Luna's Lust for her Lacking Harem

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

be prepared

The clouds of Equestria stood still in their sky,
barely a single Pegasus could be seen to fly.

Beneath a tree full of apples that hung from every branch,
lay a distraught princess who sought calmness at the ranch.

Mane deep blue with a waving and gracious movement,
to her elegance and beauty her sad face was like a dent.

Luna the younger sister and ruler of the fair pony land,
after a thousand years there was much new to understand.

She sighed and she whimpered as tears formed in her eyes,
the stories of Nightmare Moon made her no longer a price.

Her tears began falling as she hid her pretty if sad face,
not noticing the hoof steps that slowly towards her phase. 

She blinked and she jumped to her hooves by the sudden nudge,
only to meet kind green eyes seeming unable to hold a grudge.

"Pardon me princess, but ah reckon ye look a bit upset."
The red stallion said and gave the kindest smile one could get 

The royal sister looked at the calm stallion with uncertainty,
but her mind craved her to loose steam to keep her sanity.

"T'is true I am not in the best of moods, but whom art you to ask?"
She spoke and tried to ignore the difficulty of her straight-face-task.

"Name's Big Macintosh an' ah run this here farm."
He said with a voice that held no-pony no harm.

"I trust you know well that I was Nightmare Moon?"
She spat angrily and glared but Mac did not swoon.

"Ah heard that from my sister Applejack who met ye before."
Had the princess not flexed her shin would have hit the floor!

This pony was the brother of one of the elements she had fought?
"There is no stallion or mare to who's heart I have not fear brought..."

"So why do you seek me with such calmness in your face and tone?"
She looked at him expecting but never saw his terror to grown.

"Ah heard ye sob an' got worried yer was hurt or badly injured."
He spoke calmly and kindly as he explained what he had figured.

"You are certainly kind and caring for a stallion, forgive me my rage."
Luna soften her eyes and sat down in the royal manner so sage.

Big Mac did the same and placed heavily on the ground his solid plot,
"Ye look like ye need to get sumthing of yer heart, fer that this is the spot."

He nodded wisely and looked around the beautiful and calm acre,
Luna nodded and decided to trust this stallion solitude-breaker.

"My problem lies in my banishment that caused me such absence,
so much has changed and the new style is leaving me tense.."

"Wha'd be the problem tha's mostly botherin' ye me princess?"
Big Mac looked at her kindly as she blushed and felt stress.

"I do not expect you to understand me on this problem of mine...
but I am used to a world where a Princess's word was the line."

"Back then work was harder and teachings fewer so WE were needed,
however the ponies trust and craving for me and my sister has faded..."

"Ah reckon ah see yer problem, miss. Ye feel like ye lack sumthing?"
Luna nodded as she braced herself to speak what to her mind cling.

"In the old days we had a group of volunteer stallions at our pleasure,
Ponies who's work was to please us was always at our leisure."

The red pony lifted a brow at the story he never learned in school,
"Ah reckon t'day most males would deny or feel like a tool."

Luna nodded and sighed in agreement,
"There is truth in your statement".

"My sister have had time to learn to live with her pleasure-need,
myself however spent a millennia without no-pony to do the deed."

Big Mac thought for a moment as he scratched his chin,
"Ah fail t' see the problem, ye can't get yer pleasurin'?" 

"Ponies have evolved and desires friendship and dates, 
to only have one partner in their life to have as their mates."

"Ah reckon ah can help ye with yer problem miss Luna, if ye allow?"
She turned her gaze to him to question but got a sight of his "plow".

The stallion sat there no different in pose or speak then before,
however he now sat with an erection with promising size and store.

"As ye might have noticed thar's not many other males in town,
different times or not has not changed female lust to get down."

The stallion said softly with a voice both tender and self-sure,
Luna stared at the large rod as heat inside her begun to pour. 

"You mean that you act as Ponyville's women's pleasure-maker?"
She looked at the stallion who was clearly a female caretaker.

"Ah reckon ah am, got some mares around town an' weekly demands."
He smiled confidently and Luna blushed to the owner of the farmlands.

"You are full of yourself if you believe I will accept your offer just like that!"
She attempted and tried to uphold her pose but nearly stutteringly spat.

"Ah never said ye had to accept but ye can get what ye see,
but if ye accept and be willing, it'll be YOU full of me."

At that the cylinder rod twitched and winked and ejected it's scent,
a musky smell that forced Luna's trembling mind to give bent.

Luna swallowed big but not out of nervousity but out of anticipation,
she sat where she sat as Big Mac got up for a examination.

