cabaret Menage Et Toi

cabaret Menage Et Toi cabaret Menage Et Toi

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


service, circus and sexuality


service, circus and sexuality


Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



we are three musketeers

though one man and two girls

we fight with only forks

for our mission

is utmost importance

our taste fall upon a faceless

ocean of eyes

each stroke is precise

for wounds

are only savage satisfaction


for three feudalistic roles

capturing breath role play

and moistens the air

between leather and lace lingerie

the room is perfumed with fresh climax

only to slip away in the absence of light

this was just a tastes

of this threesome delight

a fem et fem duo

falls from the sky

falling with silk

their bodies entwined

ensnaring each other

with flesh and with eyes

drawn to the crowd

for their wardrobe is edible

shared freely and proud

they begin the feast

with a lesbian fruit roll-up

the first course will arouse and please

the stage becomes revolving naked sushi

numbers for seats are drawn bound and blindfolded

each guest picks a sex and is ordered

to dine

for 5 min in time

before second course

the palate is cleansed

again to the stage all eyes do lend

there stands a lone fireman

for fire his fetish and his friend

upon his bare flesh he and the flame blend

so hot the air nearly ignite

wetting every panty or pantiles in sight

the ladies then bind him

and force him to desist

though he does not until his staff

is extinguished.

knelt down in front of all friend

he is whipped with riding crops

until his ass cheeks baron O' beef red

timed by the second course

with olive oil and french bread

lastly desert is divine

3 servings of grape nakedness is the vine

2 peaches and a banana served in a bath of whipped cream

opening the floor for 1 full on fantasy.

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