Dirty Sexy Pony

Dirty Sexy Pony Dirty Sexy Pony

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


be prepared. if your not ready for this, then don't read it. if you like it, leave a comment


be prepared. if your not ready for this, then don't read it. if you like it, leave a comment

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dirty Sexy Pony

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be prepared. if your not ready for this, then don't read it. if you like it, leave a comment

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 11, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 11, 2014





She was falling.

Falling from heights unknown, the pull of gravity was rushing throughout her entire being.

Another thrust. Another jolt rushed up her spine. A feeling as though she was falling. She clenched her jaw.

She couldn't make a sound. Even if she had to hold her breath, she couldn't let out a gasp. Or else he would win.


She sharply inhaled. He grinned.

Thrust. Thrust.

She looked down, confused as to why the sensation of fullness remained. As she craned her neck, she saw where they were connected.Between her legs, her white coat was sopped and wet.The pink of her clitoris, engorged and pointing up, was plain to see.Her lower lips were parted wide and twitching, flushed and full, tightly holding on to his shaft despite her mind screaming to push the invader out of her body.

Without wanting to she shuddered, and the feeling of heat doubled while he slowly withdrew now, as he had been waiting for the exact moment she looked.

Even in the darkness of her bedroom she could tell, through the torturous, slow pull out of her, that his member was glistening.That it was coated in her juices.

“Ah...” She moaned. Her tongue grew heavy in her mouth and caused her lips to part.Her mouth began to salivate and her throat tightened while swallowing her excess drool.Her body screamed to be filled again.Her clouded mind was unsure what to do.

“So...” his voice, quiet as it whispered to her and her alone, began. “...what now?”

She wanted to respond. Needed to respond. She wanted to scream for help, call for somepony to rescue her.But fear stopped her words.Fear from what he'd do if she tried, and fear from what others would think of her if they ever saw her now in such a pathetic state. If anypony would even come to help.

It had been hours of this maddening pleasure.Or had it only been a scant few minutes? Rarity was at a loss for how long she had been trapped out of reality.

Because this couldn't be real. It couldn't be.

This never ending feeling of falling that had been wracking her body over and over and over throughout the night.She had lost count of her peaks, her climaxes.The bedsheets and air of the bedroom were soaked in a heavy, humid, salty, sour musk.

A very constricting and pungently thick air filled her nostrils.

“You want...this?” His shaft delved in once more, moving the bed from the sudden jerk. The quick motion shot electricity up her spine, causing Rarity to let out a barely restrained moan.

“N-no!” she hungrily breathed out.

“Oh, sorry...” was his simple reply.He slowly withdrew once more, igniting an urge within her to arch her back, so that the heat could remain inside. To remain filled.Rarity pressed her front teeth against her bottom lip, quivering against her body's wishes.The tension remained until only his head stayed just buried past her lower lips, red and swollen from being stimulated. Despite her struggle he continued, oblivious to her suffering. Or perhaps because of it.“Maybe this.

“Ahn...” He motioned his body to the side and leaned his hips back into hers, causing the head to dig against her flesh walls until his full length was inside once more.Every inch of her soft insides that he scraped caused her body to spasm. Every bump pressed against. Every cluster of nerves rubbed.

Her body hungered.Hungered to swallow him as quickly as possible.

Careful with his claws, he grasped her ass and squeezed the flesh, pulling them even closer together.At several points he loosened and tightened his grip, pinching and slapping her ass as he grabbed hold and at the last inch, pulled himself in until he was filled up to the base. While still inside he moved his hips to and fro, in a sideways eight, dipping at the middle as well as delivered a series of short, small thrusts.

With eyes clenched tight Rarity threw her head back, arching her spine as she screamed and groaned and growled. “A-AH!” The twists and scrapes of his head and shaft along her inner walls burned, and the grinding against her sensitive clit sent her over like she had been several times already over the course of the night.

“Yeah, you're right.We need to change it up.”Moving his claws away, he fully pulled out of her, leaving her feeling empty once again.

“Uh...” Gasping for breath, and her eyelids opened halfway, Rarity's blue eyes looked pleadingly toward him.She sighed in disappointment.

“Turn over.”

Without protest she complied, rolling off her back and onto her stomach.The cool air attracted by the sweat drenching her white coat barely affected the heat she felt. Her breathing was heavier. In front of her now was her headboard. She could no longer see him.Her anxiety was boiling, fiery hot.It made her lightheaded not being able to see him.Slowly, her head moved toward her left so she could take a glance to settle her nerves.

“Don't look.”

Rarity whimpered at his stern command, and quickly turned her head toward the headboard once more. Her neck froze in place, locking her head forward.

The tips of his claws were dragged softly and slowly along her back toward her tail.The heat of small electrical shocks ran against his digits, rushing up her spine.The warm press of his palms on her flanks were soothing.The circular motions he made on her legs were exciting.Her tail flickered about, then moved out of the way so she could better present herself.

He noted as she ever so subtly raised her hindquarters off the bed toward him. “Impatient, aren't we?” His voice was laced with wanting.

Rarity pressed her front teeth against her bottom lip, quivering from her body's wishes.Timidly, her head turned again but found herself without chastisement.Her half-lidded blue eyes looked up at him.

She wanted to respond.Needed to respond.

She licked her lips.

He grinned.

His right claw took hold of her tail, forcefully tugging it.Rarity squealed in pain but cooed as she was pulled closer, feeling his dick's head part her swollen lips, guided up and down along the slit by his other claw."Ready?"

She nodded.

“Oooh...” she moaned, feeling his head enter her then draw itself out.

On that dark night in her bedroom of the Carousel Boutique, Rarity was falling.

Falling from heights unknown.

Falling into depravity.

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