Summer Heat

Summer Heat

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A writer who has nothing to write about for her first romance novel and no real love life to speak of. A carpenter/school teacher who’s never settled down. Fate brings them together in their hometown, but can she trust enough to let her heart fall for the man that used to tease her when they were young.


A writer who has nothing to write about for her first romance novel and no real love life to speak of. A carpenter/school teacher who’s never settled down. Fate brings them together in their hometown, but can she trust enough to let her heart fall for the man that used to tease her when they were young.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

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Haven’t quite finished this chapter but feel free to read it and tell me what you think so far. (Just a quick rough draft)

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 11, 2018




Chapter One




I stood in front of my grandmother’s house for the first time in five strenuously long years, a mixture of fear and heartache running through my veins as I remembered the reasons I had left and vowed never to return to the town of Beaufort, South Carolina. My heart ached in such an unforgiving fashion that I felt almost physically sick.

My Grandmother, Tracey Benson, was getting inpatient with the duties that were required to keep the house looking nice and cleanly presentable. That was the excuse she gave me when she called me a few weeks ago as she desperately tried to convince me to come live with her. I knew very well that my grandmother would get off her deathbed to make sure this historical house was cleaned properly and that I wasn’t really needed as a cleaning service.

I wasn’t intimately close to Tracey Benson as most grandchildren are with their beloved grandparents. We were once closer than most people are with their spouse; however things changed after the death of my father. Joshua Benson was a strong minded man with a heart bigger than all of South Carolina itself, I suppose that was why he ended up being killed around the corner of grams house.

I knew that my grandmother would call me eventually, knowing that my job could be done anywhere and being that I am her only living relative left alive I knew I would have to go to South Carolina eventually. After the murder of my father my life had turned into a whirlwind of long nights drinking lots of black coffee and typing away on my computer; putting all of my emotions into my work, letting words flow out onto paper that would eventually lead to an award winning series of books. The murder mystery series I had written after the death of my beloved father where often the main controversial topic with reporters and the media because of how my father died. The easiest way for me to deal with this was to write another book that the media could focus on; I pride myself in being able to right all genres, the only one left and the one I was currently trying to produce was a romance novel.

Being that I was never really spectacular at keeping a boyfriend for more than a week before I became a famous author I didn’t see the point in dating now; it was something I was starting to regret as I no longer could come up with a great storyline for the romance novel I needed to produce within the next couple of months.

Now that I was going to live with my grandmother I hoped that it would be just the thing to get the storyline I needed for a great romance. Tracey was quite the romantic at heart and oftentimes would send me pictures of her and her knew favor of the month.

As I scanned the large white Victorian house and the land around it I notice that not a plant, flower, tree branch or rock was out of place it looked as perfect as it always had. Tracey walked out onto the wraparound porch to welcome me home with a warm hug and a kiss to my temple.

“I thought you wouldn’t be here for another week Em?” My grandmother questioned with half hearted surprise.

“I thought I’d come early, I only brought enough clothes to last a month and then the movers will bring my things here, I didn’t want any reporters here so I have made plans for this to go very discreetly.” I made it clear how much I wanted some free time away from the likes of the media for once.

“Oh honey you won’t have to worry too much around here, this little town is quite peaceful.” Gran gave me a big smile and pulled me into the house.

I rolled her eyes, yeah I knew just how peaceful a town full of people with nothing better to do than gossip could be. I was hoping that no one would recognize me as Joshua Benson’s kdaughter, but knew that that was a little too hopeful.

As I stepped into the old Victorian style house I winced as a flash of memories flew through my mind. It would be a very long time before I would be able to get used to being back in this home. I followed my grandmother to the stairway and up the stairs as she led me to my old bedroom. I half expected it to be the childish pinks and plush stuffed animals of my childhood but it wasn’t, Gran had repainted it a soft white with blue accents. The bed was now a queen size instead of the little twin I once had, and the nice plush cover was a fluffy white with little blue and grey pillows decorating it. My nightstand and dresser were stained a dark brown and a mirror was added on top of my dresser.

“You did all of this by yourself Gran?” I asked placing my bags by the dresser.

“Of course not, that young Jackson Lockman has been helping me update the inside of this house for nearly two years now.” She said with a small smile.

“Little Jackson from school that tormented me all the time, Jackson?” I stared at my grandmother in surprise.

“The very same, although he is definitely not little anymore. The young man could be a Greek god with all that tanned muscle.”

“Oh Gran why did you have to go make this conversation really uncomfortable.” I glared at Gran and shook my head, the woman was crazy.

