Like A Dragon To A Flame

Like A Dragon To A Flame Like A Dragon To A Flame

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Dragon and human


Dragon and human


Submitted: September 10, 2014

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Submitted: September 10, 2014



Landon watched as Tia stormed back and forth in front of the fire place. The blue of her scales reflecting the fire light. She was beautiful when she was angry and right now Tia was furious. She finally turned to shout at him some more, her brilliant emerald eyes flashing with anger.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this to me!” She yelled as she began pacing again “The throne is my right! I am his only child and he wants to make me marry!”

“Tia, its always been this way he had to marry before he could take the throne. He just wants to make sure your marriage is happy and based on love not arranged like his was.” Landon attempted to reason

“But a human? And not just any human but one outside of our realm!” Tia spat as she threw herself down into the mound of pillows that she loved to sleep in.

A knock at the door kept Landon from replying. A moment later a cute little black dragon came in cautiously “I’m sorry to interrupt my lady but your father wishes to see you.” The little dragon squeaked.

Tia seen the way the child was cowering and took pity on him. “Tell my father I will be there momentarily.” She instructed gently.
“Yes my lady!” The little one said excited to be bring good news to the king.

Tia stood up and stretched her lean form, spreading out her long claws and flapping her eloquent wings a few times. “Duty calls, I guess the sooner I get this over with the better.” She sighed resigned to her fate. 


Xiu was laying on a pile of furs in the dining hall. A large roasted bull was on a serving table in front of him. He was picking at the hind quarters when his daughter came in and sat down on the pile of furs next to him.

“You summoned me father?” She asked as she pulled a piece of flesh off the bull’s ribs.

“Yes, I have put together the things you will need for your journey. I believe its best if you start out after our lunch is completed.” Xiu said as he too took a chunk of meat off the bull.

“Please reconsider this father. I’m only 100 years old I’m not ready to marry. Besides I was hoping to marry a dragon. I’m not very fond of the human form.” Tia pleaded 

“Daughter you know we need fresh blood in our line and the human form might surprise you once you’ve grown use to it.” Her father said with a secretive smirk.

“Once I’ve grown use to it?” Tia asked as she drank deeply from her wine glass.

“You will understand soon enough.” Xiu evaded. The two of them finished the meal in silence both preoccupied with their own thoughts. When the meal was almost complete Tia started to feel dizzy she looked over at her father and went to speak but blacked out instead.

When Tia woke she felt strange. She went to sit up but her limbs would not cooperate. She shook her head and opened her eyes finding fingers where claws should be. Her beautiful blue scales were gone replaced with pale skin. She went to let out a roar in anger but it came out as a shrill shriek.

“Father! Father!” She shouted but instead of her father coming into the dinning hall Landon entered. Tia watched as his handsome earth colored scales shimmered and his gold eyes shone with amusement.  “He is already gone Tia. Come it is time for your search to begin.”

“Oh no you don’t! Look at me! I’m human turn me back this instance !” She yelled as she stamped her foot.

“Your truly beautiful when your angry as a dragon but as a human your absolutely adorable.” Landon teased. “Now we have a long journey ahead of us so lets get moving.”

Tia fumed for a moment then stomped out of the dinning hall, Landon chuckling as he followed her. Outside was a duffel bag and back pack sitting on the stone steps.

“So these are mine.” Tia said less that enthused.

“Come on Tia lets go its a two day journey to the human world.” Landon urged as he kneeled down so Tia could climb onto his back. “Think of this as one of those grand adventures we had always talked about when we were kids.” Then Landon spread his wings and took off.


Tia woke up warm and cocooned next to Landon. He had covered her with one of his wings like a blanket. She yawned, stretched and quietly moved out from next to her friend. She stood up and walked around the small clearing they had used to camp for the night. Tia stocked the smoldering ambers of the fire from the night before, then she pulled the duffel bag over to her. She began rummaging through: clothes, hair brush, toothbrush, socks sandals. Not here she pushed the bag to the side and grabbed the backpack she opened it and seen the cloth sack right on top. Tia grabbed it and opened the ties breathing deeply: Rosemary tea. She took a generous amount and added it to the pot of water that was sitting close to the fire.

She was dipping some of the tea into her mug when Landon began to stir.

“Mmm, Rosemary.” He said sleepily 

“I have all I want, your welcome to the rest.” Tia said motioning to the large pot settled in the hot coals.

“Glad to see your mood has improved because we will be arriving at the human city called Teine later this afternoon.” Landon said as he stretched and walked over to the fire.

“How very like my father to send me to a city named fire. so is this Teine a large city?” Tia asked obviously still upset with her father but starting to show hints of interest in this new place.

“Its fairly small only around twenty thousand humans.” Landon replied as he drank some of the tea.

