Sherlock Meets his Match

Sherlock Meets his Match Sherlock Meets his Match

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Sherlock Holmes rescues Irene Adler from execution and takes her to southern Italy and discovers love (and sex) for the first time.


Sherlock Holmes rescues Irene Adler from execution and takes her to southern Italy and discovers love (and sex) for the first time.


Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012




After Sherlock rescues Irene Adler from execution and they have relocated to a safe house in southern Italy.

Irene has just woken up to find Sherlock sitting in a chair next to the bed where he is seemingly engrossed in reading Sigmund Freud.‘What rubbish – not everything boils down to sex!’  Sherlock closed the book with a thud.

‘Where am I?’ said Irene groggily.

‘Don’t worry you’re safe in a villa in southern Italy.  I did a favour for the owner a few years ago and knew I could count on him to give me a safe place to stay for a few days. No-one will find you here – I can assure you of that.  I’m afraid I had to drug you to get you here and out of danger, as you know, the after effects will wear off in a few hours.  I returned the favour with the same drug you used on me, I hope you don’t mind.’ the latter was said somewhat ironically.

‘You rescued me Sherlock – I thought I was about to die and then you crashed into my life again and saved me – why?’Irene tried to sit up, feeling lightheaded, she lay back down on the bed.

‘Do I need to have a reason to save someone from being executed by terrorists?’ Sherlock said brusquely, giving nothing away.

‘I thought you hated me because I had betrayed you’ said Irene ‘and by the way where are my clothes?’ 

‘I took your clothes off and hung them up neatly in the wardrobe.  Don’t worry I have seen you naked before, at our first meeting you will recall.  You said I didn’t know where to look, but of course I disproved that later on. ‘

‘Yes, you were rather more observant than I thought, even if you are a virgin’ said Irene as she re-arranged her hair on the pillow more flatteringly. 

‘I may or may not be a virgin’ said Sherlock cuttingly ‘but I have had experience of viewing the female body before Ms Adler.’ 

‘Of course, from the mortuary slab Mr Holmes, supplied by the sweet little thing who worships your every move at St Barts.’ ground back Irene.  Really he was so infuriating she thought, although very attractive when he was angry. 

‘Molly is a dear friend and very much a normal woman – not a whip wielding madam who blackmails people for power and money’ hissed Sherlock.

‘She wants to be more than a friend to you’ said Irene through her teeth, ‘she’d lie on her back for you any time you asked just like a pet spaniel.’

‘Leave Molly out of this!’ raged Sherlock, really he had never lost his temper this much with anyone before, the Woman was simply the limit with her cutting humour, although she did at the moment look rather attractive with the covers slipping from her shoulders and showing part of one creamy breast, partly covered by an expanse of lush black hair, he had a sudden urge to inhale its scent.  He definitely did know where to look, unfortunately. 

‘Why Mr Holmes your halo is slipping’ Irene purred suggestively, ‘that really is a shocking temper you have.  Does John know about it – sorry of course he does, he knows everything about you, after all you are partners.’ Irene laughed as she slipped the sheet slightly further down teasingly exposing more of her bare breast. 

‘John and I are not a couple!’ thundered Sherlock.  ‘Why does everyone suppose we are – it really is illogical, just because we share a flat together.  We have separate bedrooms for God’s sake! ‘

Irene was still feeling pleasantly floaty with the after effects of the drug, she stretched languidly on the bed, moving the sheet further down as she did so, appreciating the effect it was having on Sherlock from under her lashes.  His chest was rising and falling rapidly, his face was tinged slightly pink and, yes, there was definitely a bulge appearing at trouser level.  Well, well so he was human after all she thought, quite delighted by his signs of arousal.  Now, how to get him into bed with her.  Her mind worked rapidly, not as razor sharp as usual because of the effect of the drug, but yes an idea was starting to form.  If she played it right it could work. 

‘Of course you’re a couple’ she snorted at him. ‘John is as hot for you as you are for him, now I wonder which one of you plays the woman, or do you take it in turns?’ she taunted, all the while inching the sheet lower to show off an expanse of creamy flesh and just a glimpse of Brazilian waxing.

‘Right, that does it, I’m going to give you a taste of what you like to dish out to your clients, see how much you like it for a change!’ with that Sherlock leapt onto the  bed,  yanked Irene across his knee, and began to give her a good spanking on her bare backside.  ‘I only wish I had that riding crop that you used on me’ he spat out as he continued to tan her bottom hard.  Irene squirmed but there was no way of breaking free from Sherlock’s grip – he really was stronger than he looked.  Under her stomach she could feel the bulge in his trousers growing and knew her ploy was working, the spanking was actually quite stimulating too, she had been spanked loads of times but preferred to be the one issuing the punishment in general.