“He’s coming over today for some lunch and to do some more painting around the house if you want to see what I’m talking about.” Gran stated before turning towards the door.

“No thanks, I’m going to let you admire the ‘Greek god’ alone and I’m going to go get something from Grace’s Diner.” I watched the woman as she left my room and then sighed rolling my eyes. How did I let myself get drawn back here.

I reached into my bag of clothes and grabbed a small white spaghetti strap dress. The material was soft and light perfect for these sticky summer days in Southern Carolina. Placing the dress on the bed I walked into my bathroom and took the t shirt and jeans I was wearing off; then contemplated on taking a nice cool shower. Looking at my matted down dark brown hair I decided if I wanted to look even semi decent I had better shower and wash this tangled mess of wavy hair. I turned the shower on cool and stripped the rest of the way. Pulling my long hair out of the pointy tail I had hastily placed it in when I got to town, I slowly stepped into the cold shower. A shiver went down my spine as I let the cold water hit my skin.

After showering I dried off and wrapped the towel around my head to soak up the water from my hair. I went back into my room and quickly found a clean pair of white silk panties and put them on. Deciding it was too hot for a bra I slipped into the white dress and pulled the towel off my head running my fingers through my hair. Digging in one of my bags I searched for a brush but came up empty. I could have sworn I had packed my brush. Frowning I got up and went in search of my grandmother, maybe she had a good brush I could use.

“Gran! I can’t find my brush do you have one I could use?” I questioned loudly as I padded barefoot into my grandmother’s kitchen. I was still running my fingers through my hair desperate to get some of the bigger tangles out.

“You grandmother went to the store she said she forgot salad for lunch today.” A husky voice stated from the far end of the kitchen. I turned to see who’s the manly voice belonged to and stared dumbfounded at six foot five mountain of perfectly tanned muscle. His dark hair was a tad shaggier than I normally cared for but it made this handsome man look even more mysterious.

“I’m sorry who are you?” I questioned the man not being able to keep my eyes of his bare chest. Why did he have his shirt off in my grandmother's kitchen.

“I’m Jack, you must be Emily? Sorry I’ve been outside painting and I didn’t want to get anything on my shirt.” He gestured at his shirtless body.

“Oh.. so um where did you say my grandmother went?” I asked looking in the fridge for some juice or anything to keep my eyes off his chiseled chest.

“Salad, at least that’s what she said.”

My eyes glanced down at the already made mango salad. I pulled the salad out of the fridge and held it up so he could see.

“That woman is trying to set us up.” I said putting the salad back into the fridge.

“Haha, well she has no boundaries, we should have expected it.” He laughed low in his chest and came into the kitchen to wash the paint off his hands.

I watched him attempt to scrub the paint off and laughed when he started to give up.

“You need goop off. Or nail polish remover.” I said going to the corner cupboard and getting the goop off that my grandmother always kept in the house for the many projects that inevitably she would want done. Grabbing it I turned to Jackson and held out a hand for him to give me his. He complied putting his bigger hands in my hand. I poured some of the goop off in his hand and set the bottle down. I pulled his hands back over the sink and started scrubbing his hands.

“Are you always this bossy?” He asked me a smirk on his face.

“Only when it’s needed.” I said trying to ignore the fact that he was watching me closely.

They tried not to breath as the strong smell of the paint thinner assaulted our noses. Jackson’s arm kept touching my side as I finished scrubbing the paint off of his hands. Finally done I poured soap on his hands and squirted some in my hand as well, washing my hands off and letting him do the same.

After I dried my hands I handed him the towel and left the kitchen in search of a brush. My hair wasn’t too bad I realized as I brushed my hair in my bathroom. It was a bit more curly than normal due to the humidity but it wasn’t too outrages. It hung down in heavy curls to my waist. I didn’t bother with make up the humidity would just make it melt off anyway.  I looked at my green eyes, they seemed to look even greener with my lightly sun kissed skin. My petite five foot four frame made me look like a small child more than anything; I sighed there was nothing I would be able to do about that.

Deciding I should go and check to see if my grandmother had gotten home I went downstairs to the kitchen. My grandmother sat at the kitchen table with Jackson an empty plate sat across from him. Of course my grandmother would have tried to set me up more.

“Gran I told you that I wasn’t going to stay for lunch.” I said looking to my grandmother.

“I insisted that she set a place for you and then I could take you to town later if you want.” Jackson answered.

