A Real Good Time

A Real Good Time A Real Good Time

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An innocent white girl's curiosity gets the best of her. At its core, this is just erotica. You've been warned. It is based on a story my friend told me, and I wanted to see what it would be like as a short story.


An innocent white girl's curiosity gets the best of her. At its core, this is just erotica. You've been warned. It is based on a story my friend told me, and I wanted to see what it would be like as a short story.


Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



April stood in the corner at a party. She had come with her friend Grace, but she had disappeared hours ago. April was kind of buzzed. Not drunk enough to be raucous. Not drunk enough to want to stay. She decided to make a sweep of the party once more before heading out.

April was a senior in high school. In every class she had been in, she had been the hottest. She was 5’5” with blonde hair and a smoking body.

She moved around the living room. It was crowded and noisy. She recognized some faces, but none of them belonged to people she liked. When she couldn’t find Grace in there, she went down the hall into the kitchen. There was no one in there. She jumped onto the counter and pulled out her phone to text Grace. When she was done, she looked up, and saw that someone had come in.

“Hey,” he said. He was a tall, athletic black guy she had talked to earlier in the night. From what she remember, he was friends with people April was kind-of-friends with. Enough to be introduced to and joke around with when everyone had been really, really drunk earlier in the evening. The clock on the oven said it was almost two.

“Hey,” April replied. She looked expectantly at her phone.

“You looking for Grace?” he asked.

“Yeah. Have you seen her?”

“She left like an hour ago,” he told her. “She went with Robin and Derrick and that kid with the red hair.”


“Maybe. Yeah.”

April jumped off the counter and headed toward the door. “Well, that makes things easy for me. Don’t need to worry about Grace.”

“You have a car?” the guy asked.

April tried to not groan out loud. She should have played it differently. Now he was going to ask for a ride home, and she would probably agree, and by the look of him, he did not live anywhere near her house. He wasn’t bad-looking. She appraised him discreetly. Little over six foot. Worked out probably five days a week. He looked agile and strong. She blinked. Handsome. She blinked again. Hot, even. She shook her head. No.

“Hello?” he asked.


“I asked if you’re okay to drive,” he said.

“Oh.” April flushed. “Yeah. Yeah. I’m good.”

“You sure? You want a water or something?”

April shifted her weight. “Sure. Yeah. That’d be great.”

The guy went to the fridge and got her a bottled water. He was about to hand it to her, when he brought it back to his chest. “I’ll give it to you if you remember my name.”

April’s heart sank. She had no clue. He raised his eyebrow mockingly. “Jeremy?”

He shook his head with exaggerated disappointment. “Codi.”

“I got the last syllable right,” she pouted.

“True.” Codi opened the bottle. “You get one sip, then.”

April rolled her eyes and laughed. She held out her hand.

Codi shook his head. “Nuh-uh. I can’t trust you with it.” He began to tilt the bottle. “Open wide.”

April laughed and tilted her head back, and Codi gently poured the water between her lips. He grinned as he checked out her tits. She swallowed and looked at him. “Well, thank you, Codi.”

“You don’t want the rest of the bottle?” Codi asked.

“What trivia do I need to answer for that?”

“More of a favor.”

April’s stomach fell again. “What kind of favor?”

“You live in Dovesbrook, right?” he asked.

“Yeah. Kind of. Why?”

“I live in Reggerfield, and my buddy took off with me ... so ... you have a car ... I have a bottle of water .... I think we can work something out.”

“Where in Reggerfield?”

“South Crest Street.”

“That’s not too far,” April conceded. “You ready?”


Codi handed April the bottle of water. She led him through the party, out of the house, and down to the street to a small green car. Codi watched the effortlessly sensual way she walked the whole way. He climbed into the passenger seat, and they headed out.

The drive to Reggerfield was about twenty minutes, and they spent most of it talking about their mutual friends. Codi went to Western Reggerfield, while April went to Saint Catherine’s. Codi teased her about having to wear plaid skirts, and April teased him right back. She pulled up in front of his house.

Codi turned to her. “It was weird meeting you tonight.”

April had been expecting a thank you. “What?”

“Nothing.” Codi shrugged. “You’re just not the kind of girl to hang out with us.”

