Big Mac Likes the Shy Ones

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

this is not what you think...

Big Mac finds love in a shy little pony, and discovers there's more to life than work.

Aaangeeell! cried Flutterhy, she was looking for her best friend, angel had not been seen all day and Fluttershy was worried. she had looked all around the woods, she had already asked several ponies if they'd seen him, she even flew up to the clouds to talk to dash but nether dash or any of the other ponies she had asked had seen hide nor tail of him.

"Oh angel where could you have gone?" Fluttershy slumped down on the ground feeling almost as bad as the time that nasty griffin yelled at her.

"You know he likes carrots" she thought to herself "maybe he went to eat some",
And with that she was off to the apple family farm to go see if he was there.

Big Mac was sitting there scratching his head with one large hoof, he had noticed that every day now a single carrot went missing from his farms carrot patch, he could not figure out what animal was stealing them, so early in the morning before he did anything else he erected a c-ment barrier around his patch, even buried it a full seven feet under the edges, all the way down to the rock bed, "that awtta do it" he said as he dusted himself off.

Mac was getting some well needed rest after a hard day's work, he was resting sound asleep when he awoke to the sounds of muffled crying from outside his bedroom window.
Mac got up and went to the window, he looked outside and there on the hill he could make the outline of a lone pony silhouetted by the light of the moon, than getting dressed which consisted of putting on his trade mark yoke, (more out of habit than any actual need to do so) he quietly walked past granny smith sleeping in the living room in a rocking chair, knitting ball lying on her lap.

Mac walked around the hill to the ponies back side, being careful not to be noticed he walked up the hill, as he got closer he could make out some details of the crying pony, for one he could tell she was a mare, this alone had him wondering what a lone mare was doing this late at night out in the cold and crying.
she had a yellow coat and a pink mane, Mac new he had seen a mare like that some ware but he was having trouble remembering.

Mac stopped and began to think of what he should do, he was never a pony for talking, and even less so when it came to dealing with emotions, he was just about to make himself known when the young mare began to speak.

"Oh angel I hope your alright, I promise to let you have all the carrots you want just as long as you come back to me" wept Fluttershy. Fluttershy had looked all day, asked everypony she new, even asked AJ if she'd seen him around the farm, but not a single pony had seen her little bunny friend.

Mac sat down, "carrots?" he thought to himself "maybe? . .but no" finally he decided he should help her, granny had always told him that "you should always help a mare in need, it's the Gentlecolt thing to do" well that settled it, mac walked up to the crying mare.

"Um miss . . .why are you crying?"

Fluttershy stopped crying and abruptly turned toward whoever had spoken to her, she sniffled a little and saw a Large Red Pony with a yoke around his neck, she had seen him before, she new he was Aj's brother, but had never spoken to him before, he was a stranger to her and it was dark.

Mac spoke again this time taking a step toward her, "Miss, why are you crying?" Fluttershy took a step back but tripped and fell.
she tried to stabilize herself but the grass was wet with the night dew, and she was slipping down the hill.

Mac saw the pink maned pony fall and ran to her, she was slipping down the hill, and it would only be moments before she went tumbling down the steep incline.

The Bic pony quickly ran ahead of her and caught her in mid fall, lightly pushing her back up the hill with his head.

Flutter shy was so scared when she new she was going to fall that she just froz up, she could see sharp rocks at the bottom of the hill, and now Aj's big brother was running full speed at her, "what had she done to anger him" she thought to herself "why is he running at me" Fluttershy closed her eyes and braced herself.
but just before he ran into her he jumped over her and gently lifted her back up the hill from behind. 

"that was a close one missy, you almost had quite a tumble,
now I didn't mean to go and scar ya like that, but I heard you crying and I just cant stand to see a  filly cry.
"so miss, you gonna tell me why you was way up here crying like that?

Mac had seen a lot of young fillies in his life, but never one so shy as this, he had saved her from a nasty fall, and she just sat there staring at him with one eye, her face covered with her wings. "she actually looked cute like that" Mac thought to himself.

After a few moments of awkward silence Mac finally decided that the Mare was not going to say anything, but he could tell she was still sad, cuz small tears where running down her face.
"well that's alright if you don't wanna talk about it, I'll do all the talkin for ya, My names Big Macintosh . . .but everypony just calls me Mac"  he walked up  and sat down next to her, this time the mare didn't flee from him.