“Good so a decent amount of men to look through.” Tia said as she got to her feet. “I’m going to wash up and put on some clothing. I wouldn’t want to shock the humans when I get there.” She said with a wicked smile. She took a bowl of the Rosemary tea and proceeded to wash her body and hair. Once washed and dressed she walked back into the clearing in a pair of white running shoes, well fitting faded blue jeans and a short black tank top. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“Well I don’t think it will take you long to find a husband dressed like that.” Landon admired

“Don’t tell me you actually like this form?” Tia asked wrinkling her nose in distaste.

“Actually I find the female form very appealing. Not as much as a female dragon, but if I found a human that I could love i would not find her form distasteful.” Landon defended as he knelt down for Tia to mount.

It wasn’t long and they were in a quiet clearing just outside town. “Alright I think I have everything. Are you sure your going to be alright here?” She asked looking around the small clearing.

“I’ll be fine. Now go.” Landon laid down and puffed air through his nostrils at her.

Tia laughed and picked up her bags “I’ll be back in a few days to check on you.” Tia assured him as she kissed Landon on the cheek.


It didn’t take Tia long to find the road heading into town. She walked until she found a nice Bed and Breakfast just on the outskirts of  the city. She went in and walked up to the desk where a older gentleman was standing 

“Hello young lady may I help you?” He asked in that nice grandfather way that puts you at easy.

“Yes, I would like a room please.” Tia replied smiling at the man

“Of course.” A few minutes later the gentleman was showing her to the bedroom she’d be staying in. “Breakfast is at nine thirty and we serve tea at noon. If you need anything just call my name is Jim.”

Tia thanked Jim and laid her things down in front of the four poster queen size bed. She looked around the room and smiled it was very quaint with a dresser and a small table with a box of some sort on it. Then there was the wash room and a closet to store her things in as well. She threw herself onto the bed it was nice and soft reminding Tia of her pillows at home. 

She moved her things into the closet and then went to take a shower changing into a nice white sun dress and a comfortable pair of sandals. She went down stairs and asked Jim where a good place to get dinner would be.

He told her a small dinner called Karen’s cafe and gave her directions. 


It didn’t take long for Tia to find the dinner. She was seated at the counter watching the cook when a man was seated next to her. Tia’s nostrils flared slightly the man next to her smelled of hardwood smoke and soap.

“Hi, it looks like we’re dinning together. I’m Ben nice to meet you.” The stranger said as he held his hand out to Tia.
Tia turned and stopped breathing. His eyes were the first thing she noticed they were a deep amber with gold flicks dancing around. It looked almost like flames danced in his eyes. He wore his hair lose it was sandy brown with just a hint of wave and came almost to his shoulders. She looked him over nice firm body lightly tanned. He was smiling as she looked him over obviously not shy.

“I’m sorry its been a long day I’m Tia.” She replied putting her hand in his.

“Tia that’s very pretty is it short for something?” Ben asked as he shook her hand.

“Tiamat.” She supplied. They were interrupted by the waitress.

“So are you both ready to order?” She asked

Tia looked over to the waitress then back at Ben “I’m new in town what would you suggest?” She asked
“Do you trust me?” Ben teased

“I’ll take my chances.” She flirted back.

“Maggie, we will both have the Philly cheese stake with fries, a chocolate milkshake and a slice of hot apple pie for dessert.” He ordered
“Coming right up.” Maggie said and walked off to put the order in.

“Your going to love the Philly. I lived there for a while and this place gets really close to the real thing.” Ben informed her with a charming smile.
They sat there and talked back and forth. Tia found out that Ben loved camping and hiking, that he was a manager at some big computer programming company and that he loved to swim. Ben discovered that Tia was new in town her father wanted her to go out and explore the world and maybe fall in love once or twice in the process.

“Fall in love huh?” Ben said with a grin.

“Yea, I told him he was wasting his time but now I’m thinking maybe exploring the world might not be such a bad idea after all.” Tia replied

“I can’t promise you love but I would definitely would be willing to help out with the exploring life thing.” Ben offered

“In that case what do you say we get out of here?” Tia proposed

“Maggie, could I get the check please?” Ben said waving to get Maggie’s attention.


  Ben walked Tia to her room. She unlocked the door and opened it. “I guess this is where I’m suppose to say I had a wonderful evening and I’ll call you in the morning.” Ben said with a smirk.

“Actually I was thinking more along the lines of your kissing me and my asking you to stay for breakfast.” Tia replied as she moved closer.
“Hmm, I like your idea better.” Ben replied as he leaned in to kiss her. It was a slow exploratory kiss lips parting and tongues tentatively exploring the other. Tia had never kissed before and it was a wonderful new sensation. Ben broke the kiss and smiled waiting for Tia to make the next move.

“So care to stay for breakfast?” She asked as she lead Ben into her room.