“And what does that mean?”


“Are you calling me stuck up?”

Codi shook his head. “Did I say that?”

“Well, no ....”

“So ... listen, I didn’t mean anything bad by it. Honest.” Codi smiled at April, and she couldn’t help but smile back at him. His teeth were sowhite, and his eyes shone, even in the shadows that feel across the front seats from the trees above them. “It’s been great hanging out withyou. I wish you came around more often.”

“Well, I came with Grace,” April explained. “I usually don’t hang out with her too much, or go out that much at all really. I guess.”

“Why’s that?” Codi asked. He settled into his seat. Ready to talk. Ready to listen. Ready to stay.

“Well, I have a boyfriend,” April replied. She laughed, but it was more nervous than anything.



“Never met him.”

“Well, he doesn’t live around here. He moved a few months ago.”

“So, it’s like a long-distance thing?”

“Yeah. It’s not too bad. We call each other and Skype, and on long weekends we can visit. We make it work. You know?”

“Yeah.” He puts his hand on her knee.

“He’s really sweet.”



Codi smiled. “A nice, little white boy?”

April laughed. “I guess you can say that.”

“Real nice?”


“Real little, too?”

April laughed nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Come on.” Codi squeezed April’s knee. “Tell me.”

“Tell you what? He’s like 5’8 or whatever.”

Codi ran his palm up her thigh. He reached her skirt. “I’m not asking for his height.”

April looked Codi in the eyes. She was biting her lip.

“April, when was the last time you had a real good time?”

She swallowed, and her voice came quietly. “A good time?”

Codi leaned across the console. He lowered his voice to that octave only black guys can get to. The octave reserved for Blues artists. That seductive octave that matches up perfectly with something inside all women – whether they admit it or not. “A real good time.”

April spread her legs slightly, and Codi slid his hand under her skirt. It was like sticking his hand in a sauna. It was hot, and her legs were dripping wet. He slid his middle finger along her panties. Silk. Codi saw April’s eyes widen, and she gasped.

Codi got on his knees and leaned over her. He was over six foot, and April’s car was small, so he overpowered her petite frame. She grabbed his shirt in the dead center and pulled him into her. Her other hand found the back of his neck and pulled his face to hers. Her mouth found his, and she kissed him hard, forcefully, eagerly, desperately. Her tongue flailed into his mouth while her hand reached under his shirt and pressed its way over her abs like it was looking for something. She felt the grooves of his six-pack, felt the definition of his pecs, grabbed his smooth, solid skin. She moaned and tightened her hold on him. She knew how to beg.

Codi found the edge of her panties and pushed them aside. He teased her with the tip of his middle finger for a few strokes. She pulled his face away from hers. “Don’t finger me,” she commanded. Her blue eyes were dark in the shadow that cut across her face. “Fuck me.”

Codi sat back in his seat and adjusted it down and back. He looked over and saw April slide out of her skirt and panties. They fell on the floor with a wet splat. He deftly undid his belt and fly, and pulled his jeans to his knees. In the lap of his red boxers, a mountain pulsed with anticipation. April’s eyes zoned in on it, and her jaw dropped.

“What?” Codi smirked. “Your boy Eric doesn’t have this?”

April took Codi’s left hand. She took his index finger and slid it in her mouth. She sucked on it slowly and then removed it. “More like that.”

“Damn, girl.” Codi tapped his bulge proudly. “You’re in for a treat.”

April’s shyness returned as she leaned across the console. Her hands massaged Codi’s cut thighs and toyed with his six-pack. She loweredher face to the mound. Could feel its heat. Could smell its manliness. Her right hand came up from Codi’s leg and reached into his fly. Shepulled out his cock.

It was a massive. The head was enormous. The shaft with pulsing in her hand. April caught her breath and tried to size it up. Eric was half of this. Maybe. She didn’t care. Fuck Eric. She was going to fuck Codi. And it was going to be with this glorious black cock. She smiled at it, opened her mouth, and lowered her face onto his massive pole.