Of course my grandmother probably told him to say so. I sighed and sat down across from him. He smiled a breathtaking smile at me and started to load some food onto my plate.

“Thank you Jackson.” I said kindly as he finished putting food on my plate.

The food consisted of the mango salad and some freshly fried chicken with a bit of green beans and some sweet tea.

I wasn’t going to lie I missed my grandmother’s homemade fried chicken and sweet tea. I slowly started to eat the food as I felt Jackson’s eyes on me again.

“So Emily what brought you back to Beaufort? I believe the last time I saw you was senior year of high school.” Jackson asked me, he was watching me so intensely.

“I came to see Gran, and because I need to finish my latest book and figured that coming home might help. Gran has a ton of good stories that might help.” I said glancing at my grandmother who smiled genially at me.

“Oh darling sometimes the best stories are ones that you live yourself. I believe this is one story that truly has to be your own.” Gran said looking at me and then glancing briefly to Jackson and back to me.

She was trying to set them up and Emily knew it. Jackson just seemed to think that it was amusing that Gran would try to set them up so obviously.

They talked about what Gran was wanting painted around the house and how much longer Jackson thought it would take.

“Hopefully if I’m lucky it will take the rest of the summer.” He said smiling at me.

“You can take as long as you need Jack.” Gran said giving him a knowing smile.

Was I missing something here? They seemed to know something that I didn’t. I needed to get out of the house for a little while, away from both of them. I was having a hard time thinking with this gorgeous man in front of me.

“I’m going to go get some fresh air. Thank you for the delicious food Gran.” I got up and took my plate to the sink washing my plate and silverware.

I could hear them talking and laughing from the other room and hurried to get out of the house. I went upstairs to get my shoes and purse and when I turned around to leave Jackson was in my doorway.

“Um hi?” I whispered.

Jackson nodded looking at the room.

“Do you like the colors okay? I can always change them if you’d like something different. Your Gran made me choose the paint so I just used the leftover paint from doing my house.” His eyes fell on my petite form, looking over my bronzed skin. I blushed briefly and then realized I had never answered him.

“Oh it’s perfect, thank you.” I fidgeted with my small purse that hung delicately on my shoulder.

“I don’t mind taking you into town if you want.” He smiled warmly and it made my heart flutter. I smiled before realizing what I was doing.

“Did Gran set you up to this? I am very capable of taking care of myself you know.”

“I don’t doubt that you can take care of yourself. I just think it might be nice for us to catch up. That and playing your Gran’s game helps limit her nagging.” He said with a chuckle.

“I’m sure it does. Alright if you insist on taking me to town. I just want to see if there has been many changes since I left and I’d like to stop by Grace’s on the way home for some of her cinnamon apple pie.” I didn’t know why I was rambling on to this man that stood at the edge of my room. I guess it was because he seemed like he truly wanted to get to know me, and what could it hurt I wouldn’t be here long.

“Only if I can pay.” He stated. I froze for a second, was he trying to make this a date? I shook myself, maybe he was just playing along for Gran’s benefit. The old bat was surely listening in on their conversation.

“We will see.” I said walking past him and into the hall.

They headed downstairs where I could hear Gran scurrying back to the kitchen. I rolled her eyes, good grief the woman was seriously nosey. I was a twenty five year old for crap sacks, why did everyone especially Gran think they needed to set me up with someone.

As they walked outside I realized I didn’t see another vehicle in front of the house, just her Gran’s car and her car were there. I glanced over at Jackson questioningly.

“I live next door. There is a path through the trees over there, my house is only a short walk if you would like to go in my truck I need to pick up some more supplies for the house while we are in town.” He had gestured towards the bushes on the left side of Gran’s property.

“Oh, okay. Um there isn’t a lot of mudd that way is there? Not that I mind mud it's just that I’m wearing white and I really don’t want the mud to stain.” I looked at the ground as if that could help my embarrassment.

“There shouldn’t be the weather has been dryer than normal today.” He said starting to walk towards the bushes.

I followed alongside him glancing skeptically at the ground in front of us as we walked. When we passed the bushes getting further into the forest the ground seemed to slowly get more mushy and soft under my feet and I stopped. Suddenly Jackson dipped down and picked me up swiftly in his strong arms making me yelp in surprise.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you? You knew the ground was wet over here.” I slapped his chest with my hand.

“I knew there was a slight chance the ground was wet, but I also knew I could carry you if needed.” He chucked low in his chest and she could feel the rumble as my body was pressed against his firm chest.