She enjoyed the delightful stinging sensations for several minutes until she decided that enough was enough and put a stop to it by going limp and pretending to cry.  Sherlock paused feeling slightly remorseful at what he was doing.Irene took advantage of the pause to twist over on his knee, getting one arm free and grabbing Sherlock’s member though his trousers.  It wasn’t difficult as the bulge was considerable by this time.  WTF - Sherlock groaned, and dumped Irene unceremoniously on the floor.  She still had a good hold of his crotch, there was no way she was letting go, and managed to pull down his zipper and ease his length out of his briefs.  She took a swift breath as she pulled him out, nice, very nice she thought as she began to stroke him lightly with one hand, don’t frighten him off until it’s too late.  She felt herself growing moist as she continued to stroke him, with ever lengthening strokes and began to apply her tongue to his balls.  Sherlock was too astonished to give more than a token protest at what Irene was doing.  The sensations Irene’s hands and tongue were creating  were incredible and he moaned deep in his throat as she took him into her mouth and began to suck him, hard.  Not too fast, she cautioned herself, after all he was a virgin.  The first time would be over too quick if she wasn’t careful.  Slowing down she removed her mouth reluctantly and lowered herself swiftly onto him so he had no chance to protest and then began to slide slowly up and down on him.  He filled her nicely and she wanted to savour the feeling but knew she must make it pleasurable (and memorable) for Sherlock’s first time.  Upping her tempo she began to grind faster and faster, keeping an eye on his face for the first signs of orgasm.  Sherlock’s groans got louder and faster and then suddenly he went into spasm and came inside her in a glorious rush.  To her surprise, and pleasure Irene felt herself stiffen and come at the same time.She savoured the pulsating sensations for a few minutes and then gradually eased herself off his length and lay back on the bed.

‘So Mr Holmes, how was your first time?’ she chuckled.  ‘I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.’

Feeling slightly stupid due to the fact that he was still wearing all his clothes with the exception of his fly being undone, and had just had sex for the first time, Sherlock gave Irene a long look.  ‘You tricked me’ he said

‘Oh but you did enjoy it, didn’t you?’ said Irene teasingly.  ‘I certainly did anyway’. 

‘That’s not the point’. huffed Sherlock.  ‘If I’d wanted to have sex with you I would have informed you first.’

Irene burst into gales of laughter at that.  ‘Come on Sherlock if I’d been waiting for you to make the first move I’d have a long wait.  Sometimes a woman just needs to take these things into hand – no pun intended.’ 

Irene shot a sideways glance at Sherlock to take in his demeanour.  She definitely fancied having a second go but wasn’t quite sure what his reaction would be.  Definitely sulky but if she knew men at all, and she did know a lot about them, pleasure took over everything else, although this one was very different from the norm.

‘Let me make it up to you.’ She said innocently. ‘ I could tell you some stories about my clients that you wouldn’t believe.’

‘I’m not interested in sexual gossip’ said Sherlock dismissively. ‘I find it boring and tedious as well as offensive to my sensibilities.  People should just have sex if they want it, not go to someone and pay for it.’

‘But my services are for the select few, Sherlock.  They are also very expensive and not for the hoi polloi. .’

‘Still boring’. Said Sherlock offhandedly, pouring himself a glass of mineral water.

‘Really, aren’t you the tiniest bit interested?’ asked Irene casually.

‘No, absolutely not!’

‘Oh well, I’m sure Inspector Lestrade will be relieved to hear that.’

‘Lestrade?!  Lestrade is one of your clients?’ Sherlock nearly choked on his mineral water. 

‘Yes, I told you I knew a policemen and what he liked.’ Said Irene.

‘But Lestrade?! He’s married with children’

‘So?  You really are naive Sherlock.  Most of my customers are married, or at least in a relationship.  I give them, how shall I put it ... what they most want, something that they would never dare voice to their partners.’ Irene grinned at Sherlock’s expression.  He really was too sweet. 

‘Perhaps I should get John to pay me a visit.’ Suggested Irene slyly.

‘John!  Absolutely not.  I forbid it!’ thundered Sherlock.

‘Ok calm down, I was just teasing you, I don’t think John is interested in the services I provide.  Too straight by far.’But you .....

‘Me? Why on earth do you think I would be interested in your particular skills?’ 

‘Just a thought’ drawled Irene.‘I’ve come across people like you before, all straight laced and stiff upper lip types but when the floodgates open there’s no holding them back.  Jim Moriarty for instance, he liked being whipped whilst being tied up.  All that power he had, he needed to lose control for an hour or two.’

‘Moriarty liked being whipped?’ Sherlock’s jaw dropped at the thought.