“That’s right, girl,” came Codi’s low voice. He worked his hand through her hair and pulled it up behind her head. He had her like a marionette. April needed no guidance, though. No goading. No instructing. She knew what she was doing and what she wanted. Codi’s head brushed against the back of her throat, but she did not gag. “That’s right, girl. You suck that bad boy good.”

She licked up and down his shaft. She spat on his head and teased it with her tongue and deep kisses. She treated his dick like a lollipop that could not lose its flavor. Suddenly, Codi yanked her up by her hair, and he looked her in the eye. She was wild-eyed. Like a frenzy. Like she was drunk. Pre-cum and spit dangled from a corner of her mouth. An hour ago, her hair had been all done up; her makeup had been perfect; she had been using her mouth to take tepid sips of beer and to gossip with Grace. Now, she was sucking off a black guy.

“Stop blowing me, and ride me, you little slut.”

He let go of her hair, and she straddled him with no question. She held onto his cock with both her hands, and there was still plenty of meat showing. She pressed his cock against her body, and even in the dark, the difference between his ebony skin and her white tummy was striking. Codi could feel the heat from her pussy on his balls, and his cock continued to harden.

“Be gentle,” she whispered. “Go slow,” she whispered.

He put his hands on her hips and raised her above his cock. It quivered expectantly. He lowered her past the head. She gasped. “Gentle. Slow,” she repeated. Codi dug his fingers into her hips, and he slammed her down onto his cock. Sharply. Commandingly. Skewered her.

She screamed. It filled the car, and Codi wondered if she had just woken up the entire street. April felt like she was about to be split cleanly in two. His presence inside her was strong, thick, and seemed to fill her up to the back of her throat.

Her raised her up, and she caught her breath. Then, he slammed her back down again. She bit her bottom lip to stifle her scream, but sheleaned back onto the dashboard with a whimper. He lowered himself, angled, and thrusted, and she let out another wild scream.

“Ready to get fucked by a man?” he asked her.

April nodded her head and whimpered. “Yes.”

He began pumping her. Slower than he wanted to. He may have jumped the gun, and he hoped she would be a trooper about it. She had a

rocking body. Curved and toned. He looked at her legs. She ran. Her shirt was starting to ride up, and he could see her flat tummy. She had a body that was built for taking a mean dick. She was just shocked.

“Yes what?” Codi asked. “Tell me what you want.”

“You.” Conviction was creeping back into April’s voice.

“You want me to fuck you?” Codi started to push deeper into her and pulling back slower.


“Say it.”

“You better fuck me hard,” April commanded. She pushed herself off the dashboard and pistoned down hard on Codi’s dick. Took almost the whole length of it. Her body shuddered, and her mouth contorted, as if uncertain whether to moan or scream.

Codi moved his hands from her hips and cupped her ass. Picked up her and lowered her from there. Her pussy squeezed tight against his cock. She grinned wildly as she sped up. Rode him hard.

Confident that she could handle herself, Codi took his hands off her ass and rolled up her shirt past her tits. Codi had been staring at them all night. They were the first thing he had noticed about April when his buddy had pointed her out. All he saw were some C cups under a low-cut pink top. Her bra was black and silk, and Codi smiled. She obviously had a thing for black. Her unlatched her bra and threw it somewhere. His lips immediately found her nipples. They were small and pink and erect, and April moaned with delight as he pinched one nipple as he sucked hard on the other. Switched. Pinched both and licked her chest. Squished both her tits together licked them all over.

“Perfect tits,” he groaned.

Her smile showed her pride, and Codi loved his view. Her riding his cock like a pro. His rod disappearing between her legs. Her nipplesglistening with his saliva. His hand massaging her firm ass. He smacked it, and she shot up –almost right off his dick. She laughed and pistoned back down sharply.


He smacked her cheek harder, and she rode up his shaft, then down slowly. He kept doing it until she got into a quick rhythm, and the hungry look they shared said the same thing. They wanted to come, and amateur hour was over. April bit her bottom lip hard, closed her eyes, and locked her arms around Codi’s neck. Her gripped her hips and hammered away at her pussy. He tore her pussy up.


Codi bared his teeth and hammered into her twat. He wasn’t even in the seat. His feet were braced against the floor, and his back was pressed into the seat, and the clapping of April’s ass on Codi’s lap filled the car.

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