Fluttershy listened to Mac talk, she desperately wanted to say thank you, but she was just to shy, on top of that he was so big and just a bit intimidating, but he was nice, she was glad to have somepony to talk to even if he was doing all the talking.

Fluttershy watched as the Mac walked up to her and sat down, she allowed it, if nothing else because of the warmth his body was giving off.

Big Mac talked for nearly twenty minutes to the shy pony, all the while stealing a glimpse every now and then of the shy filly, until he could see that she had stopped crying.
Mac sat there staring at the stars with her, both of them where vary quite for a long time. forgetting momentarily about the mare next to him, until a small yellow head rested on his shoulder.

Mac was so surprised by the sudden closeness of the female pony that he nearly jumped up, but only because he could not bare to wake the sweet yellow Pegasus did he manage to fight the urge to move, besides it was cold and her wings where so soft and warm.

Fluttershy had fallen asleep on Bic Mac's shoulder, they where both snoring loudly by the time the moon had set.

It was well into the morning by the time Fluttershy woke up, in fact the only reason she had woken at all was because of the heat from the sun on her face.
the first thing she noticed was that Big mac was sleeping under her wing, the second thing she noticed was that it was probably around noon, and she still hadn't found Angel. she quickly forgot all about Mac and started calling for him again.

Big mac was sleeping when he could swear he was hearing some one calling out.
He opened his eyes and saw the same mare from last night in front of him on the edge of the hill calling out for someone.

Mac immediately noticed that it was well past noon, and that he would hear it from Aj if he was caught sleeping in this late, he was probably already in trouble as it is.
Big mac was just about to run off but thought better of it, after all most of the day was already gone and probably the morning work had been done by Aj, "better to let her cool off than try to talk to her right now" he thought to himself.

Big mac walked up to the yellow pegasus" scuse me miss, but do you think you could tell me who your looking for?" he asked

Fluttershy had forgotten all about Mac in her frantic worrying over Angel, she turned around "oh . . " "come on Fluttershy dont be such a dope, you can do this" she thought to herself. "Hi . . . I'm. . flut . . .Fluttershy"

Mac smiled a big grin, the yellow mare was so darn shy, she could barley say her name, and some how it just made her look so cute he though. Mac sat down before speaking again, "why hello there, feeling better now I hope, now it would appear Uh . . .Fluttershy was it?" Fluttershy managed a quick nod "that your looking for someone?" fluttershy managed another quick nod" I can help you find your friend of yours, but your gonna have to help me a bit, you know . . .speak"

Fluttershy was just about to tell him when there was a loud holler from below the hill.


The loud mare stormed up the hill at Big mac and Fluttershy, though she seemed to only notice Mac.

Mac sat there with terror on his face "what am I going to say? . . .what am I going to do?...
AJ's gonna kill me." while all these thoughts where going through his head, Fluttershy was watching the event unfold in confusion.

As AJ rounded the hill, she began berating her big brother with questions, completely oblivious of her friend standing a few feet away. "what n the hay is going on her?" Mac tried to answer "I was..." "I don't care what you was doin" shouted Aj interrupting him.

"do you have any idea how worried granny was  . . .HUH . . .well do ya?.
Mac was at a loss for words, how was he suppose to tell his sister that he spent the hole night sleeping with some mare "yeah that would go over real well" he thought "better to just ,make up a lie and tell her I was slacken, less uncomfortable questions that way" Bic mac took a deep breath preparing to bit the bit as they say "Aj I'm gonna be perfectly honest with ya, I was . . ."he was helping me find Angel" interrupted Fluttershy "yeah yeah, I was helping her find her her . ." Big mac looked over at Fluttershy for help, than taking the hint Fluttershy finished for him "he was helping me find my little bunny friend, wasn't you?"

"Yeah sis, I was helping her find Angel her little bunny friend" Aj looked back and forth between the two, finally resting her eyes on Big mac, "fine!" she said pointing at the large Ponies chest with one angry hoof, poking him with it to make her point "but if I find out your lying I'm gonna tell granny, and than . . .you better not be lyin" her last statement had her big brother sweating just a bit, as she never actually said what she would do but rather left him to wonder.

Big Mack quickly walked over to Fluttershy and motioned for her to fallow him, even though Mac had heard her say she was looking for her bunny friend it had yet to acuter to him that there might be a link between her missing friend and his missing carrots.

as they where walking away the could here Aj, yell after them, "your lucking Fluttershy's one of my friends, anypony else and you'd be lassoed quicker than a buck on bucking day"

Big mac quickly increased his pace, wanting to get out of site before his sister changer her mind.