I huffed and rolled my eyes at him. I liked the feel of his warm muscular arms around me, holding me close. His skin brushed against my bare legs making a shiver of excitement shoot to my core. Had it been that long since I’d been touched by a man. I thought back through the years as I studied his handsome face, yes it had been a few years since I had let myself date.

I blushed when he looked down raising an eyebrow and smiling at me. I glanced away immediately and looked towards the trail, seeing that they were almost to his house. I really didn’t want this to turn into anything, but her body felt neglected over the years and was craving a man's touch. As we reached the little gate that separated the properties I thought he would put me down to open the gate but instead he just held me tighter with one arm and opened the gate with the other. He held me close, walking around his backyard to the other side of his house and set me down on the gravel driveway. I was surprised at how much I craved for his arms to be around me as we walked in silence to his old 1967 Chevy truck that looked to be in perfect condition. I admired the pristine red paint and white trimming.

“Did you restore this yourself? I remember your grandfather driving this around town, but I didn’t this it could run anymore.” I said touching the passenger door letting my fingers slowly slide across the warm metal.

“I finished it up a few years ago.” Jackson beamed at me and opened my door for me.

He held his hand out to let me in and I smiled taking his hand. What the heck was wrong with me, why was I reacting to him this way? As I sat down I ran my hands across the beautiful white leather seats mesmerized at how much work had gone into restoring his grandfather’s truck back to its former glory.

“You are the first girl that has been inside this truck you know.” He said smiling at me as he climbed in the drivers side.

“What, why?” I asked shocked at his admission.

“I’ve never really dated since my freshman year of collage. And I wasn’t about to just let any girl have a ride in my grandfathers truck.” I blushed as he stared at me seriously.

“I’m nothing special, and we aren’t dating, so why me.” I asked not sure I’d want to hear the answer.

“You honestly don’t see yourself do you.” He said starting the truck. It rumbled to life beneath us and my heart fluttered.

“I mean I wrote a few books but…”

“You aren’t special just because you wrote a few award winning books Emily. You are special because you are kind and gorgeous, and you don’t worry about what other woman think of you. You are strong despite every bad thing that has happened in your life. You know, I came to New York to see your interviews when you’d finish your books. You would get torn apart by reporters asking all these horrible questions about your father and you just stood there as if they didn’t matter at all. You said what you wanted them to know and that was all they got from you.”

I stared at him, my mouth a gape as I tried to comprehend what he had just said.

“Why did you go all the way to New York to see my interviews? I don’t know if I should be flattered or freaked out that you were stalking me.” I whispered.

“I assure you it wasn’t in a creepy way. Your Gran asked me to go make sure you’d be okay. She loves you so much you know. She was scared that with all the questions about your father you would need someone you knew there. When I saw that you could handle yourself I didn’t want to interfere so I just watched.” He said a small smile on his face as he glanced over at me.

I frowned, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed that he was just there because Gran had sent him. This handsome man that made my heart flutter when we had just gotten reacquainted today, was only here because Gran asked him to be here not because he actually liked me.

I turned towards the window and watched the sun begin to set behind the live oak trees that lined the road densely. I continued to watch out the window and let an uncomfortable silence fall between us as I waited to see the little town shops.




I watched her face turn sad and she moved to look out the window. I didn't understand, what had I said that made her so upset. I had thought things were going smoothly so far. I racked my brain for anything to say that could bring back the lighthearted smile they she usually wore. As nothing came to mind I had no choice but to settle for silence, at least until we made it to town.

I couldn’t believe it when Tracey Benson had asked me to look after her granddaughter. At first I thought it was just out of concern for Emily, that her Gran was asking for my help. But soon I realized that Tracey was actually trying to set Emily and I up and it didn’t sit right with me. I was a grown ass man with too much on my plate already, with the carpenter business and teaching high school English.

I had read Emily’s first book of her first series not long after it had come out and was slightly intrigued by her even before her Gran had asked me to look out for her. It didn’t mean I liked the old woman trying to set Emily and I up. After all it had been several years since I had really had contact with Emily. But after that first time of going to New York and seeing her petite figure stand before those vultures and tell them about her book, I had started to fall for her all over again.

Today, seeing her earlier when she had walked into her gran's kitchen barefoot and running her fingers through her wet tangled hair I had felt a lust for her so strong I couldn’t breath. She was gorgeous in her small white sundress and no makeup on. And when she told me I was getting the paint off my hands wrong and decided to help me herself my heart had warmed. I had so badly wanted to brush her hair from her face and off her shoulder when she had scooted next me grabbing my hands to wash them. I wanted to feel her soft skin on mine and it had been driving me crazy.

