot and bothered, my fingers reach for my own self, wet and ready to cum.


 With each push in myself my mouth works more intense at pleasing her. Clenching, her body shakes and its ready for release. Faster she sucks off Darren as I suck her clit, breathing in like a vacuum. Grasping the bed sheets her body's spasm before me as her sweet cum releases entering my mouth. Rubbing my clit harder from her orgasm, I am ready as well. Our bodies collide slightly as the feel is almost to overwhelming. 


Never removing her lips from Darren’s cock, she glides up and down his shaft a few times more before his eyes shut tightly and his body releases his own build up. Cum fills her mouth as she takes in what she’s done to my husband. The arousal of the situation was an addiction all in itself. Something I questioned if we could continue. It’s funny how one simple knock can change everything, don't you think?

Submitted: October 25, 2018

© Copyright 2022 foxyroxie. All rights reserved.

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Fri, October 26th, 2018 3:20pm

Amy F. Turner

So great to see a couple truly enjoying themselves despite kids and can have some time to please each other in such a hot fashion. Love how you incorporate that knock that brings the reader back to focus with the title. Very sensual in your telling! Well written too.

Sun, October 28th, 2018 7:49pm


Thank you Amy! I wanted to come up with a story line that showed that and I’m glad it came through with the storyline!

Sun, November 11th, 2018 8:01pm

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