He circled her silently and eyed her rare alicorn body and curves,
Luna shivered as she felt his scent so strong it tickles her nerves.

Suddenly she felt something warm and moist spread over her neck,
Big Mac breathed on her before licking her poking her with his peck.

His expertise was undoubtful as Luna closed her eyes and sighed, 
feeling her blood rush like never before as if it had gone and dried!

The gentle licks and playful bites of the stallion brought her back in time,
to an era where the world was hers and everything was written in rhyme. 

A vibration coursed through her spine and she opened her blue's,
as Big Mac had reached down her tail and put his tongue to use.

Her legs flexed and forced her hind legs up and her fronts to lower,
making her glorious night-sky plot to above big red tower!

An chance he took with utmost haste yet care and tenderness,
placing his licker against the nether lips of the princess slenderness 

He caressed her rum with circle-motions with his large hooves, 
the soft sighs and moans from the princess said that she approves. 

Licking deeper and deeper into the private night sky's door,
the alicorn twitched her hooves and moaned "please, more."

However the farmer had different plans in mind and through,
pressing his muzzle against and she was gasping down brought! 

Not giving her a time to rest but not having any personal haste,
he begun to slowly rub his shaft against her buttocks as a taste.

"You are a cruel and wonderful stallion, so stop your teasing!"
Luna demanded stoutly from the pony that was her pleasing.

"Ah reckon ah must follow yer orders since yer a princess an' all."
Pressing his cylinder rod against the passage to his royal thrall.

Whimper and whines was all Luna could muster as he pushed and pressed,
a wet -plop- and he entered and she felt as if she had been blessed.

It slid and slid deeper with slow phase and careful speed,
Luna thanking silently that Mac was no pony of greed.

Finally the rod reached to a sensitive halt as it contacted the end,
The princess purred, sighed and moaned in a blissful blend.

Big Mac smirked slightly as he begun to move his hips back,
ejecting himself slowly from the wonder cave for another attack!

And attack he did with greater force and increased momentum,
he winced at the immense pleasure from her inside centrum.

The tightness for someone nearly twice his size was unaccounted for,
he nodded and decided to be careful in his royal-duty chore.

Luna had gasped at the more sudden and powerful impact, 
she felt her millennia virginity vanish from the bashful act!

All she could do was dig her glass-shoed hooved into the dirt,
she gave herself completely to this farmer female-expert! 

Moving her hips in rhythm with him to aid and meet the stallion's motion,
their synchronizing caused her to orgasm from the pleasure-wave ocean!

She sighed and panted as every nerve in her body relaxed and chilled,
her lust re-igniting and she felt the need to be even deeper drilled!

Her horn catching ablaze with magic as she had them both encased,
Big Mac groaned as the magic massage nearly had him spaced.

He recovered and increased his phase as he was nearing his peek,
leaning over the larger female to see the deep blush on her cheek.

All Luna could do was keep the massage on them both and softly moan,
though some of the rougher strikes against her inner caused her to groan.

What was but maybe fifteen minutes after a millennia felt like eternity,
she felt hope that she could at least have ONE lover in this modernity!

She felt Big Mac speed up his thrusting even so furthermore,
feeling his rod's pulses and understanding he was close to score.

Happy over the continuing pleasure and the time he did hold out,
she was still in for a surprise in why Big Mac was called Big and Stout!

With panting breath and sweat on his body the earth pony prepared,
now having made sure the princess would need not to be repaired!

He gathered his strength and shot his full length through and into her womb!
Forcing his built-up ejection to unload straight in her most sacred of tomb!

Luna orgasmed again from the sudden over-flow of pleasure unknown,
over the hills echoed the Canterlot-voice moan of the royal throne! 

She gasped and panted and did her best to catch her lost breath,
looking back to meet the eyes of the stallion able to fuck one to death!

They both took a while to simply smile at another as they breathed more soft,
unwillingly separating from their unity, lied down and looked the clouds aloft.

"... I must thank you for your aid in my times of need, Big Macintosh."
She said with a blush and shyness, like a girl and not someone posh.

"Ah reckon it's th' least ah could do. Yer long solitude must've been hard."
The stallion replied bluntly but caringly, he was after all not really a bard.

"Well... If you would not mind, perhaps we could do this again later?
I would rather have one lover who in my experience is the greater."

Big Mac leaned in and kissed her softly, causing her to blush up.
Slowly rubbing her soon-pregnant belly and smiled a "E-yup".

Submitted: September 10, 2014

© Copyright 2023 FluttershyTheKind. All rights reserved.

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