When Tracey got home I had set an extra place for Emily at the table without a word. And when Tracey had questioned me about it I had tried to act nonchalant about it when I told her it was for Emily.

Throughout dinner Emily had seemed nervous and agitated. And after I told her that I could take her into town she only seemed more wary. When we had headed for the little path between our properties Emily had asked about mud. I had seen mud on the way over to her gran’s house but decided to see what she would do if I just picked her up when we came to it. The feel of her warm skin on mine was sending me into a craze and the intoxicating smell of her sweet perfume pushing my limit on controlling myself.

Now sitting across from me in my grandfather’s old truck she seemed to get closed off again where before she had been a bit more playful. I sighed and shook my head this breathtaking woman was going to be the death of me.

When we got to town I headed towards the little locally owned hardware store.

“Do you mind if we stop in here first I just need to get some more supplies for your grandmother’s house.” I was watching her closely as I parked in front of the little store. She lifted her head from the window and looked around as if she hadn’t noticed we were in town already.

“Oh, um yeah that’s fine, I’ll just wait here for you.” She said absently. I nodded and left the truck running for her as I left and went inside.

After gathering the few things I needed, a few paint brushes and rollers, I headed to the only checkout desk. The owner George, stood behind the desk ringing my things in.

“Is that Joshua Benson’s daughter?” He asked me nodding towards my truck that you could see through the large glass windows. Emily had slipped her shoes off and had her feet up on the dash as she read one of the many books I kept in my glove box. I smiled glad that she was making herself at home and relaxing a little bit.

“Yes, it is. Emily is finally back home where she belongs.” I said happily. George smiled at me knowingly.

“You have always been sweet on that girl Jack. Are you two finally an item?” He asked me as he handed me my bag of supplies.

“No, I hoping to take her for some of Grace’s pie tonight though.” I said with a wistful grin before leaving and going back to the truck.

I threw the supplies in the back and got in smiling over at Emily.

“You chose a good one. That’s one of my favorites.” I said nodding to the book in her hand as she looked up at me. She blushed and her cheeks warmed a beautiful pink.

“Sorry I snooped.” She replied and I reached over and tucked a loose strand of her curly brown hair behind her ear without thinking.

“You can snoop whenever you want.” I told her before turning to put the car in drive.

Her dress had slid down against her thighs and I so desperately wanted to be able to run my hands up her tan legs and kiss every part of her. I gripped the steering wheel tighter and tried to focus on the road as we drove out of the parking lot.

“Do you think Turn the Page is still open?” I smiled as she referred to my little sister’s bookstore.

“Of course it is only eight o'clock and Brooklynn has been dying to see you.” I answered heading towards the little bookstore ideally located right next door to Grace’s diner.

The smile that lit her face was priceless as we pulled up to the bookstore and she couldn’t wait for me to open her door. She hopped out as soon as I parked and hurried into the store. I laughed grabbing her shoes from the truck floor and followed her inside. When I found her, she was perched on the counter with Brooklynn talking animatedly. I overheard my name before they stopped to look at me.

“Somehow I figured that you two would end up talking about me.” I said smiling mischievously. Emily blushed and Brooklynn laughed before pointing a finger at me.

“Oh yes dear brother I was just telling Emily how you would rush in here the day one her new books would come out just to be the first one in town to buy each of her books.” Brooklynn winked at me. I rolled my eyes, of course she would try to embarrass me in front of Emily, she had know that I was falling for Emily since we were young.

I looked at Emily and smiled as another flush of pink flooded her cheeks. I held up her shoes and she laughed about to jump down to put them on. I walked forward and gently slipped them back on her feet for her.

“Well you two ladies finish your conversation I’m going to go see about getting a fresh cinnamon apple pie from Grace.” I said turning to go.

“Oh bring some coffee too please.” Brooklynn holard after me.




“So, how have you been?” Brooklynn asked as I watched her brother walk to the front of the store.

“Good.” I answered smiling as Jackson looked back a me with the sexiest smirk on his face and winked.

“Ahah, I see that.” Brooklynn’s giggle got my attention and I turned to look at the woman. She had a smile on her face, her short brown hair framed her face making her warm chocolate colored eyes pop.

“What?” I asked her. She smiled even wider and nodded in the direction her brother left in.

“My brother has liked you since before I can remember. He was so worried when your grandmother asked him to look after you that you would think that’s the only reason he was doing it. But he would have looked out for you no matter what. And now I can see that he’s not the only one with more than just friendship on the mind.” I blushed at her words.