‘Oh yes, he ....’

‘Please, no further information!  That is quite enough to go along with.’ barked Sherlock. 

‘Am I scaring you?’ asked Irene.  ‘Come now, talking about sex never harmed anyone, not that I know of anyway.  Didn’t your father talk to you about sex when you were growing up?’

‘My father .... sex!’ Sherlock choked again on his drink. 

‘Oh, of course you were probably brought up by a nanny weren’t you before you were packed off to boarding school at an early age’. pronounced Irene. ‘And I bet your school believed in old fashioned discipline.’

Not entirely to Irene’s surprise, Sherlock’s face was starting to colour – just enough to let her know she was on the right track. 

‘Well, yes corporal punishment was dished out in abundance. ‘ Sherlock was positively squirming in his seat now. 

‘And were you the recipient of much of this ‘corporal punishment’? Irene’s voice dropped slightly as she began to stroke Sherlock’s leg ever so lightly just above his knee.

‘A few times, one could hardly avoid it in a school full of mischievous adolescent boys’ answered Sherlock whose face was now taking on a beetroot tinge. ‘Of course it was not something that I enjoyed.’ He emphasised.

‘Of course not, whoever heard of anyone enjoying corporal punishment?’ Irene had a hard time keeping a straight face at Sherlock’s embarrassment.She continued her delicate stroking of his leg moving her hand slightly higher with each stroke, and was rewarded by Sherlock’s obvious signs of arousal as he wriggled in his seat.  ‘Got him’ she thought.

‘But, I can tell you enjoyed spanking me’ Irene drawled.

‘It was not for my pleasure – it was meant as a punishment for you’ Sherlock shot back.

‘Come now, be honest, admit that you enjoyed it – I won’t mind, much’ she teased.

‘Well, it was somewhat enjoyable having you at my mercy and being able to do what I liked with you.’ Sherlock admitted reluctantly.  Really, this was highly embarrassing. 

‘Would you like to spank me again?’ Irene deftly switched positions on the bed and rolled onto her front to let him view her luscious bottom, complete with red marks from Sherlock’s hands. 

Sherlock’s erection was really taking hold now and his self control was deserting him as he tentatively laid a hand on Irene’s bottom and felt the heat of it with his open palm. 

‘If you don’t want to spank me we could always have dinner, although I’m not particularly hungry at the moment.  You’re much too clever for me to have to spell it out for you.’  Irene teased. 

With those words, all Sherlock’s self control fled and he turned her over on the bed and began to tentatively stroke her breasts with one hand while with the other he began to hurriedly remove his clothes.  This time he wanted to be naked, skin to skin with her.

Irene made encouraging noises as he continued to stroke her and guided his head down so that he could apply his tongue to her now erect nipples.  Naturally, he was a fast learner and he eagerly toyed with her breasts as she stroked his now fully erect member.  The female form may have been a mystery to him for most of his life but it was surprisingly pleasurable finding his way around it. 

‘Sherlock’ breathed Irene, ‘I want you to put your fingers inside me, would you do that for me?  I don’t think I can wait another minute I’m so wet for you.’

At her words, he lowered himself down the bed and cautiously inserted one long digit into her sheath.  God, she was wet, and hot, deliciously so.  He withdrew his finger and sniffed thoroughly. Surprisingly pleasant, not what he had expected at all – traces of salt and other unidentifiable substances (he really could do with his microscope at times like this).  Irene moaned at his withdrawal ‘Please Sherlock, don’t make me beg.’

Although he should have made her beg, twice actually, as she had threatened him before, Sherlock deduced this was probably not the best time to cast it up.  Although it might be amusing for him, his sense of chivalry wouldn’t let him, together with the fact that even he realised that making a lady beg for sex was not the wisest course of action, especially when he was stark naked and there were sharp objects within reach!  He would therefore retain it in his mind palace to use on a more optimum occasion.

 It was his turn to be in control this time and he meant to enjoy it to the full.  Slowly, teasingly, he inserted his member into Irene’s warmth, and enjoyed her moans of pleasure as he did so.  God it felt so good, how could he have waited all these years for such pleasure.He did mean to take his time about it, but it was just too good and he began to thrust harder and faster into her heat.  After a few minutes, from what seemed like a distance, he felt Irene stiffen and then he felt a new delightful  gripping sensation on his member.  Animal instinct took over and he plunged deeper into her until he came in an explosion of mind shattering bliss.  OMG this was far better than his usual drugs of choice, if only he could analyse the feeling properly, perhaps he could find a drug that offered the same results.  Make mental note for mind palace – research rare types of drugs, or ask John – he is a doctor after all.  He sighed deeply and sank down on top of her breathing heavily, his heart feeling like it would burst. 



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