Big mac and Flutterhsy where both trotting at a leisurely pace heading to the barn, when a thought occurred to him, he stopped. "Fluttershy?" he asked "is it true are you really looking for your Bunny friend as you've been sayin?" Flutterhsy stopped and in the quietest voice Mac had ever heard a filly use she said "yes" though looking down the whole time. Now Big Mac was beginning to peace it all together "I think I may be able to help ya miss Fluttershy" he said with a smile on his face.
Fluttershy looked up at the tall male pony, her ears lifting slightly, she actually was looking Big mac in the face "re . .really?" she asked, hope filling her face.

Big mac saw her face for the first time, her whole face, not covered by a wing, not dimmed by the moon light and not while running away from an angry sister, but actually seeing her face in full sunlight, "she was just so cute", thought Mac.
there was just something about her, in the way she moved, in the way she spoke, every word seemed to come from a mile away, though always striking him in his heart.

Mac quickly recovered "ahem. . ., why yes, I do believe I can, in fact I have a sneaking suspicion where we might find that lost varm. . .I mean lost friend of yers, here fallow me" as they trotted off toward his carrot field Big mac looked over at Fluttershy,
The yellow pegasus actually smiled at him momentarily before her self awareness s got the better of her and she quickly looked away, but this only made Big mac smile even harder, why he thought to himself "I would do anything to see her smile again".

as they rounded the field and the tall wall he had constructed around it, Big Mac looked over at the Yellow pegasus, she had resumed her sad look once again, "uh miss Fluttershy, I'll have your pet in a jiffy" and with that Big mac jumped over the wall.

As his strong lags hit the ground on the other side of the fence, he noticed that he was missing a whole six more carrots, Mac almost yelled for the no good varmit to come out, but it was only by the thought of Miss Fluttershy and how sad she was to loos her friend that he was able to quell his anger.

after only a few minutes of looking he had cornered the critter and had grabbed it with his mouth by the tuft of his neck, Angel was not happy at all, he kept kicking an strugling the whole time, "no listen here,"mac mumbled though his mouth, "I have a vary sad mare on the other side of this wall, and she's been looking all over for you, and if you want out of here your gonna cooperate or I can just leave you in here for a few more days" "angel folded his arms as if he was perfectly fine with that". . ."without any carrots" after hearing that last part Angel changed his attitude.

Big Mac jumped over the wall and landed behind Fluttershy . . ."uh miss Flutterhshy, I believe I have somethin of yers," Flutterhsy lifted her head, her ears lifted with it, she begain to tearn around, her eyes looked at the Red pony than searching saw on his back a perfectly healthy looking Bunny rabbit, in fact she was sure it was Angel.

Fluttershy's face lit up, she smiled and flew as fast as she could, Big mac had to duck for fear she would crash into his head.
Angel was plucked off from his back with great speed and care, Big Mac looked over at the two friends, both happy as can be, but the best part of all, was that Flutterhsy was smiling, Big mac had never seen a more  beautiful smile in all his life.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" said Fluttershy, you've done so much for be Mac, I just wanted ...wanted to tell you how grateful I am" Big mac walked closer to Fluttershy "why it was nothing miss Fluttershy, I would have done it for any beautiful and cute mare like yourself" big mac could see that he had stunned Fluttershy, but he had expected that, "oh you dont have to thank me miss Fluttershy, I'll do all the thanking for you" big mack lifted the shy mares face with one gentle hoof, he had expected her to flinch, but instead she wrapped her hooves around his neck and wept silent tears into his mane.

Fluttershy had been so sad, had said so little and Mac was a perfect gentlecolt who had done so much for her, and she so little for him, Fluttershy was so happy to have Angel back, and when Mac had told her she was beautiful and cute she broke down in tears, how could she not, he was just such a nice pony, and she was to shy to say anything to him.
"Fluttershy wondered if she would ever be able to love another pony at all, or if she would live a secluded life for ever". it was just too much for her, she cried silent sobs into Macs mane.

Mac was taken aback by the yellow mares reaction, it was not at all what he had expected her to do. but he could sens that she needed him right now, so he just hugged her until she stopped crying.

Submitted: September 10, 2014

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