“What do you mean, Jackson was always so annoying rude when we were younger. I barely recognized him, he used to be so much skinnier and careless.” I asked curiously.

“Jackson only teased you because he liked you. He also hated school at least until you helped tutor him sophomore year. Did he tell you he's an English teacher at the high school?”

I looked at her in shock, Jackson as an English teacher of all things. I was about to ask more about Jackson, when I heard the bell to the front door. I turned to see him walking in holding a pie in one hand and a cup holder with steaming cups of coffee in the other.

“Perfect timing, I’ve been dying for a cup of coffee all night.” Brooklynn said snatching a cup from him. “You two feel free to look around I’m going to go to the back and get some more work done.”

I watched as she winked at me and then left Jackson and I alone. Looking back at him, he grinned at me and held the cup holder to me. I took it and he reached for my other hand interlocking our fingers and then started towards the back of the store.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we passed Brooklynn sitting in her little office area. I tried not to think too much about his warm hand holding mine.

“You’ll see.” He led me over to a small winding staircase.

It was so small I was expecting him to let go of my hand but he didn’t he just pulled me up the stairs behind him. When we reached the top he moved so that I could see everything. Looking around I saw that the little space had been converted into a little secluded sitting area. There was a little couch and a coffee table on one side and a tv hung on the wall across from it with nearly a hundred different movies lining a bookshelf under the tv. A little rocking chair was in the corner of the room with a few handmade crochet blankets. Turning a saw double glass doors and a little deck. A little kitchenette stood next to the doors.

“It's adorable!” I smiled at him.

“I thought you might like it. I also thought it would be the perfect spot for you to write your next book.” He said leading me to the couch and setting the pie on the coffee table. I sat down next to him and placed our cups on the table as well. I realized he had never let go of my hand when his thumb brushed across the top of my hand gently.

“So how are we going to eat the pie without any forks.” I said slipping my hand from his and picking up the pie. I dipped my finger into the whipped cream on top and put it in my mouth.

“The little kitchenette in the corner over there has some forks, I'll grab some.” He stood and went over to the kitchenette and opened the little ornate drawer.

I studied his features, he was definitely good looking. His dark brown hair slightly disheveled and his muscular build shone through his clothes. His strikingly handsome features where driving me insane, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. The worst part was that I was starting to not mind his company, I was drawn to him.

“Well there is only one fork left, I guess Brooklynn took the rest to wash them.” Jackson said coming back to sit with me. He dipped the fork into the pie and scooped up a bite of it tuning to me and he held it towards me.

“Would you like the first bite?” He held the fork so that he could feed me the first bite of pie.

I smiled and leaned forward taking the little bite. I groaned, the freshly made pie was so good. We continued to take turns eating little bits of the pie as we talked about how our lives have changed since high school. I was seriously warming up to Jackson, I didn’t intend on getting close to anyone, but Jackson was an old friend and it was getting increasingly easier to relax around him.

“Last bite?” Jackson finally said hold the last bite up.

“I get the first and last bite?” I teased.

“Only because you are worth sharing with.” He winked at me and I giggled taking the last bite into my mouth.

I closed my eyes savoring the taste of the pie. Suddenly I felt Jackson’s lips on mine, warm and soft. He kissed me deeply. For a split second I almost pulled away, but it had been a long time since I had been kissed and it felt so good. Jackson pulled away sooner than I wanted and opened my eyes to look at him.

“I’m sorry, I needed to steal at least one kiss.” He smiled down at me, reaching up he cupped my face with a warm hand and I leaned into his touch closing my eyes briefly.

God what was I doing? I wasn’t ready for a relationship, my mind was spinning. His thumb brushed against my cheek bringing me back to reality. He started to let his hand drop and I knew that this was going to get awkward if I didn’t do something. Before i could stop myself I leaned forward and pulled his face back down to mine kissing him greedily. His arms pulled me closer lifting me up onto his lap. One of his hands slid up under my hair and held my neck and the other found its way down to grip my rear firmly. I moaned as his hands held me close, and I could feel his hard cock through his jeans. Both his hands slid under my dress as he kissed me roughly.

Before I knew it I was on my back on the couch and he was above me smirking. He leaned down and nipped at my neck lightly then kissed the spot his teeth previously were at. A hand at my waist slid down as he ran a finger across my mound making me shiver in anticipation. With a quick smile and a kiss on the lips he slid his fingers under my underwear and slid them down.

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