“I think I could be persuaded.” He answered as he pulled her back into his arms. He began kissing her neck nipping and teasing as he moved them both closer to the bed.

“He stopped for just a moment looking at Tia with desire in his eyes. In a husky whisper he asked “Are you sure? I don’t want this to be because you think you need to or have to.” 

“I’ve never done anything like this before to tell you the truth I’m very new to all this, but this is where I want to be regardless of what happens tomorrow. So the answer is yes I want this. This feels right.” Tia replied and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I just needed to make… wait are you telling me you’ve never?” He began to ask but couldn’t quite find the words
“Does that scare you?” She teased as she started to unbutton his shirt. 

“No but it does change things some.” Ben replied then pulled her close “It just means I’ll have to take things a little slower.” He whispered into her neck then began kissing  the spot where her neck and shoulder meet. She let out a small gasp as her arms went around his neck. It didn’t take long before all their clothes were piled in the floor. Ben laid Tia on the bed and sat down next to her taking the chance to look. She had firm breasts the size of grapefruit and flawless ivory skin his gaze moved lower and on her left hip was what looked like three aqua blue scales grouped together.

Ben moved to lay down next to Tia “That is so sexy.” He whispered and traced the scales lightly with his fingers tips. 
Tia shivered as she let out a moan his fingers felt almost electric she tingled where they touched. The scales changed color at his touch from blue to crimson red
“Wow how did they change color?” Ben asked as his hand moved lower to the inside of her thigh. Tia’s instincts took over and her legs opened a little of their own accord. Ben began kissing down her neck moving slowly to her collar bone. He took his time petting her thigh as he nibbled and licked at the hollow where her neck and collar bone met. Tia was squirming under him letting out small moans and gasps. When he was sure she was comfortable he moved to kiss her breasts first one nipple as he licked and sucked the tight nub into his mouth then the other. Ben smiled as Tia arched up into his mouth silently asking for more. Ben’s hand was still just caressing the inside of her thigh so he began to slowly move it up closer to his ultimate goal. His fingers began moving through the dark curls between her legs and she began squirming more urgently moaning and moving her head from side to side.

“Shh, relax, just let go, and enjoy it. I’m right here I’m not going anywhere.” Ben whispered. He eased his strokes and placed light kisses on her throat moving up to her mouth soothing her. Once she calmed down some he watched as her eyes opened and her breathing evened. “Are you alright? Do we need to stop?” He asked giving her a reassuring smile as he stroked her cheek.

“No. It just got a little to intense, maybe it would help if you showed me what you enjoy you know turn the tables a little.” Tia replied with a smile of her own.

“Alright but I want you to know I wont hurt you trust me on this.” He whispered as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath when she opened them she smiled and pulled him down for a light kiss then whispered in his ear. “Show me.” And she flipped them both so she was on top. Ben chuckled and pulled her close.

“Well that is defiantly a good start.” He whispered and pulled her down for another kiss. They kissed until Tia raised up just enough to begin nipping and kissing down his jaw line and slowly moved down to his neck

“Hmm.” Ben moaned as his hands began combing through Tia’s hair. Encouraged she moved lower to his chest. She licked and nipped one of his nipples and Ben arched up with a gasp.

“Liked that?’ Tia teased then kissed the abused nub.

“No complaints here.” He replied

Tia smiled then started on the other nipple. When Ben couldn’t take any more he pulled Tia back up for a long drawn out kiss. He rolled Tia on to her back moving with her never breaking the kiss. He finally needed to breath she let out a small contented sigh.

“Just relax.” He whispered as he positioned himself feeling how ready she was and slowly entered her. She was so tight and warm when he was about half way he felt a firm resistance. He held still for a moment to give Tia a chance to prepare. “This might hurt just a little.” He whispered against her neck “But I promise it will feel much better in a few moments.” Ben felt her take a deep breath and then he felt her nod. He pushed the rest of the way in feeling the barrier break.

Tia let out a small cry of pain as she tightened her hold on his shoulders. Once he was all the way in he stayed still giving Tia a chance to catch her breath, just enjoying the feel of her wrapped around him. 

Ben began kissing and running his fingers through her hair just trying to help her relax. After a few moments, Tia began moving under him. She moved her hands from his shoulders to his hips and pulled him closer. Ben took the hint and began slowly moving in and out of her and Tia arched up to meet him stroke for stroke. She felt so good so soft and hot. Her muscles finally relaxed she was still tight but it was like a perfect fit. Ben was moving slowly enjoying the heat of her wrapped around him.

Ben knew the moment Tia lost her self in the sensations, her moans got louder and she began moving faster more erratic. She also became more vocal. “Ben please!”

“Tell me what do you want?” He encouraged

“Oh Gods, faster!” She demanded as she pulled on his hips. Ben picked up the pace moving faster, he could feel her getting warmer around him. She felt so different from anyone he had ever been with before. They moved as one increasing speed then Tia’s body spasmed around him as she came and he followed her over.

They lay together not moving just trying to catch their breath. “That was... wow.” Ben whispered as he rolled off to the side he pulled Tia with him not willing to let her go just yet. Tia sighed and curled up laying her head on his chest. She fell asleep almost instantly. Ben fell asleep a little while later feeling more content and happy then he could ever remember.


The next morning Tia woke with a warm body wrapped around her. She smiled and snuggled closer.

“Hmm, morning beautiful.” Ben mumbled against her neck.

“Morning.” She replied

“So can I take you to breakfast?” Ben asked playfully.

“Breakfast sounds good but I think I’d like one of these first.” Tia said then turned to Ben and kissed him.

“Could definitely get use to that.” Ben replied as his hand slid to her hip. His hand brushed the scales and he stopped. “How did you get those?”
“I was born with them.” She replied as she pulled the covers back for him to take a better look. That’s when she noticed the flash of red  his right hip. “Oh wait.” Tia exclaimed as she turned Ben onto his back. There on his hip were three crimson red scales. “Amazing.” She breathed as she touched the scales.

Ben looked down “What happened?”

“Looks like my father forgot to tell me everything.” Tia replied as she continued to outline the scales. “Well looks like we are going to visit my father. Up for a road trip?”

“”Only if we get breakfast first I’m starving.” Ben said with a grin.

“Deal.” Tia responded as she began getting out of bed.


After breakfast Tia and Ben drove out of town to the place where Tia left Landon. They walked into the clearing and Landon was sitting next to a fire. “Tia, that’s a dragon! You have a dragon?” Ben exclaimed he was weary of getting to close but Tia could tell he wasn’t really scared.
“Landon we need to go have a chat with my father. There seems to be a side effect to the spell he placed on me.” Tia explained

“Well that was fast.” Landon said as he stretched and stood up.

“What are you talking about?” Tia demanded

“The mark you found your mate.” Landon answered as if it was obvious

“So you knew and you didn’t tell me?” She demanded starting to get angry.

“Of course now both of you come on your father is waiting. Oh and since my friend here is being so rude My name is Landon welcome to the family.” Landon said with a bow of his head.

Ben shook his head “You talk wow I think I just stumbled into the twilight zone. My name is Ben.” 

“Well get on Tia we have to go.” Landon said as he kneeled down. Tia climbed on and held her hand out to Ben

“Come on if we want answers this is the only way to get them.” Tia offered

Ben took her hand and sat behind her. With in moments they were in the air. By dusk they landed just outside the castle. “I thought we were a few days away.” Tia asked mockingly to Landon

“Yes well I took a short cut home.” He replied sarcastically.

“Come on Ben my father is inside.” She said as she took his hand to lead the way. They walked into the great hall and there on a pile of silk pillows was the King looking very pleased with himself.

“Ah, my daughter returns excellent! So what is your name my boy?” The great dragon asked

“Ben, sir.” He replied then turned to Tia. “Your father is a dragon as well?”

“Its a long story but I am as well its just that he turned me into a human to find a human to wed. He didn’t tell me I would tag anyone I slept with.” Tia replied and laughed “Alright so it wasn’t a long story it just felt that way.”

“Daughter the only person you could tag as you put it is the one your heart knows as its other half.” Her father informed them as he watched Ben with amusement in his eyes. “You dear boy now have a choice you must make. You can marry my daughter and become a dragon and one day rule my kingdom by her side or you can go back to your world with a small fortune and never see Tia again.”

“But what if I don’t want to be a dragon? What if I want to remain human?” Ben asked 

“Tia do you have a compromise?” Her father asked waiting to see what his daughter would say.

Tia looked back and forth between the two trying to figure out what she truly wanted. She knew when she woke up that morning she didn’t want to leave Ben’s side but making him become a dragon wasn’t fair to him then an idea popped into her head. “Father is there a way that Ben and I could be human by moon light and Dragon by day?” She asked

Her father thought about the proposition. “There is a way, but it is up to Ben. What say you to this proposal?”

Ben pulled Tia to his side and held both her hands in his. “I accept if she is willing then so am I.”

“You would give up your life in your world for me just like that? You have only known me for a day.” Tia asked

“”We belong together. I feel as if you are my other half as though I’ve been looking for you all my life, now I have you and I’m not letting go ever. I know this will take a while to get use to everything, but I’m up for the challenge ” He answered and kissed her lightly on the lips. 

“Then it is settled my daughter has found her mate you will be wed day after tomorrow on the full moon. When you take your vows you will drink the potion that will finish the transformation allowing you to be dragons by day and humans by night.” The King announced joyously.

Tia took Ben’s hand ”Come on let me show you your new home.” Tia lead Ben out of the hall beginning their new life together. 

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